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GetAmped, or Splash Fighters in the US and FogFighters in Europe, is a 3D MMO action-fighting game developed by CyberStep (creators of Cosmic Break). GetAmped itself is a zany fighting game where you pit your chibi-sized avatars against other people, or sometimes NPCs. The game provides almost limitless customizations, with tons of jobs, faces, hairstyles, clothing, and weapons to choose from. If the in-game store is not enough, you can always create your custom skin. That's right, your avatar can be edited to your liking, provided you can work with the screwy 3D polygons that is.

The gameplay is simple. You get into a room which consists of 2-8 players (up to 16 in some servers) and beat the crap out of each other with any weapon of your liking, from painting brushes to massive explosives, you decide. There are two general ways to defeat your opponents. Either you deplete their HP, or knock them off the stage. Some stages even encourage knocking opponents off the stage by having little to no walls at all. To assist you in downing your enemies, the stages themselves spawn items and weapons (or rather, the items drop from the sky) for you to use, ranging from baseballs to chainsaws.

There are quite a few game modes, which consists of :

  1. Death Match, where it's every man for himself,
  2. Team Death Match, which is the same as above, only with teams,
  3. Dogfight, where you respawn for a limited number of times after being killed,
  4. Sports, where the players are divided into two teams to fight each other in a sports match to death,

The game also has a massive pool of jobs, dubbed "Styles", which can easily be bought from the in game store with little to no need for grinding (the basic jobs are readily available, the advanced ones need repeated use of the basic jobs to unlock). Each style has a unique set of attacks (not so much for the original 6 styles) and the advanced ones has special traits (e.g. scout's radar, mercenary's ability to pick up stuff while running, etc.).

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