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"He has a unique and brilliant mind! Do you know what that does to me?!"

John of Rhodes: Marry Me

Irene: Not a chance, John. I know your type. You're just lusting after my books.

 Two Rationals married to each other do not have this problem. Two Rationals are likely to be fascinated by each other's research and discoveries, by their tools and technologies, and when they find the time to come together they have intense discussions, logical, esoteric, critical and competitive.

Please Understand Me II by David Kiersey.

 For H wasn't like that at all. Her mind was lithe and quick and muscular as a leopard. Passion, tenderness, and pain were all equally unable to disarm it. It scented the first whiff of cant or slush; then sprang, and knocked you over before you knew what was happening. How many bubbles of mine she pricked! I soon learned not to talk rot to her unless I did it for sheer pleasure-and there's another red hot jab-of being exposed and laughed at. I was never less silly then as H's lover.

CS Lewis describing Joy in A Grief Observed.

 Castle: Did you just use the word Veritable?

Becket: Yes

Castle: S-e-x-y!

Becket: You should hear me use the word Fallacious.


 Some rationals seem so cold and logical that it is hard to imagine them doing anything so frivolous as falling in love...getting a rational to open up and show their tender side can be a great challenge, one many women find intriguing

Men and Romance, Part 4 Rational men.

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