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"Hikari wo hanatsu karada ga (When two shining bodies)

Toke au matrix evolution (Join together in a Matrix Evolution)

Subete ga michita shunkan (The moment everything is fulfilled)

Ima, sore ga ima! (Now, that time is now!)

Zero e to kawaru kokoro ga (When two hearts become zero and)

Toke au matrix evolution (Join together in a Matrix Evolution)

Sono toki subete wakaru sa (That's when you'll understand everything)

Futari deaeta imi (The meaning of your meeting)"

(Louie starts panicking and runs around like a headless chicken.)

Louie: Holy ducknuts! He's taken Unca Scrooge's body and now he's gonna kill him! We're doomed! Doomed!

(Dewey Dope Slaps Louie.)

Louie: Agh...

Dewey: Stop spreading retard all over the place and pull yourself together, soldier! We've gotta do something!

Louie: But he's too strong! Not even Unca Scrooge can beat him!

Dewey: We can use the Fusion technique!

Louie: Not Fusion! I promised not to use it after last time!

Dewey: What happened to Webby was an accident! Believe in yourself, stupid!

Louie: Oh, okay...okay. I'll do it!

Louie and Dewey: Fusion.... HA!

(Louie and Dewey do the Fusion dance and merge into Lewey/Douie.)

Lewey/Douie: Now let's save Unca Scrooge!

(Vegeta!Scrooge is about to finish off Scrooge!Vegeta with a Spirit Gun, but Lewey/Douie deflects the blast onto the city of Winnipeg, which blows up.)

Vegeta!Scrooge: What is this?!

Lewey/Douie: Behold the awesome power of Douie! You mean Lewey, right? Douie! How about Ldouey? Dlewie! I'm sick of you! Come here!

(Lewey/Douie starts beating himself up and crashes into a rock, negating the fusion.)

Dewey: I hate you, Louie.


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