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"Now that's comedy!"
Slappy Squirrel, Animaniacs

There's no rule saying cartoons always have to be funny... but no one's going to complain if they are.

Other Warner Bros. Cartoons

  • In Taz-Mania, Digeri Dingo has MANY crowning moments of funny.
    • "I really thought Taz was my friend. I can't believe he'd stoop to such ugly depths for his own personal gain. That's MY job and he knows it!"
    • "What if George Washington didn't feel like crossing the Delaware? What if Thomas Edison didn't feel like inventing the lightbulb? And hey, what if the producers of this very show didn't feel like producing it and odds are, they don't!"
    • "Kids, that's a literary reference, you look it up when you're in college!"
    • (Digeri impersonates Taz's face) "Why for you hiding in the cold cold bushes with a shovel?"
    • "Then you can come back Dingo! Haha, I am capable of saying anything!"
  • In one episode of "Coconut Fred's Fruit Salad Island", Fred and the gang adopt a "Rainbow-Butted Fruit Monkey" (basically a baboon with a mood-ring for a butt), which they name Happy. The humor comes when they introduce him to Mr. Greenrind:

 Slide and Slide: His name is... ta-dah! (show the pink paint on their rear ends)

Mr. Greenrind: Who would name an animal "Pink Banana Butts"?! That's weird, even for you two!

 Hogarth: Get outta here! ...Uh, Satan? So that we may live in peace.

Other Nicktoons

  • The Angry Beavers: the episodes "Up All Night 2: Up All Day: The Reckoning" and "The Day The World Got Really Screwed Up" (parts 1 and 2) both made this troper giggle like a madman all the damn time. The former perfectly squeezes the sense of your brain stopping to work properly when you're tired and creates a short animated episode full of ingeniously absurd dialogue out of it, whilst the latter's side characters completely overshadow our heroes with their slapstick antics and curious ways of going about things in a weird 50's cartoon pastiche.
    • The first "Up All Night" is no slouch either. From "Eat ball, ratface!" to Norb and Dag collapsing into hysterical laughter over thinking the crawling spleen was in their house, to the end of " long have we been awake?!" is gold.
  • In Voltron Force, just about everything Lance or Hunk says. Special note for "FORM BLAZING SOMETHING!"

Hanna-Barbera and Cartoon Network

  • Chowder: the three that stand out most are: the extended Spit Take in "Chowder's Girlfriend", the Katamari Damacy homage in "Grubble Gum", and Chowder's Breaking the Fourth Wall and deleting the entire show in "Brain Grub".
    • The episode where they're making the singing beans, and Mung adds a huge gold clock on a chain, 'For Flava'. That is quite possibly the smartest joke ever made on a children's show.
    • In the episode where Mung needed to get a Queen Meach for a meach pie, when Chowder, Mung, and Schnitzel are dressed as a mariachi band. The soldier meaches are not impressed and chase them out, and Chowder yells, "NO ME GUSTA!!"

 Mung Daal: No! Don't let them tear your arms off! That only makes them angry!

Mung Daal: I've got to do something! (turns on the car radio)

    • At the end of the episode "Brain Grub":

 Mung Daal. It's a long story.

Chowder. Does it have pirates in it?

    • "Pepper spray? That sounds delicious!" (spray) "I was WRONG! I was HORRIBLY HORRIBLY WRONG!!!"
    • The normally hard-to-understand Schnitzel talking so that the audience understands him complete with Lampshade Hanging.

 Schnitzel: Yeah, I'm so the audience can understand me! Yo! My name's Schnitzel! ALL RIGHT!!!

Chowder: Nah...doesn't work for us.

Schnitzel: (falls over) Radda, radda, radda...

    • How in the name of Joseph Hanna and William Barbera has that "please" scene not been mentioned yet?

 Chowder: (making puppy dog eyes) Please? Please?

Mung Daal: Chowder, I just don't think you're ready yet.

Chowder: Please?

Mung Daal: No, Chowder.

Chowder: Puh-lease?

Mung Daal: NO.

Chowder: Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...

Mung Daal: Chowder!

Chowder: ...eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...

Mung Daal: Really now, you can't keep that up forever.

Chowder: ...eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee - yesIcan - eeeeeeeeeee...

Mung Daal: You're not going to change my mind.

Chowder: ...eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee - butmissEndiveallowedPanninitocookherowndish - eeeeeeeeeeee...

Mung Daal: (under his breath) Endive. (normal voice) If that battle-axe thinks her apprentice is ready, I'm sure my apprentice is more than ready. Chowder, get ready to cook!

Chowder: ...eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee - Woohoo! - eeeeeeeeeeeee...

Mung Daal: (exasperated) You can stop now.

Chowder: (still making the puppy dog face) ...eeeeeeee - I-wish-I-could-but-I'm-stuck - eeeee...

    • (You can view it here)
    • The scene in the Apprentice Scouts when Gazpacho yells at Ceviche for throwing up.

  "There's no time for barfing! You've got a badge to earn! What do you think, we're just gonna sit in the bushes and barf all day? Fat chance, pal! FAT CHANCE!"

    • The scene in the episode "The Heist" where Schniztel, in a desperate attempt to keep Endive unaware there are Sugar Sapphires under her house, kisses her. The people's Reactive Continuous Scream was gold!
  • The Flintstones - the "Happy Anniversary" scene near the end of the episode "The Hot Piano", where Barney and a group of policemen (It Makes Sense in Context) constantly interrupt Fred with their singing as he tries to gives Wilma best wishes on their wedding anniversary.
  • Pretty much every Super Secret Secret Squirrel episode was hilarious, but this one takes the cake.

  "Fear not Morocco! The egg is sa-" *HONK* *SPLAT*

    • Or the one where Secret dresses in drag to try and calm down a giant panda (he wasn't allowed to physically hurt him because pandas were endangered), complete with fishnets. He walks offscreen, looking very upset, and there's the sounds of a beating. Morocco keeps offering "helpful advice" like "Maybe he needs a hug. Maybe there's a thorn in his paw..." Finally, Secret is thrown back onscreen, and winds up half-buried in a building.

 "Or maybe he's just a jerk..."

 K'nuckles: (to the Colonel) You may have Flap and the rich lady under your spell, but it's going to take more that to impress m-

Colonel: (does a back flip)


  The Moon: (laughs) That's not an island...

  • Camp Lazlo: Where's Lazlo?: Slinkman wakes up to be informed that he was just mauled by a bear, and Lazlo and Edward are gone, leading to this conversation.

 Slinkman: Scoutmaster, wake up! Some campers are missing. We need to do a head count!

Lumpus: A HEAD COUNT?!

  • pause*

Slinkman: Sir...count the campers.

Lumpus: Oh, yes, of course.

    • Also Clam 'literally walking on water during a swimming test, prompting the response "Holy Mackerel" from one of the lifeguards, and in another episode, the Jellies make a boat out of bricks and cement that somehow works while everyone else's boats sink. So much for the laws of physics!
      • Uh...I haven't seen the episode, but if by "make a boat" you mean make an actual boat and not just some lump, the laws of physics are how they made a working boat out of bricks and cement. They make ships out of metal all the time these days, haven't you heard?
  • The Brak Show is full of them:
    • Almost all of Dad's lines and anecdotes are hilarious:

 Dad: I'm tired of being pushed around like a stolen shopping cart full of rotten pumpkin meat!

Dad: People only invite you to dinner for three reasons: to sell you vitamins, to drug you and take unpleasant snapshots, or to convert you to their hideous farming religion!

Dad: (upon seeing giant killer ants) Holy crap, they DO wear hats!


 Jameson: I'm giddy like a schoolgirl!

    • Also this:

 "Boss, I want a word."

"How about: 'scram'. Or two words: 'scram kid'. Or seventeen: 'Get outta my office in two point three seconds or I'll staple you to a flag pole!!"

    • And...

 Jameson: He did it! My boy did it... HEY, HEY! I'm not paying you bums to watch television! Get me a new layout in seventeen seconds OR YOU'RE ALL FIRED!!!

    • Spider-Man's battle patter lends itself to many funny moments, but I'm fond of this exchange during Spidey's fight with Montana/Shocker.

 Spider-Man:'ve had more shots at me than Marko and O'Hirn -and done about as well!

Shocker: Them boys are punks. This is my profession!

Spider-Man: You do this for a living? With that accent Ah wuz thinkin' ro-de-o clown!

Shocker: Don't you mock me boy!

Spider-Man: Hey, I mock. I'm a mocker. Also a puller, a tugger, a yanker...

    • This:

 Spider-Man: (After throwing a traffic cone on Rhino's horn) Hey! I got the thing on the thing! What do I win?

Rhino: (enraged) YOU!

Spider-Man: I win me? That makes no sense.

 Spidey: (hands Rhino an oxygen tank) Here, you're gonna need this...

Rhino: (Looks down to see ice cracking. Looks back up at Spidey) "I hate you... so much." (Ice gives away underneath Rhino)

      • Or just before it, Spidey trying to banter with a scalded tongue.
    • Another one with Rhino: his first appearance as he violently rampages through the city towards the Bugle building...then politely asks Foswell to push the elevator button for him. "These don't work too good on the little buttons."
    • Or this classic banter with Doc Ock.

 Doc Ock: (while repeatedly slamming Spidey around) Glib! Does not! Equate! Clever! Spider-Man!

Spidey: Yeah, well, the ratio of arms to sanity hasn't exactly been established either.

Doc Ock: Do you EVER SHUT UP?!?

Spidey: Sorry, no. My fans expect a certain amount of quippage in every battle.

 Curt Conners: You weren't born with those powers, were you?

Spider-Man: No, I won 'em on a game show.

    • Later:

 Conners: Amazing. The tests would show Neogenics was involved! But how could that be?

Spidey: That was the category I chose.

    • After The Beyonder unleashes a horde of villains on an unsuspecting world for an experiment. Spidey mixing incredulity with sarcasm is just hilarious.

  Spider-Man: You had to wreck an entire civilization to prove that evil is bad?

    • In season two, Silvermane accidentally turns himself into a baby trying to recapture his youth. This disturbing scene is turned hilarious two seasons later, when he's regained the ability to speak and picks up running his criminal empire right where he left off, even imperiously ordering his daughter to change his diapers. And then his new attempt to become an adult results in him becoming just as old as he was before.

 Elisa: I'm sorry things turned out this way, father. But at least you won't have to worry about diapers or...

Silvermane: I wouldn't be sure.

 Laura Carrot: You're a talking weed!

Rumor Weed: I'm a talking weed, you're a talking carrot. Your point was...?

  • Lucy getting licked by Snoopy in A Charlie Brown Christmas: "AAUGH! I've been kissed by a dog! I have dog germs! Get hot water! Get some disinfectant! Get some iodine!"
    • The scene where Lucy asks Schroeder to play "Jingle Bells." He tries several variations (jazz, pipe organ), only to have Lucy interrupt, "No, no, I mean "Jingle Bells"!" Finally, in frustration, he gives a one-handed "plink plink plink, plink plink plink" performance (probably the only time his toy piano actually sounded like one). Lucy: THAT'S IT!!!!
    • I can think of lots of funny Peanuts moments- Peppermint Patty finding out that she graduated from a dog school in A Charlie Brown Celebration, Snoopy deflating the wheel on the umpire's chair and getting thrown out of Wimbledon in Bon Voyage Charlie Brown, Marcie getting her foot caught in a ball washer at a golf course because she thought it was a "shoe washer" in It's an Adventure Charlie Brown, Peppermint Patty thinking that a butterfly that landed on her nose turned into an angel and flew away and calling a call-in radio show to talk about it and having the host say "Sorry folks, just another nut calling in" (also from It's an Adventure Charlie Brown), Linus designing a video game and having the villain resemble Lucy and Lucy's reaction when she sees it from an episode of The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show, Lucy watching Linus draw a picture of her for a school project and wanting him to "put in the mouth" but Linus is reluctant because he is planning to draw her a huge mouth and Lucy's reaction when she sees it from another episode, Snoopy and a bear both scaring each other in Race for Your Life Charlie Brown, and Charlie Brown getting into a motorcycle accident and accidently getting sent to a vets office in You're a Good Sport Charlie Brown.
  • Frisky Dingo contained many of these from Killface to Awesome X and the X-tacles to Simon to Valerie, but particularly in the first episode when Villain Protagonist Killface uses the severed torso of a twin he shot in a previous scene as a hand puppet as the other twin looks on and this quote:

 Valerie: Please don't kill us!

Killface: Please don't make it so appealing!

    • Second season episode where Xander's doctor gets confused by name of the (sorta) evil cyborg villainness:

 Doctor: Well, that cracked your C3 and C4 vertebrae, so... you ever see Hooper?

Xander: Yeah, that robot with the big tits!

Doctor: No, but that sounds awesome.

Xander: It is!

Doctor: I meant the Burt Reynolds movie where he's a hard-living stuntman.

Xander: That sounds awesome.

Doctor: It is. Anyway, one more impact to the neck, and you'll be paralyzed.

Xander: My third-greatest fear!

Doctor: Same basic plot as in the movie.

Xander: God, that sounds awesome.

Doctor: It is.

Xander: But who's gonna stop Hooper?

Doctor: Well, it's already out on DVD.

Xander: No, I mean the robot with the big tits.

Doctor: Really sounds awesome.

Xander: It is.

  • Sealab 2021 is always rife with these, mostly in the early seasons.

 Marco: Calm down, I'll see what I can do about finding your little toy.

Captain Murphy: It's not a toy. It makes real cupcakes, with a 40 watt bulb, and there's icing packets. But the secret ingredient is love. Damn it.

Marco: Just try to calm down, go have some pudding.

Captain Murphy: Pudding can't fill the emptiness inside me! But it'll help.

    • The Stinger in I, Robot where Harry Goz is asked to read Murphy's line "There go my nipples again" in various ways.

 Director: Now read it like you're Archie Bunker.

Murphy: Awww, there go my nipples again there, Edith.

Marco: Santa Maria! Captain you cannot punish the crew like this. They will mutiny!

Captain Murphy: I will slaughter them like a wolf among lambs! The SEAS will run RED with the BLOOD OF MY ENEMIES!

Sparks: Take it easy there Tamberlain, sir.

    • The entire exchange between Sparks, Stormy, and Hesh in "Green Fever" regarding their pipes.


 Orson: All these rhymes have death and people falling down and breaking their crowns!

    • How about Roy and Wade continuously amending the ending to Rumpelstiltskin in "The Name Game"?

 Roy: But before the miller's daughter miller's son duck-son could say the name, a hurricane came up!

Orson: A hurricane!?

Roy: Yes, a hurricane. And it blew the duck away, so he couldn't take his VCR back.

Wade: Uno momento! Then, a spaceship came by! And it rescued the handsome duck and flew him back to reclaim his VCR.

Roy: But the rooster was determined to get it back with the aid of his trained dinosaurs!

Orson: Trained dinosaurs? Where did the trained dinosaurs come from?

Roy: Same place all those ninjas came from.

Wade: But then the Third Marine Division landed with their Anti-Trained Dinosaur Squadron.

Roy: But the Mole People were too smart for the Marines!

  • Superjail: "Thanks for the great sex, LOSER!"
    • "How do you guys feel about a little, ah, tasteful nudity?" "...What?"
    • And from the same episode, "NO! STOP TOUCHING YOURSELF!"
    • In "Superbar", the Warden drunkenly talking to Alice's date's suicidally dismembered head.

 The Warden: So, uh, dude, how's yer DATE going, huh? I. Was supposed to be Alice's date, YES! And she was gonna fall in love with! RrrrrrME! And now it's YOU! Who's got yer dirty little hands all over MY sweet Alice, instead of. MmmmmME!

Jared: Sir, maybe you've had enough...

The Warden: MXPLH- HEY! Mind yer own business, bartender, and just keep the (bleep)damn drinks coming!

    • The Warden's (he seems to get these a lot, doesn't he?) completely deadpan observations on the inmates' dreams.

 The Warden: Ah, yes, a falling dream. Caused by feelings of helplessness and insecurity, much like an inmate in a prison. How obvious.

    • Time Police: (sung in a Motown style) Hey! Wait! You can not escape! Never run away from the Time Police! You will not survive!
  • The "Big American Party" sequence from episode one of Clerks the Animated Series, and the sequence from episode three leading to the immortal line "Nothing can kill The Grimace."
    • "Why are we walking like this?"
    • "Remember the last time we got locked in this refrigerator?"
    • "Who's driving?! Oh my god, bear is driving!"
    • This exchange in episode 6:

 Dante: "Caitlyn has a kissing booth? Like, for charity?"

Jay: "Yeah, only it don't cost nothin' and it's not for charity." (leaves and comes back) "And there's no booth." (leaves and comes back) "And it's more than kissing." (leaves and comes back) "And you don't have to be a guy." (leaves and comes back) "Dude, she's cheating on you."

    • And of course, who can forget Randall's attempt to "relate" to the jury composed entirely of black NBA superstars during the courtroom episode:

 Randal: Ladies and gentlemen of the jury. Dante Hicks is just like you. He lurves grape soda.

(Jury is noticeably perturbed by this)

Randal: He knows what it's like when the guy at the supermarket won't take your "food stamps".

(Jury is VERY perturbed by this)

Randal: Or how it feels to wait all month for your "welfare check".

(Jury members appear five seconds away from attacking Randal)

Randal: (waving his arms from side to side like an idiot) Hey! Ho! Hey! Ho! Thank you.

Judge Reinhold: Wow...

Dante: Great... now the jury hates us.

Randal: Nonsense. I've got them eating out of my hand.

(a basketball flies in from offscreen and beans Dante in the face)

 Fozzie: Gee, I didn't know water could stand up on its side, Kermit.

Kermit: It can't, Fozzie.

Fozzie: It can't?

All: Uh-oh... splash

    • The climax of "Muppet Babies: The Next Generation" hilariously invokes the show's various sci-fi spoofs - Star Trek, Star Wars, The Jetsons - by having different sets of parody characters show up in the same time and place via time travel. This results in several Kermits, Piggies, and so on interacting with each other on top of the episode's Running Gag (the unstoppable Ear Worm of the Jetsons parody theme song).
  • Star Trek: The Animated Series
    • In the episode "The Jihad", from Spock no less.

 Em/3/Green: We'll all die here!

Spock: A statistical probability.

Lara: You ever quote anything beside statistics, Vulcan?

Spock: Yes, but philosophy and poetry are not appropriate here.

    • "Sometimes, Spock, I wish I'd been a librarian."
    • "Bem". After being captured and caged by the local Lizard Folk:

 Kirk: How come we always end up like this?

Spock: I assume that's a rhetorical question, Captain, not requiring an answer.

Kirk: I was just expressing my curiosity at our ability to get into these kinds of situations.

Spock: Fate, Captain, fate..

Kirk: Fate, Spock?

Spock: I believe that's the correct Earth term.

Kirk: Well, why don't you try your, uh, Vulcan Nerve Pinch?

Spock: Captain. I am only a Vulcan. There are limits.

 Obelix: It was good! Waiter! A liqueur, please!

    • The House That Drives You Mad segment which immediately follows. Asterix and Obelix just have to get an application form in a standard administration. Sounds easy, right ? Well, there's a reason why it's called the House That Drives You Mad...
    • And finally, the entire Coliseum climax. This has got to be seen to be believed (Link is in French, but it's mainly visual).
    • Four, my dear troper. Asterix versus Iris.
    • Five. Asterix's rant when the ghosts haunting the mountain prevents him from sleeping after all the crap he's been through is so hilariously awesome.
    • Of course, the CMOFs are not just limited to that particular feature. Witness, for instance, the entire "Tower of Londinium" scene from Asterix in Britain.
  • Arthur: The entire "Grandma Thora Appreciation Day" episode:

 Mrs. Read (while Arthur and D. W. are decorating in the other room): KIDS, GRANDMA'S CAR BROKE DOWN AND SHE'S COMING IN THE HOUSE!!!

    • And the entire scene where Arthur and D. W. try to make a cake in the middle of the night:

 Arthur (reading the recipe for pound cake): It says one lub (lb.) of flour. What's a lub?

 D. W. (when their parents come into the kitchen and find the mess): What brings you here?

 D. W. (after they make the cake and four cupcakes): This was fun! Can we stay up late tomorrow night and make taffy?

Everyone else: NO!!!

    • The ending of "The Ballad of Buster Baxter": "Mom! There's a singing moose in front of the house!"
  • Drawn Together: Xandir's suicide in "Gay Bash". ("This could take a while.")
    • Also, Foxxy's masturbation lesson with Wooldoor.
    • The roleplaying episode. Especially when they start roleplaying within the roleplay.
    • Live Action Cow's dramatic battle with Live Action Squirrel. The housemates' excited reactions to what are clearly a couple of photographs being moved around (and not even being moved around; the camera is simply cutting back and forth between two still shots) are just the icing on the cake.
        • Captain Hero: "Live Action Cow has rabies rabbis!"
  • The episode "Robotnik's Pyramid Scheme" of Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog has one of these in Scratch trying to seduce Masonic (Sonic's ancestor). When dolling himself up, Grounder tells him to hurry up, prompting him to say, "Oh, don't rush me! I gotta look juuuust right so he'll be attracted to me!" He then falls into Masonic's arms and, after, picks Masonic up and Marshmallow Hells him with his boob-cones. The wonderful moment was sadly cut out of the Toon Disney broadcast.
    • In "Black-Bot the Pirate" there's a scene where Scratch has been roasted by pilgrims who thought he was a turkey (bizarrely he looks like a regular roasted bird) and complains "It's bad enough they tried to eat me for dinner, then they had the nerve to say I tasted lousy!".
    • The entirety of the breakfast scene from the beginning of "Robotnikland".
  • From The Secret Saturdays: "Your mom has bad science."
    • Not to mention the puberty jokes in episode 19.
  • Monsters vs. Aliens had a lot of amusing moments:
    • The President trying to communicate with the alien probe by playing the tune from Close Encounters of the Third Kind. And when that doesn't work, he tries "Axel F". The baffled faces of the nearby soldiers, in contrast to the stoic Secret Service agents, make it even funnier.
      • And when that doesn't work: "Commander, do something violent!", followed up by "Eat lead, alien robut! ...Evidently, they eat lead. Huh."
    • As General Monger briefs the President's staff on his collection of monsters, he eventually has to shoo out a woman who keeps screaming in horror. When Monger gets to Susan (AKA "Ginormica"), a scream identical to the ones before it is heard, and turns out to be coming from The President.
    • Plus the guy in The War Room getting shot by a tranquilizer dart the second he mentions Area Fifty-urrrgh!
    • The scene on the the spaceship where B.O.B., upon receiving a gun and pretending to be part of the invading army, accidentally activates the gun and kills a goon- it's not so much what B.O.B. does but the expression on his face when it happens- you can almost hear him thinking oh look a dead goon, COOOOOOOOOL...
    • Space case blob monster B.O.B. hitting on a gelatin mold.
    • Dr. Cockroach cracking the supercomputer on Galaxxhar's ship through Dance Dance Revolution: "One thing you don't know about me, my dear... my Ph. D. is in dance!"
    • There's one near the very beginning that cracks me up because of the Missing Link's deadpan tone:

 Bob: No way! He's a guy! Look at his boobies!

Missing Link: ...We need to have a talk.

 President: Who designed this thing?

Staff menber: You did.

  • Clone High was full of them, even though it was only one season long.
    • Abe Lincoln: "Y'know what hurts the most, Joan? This nail I just stepped on. But there's a metaphorical nail in my OTHER foot that hurts the second most, and that's from you stabbing me in the back. So, maybe I should have gone with a stabbing metaphor instead of a nail metaphor, but it's TOO LATE FOR THAT NOW ISN'T IT?!"
    • Doctor Manson: "And when you eat your sweets,/make sure you try/to limit your servings/or you'll DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEE!! Everybody!"
  • Why aren't Miss Spink and Miss Forcible's theater scene from Coraline listed yet?
  • They're hard to spot through the tears, but An American Tail has its share:
    • Fievel stopping in line every time he asks Papa a question.


 Itchy: Hey, boss, maybe she only talks to rats.

Charlie: Hey, she talked to me, didn't she?

Itchy: Yeah, she talked to you -- does that make you a rat? (nearly collapses in laughter) Okay, maybe horses is too stupid to talk...

Carface: Morons! I'm surrounded by MORONS!!

  • For some demented reason, I laugh out loud when watching the Thunderbirds episode Alias Mr. Hackenbacker; they had this fashion show in a futuristic jetplane, with beautiful music accompanying the models. However, just as the music reaches a beauty point, we cut back to the jet roaring in the air, no music. Hilarity. This was done for almost every model, except for the last one, where the music was allowed to end properly before a nice dissolve to that crazed plane.
  • In the Mega Man cartoon, Mega Man steals Pharaoh Man's power. Rather than be cowed or blasted, he punches Mega in the face when he spouts his Catch Phrase.
  • From the sixth episode of the second season of Winx Club: Princess Amentia knocking over her bridesmaids like bowling pins while she and Sponsus are running towards eachother.
    • And this exchange during episode 8 season 2:

 Bloom: (Looking for professor Avalon, walking up to the disguised Trix) Excuse me, but have you seen a tall, handsome professor anywhere?

Icy: Um... No, only short and ugly ones!

    • Another season 2 moment involving Amentia:

 Amentia: (To her army) Prepare to retreat!

(The army runs off, leaving her behind.)

 Amentia: (Facepalms)

    • From season 2 episode 24:

(Brandon and Sky have to duel Amentia in order to get her to help them with their mission)

 Layla: I feel bad, I should be fighting alongside the guys, don't you think?

Sponsus: Oh come now, a brave and beautiful fairy like you doesn't need to prove anything to us. Would you like some hot tea?

(After a few attacks)

 Layla: Wow, this is the best tea I've ever had.

(A few moments later, Brandon is knocked back by one of Amentia's attacks)

 Layla: (While casually drinking tea) Oh my, that does look painful.

    • This part from season 3 episode 20:

 Digit: Now I'm going to teach those three to have a little respect for little creatures like us!

Tune: Little you say? But you are much bigger than usual! You are huge! Massive! Enormous! Gigantic! Immense! Humongous! Titanical! Colossal! Monumental! Totally disproportionate!

Digit: All right, Tune! I get the point!

Tune: Well, I was just trying to be precise, Digit!

    • The part in the second episode of season 4 when Sky shows up to suprise Bloom. One of the funniest moments of the show, with the Specialists silly salute, and Sky's silly walk when he walks out the ship. Who knew those guys had such a great sense of humour?
  • From Squidbillies. Early is upset that he didn't win Jack Squat in the lottery, then decides to make some money by putting it on a hat:
    • Made even funnier by Todd Hanson/Dan Halen's completely deadpan delivery.
  • Italian animator Bruno Bozzetto (of Allegro Non Troppo fame) tackles the tricky question of "where do babies come from?" in his ten-minute short, A Baby Story. It's basically ten Crowning Moments of Funny, but the biggest laugh comes when the baby punches the gynecologist in the eye. (The condom gag is a close second.)
  • To be fair, this scene from Street Fighter was probably meant to be at least somewhat funny, but... well, Guile's take on disarming a bomb... oh, let's just get on with it.

 Guile: (muttering to himself) That goes to the detonator... no, this one... no, that's the failsafe... oh, who built this thing?! That's it! SONIC BOOM!

 Sir Lancelot: You're the Lady of the Lake? But you're a beautiful myth.

Lady of the Lake: Thank you.

 Kyle: *sees Fanboy hanging from chandelier* Oh, what a marvelous enchanted bird... Why ever would you want to look anywhere but - *shoves Sigmund's face at the pigeon* THERE!?

Sigmund: O__O

Enchanted roasted pigeon: (being controlled by Fanboy) Light or dark meat govnah'?

Sigmund: Dark if you please, with plenty of gravy.

Soup terrine: *moves across table to Sigmund* Gravy boat coming through!

(camera pans to under the table, Chum Chum is seen holding a magnet above him to move the bowls)

Kyle: *laughs nervously* There seems to be a bit of a magical mix-up, that's my- *kicks Chum Chum under the table* enchanted soup terrine!

Chum Chum: *moves the magnet to a different area*

Kyle: Enchanted butter dish!

Chum Chum: *moves the magnet to a different area*

Kyle: (frustrated) Enchanted pickle fork.

Chum Chum: *pauses, then moves the magnet to another area*

(loud slam is heard, camera pans up to show Kyle with his face pressed against the table)

Kyle: (strained) Enchan...ted... br...aces.

 Kyle: So, what exactly is the trick behind the "Exploding assistants" act?

Sigmund: No trick. I explode them. Then I get new ones. :)

    • Fanboy's expressions throughout "Dollar Day".

 "We stole! You know what people will call us!? STEALERS!!!!"

 Kyle: So whom shall I choose to be my best friend? Hm?

(camera pans down to Fanboy and Chum Chum latched on his waist with bleary eyes, snotty noses and sickly glows)

Kyle: ... Are these the only choices?

Fanboy: Kyle, before you choose, consider... this. *pulls lever, opening a trap door and sending Chum Chum plummeting down into darkness*

Kyle: *looks down trap door awkwardly* Well. That does simplify things.

    • In "The Hard Sale" when Oz has succeeded in getting the minimum $1 that he needs to prevent his mom from converting his store into a yogurt shop, he accidentally points to her when he's celebrating. His arm promptly falls off, then explodes.
  • In the Wacky Races Forever pilot, Dick Dastardly disobeys orders to try and cheat because he thinks his boss is giving him coded messages to do the opposite of what he's telling him. So Dick Dastardly turns his car around to drive a massive cheese wedge between two siblings. Muttly facepalms because Dick Dastardly is less than three feet away from the finish line, but Dick Dastardly declares they can't win fairly, ergo they have to cheat!"
  • In the final episode of the "Serpentor Rises!" arc of G.I. Joe, Sgt. Slaughter goads Serpentor into a fight, leading to the Sarge running through the halls of a Cobra Base being chased by Serpentor on a hover platform. The pair bowl through the Dreadnoks, who sit on the floor in astonishment as they disappear, followed by Dr. Mindbender, Destro, Tomax, Xamot, and a bunch of other high-ranking Cobra members, all trying to catch up. And then, strolling along casually, Cobra Commander humming "La di da di da", clearly enjoying the complete chaos caused by his usurper.
  • The first Bratz animated movie, Starrin' and Stylin' is So Bad It's Good, and has many really good moments. This channel has all the parts. Highlights include Sasha's dancing and Jade's lapse in fashion sense.
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