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  • How Yukki finishes the 6th and the 4th probably count.
  • There's also the time that Yukki went berserk after his father was killed and managed to take out most of Eleventh's men by himself, with Yuno only coming in to finish off the last one.
  • Yukiteru's entrance into the Hall of Causality after his Heroic BSOD is all kinds of Badass. He then proceeds to tell the other players how he deduced the Eleventh's identity using his diary and declares that he will be the one who will win the game and become God. It's a bit mitigated by the fact that Yuno scripted their confrontation, but damned if that wasn't the moment Yukiteru finally got his shit together.
  • How Yukki found out the vault combination was pretty damn good too.
  • Akise's decision to Screw Destiny and go save Yukiteru by creating his own diary. Right in Deus's face.
    • A chapter or two later, he is stabbed and slashed in the neck by Yuno. Knowing that he's pretty much screwed, he decides to give Yukiteru a final warning about Yuno by texting it into his cell, running up a hill, and shoving the message in his face. And so he does. AFTER BEING DECAPITATED. What a Determinator...
      • Of course, even then, it's Yuno who gets the last laugh. See bellow.
  • Yuno has a lot of these moments throughout the manga. One of the most celebrated/hated in chapter 50, during the battle between Yuno and Akise, Akise seemingly destroyed Yuno's diary. However, it's not long before we realize that Yuno is still kicking when she whips out her real diary while slashing opening Akise's chest. In other words, Akise was actually outsmarted by Yuno and got owned by her at the same goddamned time.
    • The events leading up to that moment were pretty damn badass too. Yuno outsmarted Akise every step of the way, first by turning his own diary against him. His diary stated that he would take down Yuno (though he had no intention of killing her) and once he pinned her down, she stabbed herself. The reason? She knew that Yuki would be furious if Akise murdered her, and she knew that Akise wouldn't want to lose Yuki's affection. This forced his hand and made him release her and bandage her up. It also changed the future in her favor.
      • Afterwards he ran off to call Yuki and tried to call him to warn him, but Yuno was already a step ahead and had called Yuki first. And she used both Yuki and her own diary masterfully, knowing full well that Yuki couldn't see what would happen to him and that his diary mentioned that she had been stabbed, but not the details of the stabbing. And then comes her manipulation of Yuki that leads him into killing Hinata. Yuno is fatally bleeding as she works this manipulation. And then she almost dies laughing at it's success. It's a truly Magnificent Bastard moment for her.
        • She also thwarts his last effort to get a message across to Yukki. It seems any awesomeness done by Akise is responded to with more awesome from Yuno.
    • Yuno smashed the wall of space-time with a hammer!
    • Deflecting every one of Marco and Ai's knives with ease, simply because Yuki praised her the first time she did it.
      • For some, it was one of Yuno's cutest moments. Just look at her expression!
    • The way she determined which 12th was the real one.
  • After Yuno kidnaps Yukiteru and chains him up in the hotel, he gets rescued by his friends and Yuno asks if she can come with them. Yuki tells her to fuck off.
  • While most of Kosaka's "Shining Moments" fall rather short, he does get his moments such as his rescuing Yuki when he was tied up as a hostage to Yuno.
    • His greatest moment came when he called out Yuki on killing off his other friends for his own selfish desires before getting shot as well.
    • That scene was a Moment of Awesome for Hinata and Mao as well. Both of them stood up to Yuki while he had a gun pointed straight at them.
  • Out of every character in the series, Akise managed to be the one who pissed Yuno off the most with the simple act of kissing Yuki in front of her. Why did he do it? He wanted to show Yuno that he could. He knew how Yuno would react but he still did it anyway before facing her in a fight. Though Yuno ends up getting the last laugh here (see her own awesome moment), anyone who is brave enough to make her mad on purpose should be called a badass.
  • Deus, naturally, gets a few of these. One that leaves a particular impression is the instance of Minene's diary being turned into a future diary in her backstory in Mosaic. Having claimed repeatededly throughout the chapter that she thinks that the idea of God is a load of BS, Minene's zip line is shot during her escape. As she falls, she remembers saying she'd never pray to God, and sees an image of her younger self crying. Time freezes and her younger self comments that she is an interesting person with the strength to clear a path to the future. Her younger self's head then tears open to reveal Muru Muru, who upgrades Minene's diary to tell her future. Minene asks who this person is, and Muru Muru asks if she really wants to know. Cue Deus making a terrifying but lasting impression.

 Deus: I am God.

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