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Can you guess which is which?

The Five-Man Band is a group of characters whose members fall into archetypes which all complement one another. They are a very specific team with skills that contribute to the group in a unique way. Here are some places where the trope occurs in animation: |}

Neo Yokio

The Hero Kaz Kaan
The Lancer Lexy
The Big Guy Charles
The Smart Guy Gottlieb
The Chick Arcangelo Corelli, Helena
The Mentor Aunt Agatha Kaan, Sales Clerk

The New Archies

The Hero Archie Andrews
The Lancer Reggie Mantle
The Smart Guy Eugene
The Big Guy Moose Mason and Jughead Jones
The Chicks Veronica Lodge, Betty Cooper, and Amani

The Next Avengers

The Hero James (The Quiet One, actually.)
The Lancer Hawkeye
The Smart Guy Pym
The Big Guy Azari
The Chick Torunn

The Night B4 Christmas

The Hero Elvin
The Lancer Seamus
The Smart Guy Jel-O
The Big Guy Pup Daddy
The Chick Evilina (after her Heel Face Turn)

Ni Hao, Kai-Lan

The Hero Kai-Lan
The Lancer / The Big Guy Rintoo
The Smart Guy Tolee
The Chick Lulu
Kid Appeal Character Hoho
Team Dad Ye-Ye (Kai-Lan's grandfather)

The Nutshack

The Hero / The Smart Guy Phil Matibag
The Lancer Tito Dick
The Big Guy Jack
The Chick Chita
Team Pet Horat

The Oblongs

The Famliy

The Hero Pickles (Possebly the most normal looking member of the family)
The Lancer Bob (He has no limbs)
The Smart Guy Milo (Squint eyed bald boy)
The Big Guy Biff and Chip (Conjointed twins)
The Chick Beth (Tiny lump sticking out from her hair)

Milo's Friends

The Hero Milo
The Lancer Peggy (Missing lower jaw and only one jug)
The Smart Guy Susie (Pale skin and creepy tendencies)
The Big Guy Helga (Morbidly Obese)
The Chick Mikey (Big butt)

Ka Blam!: The Off-Beats

The Hero Betty Anne Bongo
The Lancer Tommy
The Smart Guy August
The Big Guy Grubby Groo
The Chick Repunzil
Team Pet September
Sixth Ranger Kurt Waltz

101 Dalmatians: the Series

The Hero Lucky
The Lancer varies with the other three
The Smart Guy Spot
The Big Guy Rolly
The Chick Cadpig
Sixth Ranger Either Patch, Tripod or Two-Tone

Paw Paws

The Hero Princess Paw Paw (also The Chick)
The Lancer Brave Paw
The Big Guy Mighty Paw
The Smart Guy Trembly Paw
The (other) Chick Laughing Paw
Team Pet PaPooch
The Mentor Wise Paw


The Hero Charlie Brown
The Lancer Snoopy
The Big Guy Woodstock, Pig-Pen
The Smart Guy Linus Van Pelt
The Chick Sally Brown, Peppermint Patty, Marcie, Lucy van Pelt, Violet, Patty, Frieda
Tagalong Kid Rerun Van Pelt
The Mentor Miss Offmar
The Heart Little Red-Haired Girl
Action Girl Fifi the Poodle

The Pebbles and Bamm Bamm Show

The Hero Pebbles Flintstone
The Lancer Bam Bam Rubble
The Smart Guy Moonrock
The Big Guy Penny
The Chick Whiggy
Sixth Ranger Shleprock (Wowzy Wowzy)


The Eggert family

The Hero Pelswick
The Lancer / The Chick Kate
The Smart Guy Quentin
The Big Guy Gram-Gram (Priscilla)
Tagalong Kid Bobby
Sacrificial Lamb Mirlyon

Pelswick's friends

The Hero Pelswick
The Lancer / The Smart Guy Ace
The Big Guy Goon
The Chicks Julie and Sandra
The Mentor Mr. Jimmy

The Penguins of Madagascar

The Hero Skipper
The Lancer / The Smart Guy Kowalski
The Big Guy Rico
The Chick Private and Marlene
Sixth Ranger King Julien
Tagalong Kid / Team Pet Mort

Peter Pan and The Pirates

The Hero Peter Pan
The Lancer Slightly
The Smart Guy (standard version) Curly
The Smart Guy (Gadgeteer Genius version) The Twins
The Smart Guy (The Professor version) John
The Big Guy Nibs
The Chick (Fairy Companion version) Tinker Bell
The Chick (Team Mom version) Wendy
The Heart Tootles
Tagalong Kid Michael

Phineas and Ferb

The main characters and their friends (plus their Author Avatar counterparts, Team Improbable)

The Hero Phineas (Multi-Man)
The Lancer / The Quiet One Ferb (Ferbguy)
The Smart Guy Baljeet (Hanuman Man) (sometimes The Chick)
The Big Guy Buford (Belchman)
The Chick Isabella (The Rainbow) (sometimes The Smart Guy)
Sixth Ranger Django (only in Season One), later Irving (though he acts more like a Tagalong Kid himself)
Team Pet Perry (at least from the kids' perspective)
Anti-Hero Candace (Control Freak)

The Fireside Girls

The Hero Isabella
The Lancer Adyson
The Smart Guy Gretchen
The Big Guy Ginger (if only in the sense that she's the tallest)
The Chicks Holly, Milly and Katie
Eighth Ranger Candace, later Melissa

* Note: In Summer Belongs To You, Adyson takes charge in Isabella's absence. Unnamed Brunette is a Eighth Ranger in one episode, and later Unnamed Blond is a Eighth Ranger in few episodes.

Agent P

The Hero Agent P
Token Evil Teammate Dr. Doofenscmirtz
The Smart Guy Carl
The Big Guy Norm
Mission Control Major Monogram

Plum Landing

The Hero Plum and Gabi
The Lancer Oliver
The Big Guy Cooper
The Smart Guy Brad
The Chick Clem

Pound Puppies (The Hub's 2010 version)

The Hero Lucky
The Lancer Cookie
The Smart Guy Squirt
The Chick / Gadgeteer Genius Strudel
The Big Guy Niblet
Team Pets The squirrel assistants

Pound Puppies (Hanna Barbera's 1986 version)

The Hero Cooler
The Lancer Whopper
The Big Guy Howler
The Smart Guy Bright Eyes
The Chick Nose Marie

The Powerpuff Girls

The Hero / The Smart Guy Blossom
The Lancer / The Big Guy Buttercup
The Chick Bubbles
Team Dad Professor Utonium

* Note: Blossom isn't that smart in the anime.

The Proud Family

The Proud family

The Hero and The Chick Penny
The Lancer Oscar (sometimes The Big Guy)
The Big Guy Suga Mama (sometimes The Lancer)
The Smart Guy Trudy
Tagalong Babies BeBe and CeCe
Team Pet Puff the Dog

Penny's friends

The Hero Penny
The Lancer Dijonay
The Big Guy Zoey
The Smart Guy Sticky
The Chick LaCienega

Quack Pack

The Hero Huey
The Smart Guy Dewey
The Big Guy Louie
The Lancer Donald Duck
The Chick Daisy

Quest for a Heart

The Hero Rolli
The Lancer Both Millie and Footman cover this position
The Smart Guy Longwind
The Big Guy Big Rolli (also the Sixth Ranger)
The Chick Atonal

The Raccoons

The Hero Bert
The Lancer Ralph
The Smart Guy Cedric
The Big Guy Schaeffer
The Chick Melissa and Sophia
Sixth Ranger Lisa (sometimes The Big Guy)
Team Pet Broo
Tagalong Kid Bentley

Rainbow Rangers

The Hero Rosie Redd
The Lancer Indigo Allfruit
The Big Guy Anna Banana
The Smart Guy Bonnie Blueberry and Pepper Mintz
The Chick Lavender LaViolette and Mandarin Orange
The Mentor Kalia
Team Pet Floof

Rambo: the Force of Freedom

The Hero / The Big Guy John Rambo
The Lancer Eddie "Turbo" Hayse
The Smart Guy White Dragon
The Chick Katheren Ann Taylor
The Mentor Col. Samual Troutman

The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest

The Hero Jonny
The Lancer Hadji
The Smart Guy Dr. Quest
The Big Guy Race
The Chick Jessie
Team Pet Bandit

The Real Ghostbusters

The Hero Peter Venkman (not heroic but he is the de facto leader)
The Lancer Winston Zeddmore
The Smart Guy Egon Spengler (you have to ask?)
The Big Guy Ray Stantz (the most innocent personality, playing on the Gentle Giant variant)
The Chick Janine Melnitz
Team Pet Slimer

Real Monsters

The Hero Ickis
The Lancer Oblina
The Big Guy Snav
The Smart Guy Krumm
The Chick Dizzle
Team Pet Fungus
Team Dad Slickis
Tagalong Kid Bradley


The main cast

The Hero T.J.
The Lancer Vince
The Smart Guy Gretchen
The Big Chick Spinelli
The Big Heart Mikey (also a Gentle Giant)
Sixth Ranger / Kid Appeal Character Gus

The Ashleys (They are The Chicks, but Spinelli is a friend of T.J.'s)

The Hero Ashley A
The Lancer Ashley B
The Big Guy Ashley Q
The Smart Guy Ashley T
Fifth Ranger Ashley S (Spinelli in First Name Ashley)

The Teachers

The Hero Principal Prickly
The Lancer Miss Finster (and Randall is her lancer)
The Smart Guy Miss Lemon (and Menlo)
The Big Guy Mr. E
The Chick Miss Grotke (doubles as The Heart)

Regular Show

The Hero Mordecai
The Lancer Rigby
The Smart Guy Skips (also The Big Guy when needed)
The Big Guy Muscle Man (when he sides with the crew)
The Chick Pops
Sixth Ranger Benson (when he's not being a dick)

Rick and Morty

The Smith-Sanchez family

The Hero / The Smart Guy Rick
The Lancer / Tagalong Kid Morty
The Big Guy / The Chick Summer
Team Mom Beth
Team Dad Jerry

Road Rovers

The Hero Hunter
The Lancer Blitz
The Smart Guy Exile
The Big Guy Shag
The Chick Colleen
Team Pet Muzzle

Roary the Racing Car

The cars

The Hero Roary
The Lancer Maxi
The Smart Guy Drifter
The Big Guy Tintop
The Chick Cici


The Hero Robotboy
The Lancer Tommy (also he can be The Smart Guy qualifies)
The Big Guy Gus
The Chick Lola (also she can be The Smart Guy qualifies)
The Smart Guy / The Mentor Professor Moshimo

Rocket Power

The Hero Otto Rocket
The Lancer Twister Rodriguez, sometimes Reggie
The Smart Guy / The Big Guy Sam/Squid Dullard (Genius Bruiser)
The Chick Reggie Rocket


The Hero Spin
The Lancer Lance
The Big Guy Pounder
The Chick Penny
The Smart Guy / Kid Appeal Character Tinny

Ruby Gloom

The Hero Ruby
The Lancer Skull Boy
The Smart Guy Scaredy Bat
Kid Appeal Character / Action Girl Iris
The Big Guys Frank & Len
The Chick Misery
Team Pet Doom Kitty and Mr. Buns
The Mentor Poe


The Hero Tommy Pickles
The Lancer Phil DeVille
The Big Guy Chuckie Finster
The Smart Guy Lil DeVille (sometimes)
The Chicks Susie Carmichael, Kimi Finster and Angelica Pickles
Sixth Ranger Dil Pickles

Sabrina the Animated Series

The Hero Sabrina
The Lancer Zelda
The Smart Guy Chloe
The Big Guy Harvey
The Chick Hilda
Sixth Ranger Pi
Team Pet Salem

Sagwa the Chinese Siamese Cat

The main cast

The Hero Sagwa
The Lancer /The Smart Guy Fu-Fu
The Big Guy Dongwa
The Chick Sheegwa
Tagalong Kid Shei-Hu
Mentor Archetypes Nai-Nai, Yeh-Yeh, Mama, Baba


The Hero The Foolish Magistrate
The Lancer Tai-Tai
The Smart Guy The Reader
The Big Guy The Cook
The Chicks The Daughters (Ba-Do, Luk-Do, and Huang-Do)

The Save-Ums

The Hero Jazzi
The Lancer Custard
The Smart Guy Noodle
The Big Guy Ka-Chung
The Chick Foo
Tagalong Kid B.B. Jammies
Team Pets Puffs

School for Vampires

The Students

The Hero Oscar
The Lancer Gruftine (Stoker would probably like to think he's this, but she fits the role better)
The Smart Guy Tinto
The Big Guy Stoker
The Chick Klot
Sixth Ranger Ashley

The Faculty

The Hero Alarich von Horrificus
The Lancer Lady Kryptina
The Smart Guy Archibald Oxford
The Chick Nestor

Scooby Doo

The Hero Freddy Jones
The Lancer Norville 'Shaggy' Rogers
The Smart Guy Velma Dinkley
The Chick Daphne Blake
The Big Guy Scooby Doo (also The Team Pet)

Alternate, if you really regard Scooby as the protagonist

The Hero Scooby Doo
The Lancer Fred Jones
The Big Guy Shaggy Rogers
The Smart Guy Velma Dinkley
The Chick Daphne Blake
Team Pet / Tagalong Kid / The Scrappy Scrappy Doo


The Hero Scruff
The Lancer Tricks
The Smart Guy Strummer
The Big Guy Hauntie the Ghost Hound
The Chick Princess
Sixth Ranger White Socks
Team Mom Sanda

Sealab 2020

The Hero Paul Williams
The Lancer Robert Murphy and Hal
The Smart Guy Gail
The Big Guy Ed
The Chick Sally
Tagalong Kid Jamie
The Mentor Mike Murphy

The Secret of NIMH

The Hero Mrs. Brisby
The Lancer Jeremy
The Big Guy Brutus
The Smart Guy Mr. Ages
The Chick Cynthia
The Mentor Justin and Nicodemus
Mission Control Great Owl
Sixth Ranger Timmy
Cool Big Sis Teresa

Shadow Raiders (War Planets)

The Hero Graveheart (also The Chick)
The Lancer Jade
The Smart Guy Tekla
The Big Guy King Cryos
The (other) Chick Prince Pyrus
Tagalong Kid Lady Zera
Token Evil Teammate Femur
Sixth Ranger Zuma

Shirt Tales

The Hero Rick Raccoon
The Lancer Tyg Tiger
The Big Guy Bogey Orangutan
The Smart Guy Digger Mole
The Chick Pammy Panda
Sixth Ranger Kip Kangaroo (in Season Two)

Sid The Science Kid

The Hero Sid
The Lancer Gabriela
The Smart Guy / The Chick May
The Big Guy Gerald
The Mentor Susie


The Hero Quicksilver
The Lancer Col. Bluegrass (sometimes The Smart Guy)
The Smart Guy Copper Kidd (sometimes Tagalong Kid)
The Big Guy Steelwill
The Chick Steelheart (sometimes The Lancer)
The Mentor Stargazer
Sixth Rangers Hotwing, Flashback, Moonstryker, Condor
Team Pet Tallyhawk

The Simpsons

The Simpsons Family

The Hero Homer
The Lancer Marge
The Big Guy Bart
The Smart Guy Lisa
The Chick Maggie
Sixth Rangerss Flanders & Moe
Team Dad Abe

A somewhat parody of one appeared where Bart gave everyone a title in Lemon of Troy

The Hero Bart ("I'm the leader")
The Lancer Milhouse ("My sidekick")
The Smart Guy Martin ("The smart guy")
The Big Guy Nelson ("The tough guy")
The Quiet One / The Chick Todd ("The quiet religous guy who ends up going crazy")
Sixth Ranger Database ("Never got named or mention by Bart, yet he was part of the team")

* Note: Since that episode included evil counterparts of all six kids, there's also an example of a Five-Bad Band.

Skunk Fu!

The Hero Skunk
The Lancer Rabbit
The Smart Guy (standard version) Duck
The Smart Guy (The Medic version) Turtle
The Big Guy Pig, Tiger, Killer Bees
The Chick Fox, Crane
Those Two Guys Bird and Ox
Sixth Rangers Frog, Praying Mantis, Fish, Snake
The Mentor Master Panda

Sky Dancers

The Hero Angelica
The Lancer Slam
The Smart Guy Jade
The Big Guy Breeze
The Chick Camille
The Mentor Skyla

The Smurfs The adult Smurfs

The Hero Papa Smurf
The Lancer / The Smart Guy Brainy Smurf
The Big Guy Greedy Smurf, Hefty Smurf, Grouchy Smurf
The Chick Smurfette
Tagalong Kid Baby Smurf
Sixth Ranger Vanity Smurf, Clumsy Smurf, Harmony Smurf, Cook Smurf, Lazy Smurf, Farmer Smurf, Dreamy Smurf, and Jokey Smurf

The Smurflings

The Hero Nat Smurfling
The Lancer / The Big Guy Snappy Smurfling
The Smart Guy Slouchy Smurfling
Fourth Ranger / The Chick Sassette Smurfling

The Snorks

The Hero Allstar
The Lancers Junior and Dimmy
The Big Guy Jojo
The Heart Casey
Kid Appeal Character Tooter
The Chick Daffney
The Mentor Doctor Galleo
Team Pet Occy
Tagalong Kid Willy

Sonic the Hedgehog

The Freedom Fighters

The Hero Sonic
The Lancer Sally
The Smart Guy Rotor and Tails
The Big Guy Antoine
The Chick Bunnie

Season 2

The Hero Sonic
The Lancer Sally
The Smart Guy Uncle Chuck
The Big Guy Antoine (still...)
The Chick Dulcy
Sixth Ranger Tails (as of the episode Drood Henge)


The Hero Sonic
The Lancer Sally
The Smart Guy Uncle Chuck, Rotor, Tails
The Big Guy Antoine
The Chick Bunnie, Dulcy

South Park

The Boys

The Hero Stan Marsh
The Lancer Butters Stotch
The Big Guy Eric Cartman
The Smart Guy Kyle Brovflovski
The Chick Kenny McCormick

The Girls

The Heroine Wendy Testaburger
The Lancer Bebe Stevens
The Big Gal Heidi Turner
The Smart Gal Tammy Warner
The Chick Red Bertha


The Hero Luna
The Lancer Juno
The Smart Guy Athena
The Big Guy Hera
The Chick Rhea

SpongeBob SquarePants

The Hero Spongebob
The Lancer Patrick
The Smart Guy Squidward
The Big Guy / Token Evil Teammate Mr. Krabs
The Chick Sandy
Team Pet Gary

Stargate Infinity

The Hero Gus Bonner
The Lancer Seattle Montoya
The Big Guy Stacey Bonner (although Gus looks like The Big Guy)
The Chick R. J. Harrison
The Smart Guy Ec'co

Star Wars Ewoks

The Hero Wicket
The Lancer and The Chick Kneesa
The Big Guy Paploo
The Smart Guy Teebo
The (other) Chick Latara
Tagalong Kid Malani

Station Zero

The Hero Chino
The Lancer / The Big Guy Karaz (with shades of The Heart)
The Smart Guy Scooter
Fourth Ranger DJ Tech

Steven Universe

The Hero Steven Universe
The Lancer / The Smart Guy Pearl
The Big Guy Garnet
The Chick Amethyst

Steven Universe: Future

The Hero / The Smart Guy Steven Universe
The Lancer Pearl
The Big Guy Garnet
The Chick Amethyst (also a Plucky Comic Relief)


The Hero Emma
The Lancer Fin McCloud
The Big Guy Reef
The Smart Guy Broseph
The Chick Lo Ridgemount
Sixth Ranger Johnny

Storm Hawks

The Hero Aerrow
The Lancer Finn
The Smart Guy Stork
The Big Guy Junko
The Chick / Action Girl Piper (who doubles as the second Smart Guy)
Team Pet Radarr

Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures

The Hero Strawberry Shortcake
The Lancer Plum Pudding
The Big Guy Raspberry Torte
The Smart Guy Blueberry Muffin
The Chick Lemon Meringue and Orange Blossom

Street Frogs (from The Comic Strip)

The Hero Big Max
The Lancer Spider
The Big Guy Moose The Loose
The Smart Guy Dr. Slick (Subversion, he's a star)
The Chick Honey Love

Stroker and Hoop

The Hero Stroker
The Lancer and The Chick Hoop
The Big Guy CARR
The Smart Guy Double Wide

Stunt Dawgs

The Hero Needham
The Lancer Skidd
The Smart Guy Splat
The Big Guy Crash
The Chick Sizzle
Team Pet Human

The Super Mario Bros Super Show and its spinoffs

The Hero / The Smart Guy Mario
The Lancer Luigi
The Big Guy / Team Pet Yoshi
The Chick Princess Toadstool
Tagalong Kid Toad, and later Oogtar


The Hero Tyler
The Lancer Kevin
The Big Guy Roach
The Smart Guy / The Chick Shope
Those Two Guys Memnock and Zenblock

Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!

The Hero Chiro
The Lancer Antauri
The Smart Guy Gibson and Otto
The Big Guy SPRX-77
The Chick Nova (also doubles as Big Girl)
Sixth Ranger Traitor Mandarin
Eleventh-Hour Ranger Jinmay (in few episodes)

Super Why!

The Hero Wyatt Beanstalk
The Lancer Red
The Smart Guy / The Big Guy Pig
The Chick Princess Pea
Team Pet Woofster

Sushi Pack

The Hero / The Smart Guy Tako
The Lancer Kani
The Big Guy Ikura
The Chick Maguro
The Mentor Ben
Kid Appeal Character Wasabi

SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron

The Hero Jake "Razor" Clawson
The Lancer / The Big Guy Chance "T-Bone" Furlong
The Smart Guy Mayor Manx
The Chick Callie Briggs
Kid-Appeal Character Lt. Felina Feral
The Mentor Commander Ulysses Feral

The Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries

Big Good Granny
The Hero / Team Pet Tweety
The Lancer Sylvester
The Big Guy Hector

Sym-Bionic Titan

The Hero / The Chick Princess Ilana
The Lancer / The Big Guy Lance
The Smart Guy Octus

Tale Spin

The Hero Baloo
The Lancer Kit
The Smart Guy Rebecca
The Big Guy Louie
The Chick Wildcat (Genius Ditz)
Tagalong Kid Molly


Taz's family

The Hero Jean (Mother)
The Lancer Hugh (Father)
The Smart Guy Jake (Little brother)
The Big Guy Taz (Even though he's the star)
The Chick Molly (Sister)
Team Pet Dog the Turtle

Taz's friends

The Hero Taz
The Lancer Digeri Dingo
The Smart Guys The Platypus Bros (Daniel and Timothy)
The Big Guy Constance Koala (she can lift boulders)
The Chick Wendell T. Wolf (even though he's male, could also be a secondary Smart Guy)
Sixth Ranger Willy Wombat
The Mentor Mr. Thickley (Not a very good one, though)

Team Galaxy

The Hero / The Chick Yoko
The Lancer / The Big Guy Josh
The Smart Guy Brett
Team Pet Fluffy
Sixth Ranger Any students, Spike
The Mentor Any teachers

Teen Titans (2003 series)

The Hero Robin
The Lancer Raven
The Smart Guy Beast Boy
The Big Guy Cyborg
The Chick Starfire (also doubles as Big Girl)
Sixth Ranger Terra
Team Pet Silkie

Filmation Shorts

The Hero Aqualad
The Lancer Kid Flash
The Smart Guy Speedy
The Big Guy / The Chick Wonder Girl

Teen Titans Go!

The Hero Robin
The Lancer Raven
The Smart Guy Cyborg
The Big Guy / The Chick Starfire
Plucky Comic Relief Beast Boy

Theodore Tugboat

The Hero Theodore
The Lancer Hank
The Smart Guy Foduck
The Big Guy George
The Chick Emily


The Hero Lion-O
The Lancer / The Smart Guy Tygra
The Big Guy Panthro (Genius Bruiser)
The Chick Cheetara (although she can definitely hold her own in combat)
Tagalong Kids Wilykat and Wilykit
Team Pet Snarf
Sixth Rangers Lynx-o, Bengali, Pumyra

The Tick

The Hero / The Big Guy The Tick
The Lancer Die Fledermaus, sometimes American Maid
The Smart Guy Arthur
The Chick / Action Girl American Maid
The Quiet One Sewer Urchin (sometimes The Chick)
Team Pet Speak the Capybara

Tigersharks (from The Comic Strip)

The Hero Mako
The Lancer Dolph (Who may also count as The Smart Guy) and Bronc
The Smart Guy and Action Girl Octavia
The Big Guy Lorca
The Chick Angel
The Mentor Walro
Team Pet Gupp

Time Warp Trio: When with their great-grandaughters

The Hero Joe
The Lancer / The Big Guy Fred
The Smart Guy Sam
The Chicks Jodie, Samantha, and Freddi
Seventh Ranger / Tagalong Kid Anna
Team Pet Rivites

Tiny Toon Adventures

The Hero Buster Bunny
The Lancer Plucky Duck
The Lancer / The Chick Babs Bunny
The Smart Guy Hamton J. Pig
The Big Guy Dizzy Devil
Sixth Ranger / Ensemble Darkhorse Fifi La Fume
Team Pet Furrball

Titan Maximum

The Hero Palmer
The Lancer Jodi
The Smart Guy Willie
The Big Guy / The Chick Sasha
The Heart Spud (with shades of The Big Guy)
Sixth Ranger / Team Pet / The Quiet One Leon

Top Cat

The Hero Top Cat
The Lancer Brain
The Smart Guy Benny the Ball
The Big Guy Fancy-Fancy
The Chick Choo-Choo
Kid Appeal Character Spook

Total Drama Island: Before they voted off Screaming Gophers

The Hero Gwen
The Lancer / Token Evil Teammate Heather
The Smart Guy Noah
The Big Guy Owen
The Chicks Lindsay and Beth
The Heart Trent
Team Mom LeShawna
Tagalong Kid Cody
Team Pet Izzy
Eleventh Ranger Justin

Killer Bass

The Hero Duncan
The Lancer Geoff
The Smart Guy Harold
The Big Guy and Gal DJ and Eva
The Chicks Katie and Sadie
The Heart Bridgette
Team Mom Courtney
Tagalong Kid Tyler
Eleventh Ranger Ezekiel

Total Drama Action: Before they were voted off Screaming Gaffers

The Hero Duncan
The Lancer Heather
The Smart Guy Harold
The Big Guy and Gal DJ and Leshawna
The Chick Gwen

Killer Grips

The Hero Trent
The Lancer Justin
The Smart Gal Beth
The Big Couple Owen and Izzy
The Chick Lindsay
Sixth Ranger Courtney

Total Drama World Tour: Before they were voted off

Team Amazon

The Hero Heather
The Lancer Sierra
The Smart Guy Cody (also has a bit of The Chick as well)
The Big Gal Courtney (the strongest contestant)
The Chick / The (minor) Lancer Gwen, Izzy too before she swapped with Sierra

* Note: During the Five Man Band Concert in "Picnic at Hanging Dork", Heather is The Hero who is the lead singer, Courtney is The Lancer who is playing a guitar, Gwen is The Big Guy who is on the drums, and Sierra is The Chick who is the squealing groupie on Shear the Sheep.

Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot

The Hero Tyler (is the closest one, doubles as The Big Guy or The Lancer)
The Lancer / Token Evil Teammate Alejandro (although he sees himself as The Hero)
The Smart Guy / The (minor) Lancer Noah
The Big Guy Owen
The Chick Sierra, and later Izzy
Sixth Ranger Duncan

Team Victory

The Hero / The Big Guy DJ
The Lancer / The Heart Lindsay
The Smart Guy Harold
The Big Gal Leshawna
The Chick Bridgette
Sixth Ranger Ezekiel

Total Drama Revenge of the Island

Mutant Maggots

The Hero / The Smart Guy Cameron
The Lancer Mike
The Big Guy Brick
The Chick Anne-Maria
The Heart Zoey
The Scrappy Jo

Mike and his personalities

The Hero Mike
The Lancer Manitoba Smith
The Smart Guy Chester
The Big Guy Vito
The Chick Svetlana
Token Evil Teammate Mal

Totally Spies

The Hero / The Smart Guy Sam
The Lancer / The Big Guy Alex
The Chick Clover
The Mentor Jerry
Fourth Rangers Britney, Dean, and later Blaine

Transformers Animated

The Hero Optimus Prime
The Lancer Prowl
The Smart Guy Ratchet
The Big Guy Bulkhead
Kid Appeal Character Bumblebee
The Chick / Tagalong Kid Sari (or would she be the Team Pet)
Sixth Ranger Sari (once she gets her upgrade) and Jazz
Sixth Ranger Traitor Longarm Prime aka Shockwave

Transformers Prime

The Hero Optimus Prime
The Lancer Arcee
The Smart Guy Ratchet
The Big Guy Bulkhead
Kid Appeal Character Bumblebee
Sixth Ranger Wheeljack
Sacrificial Lamb Cliffjumper

Transformers: Beast Machines

The Hero Optimus Primal
The Lancer Cheetor
The Smart Guy Rattrap
The Big Guy Blackarachnia
The Chick Nightscream
Sixth Ranger Silverbolt and Botanica

Transformers: Beast Wars

The Hero Optimus Primal (Leader, level-headed focus character)
The Lancer Dinobot (Brutal but honorable, foil to Primal)
The Smart Guy Rattrap (More accurately, the smart-ass sneaky guy.)
The Big Guy Rhinox (is also the techie, making him a Genius Bruiser)
The Chick / Kid Appeal Character Cheetor (Less a chick, more The Kid, but serves same general plot roles)
Sixth Rangers Tigatron, Airrazor, Silverbolt, Blackarachnia (post-Heel Face Turn) and Depth Charge

* Dinobot, Rhinox, and Rattrap can actually be seen as a triangle of hybrids, based on their versatile abilities and behavior. Dinobot = Lancer / Big Guy; Rhinox = Big Guy / Smart Guy; Rattrap = Smart Guy / Lancer.


The Hero Amethyst
The Lancer Ruby
The Smart Guy Sapphire
The Big Guy Topaz
The Chick Onyx
The Mentors The Ancients

Turbo Dogs

The Hero Dash
The Lancer Strut
The Smart Guy GT
The Big Guy Stinkbert
The Chick Mags
Sixth Ranger Clutch


The Hero Tut
The Lancer Chloe
The Smart Guy Luxor (also the Team Pet)
The Big Guy(s) Jake and Kyle
The Chick Natasha

The Venture Brothers

The Hero Hank Venture
The Lancer / The Smart Guy Thaddeus "Rusty" Venture
The Big Guy Brock Smason
The Chick Dean Venture
Sixth Ranger Dr. Byron Orpheus
Team Pet H.E.L.P.eR.

Viva Pinata - TV series version

The Hero Hudson Horsetachio
The Lancer Paulie Pretztail
The Smart Guy Les Galagoogoo
The Big Guy Franklin Fizzybear
The Chick (Non-Action Guy version) Fergie Fudgehog
The Chick (standard version) Ella Elephanilla
Those Two Guys Tina & Teddington Twingersnap


The Hero Yugo
The Lancer Evangelyne
The Smart Guy Ruel Stroud (also a Cool Old Guy)
The Big Guy Sir Sadlygrove Percedal
The Chick Amalia
Team Pet Az
Sixth Ranger Adamaï


Damey's family

The Hero Damey Wayne
The Lancer Mr. Walker
The Smart Guy Kevin
The Big Guy Shavonne
The Chick Ms. Walker

Damey's friends

The Hero Damey Wayne
The Lancer Mo' Money (also doubles as Big Guy)
The Smart Guy Aki
The Big Guy Toof, Marvin
The Chick Roz
Team Pet Tripod


The Hero Todd
The Lancer / The Chick Maurecia
The Smart Guy Dana
The Big Guy Myron
The Mentor Mrs. Jewls

What About Mimi?

The Hero Mimi
The Lancers Russell and Buddy
The Smart Guy Elaine
The Big Guy Brock
The Chick Sincerity
Sixth Rangers Herbert, Lodeman, Hayley

What a Mess

The Hero Whatamess
The Lancer Norton
The Smart Guy and The Mentor Frank
The Big Guy Trash
The Chick Felicia
Team Pet Baldwin

Wheel Squad

The Hero Akim Souab
The Lancer Jessica
The Big Guy Bob Gueye
The Smart Guy Johnny Pilleu
The Chick Emilie

Wild Grinders

The Hero Lil' Rob
The Lancer Goggles
The Big Guy Jack Knife
The Smart Guy Jay Jay
The Chick Emo Crys and Flips
Kid Appeal Character Spitball

The Wild Thornberrys

The Hero Eliza
The Lancer / Team Pet Darwin
The Smart Guy Nigel
The Big Guy / The Heart Marianne
The Chick Debbie
Sixth Ranger / Tagalong Kid Donnie

The Weekenders

The Hero Tino
The Lancer Lor
The Smart Guy / The Chick Tish
The Big Guy Carver (sometimes he acts like The Chick)
The Mentor Tino`s Mom

Willa's Wild Life

The Hero Willa
The Lancer(s) Dooley, Gus the alligator
The Smart Guy Samuel the camel
The Big Guy(s) Tiny and Lou the elephants
The Chick Koko the kangaroo
The Heart Jenny the giraffe
Sixth Ranger(s) Wallace the walrus, Burt the bear
Those Two Guys Steve and Edie the seals
Three Amigos The penguins
Team Pet The bunnies

Winnie the Pooh

The Hero Pooh
The Lancer Piglet
The Smart Guy Rabbit
The Big Guy Tigger
The Chick Eeyore
Sixth Ranger Gopher

Winx Club

The main cast

The Hero Bloom
The Lancer Stella
The Smart Guy Tecna, and sometimes also Flora
The Big Guy Musa
The Chick Flora
Sixth Ranger Layla/Aisha (in Season Two)
Seventh Ranger Roxy
The Mentor Faragonda

The Specialists

The Hero Brandon (real name: Sky)
The Lancer Prince Sky (real name: Brandon)
The Big Guy Riven (who doubles as a second Lancer)
The Smart Guy Timmy
Fifth Ranger Helia
Sixth Ranger Nabu (but, he sacrifice himself to save the kingdom in Season Four)


The main cast

The Hero Will
The Lancer Cornelia
The Smart Guy Taranee
The Big Guy Irma
The Heart Hay Lin
The Mentor Yan Lin
Team Pets Blunk and Mr. Huggles

Related to WITCH, here's a speculated Five-Man Band chart for the previous team of Guardians, CHYKN:

The Hero Cassidy
The Lancer / Token Evil Teammate Nerissa
The Smart Guy Yan Lin
The Big Guy Kadma
The Chick Halinor

Wombat City

The Hero Wood Blues
The Lancer Greg Supergreen
The Big Guy Chamy
The Smart Guy Jimi Woodstock
The Chick BB Doll and Sharon

Word World

The Hero Bear
The Lancer Duck
The Smart Guy Frog
The Big Guy Pig
The Chick Sheep
Team Pet Dog, The Bugs (Fly, Bug, and Bee)
Sixth Ranger Ant, Shark

Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!

The Hero Wubbzy
The Lancer Widget
The Smart Guy Walden
The Big Guy / The Chick Daizy

The Wuffers

The Hero Yojimbo
The Lancer(s) Digger and Jack Jack
The Big Guy Woo Woo
The Smart Guy Deon
The Chick Mimi
Kid Appeal Character Rico
The Mentor Pops

Xiaolin Showdown

The Hero Omi
The Lancer / Sixth Ranger Traitor Raimundo
The Big Guy Clay
The Smart Guy / The Chick Kimiko
Team Pet Dojo
The Mentor Master Fung
Sixth Ranger Jermaine (also another Token Minority; only two episodes)

* Note: That if Jack Spicer were ever to undergo a successful Heel Face Turn, he'd fill The Smart Guy role perfectly. In final episode, Raimundo becomes The Hero of the Xiaolin Warriors, Omi is The Lancer instead.

The X's

The Hero Mr. X
The Lancer Mrs. X
The Smart Guy Truman X
The Big Guy / The Chick Tuesday X
Team Pet Rex X
Mentor Archetype Home Base

Yin Yang Yo!

The Hero / The Smart Guy / The Chick Yin
The Lancer / The Big Guy Yang
The Mentor Master Yo
Third Ranger(s) Lina, Dave, The Boogeyman, Jobeaux and Roger Jr.

Young Justice

The Hero Aqualad
The Lancer Robin
The Smart Guy Kid Flash
The Big Guy Superboy
The Chick Miss Martian
Sixth Ranger Artemis
Team Pet Wolf


The Hero Chaney
The Lancer / The Smart Guy Jeanie
The Big Guy / The Chick Haemi
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