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Drinking Game: Forbiden Fruit The Tempation Of Edward Cullen

Abandon hope, all ye who decide to read this... fanfic. Still, if you want to, we've cooked up a drinking game that might make your ordeal a little more bearable. Feel free to add more if you wish. Have fun.

  • Take a drink for every time something that should be capitalized isn't.
  • Take a drink for every time there's no quotation marks when someone talks.
  • Take three drinks for every time she uses a bad metaphor for a penis.
  • Take two drinks every time Atlantiana gets misspelled.
  • Take two drinks every time Ewdard shows up.
  • Take a drink for every time someone talks in textspeak.
  • Take a drink for every time Atlantiana's parents fail to do their duty as parents (or just fail.)
  • Take a drink for every time she misspells something that just makes the scene f*cking hilarious (i.e., the party at La Push in a beech tree, the fight scene in chapter 2, the existence of a 'campire').
  • Take two drinks for every bad sex scene. All of them.
  • Take a drink for every badly-written bondage scene.
  • Take a drink every time Edward speaks.

Name:Number of Chapters: Beverage:Comment:
Zadia and Eriwahr3Lemonade, water, and pizza.Started with a 2-litre bottle of lemonade. Ran out of lemonade. Refilled it with water and kept going. Emptied the bottle. Swapped to pizza because we were hungry and substituted 'bite' for 'drink'. Ran out of pizza. At this point it was midnight, so we gave up and went to bed. We hadn't even finished chapter 3.
Doc8Tap waterDear God, I don't think I've ever spent that long in the bathroom. I forced myself to read through all eight chapters (traumatic enough as that was...) without going to the bathroom (stupid, I know) because I wanted to do all eight in a row (a 2+2=5 logical leap). I spent roughly two hours reading through all eight chapters, then proceeded to go to the bathroom, where I had almost-goatse problems brought on by forcing myself to consume two and a half gallons of water within a 120-minute period of time. I was in there for five hours. FIVE. FREAKING. HOURS.
Sunny V3WaterQuit after chapter three due to fears of water poisoning.
TeamYamiFTW and a younger cousin4WaterThrew up after Chapter Two, Drank some more, threw up again part way through Chapter 3, finished Chapter 4, then just said "fuck it" and went to bed.
ConfusedShipper123 and Troper internetaddict8Two 8oz diet 7ups, one regular 7up, two 16 oz Amps, two 16oz Rockstars, 24 oz of coke and ice, and four sips of Ginger Ale/coke (between the both of us).We wrote up little notes and put them on Facebook for each chapter, to share our progress with friends, and to keep our sanity. I believe this chat with my boyfriend reflects our thoughts quite well: Me-'Anyway, Snoofles the Gay Talking Panda Bear on the coast of Washington, USA showed up!!!! :D' My boyfriend-'XD I can't wait to read it. Pardon my French but, WHAT THE F***!? (I am truly sorry for swearing. It was truly truly truly outrageous.)' We'd been considering doing the My Immortal game afterward, but we decided we weren't feeling quite that suicidal that day. o.O Anyway, although we felt the need to drench our minds in brain bleach afterward, we both had a lot of fun with this, and we're willing to do it again with more friends. xD
Tropers/wonk and sarah8Diet Coke, switched to chips after chapter 5Bought two 2.25 bottles in preparation for the challenge - had polished off both by the end of chapter 4. Brought in an extra Diet Coke 1.5 bottle for chapter 5. Were burping the entire time. Due to our bladders and stomachs threatening to explode, we switched to Doritos and Ready Salted Chips. Pretty much eating non-stop for the last paragraph. In the end we had to drop two of the rules just to make it through the entire story alive.
Hoshi Kami4Coffee, on chapter 2 switched to tap waterDrank almost all coffee in the house (a bottle of 2), in chapter 2 switched to water. Almost threw up in chapter 4. Stopped to ensure health.Will try again.
Sabel4TeaHad to stop part way through chapter four because drinking tea and laughing hysterically don't combine well. Also, I feared for my health. May or may not try it again, not entirely sure whether I lack enough self preservation.
Maddi and Emmy8 3/4Coke, Flavored Water, Sierra Mist, and Almonds Started out with about 1/8 a bottle of coke split between us, and two full bottles of Flavored water. First chapter dispelled the coke. After losing my Coke, I said 'Balls.' This made Emmy spit out her coke, fall on the ground and pee. After a towel cover, we continued on. At the end of the first chapter, I had almost thrown up and Emmy's dad was late to get home. I gave up due to fear of vomiting while Emmy forged on. About three fourths of the last chapter she gave up after JACOB THE WEREWOLF KING :D Summary on Deviantart -
Laurel8Cherry Pepsi and water I did the whole thing. I peed a lot afterward, but it wasn't as bad as when I did the My Immortal one, and I didn't puke. I ended up drinking 72 oz. of fluid and wrote a summary as I read it, which can be found here: .
Felix Falora2True Blueberry Tea I didn't drop any rules, I think. Maybe I interpreted some differently then others. Either way, I ended up finishing the whole gallon at the end of Chapter 2 feeling nauseated. Feel free to call me a pansy. I don't think I can go on.
Emster and Erika2Water and Lifewater We ran text aloud and had it read the story for us. lulz ensued.
Rousseau Is My Bro 3148CheeriosNo ill affects other than some slight nausea... and I'm still a little hungry!
TV's Frank5MilkMilk was a bad choice.
Rcone1Whiskey (6 oz.), tea, SakeReported by Dunewalker so that one of us was sober. Only halfway through the first chapter, he decides that alcahol was a bad choice. Stopped at the end of chapter one for health reasons. Perhaps he will attempt once more with something more reasonable to drink.
Axellerate1Water, apparentlyAxellerate was found dead yesterday of water poisoning. He had been writing down his thoughts on the fanfic, with words and phrases like "Oh, god, no!" and "MAKE IT END!" scrawled all over the page. The last page was nothing more than a scribble that seemed to be him giving his stuff to a llama in an attempt at a will. Axellerate, your death was a noble one. You shall be missed.
MurillionBlue8WaterTried a slimmed down version of the Drinking Game (numbers 3, 4, 5, kinda 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11) while taking tiny sips, and ended up drinking less than 500mL of water. Will try full version someday.
The Mad Arab and a friend2White wine and fuzzy lemon drinkStarted around 9, finished chapter 1 around 9:45, had way too much to drink, quit after one chapter. Friend kept going till the second chapter. Both of us threw up several times afterwards. Will be successful another time.
pendragonphreak8Mt. Dew, Coffee, WaterFirst thing to know about me: I have the ultimate Sucky Superpower, I literally cannot stop reading a fic once I get past about the 5th paragraph (or at least where the 5th one should be) I emptied a twelve pack of Mt. Dew by the third chapter, washed it down with multiple pots of coffee, then went at the eighth chapter with sips of water so I wouldn't get more buzzed than I already was. Never again, I only did this because of my dislike of Twilight, but I won't ever do it in any fandom ever, ever again.
SuomineitoThis review1.5 litres of water, one banana, three cups of tea and two Runeberg's torteFirst I drank the water, then the banana. Then one cup of tea followed by the Runeberg's torte and the other two cups of tea. Now I have headache which tends to happen when I have a lot to drink in a short period of time. And I need the toilet.
RIMokINA and a friend 1.5Diet Lime Coke and Mountain dew.My friend and I attempted this, we made it to half of the 2nd chapter, I drank one and a half cans of Diet Lime Coke, she drank one and a half cans of Mountain Dew.
Dannichan, and friends Ireland, Demon Queen, The Brit33 liters Dr.Pepper, 3 liters Pepsi I don't know what we thinking, but we did this anyway after the horrors of the My Immortal drinking game. Three chapters was all it took to have us all begging for a stomach pump and an ambulance. Maybe we'll eventually get through the whole thing but we'll need a lot more soda. About 20 liters worth probably
Lucifedes 51 330ml bottle of beer, 1 1.5L bottle of ice tea Had to have a break after the end of chapter 2 due to fears of throwing up, and had much smaller drinks from chapter 3 onwards. Finished off the ice tea halfway through chapter 5, looked at the bottle of vodka also on my desk, and decided I didn't quite feel like suicide by alcohol today. Now really really feel like throwing up. Perhaps I don't quite have the constitution for this...
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