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  • Plenty, but the Magus' death stands out for This Troper.
    • The Magus' death in the Avalon saga is pretty bad, but what's even worse is his having watched the girl he loved slowly fall for a somewhat younger man (who is pretty much the Magus' surrogate little brother, by the way), and pretending to be happy for them in a classic I Want My Beloved to Be Happy. Seriously, he never even let her know he had any sort of feelings for her.
      • Oh, it gets worse. Ever wonder why the Magus never fought to keep Catherine? He mentions that without his magic he has nothing to offer her but that just plain isn't true, It's because of the guilt he felt over cursing the Manhattan clan to remain stone for a thousand years. He's actually punishing himself for a crime that has been forgiven and forgotten long ago. Someone please give this poor, sweet man a hug!
  • Seeing This Troper's favorite of the Manhattan Clan blinded by what must have been a horrific offscreen mutilation, shedding hopeful tears from empty eye sockets at Goliath's return, being shot in the back protecting Goliath, then MUSING ABOUT THE SUNRISE before dying in Goliath's arms is flat-out HEARTBREAKING. This stood out in "Future Tense," an episode so frigging dark that Goliath being struck by lightning is one of the least disturbing moments.
  • Pretty much the entirety of Future Tense genuinely hurts. My favorite happens to be Lexington, and... that episode. All Just a Dream or not, it doesn't matter. Seeing him so utterly damaged and fucked-up, to the point where he hurtles off the Moral Event Horizon, betrays everyone he once loved including, indirectly, baby Alex, and essentially damns the entire world - all starting ostensibly because of Goliath's devastating "abandonment" of him and the clan... I still have a hard time watching Future Tense. Baby, Lex, my sweet little geek-goyle, what happened to you?
  • Derek Mazza. Pick an episode featuring him anywhere from Metamorphosis to the first half of Season Two. Any episode within that time.
    • The first episode is a total Downer Ending. Brooklyn has a crush on Maggie and wants to accept her despite her mutation. She still sees him as a monster and violently rejects him. He is heartbroken at the end of the episode. Derek basically pulls a That Man Is Dead on his sister Elisa and she spends the end of the episode just crying her heart out.
      • Not to mention Derek trying desperately to hide his true identity from Elisa, establishing the ongoing subplot. He slips almost immediately, and she realizes exactly who he is.
      • It's also the only episode which ever succeeded in making this troper outright hate Xanatos and wish for his head on a pike.
  • Seeing what happened to the Captain. It becomes a Heartwarming Moments when he finally redeems himself and gets to ascend to the afterlife.
  • "The access code is...alone."
  • The four-parter "City of Stone," with the flashbacks to Demona and Macbeth's origins and interactions.
  • From the same saga, the Flash Back scene in which MacBeth must leave his family and country forever. It gets even worse when later on, it shows that his leaving did no good whatsoever and his family was still murdered.

  MacBeth: I'm just so tired...

    • Specifically, the moments between Macbeth and Gruoch, his wife, as she goes from shock and horror at his resurrection, to happiness at his survival, to sadness that he's got to leave forever. Between the actors and the animation, it's gloriously heart-wrenching.
  • The episode where Broadway is playing with Elisa's firearm, accidentally shoots her, and his resulting freak out.
    • What made it really bad was that this troper was surprised by the whole episode, and was paying attention the entire time. Broadway's guilty sobbing lasts longer than the scene itself, implying it was originally longer and more painful.
  • The Destruction of Goliath's clan.
    • The tears start coming when Goliath returns to the castle in the pilot and sees the devastation, including what he thinks is Demona. He scoops up remains, chokes out 'My... angel of the night...' and then lets out the most heartbroken wail...
  • No mention of how The Gargoyles are revealed to the world at large... and thought to be a menace? Especially Angela's reaction
  • The emir.
  • From Bad Guys. When Tasha realizes that she will never return to normal and hangs herself
  • The Destruction of Goliath's clan in Gargoyles
  • Angela's reaction to learning what kind of person her mother is.
  • When Fox's mother Anastasia reveals her true nature as Titania, Queen of the Fey and wife of Oberon, and is describing her relationship with Fox's father, Halcyon Renard ... and dismissively states he was unable to hold her interest. "Truthfully, no one can, save Oberon." Right in front of Halcyon, after we've already seen (earlier that episode) how dismayed he was to hear she had remarried. Ouch.
  • Yeah yeah, I know we don't consider the Goliath Chronicles canon. But c'mon, who didn't shed a tear at the ending to Genesis Undone?
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