General Tropes

  • Achilles' Heel: Their diaries. They can help them a lot, but if it goes so do the diary owners.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: The vast majority of them have some kind of angst hidden in their past.
  • Freudian Excuse: All of them have their reasons for wanting to become God, and those who don't have one eventually get one.
  • Personality Powers: A participant's diary's abilities is dependent on the participant's lifestyle, habits, and even jobs.
  • Religious and Mythological Theme Naming: The diary holders are all named after members of the Roman Pantheon.
    • Yukiteru's last name contains the kanji for "heaven" and can be read as "heavenly field". It's fitting, considering his first name is a corruption of "Jupiter", the Roman God of Gods. When his full name is roughly translated into Latin it becomes Jupiter Caelus/Jupiter Caelestis, two of Jupiter's known epithets. He ends up winning the game of the 2nd-world among the other potential gods.
    • Seeing as Yukiteru is named for Jupiter, the kanji for Yuno's given name is really "Juno" read as Yuno (in central European languages the letter J is pronounced how Y is pronounced in English), so even more fittingly for Yukiteru, the reading of Yuno's full name is "my wife, Juno". Which is fitting, because Juno — just like her Greek counterpart Hera — gets mad at anyone who stole Jupiter's love, and would chase them down to the ends of the Earth. Then there's the fact that Juno is a war goddess too.
    • The kanji in his last name, Hiyama, is read as "volcano". The Roman god in the Dii Consentes that he is associated with? Vulcan.
    • Kurusu's is a bit harder to pin down than the others, but the kanji in his last name "kuru" means "to come" and as Mercury was the messenger to the others gods, he is probably closest to Mercury in the Dii Consentes.
    • Reisuke's last name, Houjou is written as "fertility". He corresponds with Ceres in the Dii Consentes.
    • Tsubaki's name has a nod to the Roman goddess Proserpina, the goddess of springtime. She has the kanji (春) for springtime in her name, and further connecting to Proserpina by both being beautiful women who spend much of their time hidden from the world. She may also be named after the god Apollo, god of the sun and prophecy. Her name contains the kanji for sun and her followers believed her to be clairvoyant.
    • Marco's first name comes from "Mars", the Roman god of war, and his last name's kanji is read as "battlefield", sealing the comparison. Ai's name indirectly references Venus, as her first name means "love" while her last name contains the kanji for "beauty" and "god", all strongly pointing to Venus as a reference. If that wasn't enough, Mars and Venus were also well known in the myths for their love affair. Their Child Diaries take the comparisons one step further, with Marco's being a diary that predicts his opponent's next fighting move, so he can counter it, and Ai's making predictions about all the men that she wants to flirt with in the future.
    • Kamado can mean "hearth", which is one of the domains that Vesta was goddess over. "Ueshita" sounds like "Vesta" (Ueshita/Weshita/Wesuta). Just as well, Ueshita runs an Orphanage of Love and gives a place for orphans to stay, and Vesta was also the goddess of family and the home.
    • Minene is named for two gods, who are usually paired together in the Dii Consentes. Her first name, Minene, is an obvious corruption of Minerva the goddess of battle strategy. Her last name also contains the kanji for rain 雨 (ame), which corresponds to Neptune who is the god patron of horses for some reason, though in her case her horses are motorbikes.
    • Tsukishima (月島) contains the kanji for moon, and his first name, Karyuudo, is read as "hunter". Goddess of the moon and hunting? That's Diana in the Dii Consentes.
    • John Bacchus' last name in the original Japanese is バックス (pronounced "Bakkusu"), a direct reference to the Roman God of wine and theater Bacchus. The English dub of the anime rewrote his name as "Balks", however. He's also one of the only diary holders whose namesake isn't a god listed in the Dii Consentes, along with Yomotsu Hirasaka. It probably explains why his and Yomotsu's diaries were modified last, making them Eleventh and Twelfth, respectively.
    • Yomotsu Hirasaka is the name of the boundary between Life and Death in Japanese myth, and so he can be associated with the Roman god Pluto.
  • Scry vs. Scry: The nature of their survival game is to prevent their own prophesied death while ensuring the fulfillment of the others' deaths. This is by trying to prevent any future prediction related to their own death by not acting according to the predicted future.
  • Tactical Rock-Paper-Scissors: Each diary has its own strengths and weaknesses. A big part of a diary holder's strategy is to try and find out the limits of the diary of an opposing diary holder's and use that information to his or her advantage. Hirasaka even lampshades this. To elaborate:
    • Yukiteru's Random Diary records events that will happen around him. However, it doesn't predict the events that will happen to him unless it is the cause of his death. Confining him to an enclosed space also limits the things the diary can predict.
    • Yuno's Love Diary predicts the actions of one individual (Yukiteru in this case) and only that person. This means it does not predict any event that will happen to Yuno herself except for her own death.
    • Kurusu's Case Diary lets him know the movements of suspects in the cases he is involved in, but does not allow him to see the movements of people who are not involved in a case except to warn him of a Dead End
    • Tsubaki's Clairvoyant Diary records the observations of every one of her cult members, giving it an enormous range but making it vulnerable to information overload. It is also large and cumbersome, and extremely fragile.
  • You Are Number 6: Their codenames in the Survival Game are ordinal numbers.

 Yukiteru Amano - The 1st

Voiced by Misuzu Togashi (Japanese) and Josh Grelle (English)

The main male protagonist. A timid boy who views life as though he were a casual bystander. His "Indifference Diary" records future observations about everything and everyone around him, although it usually doesn't record any information about himself except for his DEAD END. At first he's unwilling to participate in the Diary game, but Deus still considers him the favorite to win. Has an...interesting relationship with Yuno.
  • A Man Is Not a Virgin: Averted; he loses his virginity to Yuno.
  • Adorkable: He's very shy and awkward. Yuno even lampshades it.
  • Anti-Hero: Starts out as a Type I Anti Hero, but as the series goes on becomes a Type IV. Changes to Type III by the end of the manga.
  • Badass Adorable: Comes with being a timid Adorkable Action Survivor.
  • Battle Couple: With Yuno.
  • Berserk Button: Whenever his parents are harmed, Yuki can go quite crazy.
    • In the anime, Yuki performs a Skyward Scream upon learning Yuno killed her second self.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Yuki is a nice and shy boy, but can fight back in self defense and later he starts to go quite crazy.
  • Blue Eyes
  • Break the Cutie
  • Cross-Dressing Voices: Averted in the dub.
  • Cute Shotaro Boy
  • Designated Victim: Considers himself this in early chapters, often being put in situations he does not want to be in. This trope comes and goes over the course of the story.
  • Determinator: Shows shades of this later. In the final battle he declares he will save Yuno no matter what.
  • Disappeared Dad: His parents got a divorce and his father left him years ago. He came back though.
  • Even the Guys Want Him: Aru Akise so does.
  • Expy: Of Shinji Ikari. Hell, he even has a Love Interest that he's scared of and turns out to be Not So Different from.
    • Also of Kouta from Elfen Lied. Both are teenage boys with no outstanding skills or abilities who serve as the Morality Chain for an Ax Crazy pink-haired Yandere, who they met in their past but don't remember at first.
  • Extreme Doormat: Initially. Not so much anymore.
  • Fatal Flaw: Tragically, his desire for friends is this, as Horrible Judge of Character and I Just Want to Have Friends below prove.
    • His fear of Yuno, since as a result of it he has a habit of completely ignoring everything she says even when he'd be better off just listening to her.
  • Grew a Spine: Did he ever?
  • Heroic BSOD: Boy howdy.
  • Horrible Judge of Character: For someone in the middle of a death-game where anyone could be trying to kill him, Yukiteru can seemingly never see a betrayal coming. He trusts Tsubaki, Kurusu and Hinata, all of whom turn against him and land him in serious situations although the latter's betrayal was both unwilling and brief. Oddly enough, Yuno's claim that he shouldn't care about anyone but her actually makes a lot of sense.
  • I Can't Believe a Girl Like You Would Notice Me: When Yuno looks his way for a moment in the first episode, he quickly brushes it off with "Nah, can't be," and is genuinely surprised that she even knew his name. Of course, his reaction to learning the truth of the matter is a little less than enthusiastic.
  • I Just Want to Have Friends: Deconstructed, as any attempts to make them backfire horribly or just make things worse for him in the long run.
  • Improbable Weapon User: With hand darts!
  • Kick the Dog: Happens several times to Yuki. Most notably when, he forgives his father for killing his mother, and everyone looks like it is going to be alright until John Balks' hitmen assassinate Yuki's dad... Of course, he himself does it several times as well.
  • Kid with the Leash: The only one who can ground Yuno in anyway.
  • Living Emotional Crutch: To Yuno.
  • Love Martyr: Oooh boy!
  • Love Makes You Crazy: For his dead parents AND Yuno
  • Masculine Girl, Feminine Boy: Played with and ultimately subverted. He and Yuno seem like this at first, with him being a timid boy who relies on her for protection. However, Yuno can be surprisingly shy herself, is a great cook and is highly dependent on him as well (to keep herself sane). And once his father dies, he transforms into a badass secret agent type, with Yuno clinging to him like a Bond girl (symbolizing that he's the one in charge now).
  • Meaningful Name: His last name contains the kanji for "heaven" and can be read as heavenly field. It's fitting, considering his first name is a corruption of "Jupiter", the Roman God of Gods. He ends up winning the game of the second world among the other potential gods.
  • Morality Chain: Tries to be this to Yuno, and mostly succeeds. Mostly.
  • Necessarily Evil: Yuki becomes willing to kill the other diary owners if it means resurrecting his parents, although he admits he does not wish to do so, but is equally afraid to face life without his parents.
  • Necromantic: His eventual reason for trying to win the game.
  • Nice Hat
  • No Guy Wants to Be Chased: Yukiteru makes it very obvious that Yuno's insanely aggressive obsession and pursuit of him is what puts him off and scares him away from her. Numerous times, he suggests that if she were to be more passive and gentle, he would fall for her completely in an instant. Though this might not actually be true and maybe just it;'s because Yuno's trying too hard. 'Cause she's a Yandere.
  • Non-Action Guy: In the beginning, he leaves most of the fighting to Yuno, though it's downplayed since even then he offs three other diary owners even before taking a level in badass. This is subverted later on when he becomes more competent in combat and even fights alongside with Yuno.
  • Not So Different: From Yuno. They're both very lonely and desperate for someone to fill the void, they both have serious issues with their parents and they're both willing to go to extreme lengths to save the ones they love, even if it means resorting to murder. Yuno even lampshades the similarities between them, which Yuki realises is the truth.

Yukiteru: She's right. I killed people to get what I wanted. I'm no better than she is.

  • Only Sane Man: Until his level in badass, anyway.
  • The Protagonist: Shares this position with Yuno.
  • Say My Name: When turns down the opportunity to go stargazing.
  • Spanner in the Works: He hijacks the entire future of the 3rd Survival game when he follows Yuno to the 3rd world, since his data entries in the 2nd game show up in 3rd world's John Balk's diary and warn him of the incoming disasters. It changes every diary holder's future and gives them happy endings.
  • Spell My Name with an "S": Yuno calls him "Yuki" or "Yukki", depending on which version you're reading.
    • In messages and diary entries, ユッキ― is normally used, which is romanized as "Yukkii".
  • Tears of Fear: He tends to do this often in the beginning.
  • Took a Level In Badass: Hey, it was bound to happen eventually. He ditches the darts in favor of a machine gun, for one.
  • Took a Level In Jerkass
  • Useless Protagonist: He lets Yuno do most of the fighting in the beginning.
  • Weak but Skilled: For a long time he's not much of a fighter, but Yuki is arguably the most skilled at using his diary both in and out of combat.

Yuno Gasai - The 2nd


Voiced by Tomosa Murata (Japanese) and Brina Palencia (English)

The main female protagonist. A classmate of Yuki's who's obsessively stalking him, claiming to be madly in love with him. Her "Yukiteru Diary" tells her what's happening to Yuki at every 10-minute interval, and won't show anything unrelated to him except for her own DEAD END. Since Yuki's diary records everything except what happens to him, the two of them presumably make a formidable team. If only she was more comforting to be around...
  • Abduction Is Love: Yuno drugs and kidnaps Yuki to protect him until July 28th, chaining him to a chair. Yuki eventually breaks free thanks to his friends, and abandons Yuno. It doesn't last though.
  • Abusive Parents: Up to Eleven. Although Chapter 56 seems to indicate that only her mother was the abusive one.
    • Parental Neglect: Her father would work late hours and fail to notice her mother's escalating abuse.
  • Affably Evil: Her kindness to Yuki is nothing if not genuine and she comes off as a sweet and polite girl more often than not, but as soon as she believes her future with Yuki or Yuki's life is being threatened, that attitude goes straight out the window.
  • Alternate Timeline: The Yuno that's currently obsessed with 'Yukki' is from one, and the third corpse is from the current world.
  • The All Solving Hammer: Yuno often resorts to pulling out her knife to deal with troubling situations. She uses a literal hammer to screw destiny and smash apart the space-time continuum to rescue Yukiteru at the end of the manga.
  • All Take and No Give: Yuno tries to convince herself and Yuki that their love has been fake, and they have been merely using one another, Yuki using Yuno as a guard whilst Yuno used Yuki as emotional support. She fails to convince Yuki or herself.
  • Always Save The Guy
  • Anti-Heroine: Arguably, since as psychotic as she is, she's still one of the few characters looking out for anyone other than herself, which just goes to show how messed up the setting is.
  • Aren't You Going to Ravish Me?: Played with in chapter 10.
  • Ax Crazy: Especially when she thinks her relationship with Yukiteru is threatened.
  • Badass Adorable: How the hell can a terrifying psychopath be this cute?
    • And the 3rd-world Yuno appears to have inherited the 1st-world Yuno's skill in combat, if her brief (and seemingly one-sided) fight against Akise in the Redial OVA is any indication.
  • Badass Bookworm: Gets perfect grades and is an absolutely fearsome fighter.
  • Battle Couple: She and Yuki develop into this. As their relationship grows and Yuki becomes more competent in combat, they work together to take down their enemies.
  • Because You Were Nice to Me: Yuno's devotion to Yukiteru stems from him jokingly making a marriage proposal to her right after she killed her parents, giving her a reason to live and spurring her into devoting her future to him.
  • Berserk Button: Anyone who threatens or harms Yukiteru is basically begging to be killed by her.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: She's described as a model student, everybody likes her, and all the boys are crazy about her. Except the one she's stalking, of course (and he eventually falls for her).
  • Bodyguard Crush: Yuki uses Yuno as his bodyguard during the Survival Game, while Yuno is glad to use this as an excuse to be with him all the time.
  • Broken Ace: She's smart, beautiful, diligent and an extremely dangerous Ax-Crazy Yandere.
  • Broken Bird: Yuno is incredibly broken from having to kill her parents, going through the survival game once before, losing the only person that gave her a reason to live (Yukiteru), and having to go through it all again, killing her past self in the process.
  • Charles Atlas Superpower: In the manga at least, by the time of the last fight with 11th in the second world her fighting experience made her strong enough to cut grown men (in this case 11th's mooks) in half with a sword. In one case she is shown cutting a man in half while holding her sword with one hand.
  • Clingy Jealous Girl: She won't let anyone, male or female, get close to her beloved Yuki. Yuki's mother is a notable lucky one, since she was nice to Yuno and approved of their relationship.
  • Couldn't Find a Pen: When the first Yuno performs a time leap to the second world and kills her second self, the latter writes "Help!" on the wall using her own blood.
  • Curtains Match the Window: Pink hair and eyes.
  • Dark Action Girl: In spades!
  • Dark and Troubled Past: See Abusive Parents and Parental Neglect above. Crazy psychopath or not, there's no denying this poor girl has probably the worst past out of all the characters.
  • Dead Person Impersonation: She impersonates herself!
  • Death Seeker: Not outright stated, but Yuno heavily implies that she wants Yukiteru to be the winner of the game in the second world, rather than win it herself and repeat the whole scenario a third time. She only tries to kill him when he absolutely refuses to take her life, and she decides to repeat the game in the third world for another shot at setting him up to win while spending more time with him again. And even then, when Yukiteru told her to just stab him and be the winner of the second world's game, she decides to just kill herself anyway.
  • Devoted to You: Once he truly falls in love with her, Yukiteru will do anything for Yuno and she becomes the person most important to him after his parents die. He even rejects his ideal world with both of his parents alive and together because he can't be happy in a world without Yuno. After her death, Yukiteru spends 10,000 years mourning Yuno's death, without even bothering to try and create a new world with his God powers.
  • Dissonant Serenity: She is seen slicing people into ribbons with a bright smile on her face on one more than one occasion, and can talk about killing and death just as easily as she can about going on a date.
  • Driven to Suicide: Unwilling to kill Yuki, Yuno stabs herself to ensure he lives. Although she got better thanks to MurMur and Deus from the 3rd world combining her memories with her 3rd world self.
    • She actually tries to kill herself seconds before her death, provoking the third world Kurusu into firing a bullet at her. MurMur saves her.
  • Dull Eyes of Unhappiness: In episode 11 of the anime when she and Yukki are taken into the police station for questioning her eyes go dull when she decides to try to find a weapon.
  • Elevator Snare: In their first meeting, Yuno forces her way into an elevator, corners the terrified Yuki, and then gives him his First Kiss. Cue the Uncomfortable Elevator Moment, at least for Yuki.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: Yuno may be Ax Crazy but she never shows any particular enjoyment towards killing and it's even suggested that she doesn't actually enjoy it all. in episode 9, she was fully prepared to slit Hinata's throat out of fear that Yuki would fall for her, but after he tells everyone she's his girlfriend she immediately let Hinata go, when she could very well have killed her anyway to ensure there was no way Yuki would fall for her. Of course, a cynic could see this as a case of Pragmatic Villainy.
  • Evil Laugh: Yuno just can't help herself from laughing her butt off when she succeeds at manipulating Yuki into killing Hinata.
  • Evil Sounds Deep: Much like B.B. Hood/Bulleta, Yuno goes from squeaky and adorable to guttural and menacing whenever she's incredibly pissed.
  • Feminine Women Can Cook: Uses it to impress Yukiteru's mother. How feminine she is is up for debate though, considering her fallback plan if that didn't work was to use her "tools."
  • First-Name Basis: The fact that she refers to Yukiteru by a diminutive form of his first name demonstrates just how affectionate she is toward him. Prior to her feelings becoming so intense, she referred to him in the normal Japanese manner by using only his surname. This becomes a huge plot point later, after we learn that she has two diaries, because each diary refers to him by one of those names respectively. This is because the Yuno we know went back in time, killed the Yuno from this timeline before she switched to calling Yukiteru by his pet name, and kept her diary.
  • Foot Focus: After a long day, Yuno comes home and ditches her shoes to relax barefoot... only to get attacked by a 4-year-old kid who gasses her house. Unfortunately, Yuno can't get her shoes because the kid could strike while her guard's down, so she has no choice but to stay barefoot- which the kid exploits. He smashes a lamp on the stairwell for a jolt of raw electricity... which conducts itself into the oily soles of Yuno's feet, giving her a nasty sting. Then, he tricks Yuno into running after him. Careless, she misses a trap laid on the floor- and mashes her bare feet right onto a patch of thumbtacks. If Yuno's smart, she'll probably make sure to wear slippers at home from now on.
  • Future Me Scares Me: After being rebuked by her past self in the third world, Yuno actually starts shaking once she realizes how much she had changed when she lost all of her hope for the future, and seriously looks frightened at what she's become, having a minor My God, What Have I Done? moment.
  • Gas Chamber: In a surprising change from the manga, Yuno traps Akise, Mao and Kosaka in a room which is filling with gas. In the manga, she filled it with concrete.
  • Girl with Psycho Weapon: Though, unlike other Yanderes, she doesn't seem to have an iconic weapon.
    • She is most commonly portrayed with the axe that she wields in the battle against Number 6, though.
  • Girlish Pigtails
  • Go Through Me: Yuno is more than willing to put herself on the line to protect Yuki.
  • Green-Eyed Monster: She already showed signs of this before the games began. It's very evident that she's jealous of Yuki's friends and tricks him into killing them all. And even though Akise didn't need to die to complete the game, she beheads him.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Tries this when fighting Kurusu but it fails when the grenade she is holding is a flash grenade.
  • Heel Realization: Realizes just how warped she's become once she sees her family in the third world come together again to protect her younger self. However, she believes herself to be too far gone for redemption and makes a suicidal move to try to kill them all with the threat of Kurusu shooting her dead. She eventually settles on stabbing herself and letting Yukiteru live instead.
  • I Just Want to Be Loved: The reason for everything she does in the series. Yuno desperately wants Yuki to love her, which may have to do with the fact that she's never truly been loved by anybody, due to being abandoned by her birth parents and abused by her adoptive ones.
  • Insecure Love Interest: Her faith that Yuki won't leave her for another girl is pretty much non-existent.
  • I Want My Beloved to Be Happy: She says she's willing to die for Yuki to ensure he wins the game, and even offers to let him kill her. She also goes through with it when Yukiteru flat out suggests she should kill him so she can have a place in this world.
  • Knife Nut: When a psycho toddler has it in for her, gasses the house, shocks her with a broken lamp, and wounds her inconveniently bare feet with thumbtacks, she finally reaches into the kitchen drawers and grabs the sharpest knife she sees for a showdown with the brat.
  • Kubrick Stare: Gives Yuki a seriously terrifying glare through his letterbox - while wishing him a good night.
  • Lack of Empathy: To everyone other than Yukiteru. When Tsubaki told her that she was going to destroy the world after becoming god Yuno's only gripe with that was that it would also kill Yukiteru. Late in the series she outright states that she doesn't care how many more people she'll kill in the future, because they are all useless pawns and because they'll be revived anyway after she goes back in time again (ignoring the fact that technically they would be different people).
  • Lightning Bruiser: She is faster than most characters and hits very hard.
  • Love At First Sight: How she fell in love and got obsessed over Yukiteru.
  • Love Makes You Crazy: Subverted- the abuse from her parents made her crazy.
  • Love Makes You Evil: At times, the lengths at which she goes to show her admiration comes across as something that can only be thought of by a depraved evildoer.
  • Manipulative Bitch: Throughout the series but is most impressive in episode 22 also including a Batman Gambit.
  • Meaningful Name: Her full name can be read as "my wife Yuno". Seeing as Yukiteru is named for Jupiter though, the kanji for Yuno's given name is really "Juno" read as Yuno (In central European languages the letter J is pronounced like what Y is pronounced in English), so even more fittingly for Yukiteru, is the reading "my wife, Juno". Which is fitting, because Juno, just like her Greek-counterpart Hera, can get mad easily at anyone that stole Jupiter/Zeus' love, and will chase them down to the end of Earth (Then there's the fact that Juno is a war goddess too)
  • Messianic Archetype: In the final episode, she kills herself so that Yuki can win the survival game.
  • Murder Is the Best Solution Especially For The Hypotenuse: In her own words "Everyone who comes between me and Yuki can just die!" Probably comes with the whole Yandere thing.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: Has a major one after being rebuked by her past self in the 3rd-world. Yuno actually starts shaking once she realizes how much she had changed when she lost all of her hope for the future, and seriously looks frightened at what she's become
  • Nice Girl: Her 3rd world self, who's completely sane and very kind and friendly due to not growing under Abusive Parents.
  • Not Good with Rejection: And HOW.
  • Obfuscating Stupidity: Though there were earlier hints, Fridge Logic tells you she has been displaying this the entire story. We find out she has played the survival game through before, so either she pretends not to know, or has repressed it completely.
  • Offscreen Teleportation
  • Pants-Free: Yuno seems especially fond of this when there is an unconscious Yuki around.
  • The Protagonist: Shares this position with Yuki.
  • No Sense of Personal Space: Yuno will take any chance she gets to hug and kiss Yuki.
  • Poisonous Girlfriend: Combined with Violently Protective Girlfriend.
  • Psycho Supporter
  • Rapunzel Hair: Down to her waist.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning
  • Room Full of Crazy: An untouched room in Yuno's house that contains the corpses of her parents, and her second self who she murdered. Yuki finds it and ultimately changes the course of the game and the second world's timeline. Yuno eventually destroys the room and hides the evidence in a large pit behind her house.
  • Rose-Haired Sweetie: Towards Yuki. Towards everyone else, not so much.
  • Self-Made Orphan
  • Satellite Love Interest: Played remarkably straight with disturbing effect. Funnily enough, considering what she is, it ends up being Tropes Are Not Bad.
  • Sidekick Ex Machina
  • Slasher Smile: Played with. The constant Moe Stare she sports on may as well be considered a Slasher Smile depending on context.
  • Split Personality: Heavily implied to have this. In episode 11, Yuno guns down Kurusu while sporting Dull Eyes of Unhappiness. Then when Nishijima comes in, she aims the gun at him before Yukiteru gets in the way. He begs for her to stop, saying he wants the Yuno who isn't in 'Psycho Mode'. Suddenly, her eyes go back to normal and starts acting like her cheerful self again as if nothing happened. It is as terrifying as it sounds.
  • Stalker with a Crush
  • Stalking Is Love
  • Star-Crossed Lovers: Yuno and Yuki will never be together, because one of them needs to die to complete the Survival Game. At the end, Yuno dies to ensure Yuki lives, but her memories are given to her 3rd-world self and she becomes God to be with Yuki.
  • The Starscream: Played with. When she and Yuki are the only ones left in the Survival Game, she becomes his final enemy and actively tries to kill him in order to become god and go back in time. However, she only does it after he refuses to kill her and when she realizes she has developed genuine feelings for him, she kills herself to ensure Yuki lives on.
  • Stepford Smiler: Extremely Type C, with shades of Type A as well.
  • Sociopathic Hero: A very disturbing example. She loves Yuki to the extreme but EVERYONE other than Yuki is just pawns or getting in the way with her showing no remorse killing them. The 'hero' part comes in when kills herself so that Yukiteru can win the Survival Game, saving the world in the process.
  • Teen Genius: She's 14 and possibly the most intelligent character in the series.
  • Uh-Oh Eyes: Makes these into an artform.
  • Uncanny Valley Girl
  • The Unfettered: She'll do anything to make Yuki stay with her. Anything.
  • Unskilled but Strong: Polar opposite of Yuki, in that her diary is almost completely useless except when paired with Yuki's, she is actually one of the strongest fighters, the only ones shown to best her in combat being Sevenths and Akise.
  • Used to Be a Sweet Kid: Yuno wasn't always such a psycho. When Yuki and Minene go three years to the past it turns out that despite her abuse, she still was a hopeful and idealistic girl who still believed she could be happy with her parents. It was the events of the Diary Game in the first world that shattered her sanity.
  • Villainess Has a Point: Well, more like "really dark anti-heroine has a point", but considering they're in the middle of a death game where anyone could be trying to kill them, Yuno's claim that Yuki shouldn't care about anyone but her does hold some water. The fact that there are several situations where her distrusting nature turns out to be spot-on only reinforces this. Unfortunately, Yuki just won't listen.
  • Villainess Protagonist
  • Violently Protective Girlfriend: Willing to kill anyone who gets within 10 feet of Yuki.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: She gets called out by Yuki all the time, but especially for kidnapping him and keeping him locked up for a week to "protect" him.
  • Yandere: The Goddess.
    • Bonus points for actually being named after the most yandere goddess, Juno.
    • A significant turning point in her Character Development is when she realizes this and admits to Yuki that their relationship was one of convenience; she needed someone who would never (could never) abandon her, and he needed someone to protect him. Their current relationship only works because she's extremely screwed up, and her acknowledgement of this makes Yuno a thorough Deconstruction of this character archetype. The archetype itself is never Reconstructed for obvious reasons, but her mental health improves and eventually she and Yuki get into a relationship, an actual relationship not based on fear. It's still a messed up one, and they're not exactly sane, but it's a start. Makes you wonder what would happen if they didn't live in a Crapsack World
  • Yank the Dog's Chain: Every time she and Yuki look like their relationship is going somewhere, fate always barges in.
  • You Are Worth Hell: The lengths she'll go to for Yuki are insane.
  • Zettai Ryouiki: By Episode 15 that is.

Takao Hiyama - The 3rd

Voiced by: Jin Domon (Japanese) and Jason Douglas (English)

A teacher at Yuki's school who's secretly a serial killer. His "Murder Diary" gives him detailed information on the location of his intended victim, making it a powerful weapon for ruthlessly pursuing his target. However, it offers little protection.
  • Butt Monkey: Surprisingly often. He is the first diary owner to get killed, he kept killing himself several times over when MurMur first tried to give him his diary, he fell victim to one of Minene's amplified sound bombs in Mosaic, appeared in a flashback chapter to be accidentally (and comically) speared in the back by Yuno, and was given an electric shock in Paradox. In the penultimate chapter, he's pinned to the ground as he's apprehended by 12th, and he can be seen in the back of one of the final group shots, running from a few pursuers. MurMur wasn't too surprised that he was the first to go.
  • Coat, Hat, Mask
  • Crazy Prepared: Apparently the costume he wears is not only bulletproof but somehow also bombproof. This comes in handy when Minene attacks him in Mosaic, as she quickly learns that her usual battle tactics are useless against him.
  • Implacable Man: While he doesn't get a chance to show this off in the main series, he proved himself to be this in Mosaic during his confrontation with Minene. He kept coming after her unrelentingly and wasn't even slowed down by the bombs exploding around him and by being shot at. Pity that his diary is nowhere near as invulnerable as the man himself.
  • Malevolent Masked Man
  • Meaningful Name: The kanji in his last name, Hiyama, is read as "volcano". The Roman god in the Dii Consentes that he is associated with? Vulcan.
  • Sacrificial Lamb: Killed off within the first chapters and first episode to demonstrate the rules and consequences of the survival game. Doubles as a Red Shirt.
  • Sadist Teacher: Willing to hunt his own students.
  • Serial Killer
  • Too Dumb to Live: According to Mur-Mur.
  • Weapon of Choice: A machete.

Keigo Kurusu - The 4th


Voiced by: Masahiko Tanaka (Japanese) and Robert McCollum (English)

A police officer who wishes to stop the other crazy people with diaries. His "Investigation Diary" gives him information on all future crimes in his district as though he had already investigated them. He introduces himself early on as an ally to Yuki and Yuno, forming the Future Alliance.

Reisuke Houjou - The 5th


Voiced by: Asami Sanada (Japanese) and Lindsay Seidel (English)

A 4-year-old boy who is left an orphan in the same incident that led to the 6th's death. He is eager to prove himself to be a "super elite". His "Super Vision Diary" is a coloring book that displays pictures and summaries of three major events each day. It gives him plenty of time to plan his daily strategy, but it's not too helpful for predicting the immediate future.
  • Abusive Parents/Parental Neglect: We see that Reisuke's parents weren't a happy family like we were made to believe. His parents were often fighting and he would be left in the corner of the room by himself. Now whether this contributed to his creepy tendencies is the series is up to interpretation, but one thing is for certain. He was seriously happy being taken care of by Yuki's mother.
  • Blush Sticker
  • Cheerful Child: In Paradox because his parents aren't killed.
    • In the 3rd world for the same reasons as stated above and without all of the afformentioned abuse .
  • Creepy Child
  • Cross-Dressing Voices
  • Enfante Terrible
  • Evil Redhead
  • Infant Immortality: Brutally subverted.
  • Go Out with a Smile and Graceful Loser: After asking Yuno what will she do when she and Yukki face each other, Reisuke tells her to win The Game and dies smiling. His Diary reflects his last thoughts: "Hojou Reisuke is killed by Gasai Yuno. DEAD END. . . But I'm very happy!"
  • Hand Puppet: He carries a pair of hand puppets around with him, which he talks to as though they were real.
  • Leitmotif: Chiptunes.
  • Meaningful Name: "Houjou" is written as "fertility". He corresponds with Ceres in the Dii Consentes.
  • Nice Hat
  • Nightmare Fuel Coloring Book: His Future Diary is a coloring book that shows him how to commit murder.
  • Pet the Dog: He seriously enjoyed his time at Yuki's place (despite how twisted he viewed it as) and refused to put Yuki's mom in danger of his hide and seek game.
  • Revenge: Well, Yuno inadvertently did kill his parents.
    • Actually, subverted. He considers that fact, but then dismisses it with a who cares about that.
      • Double subverted in Mosaic where he reveals that he really does love his parents despite what happens.
  • Slasher Smile: A master of this. Particularly in the anime's second opening.
  • Tyke Bomb: How else does a 4-year-old know so much about hydrocyanic acid and other poisons?

Tsubaki Kasugano - The 6th


Voiced by: Eri Sendai (Japanese) and Katherine Bristol (Enlgish)

The priestess for the Omekata cult, who has been imprisoned in the cult's temple her entire life. Her parents were the founders of the cult, and after their deaths (or better said, their murders) she became its leader of sorts. Her "Thousand Leagues Eyes Diary" is a scroll that records what every worshipper in the cult sees, giving her much greater range than most other Diary Holders. While it provides a large amount of information, the scroll is also cumbersome and slow to use, making it difficult for her to react immediately to changes.
  • Angry Tears: Tsubaki cries these when her diary is destroyed in the manga right after she sees her old handball.
  • Attempted Rape: Tsubaki orders the cult members to strip and gang-rape the captive Yuno, in an attempt to lure the escaped Yukiteru out. He pulls a Big Damn Heroes and stops her.
  • Broken Bird
  • Cry for the Devil
  • Damsel in Distress: She plays the part really well, at least.
  • Despair Event Horizon: Crossed in her Backstory, after her Tragic Keepsake disappears, thus she has no way to keep her sanity in between all of the abuse the Omekatas subject her to.
  • Fan Disservice: How do we find out about her Sex Slave deal? Through a flashback that starts with her laying naked on the floor, shivering and terrified, right before she's gang-raped by the men of the Omekata cult.
  • Glass Cannon: The "Thousand Leagues Eye Diary". She can use it to record what her cult members say and thus has a huge range, but it's very slow and hard to use. It also presents the largest target, which is problematic when a single hit from one of Yukki's darts is enough to count it as destroyed.
  • Good Smoking, Evil Smoking: She pulls out a pipe and smokes on it when Yuno falls victim to a Distress Ball right after killing the 12th and this allows her to her trap them, Kurusu and Minene inside the Omekata temple.
  • Go Look At the Distraction: Yuki takes advantage of the fact her diary shows what her followers are looking at by throwing a ball then throwing a dart to destroy her diary when they're all looking the other way.
  • Hime Cut
  • Lady in Red: Sorta, she wears a reddish robe.
  • Manipulative Bitch: Tries to manipulate Yukki, Yuno, Kurusu, Minene, and Hirasaka for her own benefit.
  • Meaningful Name: Kasugano contains the kanji 日, which can be taken as sun or sunshine. She also poses as a prophetess and is representative of Apollo in the Dii Consentes.
    • It has been speculated Tsubaki may be a nod to the Roman goddess Proserpina, the goddess of springtime. She has the kanji (春) for springtime in her name, and further connecting to Proserpina by both being beautiful woman who spend much of their time in a hell they do not want to be in.
  • Miko: Horrendously subverted in the main storyline, but played straight in Paradox and the Alternate Timeline.
  • Obfuscating Stupidity: This should have been really obvious.
  • Omnicidal Maniac
  • Omniscient Council of Vagueness: The leader.
  • Peek-a-Bangs: Her right eye is almost always covered by her hair.
  • Rape as Backstory: After her parents (and the Omekata founders) were killed, Tsubaki was imprisoned and used as a Sex Slave by the cult while making her "pose" as the leaderess.
  • Rapunzel Hair: Long black hair reaching her hips.
  • Religion of Evil: The Omekata cult that she belongs to or rather, is imprisoned by. The Alternate Timeline shows them as a more benevolent group, though. It helps that the Kasuganos were still alive to lead it well.
    • Even more tragic is the fact that in Paradox it's revealed that her parents were actually about to disband the cult in order to let Tsubaki lead a normal life. However, the second-in-command Funatsu wasn't having any of that, so he offed Tsubaki's parents before they could do so, trapping her in the cult as a sex slave.
  • Scars Are Forever: Yuno chops off her left hand, therefore she can't handle the heavy "Thousand Leagues Eyes Diary" and is open for Yukki's definitive attack with his darts.
  • Strange Girl
  • "Take That!" Kiss: Pulls one on Yukiteru right after trapping him, Yuno and others. Yuno reacts as well as expected.
  • Tragic Keepsake: A handball given to her by her deceased mother. It gets lost later, and Tsubaki definitely loses it soon afterwards.
    • Chekhov's Gun: Yukiteru finds the ball and throws it in the air, foiling the powers of her diary and letting him destroy it, killing Tsubaki.
  • Tsundere: Surprisingly, shows shades of this towards Akise in Paradox.
  • Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds
  • Yamato Nadeshiko: She makes herself look like one in the beginning, to lure Yukki away from Yuno. She does really have this personality in Paradox, though.

Marco Ikusaba and Ai Mikami - The 7th

Voiced by Tomokazu Seki (Marco, Japanese), Natsuko Kuwatani (Ai, Japanese), Brad Hawkins (Marco, English) and Jamie Marchi (Ai, English)

A pair of orphans in love with each other. Their "Exchange Diary" is actually two cell phones that report each other's immediate future. The couple displays excellent teamwork as they use their diaries to cover each other's weaknesses.
  • Adaptation Expansion: The anime expands more on their time in high school together rather than just the two flashback scenes in the manga in the tower where Marco and Ai first meet and where they decide to get married. The anime added in a rather dark story in which Ai is set up by her female classmates to be gang raped by a group of boys, with Marco finding her and her captors afterward. He then proceeds to beat down the group and even manages to kill one of her rapists. They later go the tower where Marco is almost Driven to Suicide over not being able to protect Ai, only to be stopped by Ai herself, who begs him not to leave her alone. It helps to add to his reason for not leaving Ai behind in the tower when it started to collapse.
  • Anti Villains
  • Battle Couple
  • Bond Villain Stupidity: They were the only diary owners who managed to both beat up Yukiteru and Yuno and take away their diaries during their first confrontation. Having the two at their mercy, they made them bring Yukiteru's father (secretly working for 11th) to them. After they got their hands on Yukiteru's dad, Marco stated that they didn't have any reason to keep Yukiteru and Yuno alive anymore. Instead of destroying their diaries that very moment... Marco and Ai didn't, and even challenged Yukiteru and Yuno to a rematch that resulted in the two recovering their diaries. Marco even mentioned that he could have simply destroyed the diaries, but that would be too easy and boring. To her credit, after that happened Ai did admit that she and Marco should have simply destroyed the diaries.
  • Chekhov's Gunman: Ai appeared first, as one of Tsubaki's followers.
  • Curtains Match the Windows: Both of them.
  • Eighties Hair: Marco sports a long, curled perm.
  • Graceful Losers: When it becomes obvious that they are going to die, they don't take Yukiteru and Yuno down with them and even give them their last parachute, making it possible for the two to escape from Sakurami Tower.
  • Impaled with Extreme Prejudice: Marco ended up impaled with a metal pipe during 7ths' second battle with Yukiteru and Yuno. Though it probably wasn't this but rather the collapse of the Sakurami Tower that killed him.
  • Interrupted Suicide: Marco, in the anime.
  • Knife Nut: Ai prefers throwing knives.
  • Love Freak: Both of them.
  • Meaningful Name: For both of them. Marco's first name comes from "Mars", the Roman god of war, and his last name's kanji is read as "battlefield", sealing the comparison. Ai's name indirectly references Venus, as her first name means "love" while her last name contains the kanji for "beauty" and "god", all strongly pointing to Venus as a reference. If that wasn't enough, Mars and Venus were also well known in the myths for their love affair.
    • Their apprentice diaries take the comparisons one step further, with Marco's being a diary that predicts his opponent's next fighting move, so he can counter it, and Ai's making predictions about all the men that she wants to flirt with in the future.
  • Only Sane Couple: Out of all the diary owners, Marco and Ai seem the sanest, although this is shared with Kamado and Yuki before his Badass upgrade.
  • The Power of Love: They insist that this why they win their fights.
  • Rape as Backstory: Ai, in the anime.
  • Together in Death
  • Villainous Valour: They prove themselves to be very devoted to one another, even more so than Yuki and Yuno.
  • Would Not Shoot a Civilian: When Yuki's friends are caught in the crossfire, they save their lives and treat their wounds.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Ai's hair is blue.

Kamado Ueshita - The 8th

Voiced by: Hiromi Konno (Japanese) and Monica Rial (English)

A very...uniquely shaped woman who runs an orphanage. Her "Blog Diary" is actually a server that can be accessed by the people she allows, giving each person their own "Apprentice Diary" that can predict the future in various ways. She hasn't shown much interest in winning the game, but the children at her orphanage willingly fight to protect her by eliminating the other Diary Holders.
  • Anti-Villain
  • Apron Matron
  • Harmless Villain: She doesn't want to win the game, and relatively speaking she hasn't shown herself to be nearly as crazy or murderous as the other Diary Holders. She can hardly be considered a villain at all.
  • Meaningful Name: Kamado can mean "hearth", which is one of the domains that Vesta was goddess over. "Ueshita" sounds like "Vesta" (Ueshita/Weshita/Wesuta). Just as well, Ueshita runs an Orphanage of Love and gives a place for orphans to stay, and Vesta was also the goddess of family and the home.
  • Non Standard Character Design: say the least.
  • Obi-Wan Moment: Before dying, she asks Yuki to create a new world where children can live without worries
  • Only Sane Man: Comes across as this by the time Yuki snaps.
  • Orphanage of Love: Presumably she runs one, given how the children are willing to die for her sake.
  • Super Empowering: She's never shown using her own diary to predict the future, but she can give out Apprentice Diaries.

Minene Uryu - The 9th


Voiced by: Mai Aizawa (Japanese) and Emily Neves (English)

A terrorist bomber raging against the world. Her "Escape Diary" explores each possible option and recommends the best course of action to escape danger, making it very helpful for avoiding death. It will still display a DEAD END when things are stacked too heavily against her, though.
  • Action Bomb: Her "heart bomb" will explode as soon as her heart stops.
  • Anti-Hero: Type V
  • Armor-Piercing Question: Asked this by 12th in the second chapter of Mosaic. The 12th asks Minene why she hates God so much, and after getting a weak response, he then asks what happens after she kills God. He then points out that if she takes his place after killing him, then she would be God herself. Minene can't respond and 12th tells her that she's just a person who hates the world because of the hardships she had to suffer.
  • Babies Ever After: 2nd world Minene with 3rd world Masumi. Much to the chagrin of her husband, he still has to catch and arrest his wife's counterpart, who is still a terrorist.
    • As a bonus, her babies (most likely twins) have super powers due to her receiving some of Deus' powers.
  • Back From the Dead
  • Badass
  • Better to Die Than Be Killed: Subverted; she comes back.
  • Big Ol' Eyebrows: More noticeable in the anime; they're particularly thick.
  • Boobs of Steel
  • Broken Bird
  • Byronic Hero
  • Came Back Strong: And with half of God's powers, to boot.
  • Changed My Mind, Kid: When Yukiteru and Yuno are stuck trying to get into a vault that's guarding 11th.
  • Cool Big Sis: Becomes like one to Yukiteru eventually.

  Yukiteru: Thanks 9th, love you lots.

  • Cosplay: She insists it's "for the atmosphere".
  • Crazy Survivalist: Proven in her very first appearance by pulling a motorcycle out of Hammerspace to make her escape. And enhanced by her Escape Diary, of course, which tells her just what crazy preparations to make.
  • Curtains Match the Window
  • Dark Action Girl: Unlike most examples, she ends up coming around, for the most part.
  • Dating Catwoman: Has this with Nishijima.
  • Death Is Cheap
  • Determinator: One of the longest lasting players in the survival game because she refuses to lie down and die. Deus picked her to ensure the game ran its course smoothly for a reason.
  • Divine Intervention: Experienced this in the first chapter of Mosaic and later on in the main story.
  • Elegant Gothic Lolita: She prefers this style of dress.
  • Evil Parents Want Good Kids: For all of Minene's terrorism, she seems to make a decent stay-at-home mom.
  • Expy: Of Misato from Evangelion, both in terms of looks and in partnership with Yukiteru, who is Shinji's expy. Also of Revy from Black Lagoon.
  • Eyepatch of Power: Which came after being subjected to Eye Scream by the 12th.
  • Friend to All Children: With the exception of her school bombing early in the story (which she only targeted in the first place to lure out 4th, since she only ever targets religious places/figures), she subtly displays traits of this. First, after their rough initial meeting, she becomes friendlier towards Yukiteru and takes on more of a mentor role towards him in later story arcs. She also acts friendly with and shows good will towards 5th, going to great lengths to return his hand puppets when he was being stubborn. And while she is hiding undercover as a nurse, she mentions to Akise that she doesn't mind talking to and looking after the children in the hospital. She later also tries to scare Yukiteru's classmates out of helping her stop 11th for fear of their safety (even though they ended up helping her anyways). Probably hinting that she wouldn't make a bad mother in the future.
  • Godiva Hair: When captured by the 12th, who strips and chains her to a wall after tearing her left eye.
  • Good Is Not Nice
  • Guile Heroine: Relies on her strategic planning and trickery, and constantly has a means of escape in case her plan falls through.
  • Handicapped Badass: She loses her left eye and later her right hand yet still remains Badass to the end.
  • Heel Face Turn
  • Hot Amazon: She even averts No Guy Wants an Amazon through her relationship with Nishijima.
  • Hot Mom
  • Hypocrite: When Yuki claims to Minene that the Survival Game gave him no other choice but to kill, she tells him to own his sins. While she does have a point, she also has no right to say that to him as she herself killed thousands of people without ever taking responsibility, thoroughly convinced it would be worth it if she could erase religion from the world.
  • I Was Just Passing Through: Passes off several of her kind actions as this, like rescuing Yukiteru and Yuno from Reisuke's gas trap and informing Kurusu of his son's condition when she told Yukiteru that she was just going to wander off and do her own thing in the 3rd world.
  • Karma Houdini: Her bodycount probably numbers in hundreds if not thousands, seeing as before the main story started she attacked not only clergymen, but also religious facilities; 12th does mention in Mosaic that she killed a lot of believers in her attacks. She also murdered an innocent rookie detective to steal her identity in Mosaic, and there's also her school bombing early in the main story. As the 2nd world where she did all of this ultimately gets destroyed, she ends up getting away with this, escaping from the 2nd world and presumably living happily ever after with Nishijima in the 3rd world.
  • Kill the God: Her eventual goal once she wins the game. Though she wouldn't have to work hard on that goal since Deus is dying anyways. What's more, it's lightly hinted that when Deus transferred half of his remaining power to Minene, it actually sped up his coming death, leading to the world to start collapsing earlier than was expected. She ended up achieving her goal, in a way.
  • Lady Swearsalot: Rarely a scene with her goes by without her saying 'shit' or dropping an F bomb.
  • Licked by the Dog: She seems to be liked by a group of wild squirrels which follow her around.
  • Love Redeems: Kinda. She gives up terrorism and marries Nishijima in the third world, but her other terrorist-bomber self is still running around there.
  • Mad Bomber: She bombs churches and assassinates religious figures.
  • Master of Disguise
  • Meaningful Name: As it turns out, Minene is named for two gods. Her first name, Minene, is an obvious corruption of Minerva, but her last name also contains the kanji for rain 雨 (ame), which corresponds to Neptune in the Dii Consentes. It still makes sense though, since Minerva and Neptune are usually paired together in the Dii Consentes.
  • Mega Twintails: In her initial appearances. She leaves her hair down after though.
    • Their volume is somewhat Handwaved by Mosaic explaining that MurMur was the one altering her hair.
  • Nay Theist: She's fighting to gain the powers of a god, yet refuses to acknowledge the very god who gave her the Diary.
  • Noble Demon
  • Not So Different: Surprisingly, she says this to Yukiteru. When she saw him running through her minefield, choking on poisonous gas, or even the look on his face when he lost his parents, she was reminded of her own weakness in her childhood, and admits that she had a soft spot for him.
    • She also gets a bit of this with the Fifth in Mosaic when she asks if he's going to take revenge for his parents. It's probably why she was so intent on returning his dolls.
  • Obi-Wan Moment: And a Tear Jerker to boot.
  • Rasputinian Death: Damn, where to begin? Minene already had her eye pierced in her introduction, but as soon as the story starts focusing on her again, she takes some punishment. She narrowly survives a claymore that ends up blowing off her hand and causes her to lose a lot of blood, then after chasing Yukiteru down she manages to corner him only hesitate and give him the opportunity to shoot her in the abdomen, and she bleeds out quite a lot on the floor. Then after Yukiteru and Yuno leave her for dead to try to deal with 11th, Minene managed to get back up and walks up behind them to offer to sacrifice herself so they can get inside the safe. It takes her to break her own diary before she actually dies. And Deus even saves her from that, too, so the whole thing was dragged out to be Subverted. Oh yeah, and the new arm that she gets via his powers? Ripped off by MurMur.
  • Redemption Equals Death
  • Satisfied Street Rat: She lost her parents in a religious struggle in the middle east and had to fend for herself in a place where she didn't even know the language, becoming a hardened Badass who would eventually target religious buildings and figures in her terrorist bombings.
  • Senseless Sacrifice: Averted. Just as 9th had broken her diary, Deus saved her from her vault explosion.
  • She Cleans Up Nicely: Before and after the school bombing, she lets her hair down.
  • Single Woman Seeks Good Man: Nishijima.

  Minene: Nishijima was only one man, but he told me he'd make me happy.

  • Slasher Smile: Her default expression, though she keeps a much cooler head than most examples.
  • Sociopathic Hero
  • Spanner in the Works: Becomes the most prominent one near the end of the story, through Deus. Her continued survival throughout the game causes Deus to deem her reliable enough to leave some of his power inside her. After she dies for the first time, she manages to pull a Big Damn Heroes moment to save Yukiteru from the collapsing second world, and uses Deus' powers to follow Yuno back in time. She then leaves Yukiteru to make a phone call to Kurusu, telling him about his son's future condition and advising him to seek help for it. Her actions caused a domino effect that allowed all of the other Diary Holders (minus Third) to prevent many of their personal tragedies and achieve a happy ending.
  • Third Person Person: Occasionally refers to herself as "Minene-sama" because she believes she is just that great. She doesn't do it as often as the story progresses, but whenever she gets serious against her opponents it tends to show up.
  • Throw Down the Bomblet
  • Touched by Vorlons: Received half of Deus' remaining power when he noticed MuruMuru was unfairly influencing the game to go in Yuno's favor. Deus was hoping that she would use his power to help set the game back on track, and while she did try to honor his request, Yukiteru's decision to Screw Destiny and help the 3rd world's Yuno made her change course.
  • Tsundere: According to MurMur.
  • Wild Card
  • You Gotta Have Purple Hair

Karyuudo Tsukishima - The 10th

Voiced by: Hirokazu Hiramatsu (Japanese) and Mark Stoddard (English)

A man who loves his dogs more than anything else. His "Rearing Diary" lets him check up on and control his army of dogs, which he can command to attack his enemies.
  • Badass Mustache
  • The Beast Master: He commands squads of attack dogs.
  • Kansai Regional Accent: He speaks standard Japanese most of the time, but he slips into the dialect during his last conversation with his daughter.
  • Meaningful Name: Tsukishima (月島) contains the kanji for moon, and his first name, Karyuudo, is read as "hunter". Goddess of the moon and hunting? That's Diana in the Dii Consentes.
  • No Name Given: His real name isn't revealed until after his death.
  • Sound-Only Death
  • Gourmet Pet Food: Gives his dogs expensive steak and wine, while he himself dines on cup noodles.
  • Lack of Empathy: He's even worse than Yuno. He manipulates his own daughter without a shred of remorse, calling her 'easier to manipulate than a dog'.
  • "Well Done, Son" Guy: He cares more for his dogs than for his child.

John Balks - The 11th

Voiced by: Takaya Hashi (Japanese) and Christopher Corey Smith (English)

The mayor of Sakurami and the one who suggested the idea of the Future Diary. His "Watcher Diary" can spy on the contents of all other Future Diaries, making him one of the most formidable Diary Holders. His Evil Plan is to link up the 8th's Diary to the city's main server, turning every phone into an "Apprentice Future Diary" and giving him nigh-omniscience.
  • All Your Powers Combined
  • Badass: Just on one occasion, but still: when Minene made her first attack on him, he caught the grenade she threw at him without even looking in her direction, then nonchalantly threw the grenade back at Minene.
  • Bald of Evil
  • Big Brother Is Watching: He's the mayor of the city, and he can spy on all other Diary Holders.
  • The Chessmaster
  • Faux Affably Evil: He acts like a gentleman around Kamado, but is completely antagonistic towards the other characters.
  • Hypocrite: He pretends to care about shutting the orphanage down, but after all the children are slaughtered by Yuki and Yuno, he is totally apathetic towards a crying Kamado.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: Balks hides himself in a vault in the bank once run by Yuno's parents, believing Yuno will be unable to use the retinal scanner to get in, under the belief she is not the real Yuno. It turns out she is, and Balks has pretty much got himself into a corner.
  • Lack of Empathy
  • Large Ham: Yeah.
  • Meaningful Name: His last name "Balks" can also be read as "Bacchus", the same as the Roman god. Tokyo Pop seemed to pick up on the reference and translated his name using the same spelling "Bacchus". He's also one of the only diary holders whose namesake isn't a god listed in the Dii Consentes, along with Yomotsu Hirasaka.
    • It probably explains why his and Yomotsu's diaries were modified last, making them 11th and 12th, respectively.
  • A Nazi by Any Other Name: His ultimate goal is to use the power of Future Diaries to turn the people of Sakurami into a master race.
  • Off with His Head: Decapitated by Yuno.
  • Pragmatic Villainy: At least in the 3rd world. He convinces Deus to cancel the game and the creation of Future Diaries not because he has a change of heart or anything but because he learns that in the 2nd world the game resulted in his death.
  • Ship Tease: Has a bit of it with Kamado. He acts much more gentlemanly towards her than towards other characters; in the manga after she undresses to reveal where she hid her Future Diary, he even gives her his own coat so she wouldn't feel uneasy. And in one of the closing panels in chapter 59 they can be seen walking together. The scene where he gives her his coat wasn't included in the anime but, on the other hand, in the last episode they are unambiguously shown to be a couple in the third world.
  • The Sociopath: Cares about no-one but himself.
  • Smug Snake: Very condescending towards First and Ninth in their attempts to reach him inside the vault.
  • Villain with Good Publicity: Actually contributes to his downfall.

Yomotsu Hirasaka - The 12th

Voiced by: Yoshihisa Kawahara (Japanese) and Ian Sinclair (English)

File:Yomotsu-The-12th-mirai-nikki-14737031-90-120 936.jpg
A blind man who wants to be a superhero. His "Justice Diary" is an audio recorder that warns him of acts of "injustice" before they occur. It also gives him some sort of hypnosis power. While he claims to be a "Hero of Justice", his actions mark him more as a crazed vigilante.

Azami Kirisaki - The 13th

Voiced by Yuu Asakawa

The thirteenth diary holder who exclusively appears in the video game Future Diary: The 13th Diary Owner. Not much is known about her, but she is a school student who wears a yellow raincoat. Her Future Diary is a video diary. Her little sister Kasumi is in hospital after being attacked by Takao Hiyama.
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