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Future War contains examples of:

  • Fridge Horror: It's nice that the Runaway gets to be a teen counselor and all, but humanity is still being enslaved by a time-traveling race of Cyborgs. For that matter, there's nothing to prevent them from just coming back to get him again. The film apparently had a more open-ended conclusion originally, but the backers screwed with it and led to the Esoteric Happy Ending we see in the final product.
  • Fridge Logic: Why don't the cyborgs just frag the runaway? Does he have a specific skill they need? Aren't any of the thousands upon thousands of people in California viable replacements?
    • IS this a half-way house for huge guys? Other than the one kid and the nun-in-training that's all we see there.
    • There's that muscular guy Oscar who appears like for one second... but in any case, further questions present themselves. They put the Runaway in "the daycare room"; Okay, what kind of place is this, seriously? And whose kid is Max? And why do they have a machete and a shotgun within easy reach (as seen when the Tracker busts into the house)?
    • Also, how did the masters enslave humanity to work for them if they "have no hands"? For that matter, are the Cyborgs the masters or not?
  • Narm: "Monsters in the 'hood," and "Driiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive!"

 Crow: I am driving! There's no inherent quantity of driving I can increase! If you want me to go faster, you need to tell me that.

 "There's a moment in this movie which is kind of heartbreaking. There's a brief scene where a television news reporter is doing a live remote stand- up. His cameraman is using a pretend card-board camera; it's a taped-up box with a lens apparatus taped to it. That made us sad."

    • One of the more inexplicable ones: The Cyborg POV shots make it clear that these enhanced supersoldiers from the future see "considerably worse than humans". Things are either so pixellated as to be completely indistinct or simply... red.
  • WTH Costuming Department: "PLAID AVENGERS, HOOOOOOOOOOO!"
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