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"You're sure to do impossible things

If you follow your heart

Your dreams will fly on magical wings

When you follow your heart
—"Follow Your Heart," Thumbelina

A song or musical theme, often overlapping with an "I Want" Song and becoming either a Bootstrapped Theme or Music of Note, about the power of following your dreams/your heart/a star and/or making wishes. When done right, will cause even the most jaded badass to cry Manly Tears at the Awesome Music, when done wrong you will say "Tastes Like Diabetes". The Diabetes flavor will become either quickly forgotten or a pandemic level Ear Worm ("Small World" class), the Awesome Music will become as notable if not more than the work it premiered in.

See also "Somewhere" Song.

Examples of Follow Your Heart include:

Animated Film


Live Action Film

  • "Wishing (Will Make It So)" from Love Affair.
  • "The Rainbow Connection" from The Muppet Movie, especially the reprise at the end ("Life's like a movie/Write your own ending...").

Musical Theatre

Other Music

  • "Follow Your Heart (And You Won't Get Lost)" by Brett Dennen.
  • Pretty much every single American Idol winner song ever recorded.
  • "Listen To Your Heart" by Roxette.
  • "If You Loved Her" by Everything Else.
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