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Hive of villainy
gloriously depravèd
We do not forgive.


Brain Bleach is useless
You cannot unsee that pic
Rainbow Brite Hentai


You came here yourself
expect to see nasty things
Goatse anyone?


The Internet's core
Anonymous is legion
You need more training


Nameless, they type on.
The shame of humanity
may prove Sartre right.


/b/ was never good
Everybody is cancer
You just lost the game


"There's no glory in
Being assholes," I told them,
So they hacked my page.

4chan is a hive
Of memes and villainy, but
We still enjoy it.

look at this picture
this just might be illegal
4chan is awful --Unknown, edited by User:So We Ate Them

Asshole of the Internet
We laugh at your pain

We, Anonymous
Forgive not and forget not
You should expect us

Roses are red
OP is just a newfag
Sage and reported


That's a nice thread you
have there, but I'm afraid
You'll have to check 'em.

Anonymous posts
No archiving system at all
GIFT at its highest

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