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  • The animal psychologist interrogating Mr. Chubbikins about how he activated the flaw:

 Guitierrez: Ask him how he activated the flaw.

Animal Psychologist: Meow, meow, meow?

Mr. Chubbikins: Mrrow... mrrow...

Animal Psychologist: Meow?

Mr. Chubbikins: Mrrow... mrrow...

Animal Psychologist: (to Guitierrez) He says he's very sad.

  • The convention panel in "Freak a Panel," in which Freakazoid is pestered with questions about Superman, but has one supportive fan.

 "You're very popular in a number of state institutions."

    • Not to mention some of their incredibly stupid questions:

 Fan: If Superman fought Fred Flintstone, who would win?

Freakazoid: Superman, I guess, unless Barney Rubble hit him from behind with a kryptonite club.

  • One simple line: "We interrupt this program to increase dramatic tension. Thank you. And now back to our program."
  • Freakazoid, Cave Guy and Arms-a-Kimbo arguing over a play in baseball, while Huntsman (the umpire) curses himself for looking away to get some berry water.

  "Darn the luck! DARN!" *hits self*

  • "That's Uranus!"
  • "Hey, you! Cut it out."
  • As well as the entire Candle Jack episo I'm flattered.
    • SCREAM
  • Or how about when Brain, Wakko, and Freakazoid started arguing over who Spielberg likes the best:

  (cut shot to office) Spielberg: Who are you people?

  • Cosgrove's pretty much a Crowning Dude of Funny. "Hey Freakazoid, wanna go watch a bear ride a motorcycle?"
    • And is followed by "Pigs are smarter than bears, but hey can't ride motorcycles."
  • The entire episode in which the heroes (And several villains including Cand-I mean...You-Know-Who) crash land on a deserted island where a Mad Scientist (Played by none other than Tim Curry) has created an army of half-human half-orangutan monsters.
    • "They called me crazy! Insane! WENDELL!"
  • Freakazoid!" (In Stereo ... Where Available)
  • "Eheheheheheh! Would you like to see something strange and mystical...?"
  • "Waves? Hula girls! Pineapples? Hula girls! Surfboards? Hula girls! Hula girls! Hula girls!"
    • And: "Do I have time for another 'looking through the binoculars gag'? I like those!" (Looks through binoculars)"Hula girls!"
    • "Of course, it all makes sense now! I must've landed in Norway!"
  • "This is only a test."
  • "How toyetic can you get?"
  • Pretty much all of "Statuesque", including the interrogation of the monsters.

 Freakzoid: Do you know Vorn the Unspeakable?

Dracula: Yes. I haven't seen him around, if that's what you're asking.

Freakazoid: We'll ask the questions around here. Have you seen him around?

Dracula: No!

Cosgrove: Have you seen him around?

Dracula: (angrily) No! (slams door).

    • "All we know about Jeepers is that he's from Venice Beach California. Wait it minute, could it be that simple? Have we overlooked the obvious? Probably."
  • When Guitierrez tries to affect Freakazoid with kryptonite to no avail because that's Superman's weakness. Then he tries the color yellow but that's the Green Lantern's. Next, he tries water, but that's the Wicked Witch. Finally, he just asks Freakazoid what his weakness is.

 Freakzoid: Weeeeeeell...

Freakazoid: Dumb! Dumb! Dumb! Never show the villain how to trap you in a cage.

Guitierrez: You probably shouldn't have helped us build it, either.

Freakazoid: I know! DUMB!

  • Another simple line: "We interrupt this program to bring you a very special message. I love you. And now back to our program."
    • In general, every time the announcer interrupts the program, he says something absolutely hilarious. A personal favorite is "I am actually a deep-voiced woman."
  • "Low bridge, everybody down! Low bridge, Cave Guy's underwear is brown!"
  • "Cosgrove, he's a normal, regular guy just like everyone--NORM ABRAM! I'M TOUCHING NORM ABRAM! I'M HUGGING NORM ABRAM! I'M HOLDING NORM ABRAM ABOVE MY HEAD!"
  • "What exactly is The WB? Can someone tell me this? What's it mean, The WB? The Water Bucket? The Wimpy Boy? The Wet Bananas?! I don't know!! What, the Weird Butt?! What? I'm asking!!"
    • "We now return you to the Weird Butts network."
  • Gutierrez torturing Freakazoid's family with The Best of Marty Ingels.
  • "Dat was quite a jolt, Freak!"
    • Alright we get it, Steph!
  • From "The Island of Dr. Mystico", when Freakazoid is giving orders as to what everyone should do after the plane crashes:

 That Guy With The Candle: Uh, Freakazoid, is there anything I should do?

Freakazoid: Why don't you stay here and... scare the Professor!

That Guy With The Candle: Marvelous. (Heads off camera, followed by Professor Jones' screams)

    • When Freakazoid and the others return to the plane near the episode, he's still scaring Jones by chasing him around said plane.
  • Speaking of "The Island Of Dr. Mystico," there's Freakazoid, while piloting a plane no less, antagonizing the Lobe for his own petty amusement:

 Freakazoid: (over the PA system) And out the left [side] is something very special.

The Lobe: Where? I don't see anything.

Freakazoid: (outside the window) BOOGABOOGABOOGA!!!

The Lobe: AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! (vomits)

  • "I asked him if he wanted to go to a Yakov Smirnoff film festival... and he said no." "CLONE!"
  • The tongue twister scene. And Freakazoid just sums it up perfectly afterward.
  • This Visual Pun is both groan inducing and absurdly funny, partially due to Freakazoid's usual bizarre cheerfulness signing off the gag.
  • From about 2:18 on to 3:16, Ed Asner manages to carry the entire scene with a grand total of four lines and his usual deadpan delivery.
  • How an Ominous Pipe Organ sounds on Freakazoid:

 All around the mullberry bush

Gutierrez chased the weenie

The weenie thought 'twas all in fun

CRUNCH goes the weenie!

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