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  • Every so often. Joey once had to explain to Michelle how newlyweds Jesse and Rebecca are "doing their taxes" and don't want to be disturbed.
  • In the episode where Jesse's old flame comes to town with his great-grandparents, Jesse finds himself unable to remember Becky's name, leading him to visibly mouth "Oh Shit."
  • Mild example: Steph and Gia are putting on makeup before school, and Gia says that eyes are the first thing a guy notices. "Really?" "Well... for now"
  • In another, D.J. is defending her boyfriend Viper from Jesse, saying that "there's more to him than long hair and rock and roll!" Kimmy chimes in "I know! Have you seen him in tight pants?"
  • In "Too Much Monkey Business", when Jesse first meets Danny's sister's pet monkey, the monkey takes a liking to him and sticks her hand down his pants pocket.
    • Later on in "Too Much Monkey Business", while Jesse and Becky put the kids down for their nap, Jesse (maybe Becky--can't remember) suggest that they take a nap, too. Jesse gets in bed, waiting for Becky. Ginger, the chimpanzee, jumps on the bed and starts playing with Jess's hair. He thinks it's Becky, and starts talking a little dirty. Ginger proceeds to spank him, to which he responds something along the lines of, "The rough stuff tonight, huh, honey?". Then, when Ginger goes to town spanking him, he asks, "Has Uncle Jesse been a bad boy?"
  • Another example of this is when Becky offers to teach Michelle how to cook. Jesse responds with, "Oh, that's sweet, honey. But who's gonna teach you?" She reminds him and the family that they all ate her "Sunday Surprise", which Danny says they called it their "Monday surprise." Jesse adds, "I was still getting surprised on Tuesday." To which Becky gives him a death glare and simply states, "Oh, yeah? I bet you won't be getting surprised tonight."
  • Another mild example occurs when Michelle realizes being a girl is fun. Becky tells her, "and really fun stuff is coming up" While it could be argued she meant going on dates, going to prom, and getting married, there's a good chance she means sex. And Michelle has no clue. Nor would any kid watching the show. Which could make it double as Parental Bonus.
  • Yet another example is when Jesse gives the twins-who have just arrived home with their mommy- a tour of the attic apartment. When he gets to the bed, he stops and says, "Here's the bed. That's where you two got started." Becky, with a smile, scolds him. "Jesse!" He responds, "What? It's the highlight of the tour."