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  • So, when does "funny animal" officially cross over into "furry fandom?"
    • Actually, "Funny Animals" are furries. In the beginning, back before the internet, there was only the Funny Animal fandom where people used to swap pictures and trade cassettes of their favorite anthropomorphic characters. Those who liked the funny animals called themselves "Furry fans" to denote they were fans of those talking furry animals. Eventually, the "fans" part was dropped and it became just "furries". Once the net came about people started posting their funny animal pictures in Furry news threads and websites. Newcommers saw that the pages were for "furries", thought the animals posted were called furries, and started calling funny animals furries instead. As nobody corrected the mistake, the word has changed meaning over time. I think this wiki uses the term "Funny Animals" in order to help differentiate the Sliding Scale of Anthropomorphism. Basically anything on the scale that isn't 100% human or 100% animal may count as a furry these days, though Funny Animal and Petting Zoo People types are the most common.
    • "Furries" are a pet name the fandom labels Funny Animals as. There is no official crossover, since "furry" is not a widely used term and because the fandom had taken something that already existed and then decided to give it a different name.
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