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  • Tsubaki's backstory in Mirai Nikki is both this and Nightmare Fuel.
    • As well as the captured Yuno's screams of "No! My first time will be with Yukki!" as Tsubaki orders her followers to gang-rape her to lure Yukiteru out and as revenge for all the pain she went through.
  • And Akise's death, if you liked that character. If not, it was one of the better CMOA's.
  • Minene's death. Poor girl has to see Nishijima die in front of her eyes first, then does a Heroic Sacrifice for Yukki...only for it not to do anything whatsoever. And for worse, she would've led a peaceful life with Nishijima, if not for his death.

 Minene: Ah...That's right... I wanted to be saved, too...!

    • Subverted when it's revealed she's still alive.
  • Yuno's breakdown in Chapter 56. At the end of it, she's begging for Yukki to hate her.
  • And in 58, when the second Yuno rebukes the first one's Hannibal Lecture. "I'm not suffering at all!"
  • Chapter 59. "I stabbed myself."
  • When Minene holds the school hostage, Yukki, who believes he is about to die, makes a confession to Yuno about how even though he pretended to indifferent to everything; he actually wanted friends. At the end of his confession, he calls himself a loser and breaks down crying.
  • 2nd-World-Yuki'sfate after he becomes God? The guy spends ten-thousand years floating in the void that has become the 2nd world, staring at his diary endlessly as it remains frozen on the exact date and time of the last message it recorded and shows: "Yuno died.", blaming himself endlessly for it. Murmur, the only other person to have survived from that world, even asks Yuki when he will try out his powers. Not use. Try out. He's literally done nothing since he became God but blame himself for being unable to stop Yuno's suicide for 10 000 years. Thankfully, the Gainax Ending that follows not too long afterwards results in the HAPPY END.
  • The 7th's backstory in the anime (considerably expanded from the manga version), and ultimately their deaths, as Marco lets Yukiteru and Yuno have the last parachute so he could die alongside Ai as the building goes up.
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