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  • Demonic Spiders: The Imperial Walkers that you start to encounter in Chapter 3 may be considered as this, they are surprisingly durable and utilize dangerous attacks.
    • The machine gun walker seems to have a spontaneous rate of fire, at first it fires in short bursts and then it will fire a salvo of bullets.
    • The cannon walker is just as dangerous, as it fires spread shots at a stead yet fast rate.
  • Excuse Plot: You play as an Imperial Veteran who deserted The Empire after they order you to raze a village. You lived a peaceful life until the Empire invades your hometown to steal trees, you blast your way through the Imperial Army, destroyed their resource harvesting operation, confronted and defend your former comrade, and that's it...
  • Goddamned Bats:
    • Gliders, they have decent amount of health for something made out of flimsy steel frames with canvases, they either fly in a formation carpet bomb an area or follow you around until they drop their payload (improvised high-explosive for the Freemen and clustered bomb for the Empire). And even if you shot them down, their bombs will still drop! (The trick to avoid them is that the bombs always drop in the direction the glider is flying)
    • Even the standard infantry can become a menace when appearing in large numbers, especially when they appear in formation and lead by a commander (which somehow makes them INVINCIBLE until you kill the commander).
    • Snipers, they run around the edges of the area, and when they attack they make a white flash and whistle, fire a high velocity projectile, and recloak themselves and run off to a new attack position. They're especially annoying in Chapter 2 where they first appear, because the snow caped terrain makes it even harder to spot them.
    • The three special tank variants:
      • The EMP tanks are unable to damage you but can disable your weapons for a short period of time.
      • The energy shield tanks provide solid protection for other mooks, their forcefields are nigh-invincible to any weapon besides the Spark Bomb and the boosted grenades and last for around 10 seconds before being forced to deactivate and recharge.
      • The energy beam tank cannot attack you either, however, get caught in the purple beam it fires and you'll be slowed down to a crawl.
  • Most Annoying Sound: the high-pitched whine made by landmines before they explode. Made worse by the fact that many areas are filled with them.
  • That One Attack: The Butler's boulder launching attack, each attack consists of a spread shot of a dozen rocks that travel in a bouncing pattern which makes it hard to avoid them, and they hurt a lot. The boss with start using it in its second stage and use it even more frequently in its final stage.
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