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A character is out in the garden casually watering the flowers. While he is doing this, another character sneaks up to the valve of the hose and plays a joke on the unsuspecting bystander by either turning off the water or kinking the hose in half, therefore halting the water flow.

Character 1, confused about the sudden stop of water, brings the hose up to his eye so that he can look and see what the problem is. Suddenly, while this is happening, Character 2 either turns the water back on or unkinks the hose and, SPLAT!!! Character 1 is soaked.

Or, one character tries to get back at another character for something and aims the hose at him, preparing to squirt him with water. Unfortunately, he does not realize that he has his foot on the hose, so he looks into the hose to see why the water isn't flowing. Character 2 then tricks Character 1 into removing his foot by telling him that there's either a spider or a snake towards his foot. Character 1 then panics, causing him to lift up his foot, resulting in the surprise soaking squirt.

Examples of Garden Hose Squirt Surprise include:


  • In a Frosted Mini-Wheats commercial, a boy plays the type 1 trick on an old woman just as she says of him, "Why can't more kids be like him?"

Anime and Manga

  • An episode of the Little Lulu anime had Tubby trying to use the second form of this trope on Lulu as revenge for getting him into trouble, using a garden hose. When he finds that the water in the hose won't squirt, because he had his foot on it, he looks into the hose and while he's looking, Lulu tricks him by telling him that a spider is crawling towards his foot. Upon hearing this, Tubby panics, lifting up his foot with the funniest facial expression on his face ever before getting squirted by the hose. (You'll have to see his expression here at this video, at 1:39. I suggest pausing it at that particular mark to see how funny he looks when he lifts his foot.)
  • Maicchingu Machiko Sensei uses this bit in the very first episode. A student plants a water hose in the ground in order to spray Miss Machiko's skirt up when she walks by (yeah, it's that kinda anime). She ends up stepping on the hose. When the student tries to investigate it, he gets sprayed. Eventually, the teacher steps off the hose and the student gets what he wants anyway.
  • This also happened to Chris in the Job episode of Superbook. He was watering the flowers with the garden hose while his father was supervising, sitting on a rocking chair. Note that the hose was directly under the rocking chair so when he rocks on top of the hose, it cuts off the water flow, prompting Chris to look in the hose. Unfortunately, just as soon as he looks into the hose, Prof. Peepers (Chris' father) then rocks the chair forward, causing the water to squirt Chris in the face. Of course, Prof. Peepers then promptly chides Chris for nearly drowning the flowers with his careless handling of the hose that he inadvertently blocked himself.


  • Possibly the first visual gag ever recorded on film. An early Lumiere Brothers short, L'Arroseur Arrosé has a gardener inspecting his hose unaware that a boy is standing on it to cut off the water. After the inevitable drenching the gardener catches the boy and spanks him.

Live Action TV

Newspaper Comics

  • Though not quite getting squirted per se, but this also happens to Odie in this Garfield strip.
  • One mid-60s The Perishers strip had Wellington asking Maisie to inspect the end of a hose while he went to adjust the "hydro control valve".

Western Animation

  • Subverted in The Care Bears Adventure in Wonderland during the opening credits, where Bright Heart Raccoon is watering the flowers when the water stops. It turned out that Lotsa Heart Elephant had her foot on the hose which made the water stop, then she lifts her foot up again, causing the water to flow again. Bright Heart briefly looks in the hose before looking over to see Lotsa Heart walking away casually, just as the water then squirts out of the hose while Bright Heart was holding it away from himself.
  • At the end of one The Simpsons episode, Bart does this to Homer several times, getting him in the eye, the ear, the other eye, etc.
    • Another Simpsons episode has Bart doing this to Principal Skinner in a home and garden show.
  • In the Classic Disney Shorts "Beezy Bear", beekeeper Donald Duck catches Humphrey Bear siphoning honey from his hives with a garden hose, so he connects the hose to a spigot, squeezes it until the water bulges up inside, and sends the bulge racing to Humphrey. Just then the ranger arrives and gives Donald back the hose, resulting in a game of Hot Potato that leaves all three soaked.
  • The My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic episode "Putting Your Hoof Down" has "New" Fluttershy doing this to her gardener for overwatering her flowers.
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