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You're a Magical Girl Warrior, so you know that your outfit's main purpose is to look fabulous. Yet fashion is ever changing, and you are in danger of your enemies brushing off your outfit as "So five minutes ago!". Well worry no more! Trope Co offers you the finest selection of Frilly Upgrades!

Why throw out your current outfit, when just slapping on a few accessories every few months will keep you the talk of the fashion world! Choose from among our extensive list of upgrades, including:

Material may be made by questionable labor in third world countries, but it's a small price to pay to look your best in your fight against the forces of evil!*

If just slapping accessories on isn't good enough, then hire out magical bishonen knights to be your outfit for you! If the thought of that isn't too embarrassing, then you can get a different outfit for each knight in your harem team! Then you can add accessories to them when the time is right (either the outfits or the knights)!

Also check out deals on Pimped Out Dresses.

* This product is also available for Evil Magical Warriors as well. Offering discounts for spikes, stiletto heels, and leather.

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