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Alice invites Bob to dinner, or lunch. Bob is impressed by the excellent cooking, and Alice smugly informs him everything was grown in her very exclusive garden. Interestingly, Alice is usually a villain, either because villains are the ones who tend to have big egos and be obsessed with living "off the grid" somewhere in Waco or because Hitler Was a Vegetarian.

Often (but not always) paired with No, Mr. Bond, I Expect You to Dine.

Examples of From My Own Personal Garden include:

Anime and Manga

  • Mercilessly warped in Umineko no Naku Koro ni during the second tea party. Beato starts bragging about how every dish Rosa is eating was made from her siblings.

 Beato: It's a sweet aperitif of noble rot German-made wine. A wine cocktail made of white wine mixed with a crimson golden drop. If I had to give it a name, I'd call it a Bloody Krauss. Soaked with just a golden drop of your brother's blood that was squeezed out of a compressor.

Film -- Animated

  • The Incredibles: Mr. Incredible eats with Mirage, who points out how everything was grown on the island, thanks to the volcanic soil. This is before Mr. Incredible encounters Syndrome.

Film -- Live Action


  • A variation in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea: Captain Nemo informs his prisoners that everything they are eating was taken from the ocean. One of them is less than thrilled to know he's eating octopus embryo gelatin.
  • In Halo: First Strike, while negotiating with an insurrectionist community for repairs for their ship the bridge crew of the Gettysburg-Ascendant Justice are treated to refreshments that Governor Jiles brags are grown from the hydroponics gardens in the asteroid.
  • In Street Magic, when Briar is entering the stronghold of the Big Bad, he notices at once the luxuriant and flourishing gardens of the rich widow -- very strange in a landscape that has been suffering from a long drought. When he asks the plants how they're so strong, they answer "Rich food!" This is before Briar learns what the widow is using as fertilizer...

Live Action TV

 Guest (to Kramer): "You made this salad?"

Kramer: Yes, I prepared it as I bathed!

  • Horrifying variation in I, Claudius. Livia gets around her husband only eating directly from his fig orchard to avoid poisoning by putting poison on them while they're still on the trees.

   Livia: Don't touch the figs.

  • Sent up in Bottom, when Richie attempts this ("All the ingredients in tonight's main meal have either been grown, found or foraged") despite living in a grotty garden-less upper floor flat in the middle of London:

 Eddie: What's wrong with these beans?

Richie: What d'you mean wrong? They're fresh. I grew those in the window-box.

Eddie: They've got black bits all over them.

Richie: Well it's just a couple of greenfly, for heaven's sake! Well they're dead now, they've been under the grill for ages. Really, I watched them pop.

 Sheppard: Fruit bowl - nice touch.

Todd: (dismissively) Oh, we picked them up during our travels. I thought they would make our discussion a little more comfortable. I hope they prove as delicious as the farmers who grew them...!

    • Note: as vampiric entities feeding on lifeforce, Wraith have no need for "normal" food on their ships. Also, the entire human population of the Pegasus galaxy is Wraith cattle, hence the trope.

Tabletop Games

Western Animation


  1. Boiled pig skin, mostly. And now you know.
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