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"I don't have a personality matrix so much as a personality vector."
"You have me all wrong. I'm more than just the same joke over and over again--you're thinking of Toot."
Everyone else in the movie can be summed up entirely by two-word descriptions. Danny Glover is: BLACK PRESIDENT. George Segal is: OLD DAD. Oliver Platt is: ASSHOLE BUREAUCRAT. Beatrice Rosen is: HOT WHORE. One of Cusack's kids still wets herself at age seven, an endearing character quirk until we realize that it's her defining characteristic. In fact, as the camera pulls back through the clouds to bring us the end credits, we get: "No more pull-ups!" she proudly tells a smiling Cusack. I forgot this was a plot point until she capped off the survival of humanity by reminding us of mankind's real victory: bladder control.
The characters... have a wide range of personalities, from "male" to "female" to "villain." Check them out!
Oh, Internet on Sonichu.
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