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GPF Software

Nick Wellington

A programmer for GPF Software, hired near the start of the strip.

Dwayne Duncan

The head of GPF software

Jason "Fooker" Barker

Systems administrator at GPF, and also Ageny #6 for the Undisclosed Government Agency.

 Dwayne: Jason, who's Fooker?

Ki: Who's Jason?

  • Weak but Skilled: Not especially strong, but a skilled hand-to-hand fighter. Lampshaded when he fights off Sam

Ki OshiroWellington

A programmer for GPF Software

  • But Not Too Foreign: The daughter of a Chinese woman and Japanese man.
  • Designated Girl Fight: Faces Dr. Not and Trudy as she races up the Statue of Liberty to find Nick, but also faces Chuck.
  • Expository Hairstyle Change: Cuts her hair short while dating Sam (much to his displeasure) and lets it grow out for Nick.
  • Love Martyr: Willing to stay with and defend Sam even when it is implied that he's cheating on her.
  • Second Love: Nick is the second person she has been in love with, after Sam
  • Tsundere Dere toward Nick, and tsun toward Fooker.

Trudy Trueheart

GPF Software's marketing professional.

 Trudy:"The time-hopping brat! He somehow obtained it! I thought the old me took care of-- Heh heh... my, was I saying something incriminating? I hope not..."

Frederick Physarum

A slime mold that gained sentience in the filth of Fooker's apartment.

Trent Terrell

Trudy's old boyfriend, and later her replacement as marketing director of GPF.

Dexter Smith

A contractor for GPF who is later hired full time

  • Dark Is Not Evil: In the superhero universe, Nick cast him as a villain, but by the time of their excursion into that universe through the MuTEX, he's a hero.
  • Fat Bastard: Initially. He gets better over time.
  • Otaku: The rest of the cast are fans of science fiction, but Dexter taxes his fandom of Star Wars and Star Trek to another level.
  • No Social Skills

Sharon Murphy

Fooker's girlfriend, who becomes systems administrator of GPF after his departure.


Emperor Nicholas The Puissant

Duchess Ki Oshiro

Duchess of Europe for Emperor Nicholas.

General Jason "F**k*r" Barker

General of Nick's armies, a former UGA agent who accepted bribes and joined Nick.

  • Bald of Evil
  • [DeadLittleSister: Dead Little Brother]: Tries to use it to gain sympathy from Justin, but fails. Then again, he did hesitate upon seeing Justin, so his statement may be honest.

Dwayne Duncan

Governor of Asia and formerly the corrupt head of GPF Software.

Trudy Trueheart

A resistance fighter in the Nega-verse who contacts the main cast to help them thwart Emperor Nicholas' plans.

Trent Terrell

Leader of Nega-C.R.U.D.E., an organization dedicated to overthrowing Emperor Nicholas.

Yoshi Oshiro

  • Dumb Is Good: Far less of a jerk than his counterpart, but far less intelligent.


A resistance fighter who was once friends with Nega-Fooker.

Dr. Nefu

Dr. Nefarious's counterpart, a scientist for the resistance.

Alexis Nicht

Dr. Nefu's assistant

Outside Time And Space

The Gamester

An extra-dimensional entity charged with regulating temporal disturbances.


The Ganester's assistant

Todd Wellington

Nick and Ki's son

Empress Trudy


  • Bigger Bad: To Empress Trudy and Emperor Nicholas.

Other Characters


Yoshi Oshiro

Ki's younger brother, who skipped several geades.


Otto Wisebottom

Nick's uncle, and a fellow carrier of the Inventor's Gene

Akhilesh Sehgal

A doctor who treats Trudy and suggests that there may be a way for her to find redemption.


Ki's former fiancee

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