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  • Executive Meddling: See What Could Have Been for Spielberg invoking this trope in an ultimately positive way.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: Dexter Douglas is voiced by Danny Phantom (David Kaufman).
    • Likewise, Cosgrove is voiced by Carl Fredricksen and Guiterrez is voiced by KHHAAAAAAN!...I mean...Ricardo Montalban.
    • Freakazoid has the same voice as Mr. Director from Animaniacs. Freulaven!
    • On a more obscure note, David Warner plays The Lobe using pretty much the same voice he used for Ra's Al Ghul, only played more comically.
    • Craig Ferguson, host of The Late, Late Show, provided the voice of Roddy MacStew.
    • Ben Stein shows up to present us all with Relax-O-Vision.
    • Professor Jones is ... Dr. Smith.
    • One-shot villain Deadpan was voiced by Bebe Neuwirth, known for playing the very deadpan Lilith Sterin on Cheers & Frasier.
  • Throw It In: See that Moment of Awesome from the first episode? Originally Freakazoid was just supposed to say "No!", but Paul Rugg improvised the rant.
    • According to the DVD commentary, it apparently went on for over 10 minutes, becoming increasingly disjointed and profane; they cut it off right before the cursing started.
  • What Could Have Been: The original idea was for the series to be a fairly straightforward superhero show with comedic overtones (basically, The Joker as a good guy) with Bruce Timm in charge. Spielberg, however, asked for a full-blown comedy. Timm bowed out, as he honestly thought he wouldn't do a full-blown comedy concept justice. This is perhaps a textbook example of Executive Meddling improving a show. (The New Batman Adventures episode "Beware The Creeper" is a glimpse of how Timm and Dini would have done Freakazoid!)
    • The series always skewed towards an older audience and there was serious consideration towards just putting it in prime-time (as was done with Pinky and The Brain). This is part of the reason why the second season largely had half-hour episodes instead of Three Shorts.
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