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Frederic Boilet is a graphic novelist of the French-Belgian school whose stories are mostly about life in Japan as a Western expatriate. He himself has been living in Japan since 1990, and since then has been a "bridge builder" between the French-Belgian school and the world of Manga. He has in particular collaborated with Jiro Taniguchi, and been instrumental in the latter's introduction to the European market.

Boilet's girlfriend is a fellow graphic novelist, Aurelia Aurita (the Pen Name of Chenda Khun), a Sino-Khmer woman, who has related their steamy relationship in the sexually explicit Fraise et Chocolat. He makes no secret of his overt Asiaphilia.

Boilet's works include:

  • Love Hotel and its sequel Tokyo est mon jardin
  • Demi-tour
  • Yukiko's Spinach
  • Mariko Parade
  • L'Apprenti Japonais
  • Elles

Tropes appearing in Boilet's works:

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