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  • Bailey's panic dance.
    • Pretty much everything about Bailey, really.
    • I lol'd after I checked his profile and it identified him as "Navy-Blue Square". Hee.
  • Despite the fact that compared to the other characters he's relatively normal, whenever the Chef sings it's guaranteed to be hilarious.
    • Especially in the sequence after you prevent the Chicken Kitchen waitress from bugging Beauty and Dandy's table. Detective Rindge was not expecting to hear that from the microphone.
  • Pretty much the entire sequence when you're saving the justice minister from his heart attack and virtually any time he says anything Sissel responds with "Huh?" and the minister rather ruthlessly insults himself.
    • Even funnier if you've played through Trials and Tribulations and pay attention to his usage of 'contradiction'. I know another alleged "Contradictory existence", and it is that of Larr-- 'Laurice Deauxnim'.
      • And then after you save him, he starts singing.
  • Reclining the chair in the van while Detective Rindge is inside. Even though this results in his death. Sissel and Lynne's reactions are priceless.
  • Killing Inspector Cabanela with a hat (English version).

  Cabanela Not nice, kids. Not nice at all. You put a dent in my lovely mask.

    • To clarify, you've got a split second to swap a bullet with a same-shaped object in the room. a hard hat is available. In other words, you kill him by smacking him in the head with a hard hat, moving at the speed of a bullet.
  • Chapter 9 may have been That One Puzzle, but it made up for it at least somewhat by having a grown man in a pink smock rolling around in the ventilation ducts.
    • Plus, dumping the hunters through the trapdoors. Especially good if you manage to enter the ghost world as it happens, and try to close it: "I can't close the door right now. Someone is falling through it."
    • In fact, almost everything relating to Missile.
    • He is definitely a Top Pomeranian.

 Missile: I'm gonna make my own path, too!




    • Although for the last one, we later we figure out that he was trying to get the doorknob.
  • Also, the guardian of the park.

 Guardian of the park: My hair is round too!

  • "Odd girl."
    • "I agree."
    • "Me, too."
  • "We get that a lot."
  • You shouldn't talk like that. You never know who might be listening.
    • Like me.
    • Like me.
  • "Fool! Don't you know that women can make themselves appear slim through fashion?! To this day, I STILL don't know how much my wife really weighs!"
    • Even funnier is that this particular quote is made after another police officer makes a nearly identical comment to the same man about how his wife left him years ago. The above quote is delivered with just as much severity and anger.
  • After watching a death row officer throw the switch to test a faulty electric chair, causing it to explode before the condemned is even in it:

 Sissel: So this is an execution, huh? It seems to me there's gotta be a safer way to do it...

    • Made funnier by the fact that Sissel's completely serious. He doesn't know what an execution is.
      • And even better, Detective Jowd is killed in the explosion, so as far as Sissel knows, the execution did exactly what he was told it would.
  • When Sissel possesses Lynne's corpse to save her for the third time. It's Sissel's facial expression that really takes the cake:

 Lynne: Ha ha! I died again!

Sissel: ...

    • Similarly, her reaction to her fourth death, which is to ask Sissel "What took you so long?!" He notes that she's getting more and more brazen about this.
  • During Chapter 17 when Sissel gives up his Yomiel form and reverts to a standard ghost light... but one with Triangle Shades! Even though it's otherwise a sad scene, that got a few laughs.
    • Also during the same chapter, during the conversation where Yomiel explains everything he knows. They have the following exchange:

 Yomiel:There are many detectives hiding in that park.

(The screen shows the guardian of the park walking in in his usual strange manner)

Sissel: You don't mean that guy handing out the pamphlets--!?

Yomiel: No, that guy's just weird.

(The guardian of the park walks off)

  • When Dandy opens the truck with Kamila inside. You expect her to be bound and gagged in an empty compartment right? Nope it opens up into a lounge chair like configuration, complete with juice and cup holder.
  • "Please don't pick on the minister. If he dies again, I'm the one who has to save him."
    • Speaking of which, the minister's severe case of denial regarding the existence of ghosts.
      • This point gets cast into a drastically different light, however, when later in the game we learn that the minister has himself been subjected to one of Yomiel's manipulations.
    • And this:

 "Please stop gossiping about me inside my own head!"

  • The situation is explained to Missile:

 Missile: M-miss Kamila is... a hostage?!

Cabanela: Yeah. I'm sorry, little warrior.

Missile: (Beat) ...What's a hostage?!

  • Jowd's less than helpful comments when Sissel saves him

 Sissel: All right, then. Four minutes from now... ...this chair will short out and explode, and you'll die.

Jowd: Very sad.

Sissel: If I stop the explosion...'ll be executed, and you'll still die.

Jowd: Sorry I was ever born.

Sissel: I have to protect you from the explosion and stop the execution... (The key to the whole thing must be this chair.)

Jowd: I apologize for all your trouble.

Sissel: Uh, could you stop with the insincere comments?

Jowd: Ha ha ha!

  • If you go to the park during chapter 15, instead of saving Cabanela:

 Guardian of the Park: Tell me...which is more important? The park, or this...'Kamila'?

Detective Rindge: KAMILA.

  • At one point, Lynne gives Sissel an assignment to go read what's written on a particular prisoner's work schedule and report back to her. Partway into the mission he discovers a rather critical setback... he can't read. His reaction just makes it.
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