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  • Chapter 23, from Yukki rejecting Yuno's willingness to sacrifice herself for Yukki's sake, to him confessing his feelings for her, to seeing Yukki and Yuno happily together for the first time. Just don't read the next chapter.
  • Chapter 38: Akise discovering that the third body in the Gasai residence is the real Yuno puts the fake Yuno on edge, terrified that Yukiteru will abandon her (it doesn't help that she previously more-or-less drugged and kidnapped Yukiteru and nearly killed his friends). Yukki, as if reading her thoughts, reassures her that he won't. He keeps his word in chapter 39, despite this new information:

 Akise: "Wait, Yukiteru! She's...!"

Yukiteru: "Akise! Yuno is Yuno!"

  • Chapter 53 shows Yuno killing the Yuno from this timeline as Yukki watches on Pensieve Flashback style. He is horrified at this, and tries to speak to the dying Yuno, but MuruMuru tells him she wont be able to hear him. She does. Last delusion of a mad woman thinking of her love in her last moments, or a love that transcends time and space? You decide.
    • Yuno has just killed/allowed Yukki to fall off a cliff and to his death, intending to repeat the game for a third time so she can continue to be with Yukki. Yukki claws his way back up, his fingers bleeding as he does so, shouting:

   Yukki: "I love you Yuno. To you, I may be just a pawn you can easily replace, but to me you are irreplaceably important. Yuno! I will save you!"

  • Psychopathic terrorist bomber she may be, but Minene's romantic scenes with Nishijima are overflowing with warm fuzzies.
  • Yuno may be completely insane and excessively violent, but some of the things she and Yukki do and say to and for each other are rather heartwarming. Admittedly, you may have to look under the Nightmare Fuel soaked Squick to see it.

 Yukki:"Yuno, I will save you!"

  • The wedding rehearsal. Yuno just looks so darn happy.
  • In chapter 58 When every Diary Holder in the third world avoids ending up in a Crapsack World. Every single one.
    • Except for the 3rd, looks like the 12th takes him down. But that`s better than dying.
      • Heck, even the 3rd! He's not off the hook one-hundred percent, but in one of the final panels, you can see him in the veeeery back, outrunning some pursuers.
      • He gets an even more heartwarming ending in the anime, where the 12th, mask off, is seen visiting him in jail.
  • The ending. There is a picture of the entire cast, still alive and well. (although it's already in the third world). Also:

  Yukiteru and Yuno creates a happy future. HAPPY END

  • Paradox has its fair share of heartwarming moments. One of the best in particular comes in the last chapter: Akise has just been run through by Yukiteru as controlled by Mur Mur with a sword that will erase his memories. Akise looks down and out and Mur Mur says that she told him so when she said that his actions were worthless. Then a hand reaches for Akise's and pulls him up...

  Tsubaki: It wasn't worthless.

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