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Project Galaxy Angel, first videogame

  • Camus Laphroaig demonstrates the Hell Hounds' intelligence-gathering abilities by reading Milfeulle's grade-school essay allowed. It was the sort of essay that asks kids what they wanted to be when they grew up. Since the teacher didn't say that it actually had to be possible, Milfeulle went right ahead and wrote down that she wanted to be a spaceship!. Apparently her motivation was because she missed a lot of field trips due to her luck, so it was pure wish fulfillment: if she were a spaceship, she could take all her precious friends to the planets she never got to see.
  • At the end of Ranpha's route, Ranpha redecorates the bridge to reflect her own super-girly tastes...and hilariously, Tact likes the change, just because it was his girlfriend who suggested it! (Lester's reaction is also priceless.)
  • The manner in which Tact finally discovers Mint's costume habit. Almo and Coco think there's a monster or some kind of ghost on board, then at one point, while it's dark, Tact notices a flash of something. If the player chooses to investigate the matter, Tact discovers it's none other than...Mint in a giant hamster costume! And then she does a cheer for Tact, which also doubles as a moment of heartwarming.

Galaxy Angel Moonlit Lovers, second videogame

  • In Vanilla's route, there's a scene in which Tact visits Vanilla but gets interrupted by the leader of Vanilla's fan club, who dislikes Tact because he and Vanilla are slowly falling for each other. Because the fan club leader is able to convincingly fake an injury, he successfully manages to interrupt Tact and Vanilla's moment and Tact turns to leave...but not without first suggesting that Vanilla feed the fan club leader some of her "health soup." Vanilla agrees and the fan club leader is eager to taste Vanilla's cooking...but the soup is so nutritious and so lacking in flavor that it's like whacking the man's taste buds. Tact 1, Vanilla's Injury-Faking Fan Club Leader 0.

Galaxy Angel Eternal Lovers, third videogame

  • After Eden is finally liberated, Tact decides to make up being too busy previously to his girlfriend by hanging out with her during the celebration. Lester tries to make Tact do his work first, but this time, Almo and Coco realize that overwork was part of what got in Tact and his girlfriend's way last this time, Almo and Coco jump on Lester, pin him to the ground, and coerce him into agreeing to be Tact's representative and do the work instead so Tact can make his girlfriend feel like he cares about her.
  • At one point, Tact comes across Noah laying down and sleeping, making cute noises while she sleeps. When Noah finally wakes up and realizes that Tact has shown up and was watching her sleep, she freaks, screaming at Tact with her face red in embarrassment as Shatoyan laughs in gentle amusement.
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