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Often grouped personality-wise with the Troll, the Garbage Post Kid not only delights in posting offensive and inflammatory text, but also punctuates them with vomit-inducing pictures and links to Shock Sites. These kinds of Internet riffraff usually have a personal beef with a specific group member or community, and will constantly flood their topics with all the filth the 'net can offer to get back at them; if it's against a single person, they usually don't care about ruining the day (or constitution) of the dozens or hundreds of innocent posters on the board, so long as they make sure that one guy knows he can't run or hide from the troll.

Naturally, these are one of the more Egregious Internet offenders; sometimes, it can take hours for the mods to clean up the sewage the GPK leaves behind -- sometimes requiring a temporary shut-down of the forum -- and some of them are intent enough to not give up, and keep coming back for more as soon as they can. These guys can be very hard to shake.

Trope name comes from Garbage Pail Kids, a 1980s trading card parody to the Cabbage Patch Kids that depicted truly disturbing imagery on them.

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