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  • When Freddy comes out into the real world, the dream would switch to reality, and normal rules apply (no extending arms, no teleporting). So why don't Freddy's burns hurt? He should wake up and immediately fall to the floor writhing in pain.
    • All his nerve endings are dead. Alternatively he's been changed biologically so the burns are actually apart of his normal self, so they don't hurt.
    • Yes, he's been burnt for decades now, and he doesn't feel those old scars now.
    • He isn't godlike anymore, but he isn't human. Same reason why he can survive most of his limbs being torn off, decapitation, and is still superhumanly strong.
    • Yea, if he were just human, his fight with Jason would have lasted about as long as it took Jason to cross the room to get to him.
  • Why would Jason be afraid of water? He lived in the lake for years. I know its an attempt to make this a battle of the elements, but it really seems inconsistent with past movies to me. Instead of making their methods of death their weaknesses, why not make them their strengths? (drowning scene could still happen, it would just be more ironic: Freddy turning Jason's own power against him)
    • Repressed fear? For some people (Or zombies(?) in Jason's case), their fear isn't brought up unless they are made aware of it. Jason's usually going about killing people. He probably doesn't think about water/drowning all that much because it doesn't cross his mind. Also, remember that Freddy is emotionally manipulating Jason. Freddy making Jason remember that he drowned as a child and how he was mistreated at Camp Crystal Lake by posing as his mother would be enough to put Jason in a Heroic BSOD (Remember, Jason's driving force for all that he's done is to avenge his mother's death).
    • It's not just the water that Jason fears, but powerlessness and water. When he was drowned it's because he was a small, helpless child. Every time Freddy uses fear of water against Jason, it's always in a situation where he (Freddy) has all the power, such as in the dream world. Once Jason's lopped Freddy's head off, he wades around in the water no problem because he's back to being the invincible wall of flesh zombie, not the scared little deformed kid.
  • How did the kids get between Springwood and Crystal Lake in one night? Springwood is in Ohio, Crystal Lake is in New Jersey. That leaves at least the entire state of Pennsylvania between them, yet it seems to be implied that this wasn't that long of a trip.
    • The magic of fictional timelines. What may take hours in the real world only takes a few minutes to get from "Point A." to "Point B."
      • The writers timed out how long a trip from Ohio to New Jersey would be and wrote it into the script. It was all removed by the final edit.
  • Why does the police chief discourage the young officer who thinks, mostly correctly, that the murders taking place are the work of Jason Voorhees or a copycat of Jason. Jason=/=Freddy. Hell getting the town as a whole focused on a single specific NON-Freddy entity would actually have worked to their benefit!
    • The transfer officer didn't say it was Jason. He said it was a copycat of Jason - a mortal individual, since not only has Jason been put down for years; he's known to never leave Camp Crystal Lake if he can avoid it. This was pulled off so that they were both wrong. The adults of Springwood are used to Freddy coming back though. A mortal killer is the least of their worries. Also, the adults thought that Freddy had found his fear, not that his plan was still to create it with Jason.
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