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Professor Jones was on a show with a robot.

Namely, the very show you're watching!

Candle Jack was never defeated, and the last three minutes of the episode was a giant retcon after a disaster during filming

The villain was originally going to be an entirely different character, but everyone kept making the mistake of saying his name. With the loss of their main character and his love interest halfway through filming the show, all they could do was film the rest using stunt doubles. Everything from the rope-with-hinges onward, including the staging of the trap, was obviously the producers' way of finishing up an episode to fill the next deadline while finding lookalike replacement actors. The actors in the first scenes of the episode were never heard from again, and that's why tropers still disappear when they say... Oh, fu- You never learn do you?

Dexter Douglas has a crippling lack of self-esteem, bordering on self-hatred.

Explains the fact that he's almost always seen as Freakazoid. Freakazoid represents freedom from being Dexter. He's basically the inverse of Stanley Ipkiss, who in the movie learns An Aesop about standing up for, and being, himself. Dexter may decide not to throw the mask away, becoming Freakazoid all the time, essentially suiciding the Dexter persona. Of course, it's possible that he'll stop short of that, and be more like Batman, using Dexter as a mask for Freakazoid, but still retaining him.

  • Come to think about it, what reason Dexter have not to be Freakazoid?

Dexter/Freakazoid's insanity is hereditary.

His mother... the smile... the smile...

Freakazoid and Dexter aren't the same person.

Not necessarily even the same species. They have different voices, which isn't all that unusual, but Freakazoid looks much older than Dexter, and they have somewhat different facial structures in the intro. Dexter and the Freakazoid being have an unconscious pact: Dexter gets to be Freakazoid and save people as long as Freakazoid gets to make meta-references and have fun. Had the Freakazoid persona gotten bored, it would have completely taken over Dex's life and become a Chaotic Stupid villain.

There is no studio, no Warner Bros, nothing but the crazy hallucinations of a superhero that people put up with because nobody else thinks to shoot the villains.

Exactly what it says on the tin. Whenever Freakazoid talks through the fourth wall, or goes off-panel to talk to the crew and director, the other characters are watching him walk around saying random things about some animated series to people that don't exist.

  • That's make sense! Freakazoid is the only one how break the fourth wall and he's already insane!

The Warners are the only beings with the ability to escape the Ghost Who Needs More Rope.

They say his name in the second theme song in episode 1, but nothing ever happens to them. Even Freakazoid was tied up, though he did eventually cut the rope with shards of the fourth wall. The Warners didn't even need to do that.

  • I think this also applies to Jeff Bennett when he was the announcer in the Kids' WB! promo spots. He mentioned that ghost by name several times and never got kidnapped.
    • That's because Jeff Bennett is the ghost! He can't kidnap himself. Clearly, being the announcer in the Kids' WB! promo was all an elaborate ploy to trick people into thinking saying that name would do nothing. No doubt that the Warners and the bus charter company were in on it, too.

Candle Jack will have his own one-episode spinoff.

I'll let you keep the title complete, but if you say it again...
It will have a theme song similary to Freakazoid's, but describing Candle Jack, and using his nam I warned you. The narrator will stop singing between the chorus and final verse, but status quo will be restored when Freakazoid (the next WMG )

Candle Jack isn't immune to his own pow-

  • I don't know what's wrong with all you people. I can say "Candle Jack" just fine and nothing whatever happens. ...
    ** See? I'm still, here, aren't I? Now if you'll excu-Don't tempt me.

Freakazette is Rudi MacDougall's freaka-form

We know that Rudi managed to activate the code on the pinnacle chip, causing him to be sucked into the Internet and apparently gain freakapowers. We actually do see him entering and exiting the Internet in a later episode, but he never switches to his freaka-form. This is because he's embarrassed about turning into a woman.

Cosgrove is Uncle Ben.

Uncle Ben faked his death to inspire Peter, and left New York so Peter wouldn't know. He stays with Freakazoid to do more good than he ever could as a parent to Peter.

Freakazoid is part of the Diniverse.

Same producers, same studio, similar art style. He could've been part of Justice League Unlimited, but they require a base level of sanity.

  • But they made the Creeper a member. Is the Creeper really more sane than Freakazoid?

Freakazoid is a latent split personality of Dexter's, warped beyond recognition by the Internet

A bit of an extension of WMGs further up the page; Dexter already had a latent split personality before he got the chip, it just hadn't manifested before. Then, when Dexter got sucked into the Internet, the other personality took the brunt of the overload and was forever warped into Freakazoid. In addition, the Freakapersona got Internet-based superpowers that altered his perception of reality when not in the Internet.

Doctor Mystico has a secret grudge against the state of Cleveland.

It may not have been a simple speech slipup, he may very well have a score to settle with someone or something in Cleveland. He corrected himself because he dosen't want anyone the wiser.

A certain Mr. C. Jack presses the submit button when he kidnaps people.

Hmp, initials? I'll get you next time.
It may seem like an odd thing to do, but this would explain why the victims leave unfinished words/sentences behind them on the internet. As for why, if the subject of this WMG's kidnappings went undocumented, then very few people on the internet would associate it with CJ. However by posting those fragments he is able to get people to talk about him and thus increase the number of his victims.

    • Actually, I don't know about any of the others but I (the guy who got interrupted in the middle of the word "excuse" above) had my hand near the mouse at the time while it was over the sending icon and apparently I ended up knocking the left click button in the struggle. No bother, I'm fine now. Managed to escape. Weird place, really, where Candle Jack takes you after putting you in that cage for temporary holding. At least you get to eat a lot of pretzels. They also have a lot o

Freakazette is Steff.

From what I remember reading, this is what most people seem to believe about Freakazette. However, the point of evidence they use for their claim is the fact that they're both blonds, neglecting the fact that Freakazoid and Dexter have different hair colors.

Freakazette is Dexter's cousin.

Hey, Superman and Danny Phantom have cousins (or clones, in Danny's case) for Distaff Counterparts, so what's to say Freakazoid can't?

Freakazette is Dexter's mom.

Now that would be totally surprising, wouldn't it?

Freakazette is Supergirl.

Only... Freakasupergirl.

Dexter Douglas is heavily Blessed with Suck.

When Dexter gained the ability to turn into Freakazoid, he necessarily became insane. It's one thing to be a transforming superhero, but when your superpowered persona carves out an actual, physiological residence in your brain, then you qualify as having both multiple personalities and schizophrenia. (From the Greek, schizophrenia means "split mind.") Even Freakazoid himself has schizoid tendencies.

  • since when insanity is bad?
    • Since forever.

Candle Ja...whoops, almost said it...ahem, andle-Kay ack-Jay is a Troper.

How else would he be so swift to swoop in on us in mid-sentence? On the episode he stars in he gets some much more delayed reactions, taking most of the episode to catch up to the narrator for instance. He obviously hangs out here at TV Tropes quite a lot. He's One Of U- Pig latin doesn't work on me.
== Freakazoid is AU Deadpool... == Think about it, he is insane, breaks the fourth wall when nobody else can, and has an annoying voice at times. He also has a tendency to not be quite all there when asked about things. Heck, as I remember, he painted Wonder Woman's invisible jet. The only person I can't think of an alternate for is Candle Jack who is honestly not a bad gu

The entire series is a result of Duncan's insane delusions.

Freakazoid is supposedly a world famous superhero with adventures all over the place. But every time Freakazoid wrestles with Duncan and the latter complains about it, Mr. and Mrs. Douglas asert that they never see this "blue guy" their son keeps talking about. Why don't they realize the truth? Because there is no Freakazoid. Clearly, the pressure of being a Jerk Jock caused Duncan to snap and imagine Freakazoid. And all those people that Freakazoid interacts with? Delusions, too. Yep, Freakazoid, Cosgrove, Steff, the Lobe, C--that ghost guy and the rest - everything is just the product of a fragile mind that couldn't handle the stress of staying in shape.

The Ghost Who Needs More Rope has a thing for Steff.

All the kids at the camp kept saying his name and getting tied up. The doctor, too. But Steff was never heard saying it, but she was getting tied up anyway. Clearly, the Ghost Who Needs More Rope had a crush on her and had no other way of approaching her. Dating can be hard enough. Try dating where everyone is afraid to say your name, but too stupid not to.

He that should not be named needs more rope.

Well you can't say either one of names. They both have magic powers. And if I looked like that, I would wear a sack over my head.

Who really killed Sir Jeffrey.

  • The ghosts from the original House on Haunted Hill. After all, they were supposed to be coming for him.

If there ever was a movie made of the show

C.J. is actually The Rock

He was defeated by his love of pie. What does the Rock like to talk about a lot?

Emmitt Neverend is a shape-shifting reality warper.

It explains everything. His hideous appearance is just him being a shapeshifter and not quite knowing what humans look like. It also explains why he's everywhere, all the time.

The Huntsman is feared by all the villains and criminals, everywhere, no exceptions.

His town never has any crime because he cleared them all out and brutally defeats them within moments of being called. Hence why they have a Horn of Urgency; it used to get used at one point. As even the chief is bored, I'm guessing that the Huntmans eventually moved on from super-criminals to regular criminals out of desperation. All evil-doers just avoid his city because they know he is limited by distance and jurisdiction, and if they stay away they don't get hurt.

Candle Jack's main weakness is dealing with anyone who refuses to go along with the joke.

...And Edit Tip 15[1] popped up when I went to edit this page. Clearly the Universe approves my pos--The Universe may approve, but I don't. Wait...what are you doing with that red-hot poker? Where did you even get...

  • Much screaming ensues
    • If a deliberate Sense of Humour Failure doesn't work, try violence. Right Candle Jack?
    • ...i'll be good...
    • You see to it you do that.

You-Know-Who is actually Freakazoid, playing a really long joke on his fans.

Any instance where you see the two together is and elaborate smoke-and-mirror effect. Freakazoid and Candle Jack are one an


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