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This page details tropes from poems that have been published by the writer who goes under the name of 'formrfuture' on TV tropes. From poems found in Northern Type 51 First Friend Children Are Innocent At first the two characters are innocent and get on very well. Rivalry comes later. Tomboy The main female character Innocence Lost The main male character becomes less innocent as the poem goes on. Wham! Line Male main character: some things are worth spitting at Narrative Poem It is this British Stuffiness The main female character pretends her objection to the spitting is based on this. Violent Glaswegian Main male character becomes this at the end and it's hinted that right at the very end the main female might too

Fire of New Year

Dawn: Early Rising Fighting Irish Poem focuses on this World War One Word of God says the dead died then. Present Day Word of God says poem takes place then. Narrative Poem It is this Heroic Sacrifice It focuses on this Irish Political System Slightly The Empire Opposes this Occupiers Out of Our Country! This is part of it

From Dust Mother Nature Main character could be seen as this due to her connection with fertility/blossom

From When the Giant Comes to Call God Save Us From the Queen Main character is a deliberately unnamed queen. Brawn Hilda Strong, fat, tall, scary main character who depending on interpretation may be German or may be English. Ice Queen Main character is this especially because she's a Rich Bitch Evil Brit She is this Aristocrats Are Evil Main characer matches this trope Stiff Upper Lip Not shown as a particularly positive trait Politically-Incorrect Villain main character is portrayed as this The Empire Could be set here or could be result of this The Emporer She could be the emporess Master Race Main character might feel she is part of this Grande Dame The main character Government Conspiracy Maybe Inferred Holocaust The people she can ignore might be starving to death Put Them All Out of My Misery Three applies here Next Sunday AD Maybe. Crapsack World Set here Fridge Horror people are starving to death and she's bothered because she has to look up from her newspaper Narrative Poem this is the form

From Solitaire Shirtless Scene male lover steps out of shower wrapped just in a towel. Poem revolves around his conversation with girlfriend. Female Gaze Well given the above trope it has this. But it's not focused on too much. Wham! Line Female's announcing that there's no way to avoid death. Animal Motif The two lovers are likened to cats sizing each other up. Narrative Poem It is this Anyone Can Die Woman focuses on how everyone can die or is dead. Sacrificial Lamb May apply to the guy who might be dead in this. Or not. Word of God says it's closer to 'at risk'. It Always Rains At Funerals Hinted at with possibility of death and the rain outside. Marked to Die word of god interpretation of one character. Evil Brit The bad guys in the poem The Empire British empire is one of the themes here Author Appeal Estrogen Brigade Bait the guy who's just walked out of the shower & is wrapped in a towel. Word of God says he's hot.

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