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  • Yuno trying to kill Yuki's dad after she learns what he's up to and Yuki's attempts to stop her.
  • Yuno's reaction to the 3rd's death:

  "That's all? How Boring. *stretches*"

  • Chapter 34. Yuki is trying to confess to another girl in a flashback. Yuno runs interference. In a bunny suit. Repeatedly.
    • This happens in episode 18 of the anime and it's even funnier, especially Yuno unknowingly scaring a little kid by growling
  • Episode 1 features an Omake in which Muru attempts to hand Third his Future Diary, with hilarious results. He mistakes her for a witness and tries to kill her, but accidentally slices trough the Diary, killing himself. After he is brought back, Muru explains how his diary works. He decides to destroy the cellphone to get rid of evidence and dies again. The omake ends with Muru watching a viewscreen showing Yuki killing Third. She notes that "Hasty people are troublesome".
  • Chapter 17, when Akise randomly grabs Yukiteru's ass in front of Yuno.
  • Episode 6: The scene with Yukki trying to hold his closet doors shut while Yuno's trying to force them open so she can meet Yukki's mother.
    • Also, Episode 6's omake.
  • Episode 8, when Yukki accidentally pulls down Hinata's trousers, exposing her underwear, there's a loooong pause then Mao takes a picture.
  • Episode 10 opens with Minene having a Flash Back to when she tried to take on the Third. After being injured in a fall, she is found by Nishijima. Suddenly, Muru begins dubbing over their (and Third's) dialogue to make it sound like a stereotypical Shoujo Manga, in which the three are in a love triangle and Minene is a Damsel in Distress.
  • In episode 15 Kousaka freaks out when his apprentice diary is broken thinking he's going to die.
    • Also in episode 15 when Akise says that Kousaka has a large house that's be a good hide out Kousaka says "Why would I help a jerk like..." but is cut off by a smiling Mao clobbering him from behind.
  • Episode 4's 12 does a hilarious henshin pose. This is what shows it in the first few seconds
  • Minene on the toilet calling someone a pervert, trying to flush and failing and kicking the toilet which causes it to squirt back water at her.
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