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Fridge Brilliance

  • Way back in Chapter 1, when Yuno knows that Yuki might stab her with the dart, she seems totally indifferent about that, pins him against a wall, kisses him, and says "You didn't stab me.", as if she knew ahead of time he wouldn't, even though her Diary wouldn't be reliable against Yuki in a fight against him. Of course she would know... She's been through all this once before and doesn't need her diary to be able to predict Yuki's reaction.
  • Heck, a lot of Yuno's behavior can be explained keeping this in mind:
    • "How can she talk about killing someone so easily?" It's not exactly like she's new to it.
    • Yuno suddenly deciding to meditate in Yukiteru's house to find the 5th's diary? She wasn't just trying to put herself in his shoes, she was trying to remember how he had hidden it before.
    • Yuno's surprise at Yukiteru's friends betraying him in Minene's attack on the school? It was one of the earliest events in her timeline, and it occurred roughly 90 days ago to her. You try remembering exactly what happened on a specific day three months prior. Not only that, but since this was also her first replay of the game, she had no way of knowing for sure that things would pan out exactly as they had before. And what's more, we have no idea what exactly happened during Minene's school bombing in the 1st world. For all we know, it could be that in the 1st world Yukiteru's schoolmates decided to protect him and not to sacrifice him, and Yuno actually expected that the same thing would happen in the 2nd world.
    • Her immediate suspicion of Tsubaki's motives? She knew they had been betrayed before, and tried to persuade Yukiteru.
    • The only reason why she probably couldn't use all of her previous knowledge to her advantage is because to maintain the illusion that she was "this world's" Yuno, she couldn't look like she knew too much beyond what information her diary gave her. And since her diary only gave her information about Yukiteru, she could only weakly justify her judgements with "Yukki will be in danger if Yukki does that."
        • It should be noted that the above are rendered half-moot by the fact that when Yuno-1 transmigrates to timeline-2 that most of the series took place in, she and Murmur sealed/erased a bunch of her memories for some vague, half-hinted at reason. She still obviously has flashes of past occurences (keeping in mind she also willing erases portions of her memory AFTER that as well), but on the whole she doesn't know most of the events as a 2nd loop ala, say, Higurashi or Umineko because she doesn't have the memories anymore.

  • The ending makes complete sense if you just remember who they were going to replace.
  • Why did Mur Mur get hit by Akise bike, steal the bikes seat, and ask to be taken to a amusement park? Because having already gone through the events of Paradox she knows that Akise is a threat to her and Yuno's goals. So she decides to stall him as much as possible.
  • At the end of the first opening, and in several bits of the second feature Yuno going Ax Crazy with what appears to be another Yuno and then fusing with her. While at first glance this may look like your typical random Anime opening moment, it becomes a great form of foreshadowing when you consider future revelations about Yuno.
  • This might be a little coincidental, but the first opening and ending themes perfectly capture the essence of a yandere (especially considering that one of the main characters is the defining example) with the opening being crazy, hectic, creepy and psychotic, representing the "yan" part, while the ending is more calm, representing the "dere" part.

Fridge Horror

  • Everything seems fine in the end with Yuno and Yuki being reunited and becoming God together. That is, until you start to wonder - Did 3rd world Yuno have to play the game as well? And does that mean she killed 3rd world Yuki? Not to mention this means that everyone from the 3rd world is dead too...
    • Considering that Deus picks them as his successor, probably not. The whole point to the game was to find a successor, after all.
    • There is a panel with the 3rd-world 11th specifically telling Deus that he's canceling his plans for a "Future diary game." Also it's presumed that 3rd-world Deus came and found 2nd-world Yuki and 3rd-world Yuno to replace him before the 3rd world could end.
    • However it could also mean 4th world Yuki and Yuno would play the game identical to the 1st world which would send 4th world Yuno to the 5th world which would result with Yuno commiting suicide, Yuki becoming God of the empty 5th world (identical to the 2nd world) and the 6th world would be a perfect world identical to the 3rd world. Then 7th world Yuki and Yuno play the game identical to the 1st world etc. This loops indefinitely...
      • its kinda rendered moot since its shown that the creation of an alternate timeline requires time travel back to the past and now that the survival game has been cancelled with yuki and yuno taking up the God mantle in the 3rd world no one needs to go back and with that the loop is stopped .

Fridge Logic

  • In episodes 13/14 of the anime, the deathtrap meant to kill Akise, Mao, and Kousaka was changed from a room filling up with cement to a room filling up with gas. They manage to escape by having Kousaka crawl through the air vent to the control room where Yuno, Yukiteru, and Hinata are, and having him unlock the door from there. That gives me two questions, though. First, how is the gas supposed to fill the room if there's an air vent? And second, why would Yuno use gas when the air vent in that room is also connected to the vent in her own room (which means it could be a threat to Yukki)?
    • That depends on what kind of gas it is. Chlorine gas, for example, is heavier than air, so the gas would collect at the bottom of the room instead of diffusing through the air vent.
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