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Let's be honest. The Final Fantasy series always had a thing for making the protagonist's and antagonist's relationship feel... rather personal. Therefore, when you put together the ten main heroes and ten main antagonist of ten games... well, THIS happens! Awkwardness and creepiness ahoy!

And now, some of the more notorious examples are illustrated in this picture!


 Ultimecia: "Shall we dance?"

  • Let's not forget Ultimecia's response to Squall's breaking through her barrage in their pre-duel cutscene:

 Ultimecia: "So you would rather die hard."

    • Not to mention Ulty blatantly stroking his face. Sure, she had just went all ZA WARUDO! on him and was attempting to deliver a deathblow right afterward, but the fact that such a gesture was the last thing she does before trying to off him...
  • And speaking of these two, it's probably unintentional but worth noting that the end-credits montage, which features the Heroes' cutscenes from Destiny Odyssey, has Squall and Ultimecia's scene set to a snippet of "Eyes On Me", their game's love theme.
  • Things get further unusual when Squall, the group's Team Mom, has to fight Warrior of Light, Team Dad in general. Look at it carefully and you might see a resemblance to a couple talking about how they should treat their children.
    • Even more apparent in 012, where Squall's intro to Bartz is "Would you stop fidgeting?" and sounds more like a mother preparing her kid for a flu shot than a combatant.
  • If you squint, Cloud of Darkness' Encounter quote for him. A challenge, or something more? Both, maybe?

 Cloud of Darkness: "Gun me down, if you can."

The Emperor

  • While not particularly obsessed with Firion, his lines to certain opponents can be... interesting.
    • Towards Zidane (it's mostly the tone, but the line itself isn't entirely innocent):

 The Emperor: "Do you intend to pick my pocket?"

    • Towards Terra:

 The Emperor: [chuckles] "Why don't you let me control you?"

      • ... Why does that sound like Jareth?
      • It doesn't help that he seems to be eying Terra out in the Dissidia opening and in the CGI parts of the Duodecim trailers.
    • His line when facing Cecil lends itself to... interpretations, both tone and line alone:

 The Emperor: "Ought you not be on our side?"

  • And check Kuja's entry.
  • Moreso Minion Shipping/Unholy Matrimony than pure Foe Yay, but most fans see something going on between Mateus and Ultimecia given the sheer number of scenes in which they are seen plotting together. His Encounter line towards her in the original Dissidia suggests something of a Worthy Opponent-like relationship. As one fan best put it, "it's merely a matter of who tops".

 The Emperor: "Let us crown the true master."

Cloud of Darkness

  • Cloud of Darkness has quite a lot of Foe Yay with everyone thanks to her husky voice, but special mention must go to her BDSM-licious response to Sephiroth:

 Cloud of Darkness: "The truly mighty must be leashed."

 Tidus: "I can score even in the dark!"


  • Kefka's obsession with Terra is also utterly creepy. Of course, given that he's a Monster Clown, that's the point, but still, check the lines:

 Kefka: "Time to come home to papa!"

Kefka: "Hello, my pretty!"

  • And while this line may be an somewhat incorrect translation, or just easy to misinterpret, Kefka's pre-battle one liner to Firion speaks a lot:

 Kefka: "Ooh... aren't you hot!"

    • It's a bit of both. The line in Japanese roughly translates to "You must be sweltering", referring to the amount of gear Firion carries.
  • And don't even asks where it goes if you have Kefka fighting himself...
    • For the curious, it's:
  • Dissidia 012 ramps up the Foe Yay between him and Terra to the point it rivals Cloud and Sephiroth. His comments about her sound like as an abusive parent at best and an abusive lover at worst. When she resists his control he tortures her into submission with the line "Sorry babe, I only hurt you because you make me!" When she escapes he remarks "she always comes running straight back into my arms," and he has pet names for her, including "sweetcakes" and "dame."
    • Then, less perverted but no less disturbing, is this gem.

 Kefka: "You better straighten up missy, or I'll hafta teach you a lesson!"


  • ALL of Sephiroth's dialogue directed at Cloud. ALL OF IT! And it only gets creepier as it progresses.

 Sephiroth: "Such a good boy! You've come back to me where you belong."

Sephiroth: "On your knees! I want you to beg for forgiveness."

  • Heck, he has Foe Yay with everyone, to judge by the quote he uses after executing one of his attacks: "You look good."
  • And everyone certainly seems to make a big deal out of Sephiroth stealing Firion's rose, especially when you're told he's run off to the enemy's stronghold by himself because "something precious of his was stolen." (It doesn't help one bit that the guy's Japanese Fan Nickname translates to "virgin.")
  • 012 has Tifa Lockhart. However, her normal intro quote is anything but this trope. Her intro quote in one of the reports however....


  • And of course, the rather feminine-looking Kuja's obsession with Zidane also deserves mention. Not only does he have four encounter lines for him, but Ultimecia makes it all even creepier.

 Ultimecia: "By now, Kuja should be having his way with Zidane and Bartz."

  • And then -- more Ho Yay than Foe Yay, but still in a battle -- there's his encounter line for The Emperor:

 Kuja: "You think you can dominate me?"


  • Not that they're actually foes except in the sense that they can fight each other, but Terra will deliver this line to Chivalrous Pervert Zidane before a fight:

 Terra: "What do you intend to steal from me?"

  • While Zidane isn't interested in hitting on the one actual female on the Chaos side, she doesn't hesitate to deliver an interesting encounter line to him.

 Ultimecia: "I wonder if you can dance with me."

 "Kneel before me if you seek comfort."

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