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|[[The Chick]]||Amethyst
|[[The Chick]]||Amethyst
''[[Steven Universe: Future]]''
{| class="wikitable"
|[[The Hero]] / [[The Smart Guy]]||Steven Universe
|[[The Lancer]]||Pearl
|[[The Big Guy]]||Garnet
|[[The Chick]]||Amethyst (also a [[Plucky Comic Relief]])

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The Five-Man Band is a group of characters whose members fall into archetypes which all complement one another. They are a very specific team with skills that contribute to the group in a unique way. Here are some places where the trope occurs in animation: |}

Neo Yokio

The HeroKaz Kaan
The LancerLexy
The Big GuyCharles
The Smart GuyGottlieb
The ChickArcangelo Corelli, Helena
The MentorAunt Agatha Kaan, Sales Clerk

The New Archies

The HeroArchie Andrews
The LancerReggie Mantle
The Smart GuyEugene
The Big GuyMoose Mason and Jughead Jones
The ChicksVeronica Lodge, Betty Cooper, and Amani

The Next Avengers

The HeroJames (The Quiet One, actually.)
The LancerHawkeye
The Smart GuyPym
The Big GuyAzari
The ChickTorunn

The Night B4 Christmas

The HeroElvin
The LancerSeamus
The Smart GuyJel-O
The Big GuyPup Daddy
The ChickEvilina (after her Heel Face Turn)

Ni Hao, Kai-Lan

The HeroKai-Lan
The Lancer / The Big GuyRintoo
The Smart GuyTolee
The ChickLulu
Kid Appeal CharacterHoho
Team DadYe-Ye (Kai-Lan's grandfather)

The Nutshack

The Hero / The Smart GuyPhil Matibag
The LancerTito Dick
The Big GuyJack
The ChickChita
Team PetHorat

The Oblongs

The Famliy

The HeroPickles (Possebly the most normal looking member of the family)
The LancerBob (He has no limbs)
The Smart GuyMilo (Squint eyed bald boy)
The Big GuyBiff and Chip (Conjointed twins)
The ChickBeth (Tiny lump sticking out from her hair)

Milo's Friends

The HeroMilo
The LancerPeggy (Missing lower jaw and only one jug)
The Smart GuySusie (Pale skin and creepy tendencies)
The Big GuyHelga (Morbidly Obese)
The ChickMikey (Big butt)

Ka Blam!: The Off-Beats

The HeroBetty Anne Bongo
The LancerTommy
The Smart GuyAugust
The Big GuyGrubby Groo
The ChickRepunzil
Team PetSeptember
Sixth RangerKurt Waltz

101 Dalmatians: the Series

The HeroLucky
The Lancervaries with the other three
The Smart GuySpot
The Big GuyRolly
The ChickCadpig
Sixth RangerEither Patch, Tripod or Two-Tone


The HeroCharlie Brown
The LancerSnoopy
The Big GuyWoodstock, Pig-Pen
The Smart GuyLinus Van Pelt
The ChickSally Brown, Peppermint Patty, Marcie, Lucy van Pelt, Violet, Patty, Frieda
Tagalong KidRerun Van Pelt
The MentorMiss Offmar
The HeartLittle Red-Haired Girl
Action GirlFifi the Poodle

The Pebbles and Bamm Bamm Show

The HeroPebbles Flintstone
The LancerBam Bam Rubble
The Smart GuyMoonrock
The Big GuyPenny
The ChickWhiggy
Sixth RangerShleprock (Wowzy Wowzy)


The Eggert family

The HeroPelswick
The Lancer / The ChickKate
The Smart GuyQuentin
The Big GuyGram-Gram (Priscilla)
Tagalong KidBobby
Sacrificial LambMirlyon

Pelswick's friends

The HeroPelswick
The Lancer / The Smart GuyAce
The Big GuyGoon
The ChicksJulie and Sandra
The MentorMr. Jimmy

The Penguins of Madagascar

The HeroSkipper
The Lancer / The Smart GuyKowalski
The Big GuyRico
The ChickPrivate and Marlene
Sixth RangerKing Julien
Tagalong Kid / Team PetMort

Peter Pan and The Pirates

The HeroPeter Pan
The LancerSlightly
The Smart Guy (standard version)Curly
The Smart Guy (Gadgeteer Genius version)The Twins
The Smart Guy (The Professor version)John
The Big GuyNibs
The Chick (Fairy Companion version)Tinker Bell
The Chick (Team Mom version)Wendy
The HeartTootles
Tagalong KidMichael

Phineas and Ferb

The main characters and their friends (plus their Author Avatar counterparts, Team Improbable)

The HeroPhineas (Multi-Man)
The Lancer / The Quiet OneFerb (Ferbguy)
The Smart GuyBaljeet (Hanuman Man) (sometimes The Chick)
The Big GuyBuford (Belchman)
The ChickIsabella (The Rainbow) (sometimes The Smart Guy)
Sixth RangerDjango (only in Season One), later Irving (though he acts more like a Tagalong Kid himself)
Team PetPerry (at least from the kids' perspective)
Anti-HeroCandace (Control Freak)

The Fireside Girls

The HeroIsabella
The LancerAdyson
The Smart GuyGretchen
The Big GuyGinger (if only in the sense that she's the tallest)
The ChicksHolly, Milly and Katie
Eighth RangerCandace, later Melissa

* Note: In Summer Belongs To You, Adyson takes charge in Isabella's absence. Unnamed Brunette is a Eighth Ranger in one episode, and later Unnamed Blond is a Eighth Ranger in few episodes.

Agent P

The HeroAgent P
Token Evil TeammateDr. Doofenscmirtz
The Smart GuyCarl
The Big GuyNorm
Mission ControlMajor Monogram

Plum Landing

The HeroPlum and Gabi
The LancerOliver
The Big GuyCooper
The Smart GuyBrad
The ChickClem

Pound Puppies (The Hub's 2010 version)

The HeroLucky
The LancerCookie
The Smart GuySquirt
The Chick / Gadgeteer GeniusStrudel
The Big GuyNiblet
Team PetsThe squirrel assistants

Pound Puppies (Hanna Barbera's 1986 version)

The HeroCooler
The LancerWhopper
The Big GuyHowler
The Smart GuyBright Eyes
The ChickNose Marie

The Powerpuff Girls

The Hero / The Smart GuyBlossom
The Lancer / The Big GuyButtercup
The Chick Bubbles
Team DadProfessor Utonium

* Note: Blossom isn't that smart in the anime.

The Proud Family

The Proud family

The Hero and The ChickPenny
The LancerOscar (sometimes The Big Guy)
The Big GuySuga Mama (sometimes The Lancer)
The Smart GuyTrudy
Tagalong BabiesBeBe and CeCe
Team PetPuff the Dog

Penny's friends

The HeroPenny
The LancerDijonay
The Big GuyZoey
The Smart GuySticky
The ChickLaCienega

Quack Pack

The HeroHuey
The Smart GuyDewey
The Big GuyLouie
The LancerDonald Duck
The ChickDaisy

Quest for a Heart

The HeroRolli
The LancerBoth Millie and Footman cover this position
The Smart GuyLongwind
The Big GuyBig Rolli (also the Sixth Ranger)
The ChickAtonal

The Raccoons

The HeroBert
The LancerRalph
The Smart GuyCedric
The Big GuySchaeffer
The ChickMelissa and Sophia
Sixth RangerLisa (sometimes The Big Guy)
Team PetBroo
Tagalong KidBentley

Rainbow Rangers

The HeroRosie Redd
The LancerIndigo Allfruit
The Big GuyAnna Banana
The Smart GuyBonnie Blueberry and Pepper Mintz
The ChickLavender LaViolette and Mandarin Orange
The MentorKalia
Team PetFloof

Rambo: the Force of Freedom

The Hero / The Big GuyJohn Rambo
The LancerEddie "Turbo" Hayse
The Smart GuyWhite Dragon
The ChickKatheren Ann Taylor
The MentorCol. Samual Troutman

The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest

The HeroJonny
The LancerHadji
The Smart GuyDr. Quest
The Big GuyRace
The ChickJessie
Team PetBandit

The Real Ghostbusters

The HeroPeter Venkman (not heroic but he is the de facto leader)
The LancerWinston Zeddmore
The Smart GuyEgon Spengler (you have to ask?)
The Big GuyRay Stantz (the most innocent personality, playing on the Gentle Giant variant)
The ChickJanine Melnitz
Team PetSlimer

Real Monsters

The HeroIckis
The LancerOblina
The Big GuySnav
The Smart GuyKrumm
The ChickDizzle
Team PetFungus
Team DadSlickis
Tagalong KidBradley


The main cast

The HeroT.J.
The LancerVince
The Smart GuyGretchen
The Big ChickSpinelli
The Big HeartMikey (also a Gentle Giant)
Sixth Ranger / Kid Appeal CharacterGus

The Ashleys (They are The Chicks, but Spinelli is a friend of T.J.'s)

The HeroAshley A
The LancerAshley B
The Big GuyAshley Q
The Smart GuyAshley T
Fifth Ranger Ashley S (Spinelli in First Name Ashley)

The Teachers

The HeroPrincipal Prickly
The LancerMiss Finster (and Randall is her lancer)
The Smart GuyMiss Lemon (and Menlo)
The Big GuyMr. E
The ChickMiss Grotke (doubles as The Heart)

Regular Show

The HeroMordecai
The LancerRigby
The Smart GuySkips (also The Big Guy when needed)
The Big GuyMuscle Man (when he sides with the crew)
The ChickPops
Sixth RangerBenson (when he's not being a dick)

Rick and Morty

The Smith-Sanchez family

The Hero / The Smart GuyRick
The Lancer / Tagalong KidMorty
The Big Guy / The ChickSummer
Team MomBeth
Team DadJerry

Road Rovers

The HeroHunter
The LancerBlitz
The Smart GuyExile
The Big GuyShag
The ChickColleen
Team PetMuzzle

Roary the Racing Car

The cars

The HeroRoary
The LancerMaxi
The Smart GuyDrifter
The Big GuyTintop
The ChickCici


The HeroRobotboy
The LancerTommy (also he can be The Smart Guy qualifies)
The Big GuyGus
The ChickLola (also she can be The Smart Guy qualifies)
The Smart Guy / The MentorProfessor Moshimo

Rocket Power

The HeroOtto Rocket
The LancerTwister Rodriguez, sometimes Reggie
The Smart Guy / The Big GuySam/Squid Dullard (Genius Bruiser)
The ChickReggie Rocket


The HeroSpin
The LancerLance
The Big GuyPounder
The ChickPenny
The Smart Guy / Kid Appeal CharacterTinny

Ruby Gloom

The HeroRuby
The LancerSkull Boy
The Smart GuyScaredy Bat
Kid Appeal Character / Action GirlIris
The Big GuysFrank & Len
The ChickMisery
Team PetDoom Kitty and Mr. Buns
The MentorPoe


The HeroTommy Pickles
The Lancer Phil DeVille
The Big GuyChuckie Finster
The Smart GuyLil DeVille (sometimes)
The ChicksSusie Carmichael, Kimi Finster and Angelica Pickles
Sixth RangerDil Pickles

Sabrina the Animated Series

The HeroSabrina
The LancerZelda
The Smart GuyChloe
The Big GuyHarvey
The ChickHilda
Sixth RangerPi
Team PetSalem

Sagwa the Chinese Siamese Cat

The main cast

The HeroSagwa
The Lancer /The Smart GuyFu-Fu
The Big GuyDongwa
The ChickSheegwa
Tagalong KidShei-Hu
Mentor ArchetypesNai-Nai, Yeh-Yeh, Mama, Baba


The HeroThe Foolish Magistrate
The LancerTai-Tai
The Smart GuyThe Reader
The Big GuyThe Cook
The ChicksThe Daughters (Ba-Do, Luk-Do, and Huang-Do)

The Save-Ums

The HeroJazzi
The LancerCustard
The Smart GuyNoodle
The Big GuyKa-Chung
The ChickFoo
Tagalong KidB.B. Jammies
Team PetsPuffs

School for Vampires

The Students

The HeroOscar
The LancerGruftine (Stoker would probably like to think he's this, but she fits the role better)
The Smart GuyTinto
The Big GuyStoker
The ChickKlot
Sixth RangerAshley

The Faculty

The HeroAlarich von Horrificus
The LancerLady Kryptina
The Smart GuyArchibald Oxford
The ChickNestor

Scooby Doo

The HeroFreddy Jones
The LancerNorville 'Shaggy' Rogers
The Smart GuyVelma Dinkley
The ChickDaphne Blake
The Big GuyScooby Doo (also The Team Pet)

Alternate, if you really regard Scooby as the protagonist

The HeroScooby Doo
The LancerFred Jones
The Big GuyShaggy Rogers
The Smart GuyVelma Dinkley
The ChickDaphne Blake
Team Pet / Tagalong Kid / The ScrappyScrappy Doo


The HeroScruff
The LancerTricks
The Smart GuyStrummer
The Big GuyHauntie the Ghost Hound
The ChickPrincess
Sixth RangerWhite Socks
Team MomSanda

Sealab 2020

The HeroPaul Williams
The LancerRobert Murphy and Hal
The Smart GuyGail
The Big GuyEd
The ChickSally
Tagalong KidJamie
The MentorMike Murphy

The Secret of NIMH

The HeroMrs. Brisby
The LancerJeremy
The Big GuyBrutus
The Smart GuyMr. Ages
The ChickCynthia
The MentorJustin and Nicodemus
Mission ControlGreat Owl
Sixth RangerTimmy
Cool Big SisTeresa

Shadow Raiders (War Planets)

The HeroGraveheart (also The Chick)
The LancerJade
The Smart GuyTekla
The Big GuyKing Cryos
The (other) ChickPrince Pyrus
Tagalong KidLady Zera
Token Evil TeammateFemur
Sixth RangerZuma

Shirt Tales

The HeroRick Raccoon
The LancerTyg Tiger
The Big GuyBogey Orangutan
The Smart GuyDigger Mole
The ChickPammy Panda
Sixth RangerKip Kangaroo (in Season Two)

Sid The Science Kid

The HeroSid
The LancerGabriela
The Smart Guy / The ChickMay
The Big GuyGerald
The MentorSusie


The HeroQuicksilver
The LancerCol. Bluegrass (sometimes The Smart Guy)
The Smart GuyCopper Kidd (sometimes Tagalong Kid)
The Big GuySteelwill
The ChickSteelheart (sometimes The Lancer)
The MentorStargazer
Sixth RangersHotwing, Flashback, Moonstryker, Condor
Team PetTallyhawk

The Simpsons

The Simpsons Family

The HeroHomer
The LancerMarge
The Big GuyBart
The Smart GuyLisa
The ChickMaggie
Sixth RangerssFlanders & Moe
Team DadAbe

A somewhat parody of one appeared where Bart gave everyone a title in Lemon of Troy

The HeroBart ("I'm the leader")
The LancerMilhouse ("My sidekick")
The Smart GuyMartin ("The smart guy")
The Big GuyNelson ("The tough guy")
The Quiet One / The ChickTodd ("The quiet religous guy who ends up going crazy")
Sixth RangerDatabase ("Never got named or mention by Bart, yet he was part of the team")

* Note: Since that episode included evil counterparts of all six kids, there's also an example of a Five-Bad Band.

Skunk Fu!

The HeroSkunk
The LancerRabbit
The Smart Guy (standard version)Duck
The Smart Guy (The Medic version)Turtle
The Big GuyPig, Tiger, Killer Bees
The ChickFox, Crane
Those Two GuysBird and Ox
Sixth RangersFrog, Praying Mantis, Fish, Snake
The MentorMaster Panda

Sky Dancers

The HeroAngelica
The LancerSlam
The Smart GuyJade
The Big GuyBreeze
The Chick Camille
The MentorSkyla

The Smurfs The adult Smurfs

The HeroPapa Smurf
The Lancer / The Smart GuyBrainy Smurf
The Big GuyGreedy Smurf, Hefty Smurf, Grouchy Smurf
The ChickSmurfette
Tagalong KidBaby Smurf
Sixth RangerVanity Smurf, Clumsy Smurf, Harmony Smurf, Cook Smurf, Lazy Smurf, Farmer Smurf, Dreamy Smurf, and Jokey Smurf

The Smurflings

The HeroNat Smurfling
The Lancer / The Big GuySnappy Smurfling
The Smart GuySlouchy Smurfling
Fourth Ranger / The ChickSassette Smurfling

The Snorks

The HeroAllstar
The LancersJunior and Dimmy
The Big GuyJojo
The HeartCasey
Kid Appeal CharacterTooter
The ChickDaffney
The MentorDoctor Galleo
Team PetOccy
Tagalong KidWilly

Sonic the Hedgehog

The Freedom Fighters

The HeroSonic
The LancerSally
The Smart GuyRotor and Tails
The Big GuyAntoine
The ChickBunnie

Season 2

The HeroSonic
The LancerSally
The Smart GuyUncle Chuck
The Big GuyAntoine (still...)
The ChickDulcy
Sixth RangerTails (as of the episode Drood Henge)


The HeroSonic
The LancerSally
The Smart GuyUncle Chuck, Rotor, Tails
The Big GuyAntoine
The ChickBunnie, Dulcy

South Park

The Boys

The HeroStan Marsh
The LancerButters Stotch
The Big GuyEric Cartman
The Smart GuyKyle Brovflovski
The ChickKenny McCormick

The Girls

The HeroineWendy Testaburger
The LancerBebe Stevens
The Big GalHeidi Turner
The Smart GalTammy Warner
The ChickRed Bertha


The HeroLuna
The LancerJuno
The Smart GuyAthena
The Big GuyHera
The ChickRhea

SpongeBob SquarePants

The HeroSpongebob
The LancerPatrick
The Smart GuySquidward
The Big Guy / Token Evil TeammateMr. Krabs
The ChickSandy
Team PetGary

Stargate Infinity

The HeroGus Bonner
The LancerSeattle Montoya
The Big GuyStacey Bonner (although Gus looks like The Big Guy)
The ChickR. J. Harrison
The Smart GuyEc'co

Star Wars Ewoks

The HeroWicket
The Lancer and The ChickKneesa
The Big GuyPaploo
The Smart GuyTeebo
The (other) ChickLatara
Tagalong KidMalani

Station Zero

The HeroChino
The Lancer / The Big GuyKaraz (with shades of The Heart)
The Smart GuyScooter
Fourth RangerDJ Tech

Steven Universe

The HeroSteven Universe
The Lancer / The Smart GuyPearl
The Big GuyGarnet
The ChickAmethyst

Steven Universe: Future

The Hero / The Smart GuySteven Universe
The LancerPearl
The Big GuyGarnet
The ChickAmethyst (also a Plucky Comic Relief)


The HeroEmma
The LancerFin McCloud
The Big GuyReef
The Smart GuyBroseph
The ChickLo Ridgemount
Sixth RangerJohnny

Storm Hawks

The HeroAerrow
The LancerFinn
The Smart GuyStork
The Big GuyJunko
The Chick / Action GirlPiper (who doubles as the second Smart Guy)
Team PetRadarr

Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures

The HeroStrawberry Shortcake
The LancerPlum Pudding
The Big GuyRaspberry Torte
The Smart GuyBlueberry Muffin
The ChickLemon Meringue and Orange Blossom

Street Frogs (from The Comic Strip)

The HeroBig Max
The LancerSpider
The Big GuyMoose The Loose
The Smart GuyDr. Slick (Subversion, he's a star)
The ChickHoney Love

Stroker and Hoop

The HeroStroker
The Lancer and The ChickHoop
The Big GuyCARR
The Smart GuyDouble Wide

Stunt Dawgs

The HeroNeedham
The LancerSkidd
The Smart GuySplat
The Big GuyCrash
The ChickSizzle
Team PetHuman

The Super Mario Bros Super Show and its spinoffs

The Hero / The Smart GuyMario
The LancerLuigi
The Big Guy / Team PetYoshi
The ChickPrincess Toadstool
Tagalong KidToad, and later Oogtar


The HeroTyler
The LancerKevin
The Big GuyRoach
The Smart Guy / The ChickShope
Those Two GuysMemnock and Zenblock

Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!

The HeroChiro
The LancerAntauri
The Smart GuyGibson and Otto
The Big GuySPRX-77
The ChickNova (also doubles as Big Girl)
Sixth Ranger TraitorMandarin
Eleventh-Hour RangerJinmay (in few episodes)

Super Why!

The HeroWyatt Beanstalk
The LancerRed
The Smart Guy / The Big GuyPig
The ChickPrincess Pea
Team PetWoofster

Sushi Pack

The Hero / The Smart GuyTako
The LancerKani
The Big GuyIkura
The ChickMaguro
The MentorBen
Kid Appeal CharacterWasabi

SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron

The HeroJake "Razor" Clawson
The Lancer / The Big GuyChance "T-Bone" Furlong
The Smart GuyMayor Manx
The ChickCallie Briggs
Kid-Appeal CharacterLt. Felina Feral
The MentorCommander Ulysses Feral

The Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries

Big GoodGranny
The Hero / Team PetTweety
The LancerSylvester
The Big GuyHector

Sym-Bionic Titan

The Hero / The ChickPrincess Ilana
The Lancer / The Big GuyLance
The Smart GuyOctus

Tale Spin

The HeroBaloo
The LancerKit
The Smart GuyRebecca
The Big GuyLouie
The ChickWildcat (Genius Ditz)
Tagalong KidMolly


Taz's family

The HeroJean (Mother)
The LancerHugh (Father)
The Smart GuyJake (Little brother)
The Big GuyTaz (Even though he's the star)
The ChickMolly (Sister)
Team PetDog the Turtle

Taz's friends

The HeroTaz
The LancerDigeri Dingo
The Smart GuysThe Platypus Bros (Daniel and Timothy)
The Big GuyConstance Koala (she can lift boulders)
The ChickWendell T. Wolf (even though he's male, could also be a secondary Smart Guy)
Sixth RangerWilly Wombat
The MentorMr. Thickley (Not a very good one, though)

Team Galaxy

The Hero / The ChickYoko
The Lancer / The Big GuyJosh
The Smart GuyBrett
Team PetFluffy
Sixth RangerAny students, Spike
The MentorAny teachers

Teen Titans (2003 series)

The HeroRobin
The LancerRaven
The Smart GuyBeast Boy
The Big GuyCyborg
The ChickStarfire (also doubles as Big Girl)
Sixth RangerTerra
Team PetSilkie

Filmation Shorts

The HeroAqualad
The LancerKid Flash
The Smart GuySpeedy
The Big Guy / The ChickWonder Girl

Teen Titans Go!

The HeroRobin
The LancerRaven
The Smart GuyCyborg
The Big Guy / The ChickStarfire
Plucky Comic ReliefBeast Boy

Theodore Tugboat

The HeroTheodore
The LancerHank
The Smart GuyFoduck
The Big GuyGeorge
The ChickEmily


The HeroLion-O
The Lancer / The Smart GuyTygra
The Big GuyPanthro (Genius Bruiser)
The ChickCheetara (although she can definitely hold her own in combat)
Tagalong KidsWilykat and Wilykit
Team PetSnarf
Sixth RangersLynx-o, Bengali, Pumyra

The Tick

The Hero / The Big GuyThe Tick
The LancerDie Fledermaus, sometimes American Maid
The Smart GuyArthur
The Chick / Action GirlAmerican Maid
The Quiet OneSewer Urchin (sometimes The Chick)
Team PetSpeak the Capybara

Tigersharks (from The Comic Strip)

The HeroMako
The LancerDolph (Who may also count as The Smart Guy) and Bronc
The Smart Guy and Action GirlOctavia
The Big GuyLorca
The ChickAngel
The MentorWalro
Team PetGupp

Time Warp Trio: When with their great-grandaughters

The HeroJoe
The Lancer / The Big GuyFred
The Smart GuySam
The ChicksJodie, Samantha, and Freddi
Seventh Ranger / Tagalong KidAnna
Team PetRivites

Tiny Toon Adventures

The HeroBuster Bunny
The LancerPlucky Duck
The Lancer / The ChickBabs Bunny
The Smart GuyHamton J. Pig
The Big GuyDizzy Devil
Sixth Ranger / Ensemble DarkhorseFifi La Fume
Team PetFurrball

Titan Maximum

The HeroPalmer
The LancerJodi
The Smart GuyWillie
The Big Guy / The ChickSasha
The HeartSpud (with shades of The Big Guy)
Sixth Ranger / Team Pet / The Quiet OneLeon

Top Cat

The HeroTop Cat
The LancerBrain
The Smart GuyBenny the Ball
The Big GuyFancy-Fancy
The ChickChoo-Choo
Kid Appeal CharacterSpook

Total Drama Island: Before they voted off Screaming Gophers

The HeroGwen
The Lancer / Token Evil TeammateHeather
The Smart GuyNoah
The Big GuyOwen
The ChicksLindsay and Beth
The HeartTrent
Team MomLeShawna
Tagalong KidCody
Team PetIzzy
Eleventh RangerJustin

Killer Bass

The HeroDuncan
The LancerGeoff
The Smart GuyHarold
The Big Guy and GalDJ and Eva
The ChicksKatie and Sadie
The HeartBridgette
Team MomCourtney
Tagalong KidTyler
Eleventh RangerEzekiel

Total Drama Action: Before they were voted off Screaming Gaffers

The HeroDuncan
The LancerHeather
The Smart GuyHarold
The Big Guy and GalDJ and Leshawna
The ChickGwen

Killer Grips

The HeroTrent
The LancerJustin
The Smart GalBeth
The Big CoupleOwen and Izzy
The ChickLindsay
Sixth RangerCourtney

Total Drama World Tour: Before they were voted off

Team Amazon

The HeroHeather
The LancerSierra
The Smart GuyCody (also has a bit of The Chick as well)
The Big GalCourtney (the strongest contestant)
The Chick / The (minor) LancerGwen, Izzy too before she swapped with Sierra

* Note: During the Five Man Band Concert in "Picnic at Hanging Dork", Heather is The Hero who is the lead singer, Courtney is The Lancer who is playing a guitar, Gwen is The Big Guy who is on the drums, and Sierra is The Chick who is the squealing groupie on Shear the Sheep.

Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot

The HeroTyler (is the closest one, doubles as The Big Guy or The Lancer)
The Lancer / Token Evil TeammateAlejandro (although he sees himself as The Hero)
The Smart Guy / The (minor) LancerNoah
The Big GuyOwen
The ChickSierra, and later Izzy
Sixth RangerDuncan

Team Victory

The Hero / The Big GuyDJ
The Lancer / The HeartLindsay
The Smart GuyHarold
The Big GalLeshawna
The ChickBridgette
Sixth RangerEzekiel

Total Drama Revenge of the Island

Mutant Maggots

The Hero / The Smart GuyCameron
The LancerMike
The Big GuyBrick
The ChickAnne-Maria
The HeartZoey
The ScrappyJo

Mike and his personalities

The HeroMike
The LancerManitoba Smith
The Smart GuyChester
The Big GuyVito
The ChickSvetlana
Token Evil TeammateMal

Totally Spies

The Hero / The Smart GuySam
The Lancer / The Big GuyAlex
The ChickClover
The MentorJerry
Fourth RangersBritney, Dean, and later Blaine

Transformers Animated

The HeroOptimus Prime
The LancerProwl
The Smart GuyRatchet
The Big GuyBulkhead
Kid Appeal CharacterBumblebee
The Chick / Tagalong KidSari (or would she be the Team Pet)
Sixth Ranger Sari (once she gets her upgrade) and Jazz
Sixth Ranger Traitor Longarm Prime aka Shockwave

Transformers Prime

The HeroOptimus Prime
The LancerArcee
The Smart GuyRatchet
The Big GuyBulkhead
Kid Appeal CharacterBumblebee
Sixth RangerWheeljack
Sacrificial Lamb Cliffjumper

Transformers: Beast Machines

The HeroOptimus Primal
The LancerCheetor
The Smart GuyRattrap
The Big GuyBlackarachnia
The ChickNightscream
Sixth RangerSilverbolt and Botanica

Transformers: Beast Wars

The HeroOptimus Primal (Leader, level-headed focus character)
The LancerDinobot (Brutal but honorable, foil to Primal)
The Smart GuyRattrap (More accurately, the smart-ass sneaky guy.)
The Big GuyRhinox (is also the techie, making him a Genius Bruiser)
The Chick / Kid Appeal CharacterCheetor (Less a chick, more The Kid, but serves same general plot roles)
Sixth RangersTigatron, Airrazor, Silverbolt, Blackarachnia (post-Heel Face Turn) and Depth Charge

* Dinobot, Rhinox, and Rattrap can actually be seen as a triangle of hybrids, based on their versatile abilities and behavior. Dinobot = Lancer / Big Guy; Rhinox = Big Guy / Smart Guy; Rattrap = Smart Guy / Lancer.


The HeroAmethyst
The LancerRuby
The Smart GuySapphire
The Big GuyTopaz
The ChickOnyx
The MentorsThe Ancients

Turbo Dogs

The HeroDash
The LancerStrut
The Smart GuyGT
The Big GuyStinkbert
The ChickMags
Sixth RangerClutch


The HeroTut
The LancerChloe
The Smart GuyLuxor (also the Team Pet)
The Big Guy(s)Jake and Kyle
The ChickNatasha

The Venture Brothers

The HeroHank Venture
The Lancer / The Smart GuyThaddeus "Rusty" Venture
The Big GuyBrock Smason
The ChickDean Venture
Sixth RangerDr. Byron Orpheus
Team PetH.E.L.P.eR.

Viva Pinata - TV series version

The HeroHudson Horsetachio
The LancerPaulie Pretztail
The Smart GuyLes Galagoogoo
The Big GuyFranklin Fizzybear
The Chick (Non-Action Guy version)Fergie Fudgehog
The Chick (standard version)Ella Elephanilla
Those Two GuysTina & Teddington Twingersnap


The HeroYugo
The LancerEvangelyne
The Smart GuyRuel Stroud (also a Cool Old Guy)
The Big GuySir Sadlygrove Percedal
The ChickAmalia
Team PetAz
Sixth Ranger Adamaï


Damey's family

The HeroDamey Wayne
The LancerMr. Walker
The Smart GuyKevin
The Big GuyShavonne
The ChickMs. Walker

Damey's friends

The HeroDamey Wayne
The LancerMo' Money (also doubles as Big Guy)
The Smart GuyAki
The Big GuyToof, Marvin
The ChickRoz
Team PetTripod


The HeroTodd
The Lancer / The ChickMaurecia
The Smart GuyDana
The Big GuyMyron
The MentorMrs. Jewls

What About Mimi?

The HeroMimi
The LancersRussell and Buddy
The Smart GuyElaine
The Big GuyBrock
The ChickSincerity
Sixth RangersHerbert, Lodeman, Hayley

What a Mess

The HeroWhatamess
The LancerNorton
The Smart Guy and The MentorFrank
The Big GuyTrash
The ChickFelicia
Team PetBaldwin

Wild Grinders

The HeroLil' Rob
The LancerGoggles
The Big GuyJack Knife
The Smart GuyJay Jay
The ChickEmo Crys and Flips
Kid Appeal CharacterSpitball

The Wild Thornberrys

The HeroEliza
The Lancer / Team PetDarwin
The Smart GuyNigel
The Big Guy / The HeartMarianne
The ChickDebbie
Sixth Ranger / Tagalong KidDonnie

The Weekenders

The HeroTino
The LancerLor
The Smart Guy / The ChickTish
The Big GuyCarver (sometimes he acts like The Chick)
The MentorTino`s Mom

Willa's Wild Life

The HeroWilla
The Lancer(s)Dooley, Gus the alligator
The Smart GuySamuel the camel
The Big Guy(s)Tiny and Lou the elephants
The ChickKoko the kangaroo
The HeartJenny the giraffe
Sixth Ranger(s)Wallace the walrus, Burt the bear
Those Two GuysSteve and Edie the seals
Three AmigosThe penguins
Team PetThe bunnies

Winnie the Pooh

The HeroPooh
The LancerPiglet
The Smart GuyRabbit
The Big GuyTigger
The ChickEeyore
Sixth RangerGopher

Winx Club

The main cast

The HeroBloom
The LancerStella
The Smart GuyTecna, and sometimes also Flora
The Big GuyMusa
The ChickFlora
Sixth RangerLayla/Aisha (in Season Two)
Seventh RangerRoxy
The MentorFaragonda

The Specialists

The HeroBrandon (real name: Sky)
The LancerPrince Sky (real name: Brandon)
The Big GuyRiven (who doubles as a second Lancer)
The Smart GuyTimmy
Fifth RangerHelia
Sixth RangerNabu (but, he sacrifice himself to save the kingdom in Season Four)


The main cast

The HeroWill
The LancerCornelia
The Smart GuyTaranee
The Big GuyIrma
The HeartHay Lin
The MentorYan Lin
Team PetsBlunk and Mr. Huggles

Related to WITCH, here's a speculated Five-Man Band chart for the previous team of Guardians, CHYKN:

The HeroCassidy
The Lancer / Token Evil TeammateNerissa
The Smart GuyYan Lin
The Big GuyKadma
The ChickHalinor

Wombat City

The HeroWood Blues
The LancerGreg Supergreen
The Big GuyChamy
The Smart GuyJimi Woodstock
The ChickBB Doll and Sharon

Word World

The HeroBear
The LancerDuck
The Smart GuyFrog
The Big GuyPig
The ChickSheep
Team PetDog, The Bugs (Fly, Bug, and Bee)
Sixth RangerAnt, Shark

Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!

The HeroWubbzy
The LancerWidget
The Smart GuyWalden
The Big Guy / The ChickDaizy

The Wuffers

The HeroYojimbo
The Lancer(s)Digger and Jack Jack
The Big GuyWoo Woo
The Smart GuyDeon
The ChickMimi
Kid Appeal CharacterRico
The MentorPops

Xiaolin Showdown

The HeroOmi
The Lancer / Sixth Ranger TraitorRaimundo
The Big GuyClay
The Smart Guy / The ChickKimiko
Team PetDojo
The MentorMaster Fung
Sixth RangerJermaine (also another Token Minority; only two episodes)

* Note: That if Jack Spicer were ever to undergo a successful Heel Face Turn, he'd fill The Smart Guy role perfectly. In final episode, Raimundo becomes The Hero of the Xiaolin Warriors, Omi is The Lancer instead.

The X's

The HeroMr. X
The LancerMrs. X
The Smart GuyTruman X
The Big Guy / The ChickTuesday X
Team PetRex X
Mentor ArchetypeHome Base

Yin Yang Yo!

The Hero / The Smart Guy / The ChickYin
The Lancer / The Big GuyYang
The MentorMaster Yo
Third Ranger(s)Lina, Dave, The Boogeyman, Jobeaux and Roger Jr.

Young Justice

The HeroAqualad
The LancerRobin
The Smart GuyKid Flash
The Big GuySuperboy
The ChickMiss Martian
Sixth RangerArtemis
Team PetWolf


The HeroChaney
The Lancer / The Smart GuyJeanie
The Big Guy / The ChickHaemi
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