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Want to demonstrate that your villain is undeniably Chaotic Evil but also has a flair for the (melo)dramatic or a knack for classically decadent self-indulgence? Make him a Flaming Devil!

Simply put, the Flaming Devil is a representation of Satan with Camp Gay characteristics. While this type of villain may not be a demonstrable Depraved Homosexual, the implication is always clear. Whether or not he's particularly successful at villainy is irrelevant--in fact, he may even be Affably Evil--as long as he's effeminate and wicked.

The origins of this trope are Older Than Steam. Epicene depictions of Satan date back to the Middle Ages, in which folklore often described the Devil and his minions as having Ambiguous Genders and tempting men sexually. The homosexual implications in Christopher Marlowe's Doctor Faustus and overtly gay Mephistopheles in Goethe's Faust eventually codified the image of a gleefully evil and flamboyantly effeminate devil.

While this trope carries its own Unfortunate Implications (conflating effeminacy and/or homosexuality with evil), the Flaming Devil almost never appears in works meant to be taken seriously and is rarely the subject of audience complaints.

Not necessarily related to Horny Devils. See also Sissy Villain. Though it is possible that they could overlap, the or a devil appearing Wreathed in Flames is a different trope.

Examples of Flaming Devil include:

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