Even a TV network can produce unintentional humor.

  • Despite taking considerable measures against it, GSN aired three different Barker episodes of The Price Is Right offering fur coats. [1]
  • At least twice, an episode aired with all of its original (not inserted by GSN) commercials — a Bud Collyer To Tell the Truth (December 23, 1966) and a Dick Clark Pyramid (July 20, 1978).
  • There have also been at least two occasions of some original commercials remaining, both on Richard Dawson's Family Feud — a showing of the August 15, 1977 show left in the commercials between Fast Money and the closing segment, and a 2000 airing of a 1979 episode left in ads for Stove Top stuffing and Maxwell House coffee.
  • When the February 28, 1952 episode of Winner Take All was reran in September 2004, GSN accidentally showed an affiliate identification card (specifically, WNBT in New York) for a few seconds.


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