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  • Fridge Horror:
    • There is an imaginary friend shaped like a raindrop that likes to jump off the roof. He has a little umbrella so he can just float down however he likes company. He drags people up to the roof to jump off with him when they are sad.
    • Actually most people might not realize it but actually the ENTIRE universe of Fosters is nothing but pure Fridge Horror. They all exist in a universe where all of a persons imaginative thoughts can come to life if believed in hard enough, so that would mean somewhere the visual and audible hallucinations of the mentally insane are alive and secretly roaming somewhere and menacing and possibly killing people at random.
      • Imagine what someone cunning and evil would think up!
        • And THAT, my friend, is what's known as an "Extremosaur".
        • Though, it can be theorized that only children can do this.
    • However absolutely nothing personifies the Fridge Horror of Fosters then Cheese. As a cartoon he's fairly cute if only more then slightly annoying, however If one takes a minute to imagine it if Fosters were ever made into a live action film Cheese would appear as a small balding highly deformed human (in appearance) with bug eyes who makes disturbing screaming noises (sometimes in empty dark rooms) at random while also saying sentences in CreepyMonotones with deeply contorted expressions at yet somehow were are supposed to believe that hes invented/imagined by a sweet five year old girl.
    • It gets worse. Stop to consider for a moment that no imaginary friend is shown to age (it's suggested/easily believed that Herriman was just BORN that old). If that is the case, then one of three things must happen. One is that imaginaries never die, and will wander the world for all eternity, constantly seeking the attentions of children (which is horrible in and of itself). Second, there is a EUTHENASIA program for imaginaries. As a fan of the show, imagine your job being putting Wilt down. Options 1 and 2 could come together, and imaginaries eventually kill themselves. Option 3, the least nightmarish, is that they die with their creators. But in that event, imagine the job Foster's does. That means any kid could randomly wake up to either a dead imaginary friend, or (if they simply vanish) be totally abandoned by their best friend.
      • It is possible their lives continue if they bond to a new child, like they become linked to that one. Thus they'll never die so long as someone befriends them, which would make sense.
        • Explain Duchess then.
      • Foster's had around 2000 friends at its peak during the series; it's pretty established that not every kid imagines an imaginary friend. It's not that bad.
      • Possible solution: Friends live on love. If they've got a kid, they're fine. If not, Foster's sustains them. Even Duchess. Maybe it's because of the power and purity of Madame Foster's imagination, which is referenced as being damn near a superpower. That would mean, though, that when she passed, Foster's would fade away unless someone took her position, like Mac. Missed Crowning Moment of Heartwarming.
        • I can't remember if "wild imaginaries" are ever mentioned. Maybe they have a "friend catcher".
  • Imaginary characters become real in this verse... so what about fiction? How do writers tell a story without bringing every one of their characters to life? Sure, for some genres, this wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing, but what about sci-fi and horror? Every single villain and monster in all of fiction would be real in the Foster's universe. Bloo referred to Godzilla in one episode. So then, that would mean that every one of the world-shaking monsters in that franchise *alone* must exist, or have existed at some point. To say nothing of childhood boogeymen. Every city in the world should be teeming with eldritch abominations of every description!
    • I'm pretty sure it's voluntary normally.
  • How about this. People could develop a crush on a fictional person or even a real one and imagine up that character/person instantly in love with them or even their sex slave. Not to mention the fact it could be used for identity theft or standard theft. Imagine up a person you don't like with them under your control and then proceed to send them out on a killing spree. Have the friend hide and get the person arrested. Still, the sex slave part might be the worst. How many child molester imagine up kids and rape them? Is there any legal protection for friends?
    • If it helps, maybe there's a limit in terms of maturity as to when someone can cause an imaginary friend to manifest?
      • Also, in "Emancipation Complication", Madam Foster said that Lil' Lincoln 'illegally sold imaginary friends', meaning that there is definitely some laws regarding imaginary friends.
  • World was sealed inside of a toy chest. Ok, fair enough, but we have no way of knowing just how long he was in there! Apparently long enough to make him extremely mentally unstable. Think about it, he was sealed in that chest, alone, for who knows how long. Yeah, he's a Reality Warper, but he's unable to make the one thing he wanted more than anything else, other sentient creatures to actually interact with. Imagine being in an entire world with you being the only sentient being in all of wonder he was so upset when they tried to take Frankie away...
  • Not only that Foster's takes place in a world where children are so unimaginative that they need to adopt other people's imaginary friends, lots of imaginary friends in Foster's are imaginative gems such as "Camera-y", "Lightbulby" and "Wall-y".
  • And now for some Fridge Brilliance, in the episode where Bloo thinks Mac is a nerd, Bloo is put up for adoption and everyone thinks he is like some famous person for no explanation. Until you remember this takes place after Bloo was a TV star.
  • In the movie/Pilot... I realized that when Mac's mother told Mac that him having an imaginary friend may have been causing Terrance to pick on him... She was placing blame on the victim. What the hell Mac's Mom???
  • I'm surprised no one has mentioned Berry yet. A Yandere who fell in love with Bloo the first time she saw him, and would stop at nothing to get rid of his best friend, Mac. Yeah, she was terrifying and extremely messed up, but it does make you wonder who thought her up. It's even worse when he or she could have been worse than her...
    • Consider this: Berry is very cute and sweet on the outside, much like a small child. But she's insane on the inside and you would never guess until it was too late. This is very similar to actual children with mental illnesses. They look and act like everyone else and you would never guess that they had a mental illness. Some people don't even know (or believe) that children can have mental illnesses. So is it possible Berry was created by a mentally ill little girl?! And that Berry was dropped off at Foster's because the parents of that little girl finally realized their daughter had problems?
  • In Emancipation Complication, the tiny pen resembling Abraham Lincoln sold imaginary friends to do people's chores. You know, as slaves. Didn't the original Abraham Lincoln did something about slaves, too?
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