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Sometimes ads do more than just make you want to spend... sometimes they make roll on the floor laughing so much that you don't even remember what they were selling.


  Gecko: I, I still have nightmares.

 "Hello, good citizen. I am Batman. You can be my assistant. Would you like that? Would you like to ride with Batman?"

  • The funniest Got Milk? commercial was hands-down the one with the Trix Rabbit. The poor guy just can not catch a break!
    • See also this, Time magazine's favorite from the campaign's first year in 1995.
    • The magazine counterparts with the celebrity milk mustaches generally aren't as funny, but this woman still smiles to recall a mid-'90s one featuring supermodel Iman proclaiming that the benefits of milk are "everything a woman could want. Well, that and a chance to meet my husband...I guess."
  • Then there's this Super Bowl commercial for Pepsi that is a parody of both the Kasparov/Deep Blue chess tournaments and 2001: A Space Odyssey. Bonus points for actually getting Garry Kasparov himself to appear.
  • A surely unintentional example, which could be interpreted as either Hypocritical Humor or Irony, comes from a print advertisement seen in a bus shelter. The ad depicted a helpless woman trapped in the strangling coils of a gas station hose while the dastardly attendant takes all her money. (This was in San Francisco, in reference to the extremely high gas prices.) The ad suggested that instead of driving a car and thus being gouged and exploited, people should use the MUNI bus system to get around. But what was at the bottom of the sign, as it is on every single bus shelter? The typical disclaimer: "The views expressed in this ad are not necessarily those of MUNI." So they don't even believe their own pitches? Perhaps there's truth in advertising after all...
  • Guten TAAAG!
  • Put a mustache on Ken, and make believe he's the bad guy.
  • This M&Ms commercial. Great work, Optimus! Well at least we know what happens with the trailer.
  • These Doritos ads:
  • Brett Favre, Super Bowl 2020 MVP "I should probably retire after this.... I don't know."
  • A lot of the more recent Old Spice commercials are hilarious, with their complete unapologetic use of implied Testosterone Poisoning and deadpan humor, but the best one would have to be their recent Super Bowl Special: "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like":

 "Hello, ladies. Look at your man. Now back to me. Now back at your man. Now back to me. Sadly, he isn't me. But if he stopped using lady-scented body wash and switched to Old Spice, he could smell like he's me. Look down. Back up. Where are you? You're on a boat, with the man your man could smell like. What's in your hand? Back at me. I have it. It's an oyster with two tickets to that thing you love. Look again. The tickets are now diamonds! Anything is possible when your man smells like Old Spice and not a lady. I'm on a horse.

  Did you know women prefer Old Spice for their men one-bajillion times more than lady scented body washes? Did you know I'm riding this horse, backwards?

 Go to your room and lock the door,

Cause when you try it once you'll want to try it some more.

Size doesn't matter and that's a fact,

It might be small but it has a big impact!

Bust a nut! Bust a nut! Grab a bag of corn nuts and bust a nut!

They're lightly toasted and hard as well!

Enjoy yourself, we won't tell.

  • This GameStop commercial for Transformers: War for Cybertron promoting the unlockable Shockwave character offered with a preorder. Shockwave flies in, at which point Megatron gives him temporary command and flies off. Shockwave orders Soundwave to transform into a tape player and begins playing "The Touch", by Stan Bush. Shockwave begins to dance and shoot in time with the music. Starscream protests, naturally, leading to:

  Shockwave: When your hit percentage exceeds mine you may choose the soundtrack!

 Fake Woman: “I see you don't have any Snickers in your shopping cart. The neighborhood children loooove Snickers. Here, let me help you.” Begins flinging bags of Snickers into Real Woman's cart.

Real Woman: tries to pull her cart away.

Fake Woman: “I'm only helping you.” Pulls cart back, continues flinging.

  • The latest Pepsi ads featuring Richard Speight Jr.
  • In an offbeat case of Japandering this Italian bottled water ad featuring David Bowie was reedited to serve as the U.S. commercial for his album Reality, based as it is on the witty premise of Turn of the Millennium Bowie sharing a house with most of his stage/album personas from The Seventies, plus the "Ashes to Ashes" Pierrot.
  • The commercials for the Epic phone from Sprint.
    • Also, the Sprint ad for the "Fair and Flexible Plan":

 Executive: (smirking) It's my little way of...sticking it to the man.

Assistant: the man.

Executive: I know.

Assistant: So you're sticking it to yourself?


Executive: Maybe.

 Libby: Did she change her outfit?

Preppy Girl: She changed her head.

 Ozzy Osbourne: What the fuck is a "bieber?"

Stagehand (played by Justin Bieber himself): I dunno, but it kinda looks like Satan.

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