Simona Ahrnstedt does this in two of her novels.

  • In "Överenskommelser", we have Beatrice (Sanguine), Seth (Choleric), Sofia (Supine), and Johan (Phlegmatic).
  • "De skandalösa" gives us Magdalena (melancholic), Gabriel (sanguine), Venus (supine), and Ossian (phlegmatic).

4 Kids in 5E and 1 Crazy Year

Choleric Melancholic Supine Sanguine
Maximo Willie Giovanni Destiny

American Gods:

Choleric Melancholic Phlegmatic Sanguine
Mr. Wednesday Czernobog Shadow Mr. Nancy

In "The Anderssons" by Solveig Olsson-Hultgren, the four original Andersson sisters can be seen this way:

Choleric Melancholic Phlegmatic Sanguine
Elin Ida Sofia Mandi Greta

The original four members of The Baby-Sitters Club:

Choleric Melancholic Phlegmatic Sanguine
Kristy Stacey Mary Anne Claudia

Bailey School Kids

Choleric Melancholic Phlegmatic Sanguine
Eddie Liza Howie Melody

A Christmas Carol

Choleric Melancholic Supine Sanguine Phlegmatic
Ebenezer Scrooge Ghost of Jacob Marley Bob Cratchit & Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come Tiny Tim & Ghost of Christmas Present Ghost of Christmas Past

The four Pevensie Children in The Chronicles of Narnia, each one between temperaments:

Chol-Sanguine Melan-Choleric Sup-ancholic Sang-Supine
Edmund Peter Susan Lucy

Circle of Magic, where each character is a combination of two: Sandry (sanguine-choleric), Tris (melancholic-choleric), Daja (phlegmatic-melancholic), and Briar (choleric-phlegmatic).

A Clockwork Orange:

Choleric Melancholic Phlegmatic Sanguine
George Alex Pete Dim

The Col/Sec Trilogy

Sanguine Jeko Genki Boy
Choleric Heleth Tsundere Action Girl
Melancholic Rontal Deadpan Snarker
Supine Samella empathic Wrench Wench
Phlegmatic Cord Fiery Redhead Nature Hero

The core four of Everworld:

Choleric Melancholic Phlegmatic Sanguine
Christopher David Jalil April

The main characters of The Fire-Us Trilogy fit into the ensemble, first in the original four-person arrangement, and later into the five-person setup.

Sanguine Angerman Loud, headstrong, string-the-little-kids-along-in-an-hour
Choleric Hunter Focused hard worker, taking on most of the physical work
Melancholic Teacher Devoter of all her time to studying and taking care of the Book, pragmatic with few people skills
Supine Mommy Hugely loving and devoted to her friends, but unstable and sometimes very weak, psychologically
Phlegmatic Cory When she later joins the group

The Great Gatsby

Choleric Melancholic Supine Sanguine Phlegmatic
Tom Buchanan Nick Carraway Jordan Daisy Jay Gatsby

The Hannibal Lecter novels: Lecter himself and Clarice Sterling (melancholic), Will Graham (choleric), and Jack Crawford (phlegmatic).

  • Nazi looters who eat Lecter's sister:
Choleric Melencholic Supine Sanguine Phlegmatic
Grutas Grentz Kolnas Dortlich Milko
  • The Verger family in Hannibal: Mason (choleric), Molson (melancholic), Margot (phlegmatic).

The four houses of Hogwarts in Harry Potter:


4 Houses

4 Marauders



Some Prominent


Sanguine Gryffindor James Potter Ron Sybil Trelawney
Choleric Slythrerin Sirius Black Harry Minerva McGonagall
Melancholic Ravenclaw Remus Lupin Hermione Severus Snape


or Supine

Hufflepuff Peter Pettigrew Neville Albus Dumbledore

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Choleric Melancholic Supine Sanguine Phlegmatic
Arthur Marvin Ford Zaphod Trillian

The D Squad in The Homework Machine:

Choleric Melancholic Phlegmatic Sanguine
Snik Judy Brenton Kelsey

The Horus Heresy novels, set in an earlier era of Warhammer 40000, toy with this openly with Warmaster Horus' inner advisory circle during the first few novels:

Choleric Melancholic Phlegmatic Sanguine
Ezekyle Abaddon "Little Horus" Aximand Garviel Loken Tarik Torgaddon

In the Time of The Butterflies by Julia Alvarez (a Dramatization of the lives of the Mirabal sisters from the Dominican Republic):

Choleric Melancholic Phlegmatic Sanguine
Minerva Mirabal Dede Patria Maria Teresa "Mate" Mirabal

The four boys in the camp plot of Jelly Belly:

Choleric Melancholic Phlegmatic Sanguine
Richard Protagonist Ned Hog Max

The Borejko sisters in Jezycjada:

Choleric Melancholic Phlegmatic Sanguine
Ida Natalia Patrycja Gabriela

Bite Me of the Legends of Laconia series:

The 4 March sisters in Little Women:

Sanguine Amy Overdramatic but pleases-without-effort
Choleric Jo Impulsive, quick-tempered and highly ambitious
Melancholic Beth Kind and quiet, and to be expected
Phlegmatic Meg The Kirk and the Team Mom

Lord of the Flies

Choleric Melancholic Phlegmatic Sanguine
Jack Piggy Simon Ralph

The four Hobbits in The Lord of the Rings are a great example of in-between temperaments and how they interact:

Chol-Sanguine Melan-Choleric Sup-ancholic Sang-Supine
Pippin Frodo Sam Merry

The Lords of Discipline

Choleric Melancholic Phlegmatic Sanguine
Mark Will Tradd Pig

The Maze Runner Trilogy:

Choleric Melancholic Phlegmatic Sanguine
Minho Thomas Jorge Brenda

The McGurk Mysteries: the original four kids in the McGurk Detective Agency.

Choleric Melancholic Phlegmatic Sanguine
Jack McGurk Joey Rockaway Willie Sandowski Wanda Grieg

Miss Prince

Choleric Melancholic Supine Sanguine Phlegmatic
Sara Freya Lucinda Gerda Erlina

The Monkey Wrench Gang:

Choleric Melancholic Phlegmatic Sanguine
Hayduke Smith Abbzug Doc Sarvis

On the Road

Choleric Melancholic Phlegmatic Sanguine
Dean Moriarty Carlo Marx Marylou Sal Paradise

Phantom's Reckoning 2

Choleric Melancholic Phlegmatic Sanguine
Tatsuya & Makoto Yuki Kaori Shoji

In The Poisonwood Bible, the Price ladies minus Ruth May fit this:

Choleric Melancholic Phlegmatic Sanguine
Leah Adah Orleanna Rachel

In Red Mars, psychologist Michel Duval slots the classical temperaments into his own psychological theory: Sanguine = Extroverted + Stabile; Choleric = Extroverted + Labile; Phlegmatic = Introverted + Stabile; Melancholic = Introverted + Labile.

The Roman Mysteries: This is actually explictly stated in the books, which is justified because it takes place during a time period when doctors still believed in the four humors.

The Saga of Incredible Weirdness: the later books have the four eldest Marshall brothers (as the second group):

Choleric Melancholic Supine Sanguine Phlegmatic
Scarlett Hobbes Geraldine Scotty K



Joe Jr. Ted ------ Bobby Jack

Sammy Keyes and her friends:

Choleric Melancholic Phlegmatic Sanguine
Sammy Dot Marissa Holly

A Separate Peace: Gene (phlegmatic), Finny (choleric), Leper (sanguine/supine), and Brinker (melancholic).

The four girls of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants:

Chol-Sanguine Carmen the Spicy Latina who snaps easily.
Melan-Choleric Tibby Snark Knight, according to whom screaming "Screw the world!" is much easier than feeling anything.
Sup-ancholic Lena Shrinking Violet who's saddened by knowing that people who have lost everything (Kostas and Bridget) are still open to love while she is afraid to let herself love
Sang-Supine Bridget single-minded the Genki Girl

Sleepers by Lorenzo Carcaterra: four protagonists and, interestingly, the four abusive guards at the reform school fit this paradigm rather neatly.

Choleric Melancholic Phlegmatic Sanguine


Michael Tommy Shakes John



Nokes Styler Ferguson Addison

The four Compson children in The Sound and the Fury:

Choleric Melancholic Phlegmatic Sanguine
Jason Quentin Benjy Caddy

The Star Wars Expanded Universe, in the four pilots of the X Wing Series:

Chol-Sanguine Melan-Choleric Sup-ancholic Sang-Supine
Wedge Hobbie Tycho Wes
  • During Starfighters of Adumar, they even get appropriate identifiers; respectively, "the diligent one", "the dour one", "the doleful one", and "the darling one."

Tale of the Troika: not the protagonists, but the Troika.

Choleric Melancholic Phlegmatic Sanguine
Khlebovvodov Farfurkis Vunyokov Vybegallo

Done deliberately by Émile Zola as a character study in Thérèse Raquin:

Choleric Melancholic Phlegmatic Sanguine
MMe. Raquin Thérèse Camille Laurent

The Three Musketeers

Choleric Melancholic Phlegmatic Sanguine
Porthos Athos Aramis sidekick d'Artagnan

From The Tillerman Family Series: Dicey (choleric), James (phlegmatic), Maybeth (melancholic/supine), and Sammy (sanguine).

The Night Lords of Warhammer40000 are introduced this way. The lineup for First Claw at the beginning Soul Hunter played for the worst of each humor, because to do otherwise wouldn't be Grimdark.

  • Sanguine: Uzas. His emotions are all or nothing; he's almost universally violent, irritated or sullen when he isn't an unreadable shell. Thinks only of himself, which is how he became corrupt in the first place. He himself admits he all but runs on a slow, seething rage.
  • Choleric: Xarl. Cynic, chronic complainer, suspicious pessimist, and yet somehow a very capable Lancer for Talos. Throws his whole life into the sword and it shows in every sense of the word.
  • Melancholic: Talos. His romanticism of his Legion's past and the power his prophetic abilities have over his life have left him worn thin all around. Known to brood over both. His stubbornness won't let him put anything less than his heart and soul into what he does however, and it's nearly killed him before.
  • Phlegmatic: Cyrion. Possibly the most easy going of the group, and the most vocally distressed at the state of the Legion, although it also means he stands out the least in the shambling wreck of a squad.

Warrior Cats

Choleric Melancholic Phlegmatic Sanguine
Lionblaze Jayfeather Ivypool Dovewing

V. C. Andrews' Wildflowers series:

Choleric Melancholic Phlegmatic Sanguine
Star Jade Cat Misty
  • Her Orphans series also has this, although it's not as pronounced: Janet/Butterfly is definitely phlegmatic, Crystal is probably melancholic, Brooke (who narrates the final book in the series) fits sanguine the best, and Raven is a mix of choleric and melancholic.

In tod Strasser's Wildlife trilogy, boy howdy are the Coming Attractions a textbook example:

Choleric Melancholic Phlegmatic Sanguine
Gary Carl Susan Oscar

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz:

Chol-Sanguine Melan-Choleric Sup-ancholic Sup-anguine
Scarecrow Cowardly Lion Nick Chopper/

Tin Woodsman

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