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Season 1

  • Jon giving Needle to Arya, followed by her glomping him.
  • Going meta, Sophie Turner adopted the Northern Inuit Dog who played Lady.
  • The terse, short goodbye between Robb and Jon, before the latter heads for the Wall.
  • Dany and Khal Drogo laying next to each other after she tells him that she is pregnant.
  • Tyrion designing a saddle so the crippled Bran can still ride a horse.
  • Robert and Cersei discussing the fractured nature of the Seven Kingdoms, and her observation that their marriage is what holds it together, resulting in an uproar of laughter from both of them. However terrible their marriage is, and however much they hate each other, it's quite touching that they can at least be partners in recognizing the sheer absurdity of it all.
    • What makes it funnier (or sadder) is that, especially when judging by the books, they're right; as soon as Robert dies shit hits the fan like nobodies business.
  • The horse-heart-eating scene has one of the... messier CMoH on record, but once you hear that Dany's people are chanting the name of her son, and you realize - they are her people. She has found a home, a place. Her people love her, and would kill to protect her. You can see the pride on Jorah Mormont's face as well, although Viserys' deadpan "I hope that wasn't my horse" comment can cause slight snorfles of laughter in an otherwise serious/heartwarming moment. It's a CMoA for Dany as well.
  • A really badass CMOH is Khal Drogo's Roaring Rampage of Revenge Rant. A man who's ready to conquer the entire world for his wife and child... wow.
  • Sam telling the Night's Watch that he too will take the Oath with Jon before the Old Gods, despite being raised to believe in the Seven ("They never listened to my prayers, maybe the Old Gods will"). His friendship with Jon is so important to him that doesn't reconsider when they are informed that they'll have to go beyond the Wall to take the Oath.
  • Syrio holding off half a dozen men so that Arya has time to get away.
    • Bearing in mind, even when his wooden sword is broken to the hilt, he still implores Arya to run for her life!
  • Robb and Catelyn meet back up, and race to hug each other as soon as they're alone.
    • Similarly, the look on Catelyn's face when he returns from battle unscathed.
  • Tywin sending Tyrion, who was always a failure in his father's eyes, to be the Hand of the King.

 Tyrion: Why me?

Tywin: You're my son.

    • Though that scene has a darker subtext in the books, as Tyrion realizes that Tywin actually relying on him means that he (Tywin) has already given up on Jaime, and Tyrion hates him for it.
  • Sam attempting a You Shall Not Pass when Jon leaves the Wall, then getting their other friends to go after him and bring him back.
  • Given their prickly relationship throughout the season, Robb and Theon get one particularly nice moment in the season one finale:

 Theon: Am I your brother, now and always?

Robb: Now and always.

Theon: [draws his sword and kneels] My sword is yours, in victory and defeat, from this day until my last day.

  • Another one from Fire and Blood is when Jorah is visibly worried that Dany could be contemplating suicide. While his worries were unfounded, his earnest fear for her is touching.
  • More meta: Big Name Fan Larry Williams teary-eyed in gratitude after opening a poster signed by the producers and Sean Bean.
  • A subversion: Joffrey's apology to Sansa is incredibly sweet, and would no doubt be near the top of this page if he were actually sincere.
  • On Robert's deathbed, he pleads for Ned to 'help' Joffrey, and to make him a better man. He is heartbreakingly aware that he has failed as a father, and in spite of the Royal Brat that Joffrey has become, Robert wants him to become a good king and a good man.
    • Doubles as a colossal TearJerker when one acknowledges that Joffrey is not even his son!

Season 2

  • Tyrion giving Sansa his sympathies over her father Ned. What's amazing was the fact despite it was her mother that arrested him before, he holds no grudges against her since she's innocent. Also he believes Joffrey had no right to kill Ned. Tyrion maybe an Imp, but he's got a heart.
  • Slightly minor but anytime Tyrion dotes on his niece and nephew, Myrcella and Tommen.
    • Tommen is the first one that Tyrion sends to safety when he realises that shit's gonna go down between the smallfolk and Joffrey in the streets of King's Landing.
  • Sansa saving the life of the drunk knight, first by convincing Joffrey that it would be bad luck to kill someone on his naming day, and then by proposing that instead of executing the knight, they keep him around as the court fool.
    • Not to mention the Hound backing her up in that scene.
  • When one of the scouts Dany sent out is returned dead and in pieces, Dany comforts the scout's wife and promises her that they'll give the body a proper funeral pyre, so he can join his ancestors in the afterlife.
  • Matthos telling his father Davos his belief in R'hllor comes from his prayers to him being answered for Davos' safe return every night he was away at sea. Also Davos saying Stannis is his god because he provided Matthos a future as a knight.
  • Sam giving Gilly his mother's sewing kit.

 Gilly: You shouldn't give that away.

Sam: I'm not giving it away. I'm giving it to you.

  • In an odd way, Cersei's anguish over Tyrion's deal to wed off Myrcella. After she's been pleading her love for her children as the motivation for all her nasty deeds, here's the proof of how sincere it is.
    • She also didn't want Myrcella forced into an unhappy marriage the way she was with Robert.
    • Myrcella and Tommen themselves prove that they're nothing like their older brother Joffrey, during the incredibly awkward dinner with Sansa and Cersei. Myrcella just seems so pleased to have another young lady to talk about dresses, and Tommen, well:

 Tommen: Is Joffrey going to kill Sansa’s brother?

Cersei: He might. Would you like that?

Tommen: ...No. I don’t think so.

  • In a strangely bizarre way, Yoren unbending to Arya about his own 'prayer' after a boy called Willem killed his brother. Becomes a Crowning Moment of Funny when, having told her about burying an axe in Willem's head so deep "they had to bury him with it" he says, with a smirk, "That'll help you sleep, eh?"
    • And it does!
  • Arya's quick thinking to save Gendry. Even if Lommy won't be saying otherwise, there's still a risk in purposefully decieving their captors, and she cares enough about Gendry to take the risk anyway.
  • In yet another strangely heartwarming yet funny moment, Margaery trying to get Renly to do his duty and have sex with her. She could have been very brusque about it, but she first tried to seduce him and then comforted him when he was clearly not affected. She even reveals that she knows about him and Loras and tells him she wouldn't mind if her brother had to "help" and Renly could spend all the time with Loras as he wanted as long as he did his duty and gave her a child to protect their alliance. For a woman whose husband clearly wanted nothing to do with her, she came across as quite kind and considerate.
  • Sandor giving Sansa his cloak after Joffery has her beaten and stripped and the fact he is one of the few people in the crowd that actually looks upset by what is happening.
    • Tyrion offering her a hand up, purely a sympathetic gesture given how much taller she is. Also watch how hesitant he is at extending his hand to her, clearly afraid to touch the traumatised girl (especially as he's fully aware that to her he's not only a Lannister, but also "the Imp") but determined to do as much to help her as she'll allow him to. The fact that Sansa trusted him enough to take his hand is in itself quite heartwarming.
  • Tyrion sending Ned Stark's remains back with Littlefinger to Catelyn, with the message that he should be buried with the rest of his family in the crypts at Winterfell.
  • Jorah laying out exactly why he's still supporting Daenerys: she would be a ruler loved by the people, who would be good for Westeros.

 Jorah: I only want--

Daenerys: What do you want?

Jorah: To see you on the Iron Throne.

Daenerys: Why?

Jorah: You have a good claim -- a birthright. But more than that -- you may cover it up and deny it, but you have a gentle heart. You would not only be respected and feared, you would be loved. Someone who can rule and should rule -- centuries pass without a person like that coming into the world. There are times when I look at you, and I still can't believe you're real!

  • Rodrick's smile at Bran ordering that Torrhen's Square be saved, seeing that he has what it takes to be the ruler of Winterfell.
    • Though becomes a bit of a Funny Aneurysm Moment in the next episode, when it's revealed that that was playing right into Theon's hands, allowing him to easily take the now-undefended Winterfell.
  • Brienne pledging her loyalty to Catelyn after Renly's death. Also Catelyn persuading Brienne into coming with her, considering she could very easily have left her there and tried to save herself at once.
  • Loras defending Brienne from the accusation that she had something to do with Renly's death even though she humiliated him in combat earlier. In spite of his own grief and anger, he knows that Brienne would never have hurt Renly.
  • Tywin's growing fatherly relationship with Arya, particularly her smile at his saying she should make their next battle plan.

  Tywin: You're too smart for your own good. Has anyone told you that?

  • Tyrion's first concern upon seeing the signs of an imminent riot? His nephew Tommen's safety.
  • After brutally killing Sansa's would-be rapists, Sandor Clegane almost gently tells her she's safe before carrying her back to the castle.
    • Then when Tyrion tries to thank him for rescuing Sansa, Sandor snarls "I didn't do it for you." and stalks off. Oh, Sandor, you do care.
  • Osha pretending to turn traitor, even going so far as to sleep with Theon, just so she can help Bran and Rickon escape from Winterfell.
  • After being rescued by Sandor, Sansa wonders why a complete stranger in the street hated her and wanted to hurt her even though they'd never met and Shae tells her, "Your horse eats better than his children." Sansa replies, "I would have given them bread if I had it." Silly, childish, simplistic... but good-hearted. Worthy of a princess.
    • Then when Sansa says she hates Joffrey as much as the people do, Shae warns her not to talk like that in case the wrong person heard. Sansa's reply? "But you're not the wrong person." The look on Shae's face says it all.
  • Catelyn's look at Robb when she sees he is obviously smitten with Talissa. And you can tell that she hates the fact that he's stuck in an arranged marriage as much as Robb does.
  • Finding out Tywin taught Jamie who was dyslexic (although they don't call it that) to read by sitting down with him for four hours every day until he learned how.
  • Tyrion and Cersei in A Man Without Honour: sure they hate each other, but that doesn't mean Tyrion can't feel sympathy for Cersei regarding the little hellspawn she has to call a son. Also, he can at least reassure her that the other two turned out all right.
  • Shae trying to help Sansa hide the fact she's started bleeding; she has no real reason to like her mistress but is still rather sympathetic towards her anyway. It really shows the rapport that's grown between the two in the last few episodes.
  • Cersei telling Sansa to harden her heart, not allowing herself to love anyone except her children. Maybe not the healthiest advice, but now that she's realized how out of her control Joffrey is, she's going to do what little she can to make things easier for the girl she trapped into marrying him.
  • Yara shows that she does care a bit for Theon when she recalls him smiling at her as a baby, and emotionally asks him to come back home with her, since he'll surely be killed if he stays at Winterfell.

  Yara: Don't die so far from the sea.

  • Tyrion's reunion with Shae, after he's had a scare thinking she's been captured.
    • And despite his immense relief that Cersei got the wrong girl, he's still outraged over what happened to Ros and promises to help her however he can.
  • Stannis's monologue saying, long story short, that Davos is the only man he trusts. It's comforting to know that the man who ended up bitterly resenting both his brothers still has such feelings in him.
    • In both series we've heard several character says about how Stannis would make a poor king and has no personality. But here is the strongest example of how Stannis has slowly and quietly proven himself to the audience to be an excellent candidate for the Iron Throne. He's honest, reserved, insightful, rewards others' loyalty and empowers his followers largely on merit; it is easy to see why Davos is so loyal.
  • Robb telling Talisa about Ned, especially when he calls his father the best man he ever knew.
    • Especially heartwarming is when Talisa talks about how whenever she spoke to someone from the north, they all had nothing but love for Ned Stark. It really speaks volumes for what a good and noble lord Ned was to his people and how the world is a poorer place now that he's gone.
    • Also, this exchange:

 Talisa: I would have liked to have met him.

Robb: He would have liked you.

  • Pretty much everything between Robb and Talisa in "The Prince of Winterfell." Especially when she's telling him about the slave who saved her brother, and how she vowed to never live in a slaver city again, which is what finally pushes Robb to make his feelings clear.

 Robb: I don't want to marry the Frey girl.

Talisa: I don't want you to marry her. But you needed that bridge. I hope it was a beautiful bridge.

    • Also, Robb telling Talisa that, no matter how terrible he might feel about his situation, he has no right to just snap at her when she asked how he was. Consider that most kings would take for granted what they have a right to do. It gives you an idea what kind of man and what kind of king Robb is.
    • It's also one of the few sex scenes where one of the participants isn't a whore and there are no creepy age differences or rapey undertones. Just two young people consummating their love.
  • Varys telling Tyrion that he is the only man standing between Westeros and a king controlled by dark sorcery. Especially poignant because a) This is coming from Varys, possibly the most cynical character in the series. b) Tyrion and his extra- Ragtag Bunch of Misfits have essentially stumbled into the role of a classic high fantasy Five-Man Band that is the only thing standing between the realm and the forces of darkness. c) Despite this they actually find that they are the perfect people for the job, and possibly the only ones who could do it. And d) because all this shit is happening in Game of Thrones for god's sake!
  • Sansa still having the doll Ned gave her.
  • Tyrion calling Bronn his friend.

 Bronn: Oh, are we friends?

Tyrion: Of course. The fact that I pay you doesn't diminish our friendship.

Bronn: Rather enhances it, I think.

  • Bronn saving the Hound's life when he locks up in a middle of a battle due to his fear of fire. This is particularly significant because just before the battle began, both men were ready to kill each other.
  • The Hound telling Sansa he's fleeing the city, and offering to take her with him and take her home.
    • This exchange:

 Sansa: You won't hurt me.

The Hound: No, Little Bird, I won't hurt you.

  • Cersei's reaction when Lord Tywin enters the throne room to tell her they've won the battle. Considering the fact she had been moments away from Mercy Killing her youngest son, you can only imagine her immense relief when she sees the father she puts so much faith in come to her rescue.

 Cersei: Father!

Tywin: The battle is over. We've won!

  • The city's defenders crying out "Half-man!" for Tyrion after they briefly retook the gate. This is the first time Tyrion really gets acknowledged for his deeds, and the look on his face is touchingly confused.
  • Shae telling Tyrion that she does actually love him, in circumstances that make us actually believe it.
  • After her curbstomp battle and rebuke of Jaime, Brienne goes right back to what she was doing - cutting down the victims of the Northern army, so she can bury them.
  • As her khalasar loot Xaro's palace, Dany walks off with what she considers most valuable - her dragons. And they're sort of hugging their mama! Awwww.
    • Prior to this, the vision of Drogo telling Dany that he would did not and would not pass on to the Night Lands without her.
  • "I have known you for many years, Theon Greyjoy. You are not the man you are pretending to be. Not yet."
  • Varys' reassurance to Tyrion when he wakes up after the Battle of Blackwater. "There are many who know that without you this city faced certain defeat. The king won't give you any honors, the histories won't mention you, but we will not forget."
  • Arya refusing to go with "Jaqen" because she needs to find Robb and Catelyn. "And my sister. I need to find her too."
  • Though it will undoubtedly cause problems with the Freys Robb and Talisa exchanging their marriage vows before the septon.
  • Sansa's goofy little smile when she realizes she no longer has to marry Joffrey. Why did Littlefinger have to come and spoil that moment for her?
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