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"The expression 'Breakfast of Champions' is a registered trademark of General Mills, Inc. for use on a breakfast cereal product. The use of the identical expression as the title for Kurt Vonnegut's book is not intended to indicate an association with or sponsorship by General Mills, nor is it intended to disparage their fine products."

General Mills is a food company based in Minneapolis. Best known for their "Big G" cereals, which include Cheerios, Total, Lucky Charms and the Monster Cereals. Its animated cereal commercials featured characters from Rocky and Bullwinkle, Underdog (the company was the sole sponsor of their series) and Peanuts. Moreover, the "Big G" is perhaps best known for its highly memorable roster of cereal advertising mascots (usually named after the cereal they represent) such as Lucky, Trix (of Trix Rabbit fame) and Count Chocula. Other characters include the bee mascot of Honey Nut Cheerios, whom you may recognize as another character with a big heart and small brain. Also owns the Wheaties brand, best known for its Celebrity Endorsements.

As such, most of their commercials tend to have story-driven narrative and therefore quite a few narrative tropes, though they're also very Commercial Tropes-laden.

Fun Fact: they built Alvin, the mini-sub Dr. Robert Ballard used to discover the Titanic. Yes, the same General Mills we've been talking about (built by the division that makes cereal-making machines).

They also own a brand Betty Crocker, built upon in Homestuck.

Tropes associated with General Mills:

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