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|[[The Chick]]||Zoey
|[[The Chick]]||Zoey
''[[Aqua Teen Hunger Force]]''
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|[[The Hero]]||Master Shake
|[[The Lancer]] / [[The Smart Guy]]||Frylock
|[[The Big Guy]] / [[The Chick]]||Meatwad
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{| class="wikitable"

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The Five-Man Band is a group of characters whose members fall into archetypes which all complement one another. They are a very specific team with skills that contribute to the group in a unique way. Here are some places where the trope occurs in animation:


The boys

The Hero / The HeartJude
The Lancer / The Big GuyJonesy
The Smart GuyWyatt

The girls

The Hero / The Smart GuyJen
The Lancer / The Big GuyNikki
The ChickCaitlin


The HeroJen
The LancerJonesy
The Smart GuyWyatt
The Big GuyNikki
The ChickCaitlin
The HeartJude

A Kind of Magic (A fairy tale family)

The HeroTom
The LancerCindy
The Smart GuyFerocia (subverted: She's a Token Evil Aunt)
The Big GuyGregore
The ChickWillow
Team PetHis Highness

The Adventures Of Blinky Bill

The HeroBlinky Bill
The LancerFlap
The Smart GuyShifty Dingo (also The Sixth Ranger)
The Big GuySplodge
The ChickNutsy
Kid Appeal CharacterMarcia
The MentorWombo

Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers

The HeroZachary Foxx
The LancerShane Gooseman
The Smart GuyWalter "Doc" Hartford
The Big GuyBuzzwang the Robot
Action GirlNiko
Sixth RangerWaldo
Team PetZozo
Tagalong Kid(s)Jessie Fox and Zach Jr.

Adventures of the Gummi Bears

The HeroGruffi
The Lancer / Team MomGrammi
The Smart GuyZummi
The Big GuyTummi
The Chick Sunni
Tagalong KidCubbi
Sixth RangerGusto
Team PetArtie Deco

The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron

The Hero / The Smart GuyJimmy Neutron
The Lancer / The (second) Smart GuyCindy Vortex
The Big GuysCarl Wheezer and Sheen Estevez
The ChickLibby Folfax
Team PetGoddard

The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin

The HeroTeddy Ruxpin
The LancerGrubby
The Smart GuysNewton Gimmick and Leota
The Big GuysThe Wooly What's-it and Prince Arin
The ChickPrincess Aruzia
Team PetFuzz
Sixth RangerBurl Ruxpin

Adventure Time

The HeroFinn
The LancerJake
The Smart GirlPrincess Bubblegum
The Big GuyLady Rainicorn
The ChickLumpy Space Princess
Sixth Ranger / The Big GuyMarceline
Token Evil Teammate / Seventh RangerFlame Princess
Team PetBMO

Aladdin: The Series

The HeroAladdin
The LancerGenie
The Smart GuyAbu
The Big GuyRajah
The ChickJasmine
Sixth RangerIago

* Note: Abu and Iago are the Team Pets, plus Carpet when as a vehicle.

All Grown Up

The HeroTommy
The LancerPhil
The Big GuyChuckie
The Smart GuyLil
The ChickKimi, Susie, Angelica
Tagalong KidDil

Alpha Teens On Machines

The HeroAxel
The LancerHawk
The Smart GuyShark (more or less)
The Big GuyKing
Action GirlLioness

The Amazing Chan and The Chan Clan

The main cast

The HeroHenry
The Lancer / The Big GuyStanley
The Smart GuysAlan and Tom
The ChickSuzie
Sixth RangerAnne
Tagalong KidsFlip, Scooter, Nancy, Mimi
Team DadMr. Chan
Team PetChu Chu

The Chan kids

The Hero / The Smart GuyFlip
The LancerScooter
The Big GuyNancy
The ChickMimi

American Dad

The HeroStan
The LancerFrancine
The Smart GuySteve
The Big GuyRoger
The ChickHayley
Team PetKlaus
Sixth RangerJeff

Steve's Friends

The HeroSteve
The LancerSnot
The Smart GuyToshi
The Big GuyBarry
The ChickAkiko

Angelina Ballerina

The original

The HeroAngelina
The LancerAlice
The Smart GuyWilliam
The Big GuySammy
The ChickAnya
The MentorMs. Lilly
Tagalong KidHenry


The HeroAngelina
The LancerAlice
The Smart GuyMarco
The Big GuyAJ
The ChickGracie
Sixth RangerVici
The MentorMs. Mimi
Tagalong KidPolly

The Angry Beavers

The HeroNorbert
The LancerDaggett
The Smart GuyWolffe D Wolf
The Big GuyBarry Bear
The ChickTreeflower
Companion CubeStump
Kid Appeal CharacterBing


The HeroAlex
The LancerIggy D'Iguana
The Smart GuyLivingston T Lion
The Big GuyG'Bubu
The ChickZoey

Aqua Teen Hunger Force

The HeroMaster Shake
The Lancer / The Smart GuyFrylock
The Big Guy / The ChickMeatwad


The HeroArcher
The LancerLana
The Smart GuyCyril & Dr. Krieger
The Big GuyPam
The ChickCheryl & Ray (Lana counts too)
Team MomMallory


The HeroArthur
The LancerBuster
The Smart GuyAlan (codename: The Brain)
The Big GuyBinky
The ChickMuffy, Francine, Sue Ellen, Prunella, Fern,
Sixth RangerGeorge
Tagalong KidD. W.
The MentorMr. Ratburn

Avatar: The Last Airbender

The main cast of Season Three

The HeroAang
The LancerKatara, who is also The Chick
The Smart GuySokka (even called "The Idea Guy") Also typically The Leader
The Big GuyToph (a Cute Bruiser - a Big Girl, not in size, but definitely in attitude and muscle)
The ChickKatara (being at once a back-up hero and a Team Mom with Healing Hands and is the hero's love interest.)
Sixth RangerZuko and Suki
Team PetsAppa and Momo (flying bison and flying lemur respectively)


The HeroBabar
The LancerCeleste
The Big GuyPom
The Smart GuyAlexander
The ChickFlora
Sixth RangerZephir

Babar And The Adventures Of Badou

The HeroBadou
The LancerZawadi (sometimes Munroe)
The Smart GuyJake
The Big GuyMunroe
The ChickChiku

Barnyard (overall franchise)

The HeroOtis
The LancerPip
The Big GuyBessie
The Smart GuyPeck
The ChickDaisy (in the movie) & Abby (in the series)

Back at the Barnyard

The HeroOtis
The LancerDuke
The Big GuyPig
The Smart GuyBessie
The Chick / Eighth RangerAbby
Kid Appeal CharacterPip
Those Two GuysPeck and Freddy

* Note: Peck is The Chick (No Pun) and Freddy is an Anti-Hero.

The Backyardigans (most of the time)

The Hero(ine)Uniqua
The LancerPablo
The Smart GuyAustin
The Big GuyTyrone
The ChickTasha

Batman: the Animated Series

The HeroBatman
The LancerRobin
The Smart GuyAlfred
The Big GuyNightwing
The ChickBatgirl

Beethoven the Animated Series

The HeroBeethoven
The LancerSparky
The Smart GuyMr. Huggs
The Big GuyCeasar
The ChickGinger

Ben 10 Alien Force The main cast

The HeroBen
The Lancer / The Big GuyKevin
The Smart GuyGwen
The ChickJulie
Team PetShip

The Junior Plumbers

The HeroPierce
The LancerHelen Wheels
The Smart GuyCooper Daniels
The Big GuyManny Armstrong
The ChickAlan Albright
The MentorMax Tennyson

Beverly Hills Teens

The HeroLarke, Troy
The Lancer / Token Evil TeammateBianca, Pierce
The Smart GuyChester
The Big GuyRadley
The ChickBlaze, Nikki, and Tara
The HeartShanelle
Yes-ManWilshire (to Bianca)
Team PetTiara, C.A.D., Empress
Those Two GuysGig and Jett
Mentor ArchetypeSwitchboard

Bob's Burgers

The HeroBob
The Lancer / The ChickLinda
The Smart GuyLouise
The Big GuyGene
The HeartTina
Sixth RangerTeddy
Seventh RangerMort
Eighth RangerGayle

The Boondocks

The Hero / The Smart GuyHuey
The Lancer / The Big GuyRiley
The ChickJazmine, Cindy McPhearson (in Season 2 and 3)
The MentorGrandad, Tom
Token WhiteSarah
Token Evil TeammateUncle Ruckus (no relation)

The BOTS Master

The HeroZiv Zulander
The LancerThe Street Boyzz: Jammerzz and Toolzz
The Smart GuyThe Science Boyzz: Genesix, D'Nerd, and Watson
The Big GuyThe Sports Boyzz: All Ball, Batzz, Bogey, and Ace
Action GirlBlitzy (also indirectly The Lancer)
Sixth RangerNinjzz
Team PetsSwing & Birdon

* Note: Ziv Zulander clearly defined the niches when designing the Boyzz Bots, but usually they have at least one companion in their own niche.


Sharon's family

The Hero / The ChickSharon
The LancerRichard
The Smart GuyHelen
The Big GuyAdam
Tagalong KidJosh
Sixth RangerDavid
Team PetsPigger, Lawrence, Samson, Moishe, and Roxie

Sharon's friends

The HeroSharon
The Lancer / The Big GuyMaria
The Smart GuyConnor
Fourth Ranger / The ChickAlyson
The MentorDion (a.k.a. Mark Jones)

Sharon's pets

The HeroPigger
The LancerLawrence
The Smart GuyMoishe
The Big GuySamson
The ChickRoxie

The Brak Show

The HeroBrak
The LancerZorak
The Smart Guy / The Big GuyThundercleese
The ChickClarence

Brandy and Mr. Whiskers

The HeroBrandy
The LancerMr.Whiskers
The Smart GuyEd Otter
The Big GuyWolfie (if he weren't a one-shot character)
The ChickLola Boa
Those Two GirlsCheryl and Meryl
Sixth RangerLorenzo Jaguar
Token Evil TeammateMargo and Gaspar
The HeartLola Boa and Ed Otter (again)

Bucky O Hare and The Toad Wars

The HeroBucky O'Hare
The LancerDeadeye Duck
The Smart GuyWilly DuWitt
The Big GuyBruiser
The ChickJenny
Team PetBlinky (Sort of... he's a robot)

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kids (An Actual Band)

The HeroButch (Lead Guitar)
The LancerSteffy (Bass Guitar)
The Smart Guy / The ChickMerilee (Tamborine)
The Big GuyWally (Drummer)
Team PetElvis
The MentorMr. Socrates

Buzz Lightyear of Star Command

The HeroBuzz
The Lancer / The ChickMira (not only blue blood, but blue skin too)
The Smart Guy / Tagalong KidXR
The Big GuyBooster
Big GoodCommander Nebula

C Bear and Jamal

The HeroJamal
The LancerC Bear (Subversion, he's a star)
The Smart GuyKwame
The Big GuyBig Chill
The ChickMaya
Sixth RangerChipster
The HeartKim
Tagalong KidJavier
Team PetSooner

Captain N: The Game Master

The HeroKevin Keene
The LancerSimon Belmont, also Link (in later episodes)
The Smart GuyGame Boy (also a Sixth Ranger)
The Big GuyGame/Megaman (Cute Bruiser)
The ChickPrincess Lana
Tagalong KidKid Icarus
Team PetDuke

Captain Planet and the Planeteers

The HeroKwame
The Lancer / The Big GuyWheeler
The ChickLinka
The Smart GuyGi
The HeartMa-Ti
The MentorGaia
Team PetSuchi
The AceCaptain Planet

* Note: Actually, Linka and Wheeler form a Lancer/Big Guy duo.

Captain Simian and The Space Monkeys

The HeroCharlie Simian
The LancerSpydor (sometimes The Chick)
The Smart GuyDr. Splitz/Splitzy
The Big GuyGor
Action GirlShao Lin (sometimes The Lancer)

Care Bears - The Original Care Bears

The HeroTenderheart Bear
The LancerFriend Bear
The Smart GuyGrumpy Bear, Bedtime Bear
The Big GuyBirthday Bear, Funshine Bear
The ChickCheer Bear, Wish Bear
The HeartLove-A-Lot Bear, Good Luck Bear
Sixth RangerChamp Bear, Oopsy Bear
The MentorGrams Bear
Tagalong KidsBaby Hugs Bear (Hugs and Tugs)

Care Bears - The Care Bear Cousins

The HeroBrave Heart Lion
The LancerSwift Heart Rabbit
The Smart GuyBright Heart Elephant
The Big GuyLotsa Heart Elephant
The ChickCozy Heart Penguin

Casper Scare School

The HeroCasper
The LancerRa
The Smart GuyMantha
The Big GuyWolfie
The ChickJimmy (Team Fleshie)


The HeroBlik
The LancerGordon
The Big GuyWaffle
The Smart GuyHovis
The ChickHuman Kimberly (although she's not one of the team)
Sixth RangerKatilda
Team Pet(s)Gomez and the other newts (Blik, Gordon, and Waffle (cats) qualify)


The Hero/The Smart GuyMax Ray
The LancerAce McCloud
The ChickCrystal Kane
The Big GuyJake Rockwell
Team PetsAmy and Shadow
Sixth RangersRex Charger and John Thunder


The HeroTom
The Lancer / The ChickSarah (sometimes The Smart Guy)
The Smart GuyKaz (sometimes The Lancer)
The Big GuyPeyton
Team PetH'earring

Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers

The HeroChip
The LancerDale
The Smart Guy / The ChickGadget
The Big GuyMonterey Jack
Team PetZipper

Chop Socky Chooks

The Hero/ The ChickChick P
The Lancer / The Big GuyK.O. Joe
The Smart GuyChuckie Chan

Chuck Norris Karate Kommandos

The HeroChuck Norris
The LancerReed
The Smart GuyKimo
The Big GuyTabe
The ChickPepper
Tagalong KidTumachi (pronounced "Too Much")

Class of 3000

The HeroLil' D
The LancerEddie
The Smart GuyPhilly Phil
The Big GuyTamika
The ChickMadison
Those Two GuysKam (he can be The Smart Guy) and Kim (she can be The Chick)
The MentorSunny

The Cleveland Show

The HeroCleveland
The LancerDonna
The Smart GuyRallo
The Big GuyJunior
The ChickRoberta
Sixth RangerTim the Bear (occasionally)

Clifford the Big Red Dog

The HeroClifford
The LancerCleo
The Smart GuyMac
The Big GuyT-Bone
The ChickMimi
Sixth RangerKC

Clue Club

The HeroLarry
The Lancer / The ChickPepper
The Smart GuyDotty
The Big GuyDeedee
Team Pet(s)Woofer & Whimper

Code Lyoko

The HeroUlrich Stern
The LancerYumi Ishiyama
The Smart GuyJérémie Belpois
The Big GuyOdd Della Robia
The ChickAelita Stones Hopper Schaeffer
Sixth Ranger --> Sixth Ranger TraitorWilliam Dunbar (Possessed after one episode.)
The MentorFranz Hopper
Team PetKiwi

* Note: Jérémie's also the team leader.

Codename: Kids Next Door

Sector V

The HeroNigel Uno/Numbuh One ("The Leader")
The Big GuyHoagie Gilligan/Numbuh Two ("The Inventor")
The ChickKuki Sanban/Numbuh Three ("The Flirt")
The LancerWallaby Beetles/Numbuh Four ("The Tough Kid")
The Smart GuyAbby Lincoln/Numbuh Five ("The Cool Kid")
Tagalong KidTommy Gilligan/Numbuh T (also a Sixth Ranger)
Team PetBradley/Numbuh Six (in few episodes)

KND Global Command

Big Good/Team Mom/The Leader Rachel Mckenzie/Numbuh 362
The Lancer (Also The Chick to a certain extent) Fanny Fulbright/Numbuh 86
The Big Guy Patton Drilovsky/Numbuh 60
The Smart Guy Herbie/Numbuh 65.3

Cosmic Quantum Ray

The HeroRobbie Shipton
The Lancer / The Big GuyQuantum Ray
The Smart GuyBucketworth
The Chick(s)Atee & Geecey


The Hero / The Big GuyMatt
The Lancer / The Smart GuyInez
The ChickJackie
Fourth RangerSlider
The MentorMotherboard
Team PetDigit

Da Jammies

The HeroDolla
The LancerNovelist
The Smart GuyLala
The Big GuySeven
The ChickMoMo
Sixth RangerEinny
Those Two GuysThe Battlebrats

Danger Rangers

The HeroSully
The LancerKitty
The Smart GuyBurt
The Big GuyBurb
The ChickGB
Kid Appeal CharacterSqueaky
Robot BuddyFallbot

Danny Phantom - Team Phantom

The HeroDanny Phantom/Fenton
The Lancer / The Big GuySam Manson
The Smart GuyTucker Foley
Fourth Ranger / The Chick / The (minor) Smart GuyJazz Fenton

Darkwing Duck

Normal Team

The HeroDarkwing Duck
The LancerGosalyn
The Smart GuyHonker
The Big GuyLaunchpad
The ChickMorgana

Justice Ducks

The HeroDarkwing Duck
The LancerGizmo Duck
The Smart GuyNeptunia
The Big GuyStegmutt
The ChickMorgana Macawber

Darkwing's normal troop

The HeroDarkwing
The LancerGosalyn
The Smart GuyHonker
The Big GuyLaunchpad
The ChickMorgana

Dave the Barbarian

The Hero / The Big Guy / The HeartDave
The LancerFang
The Smart GuyOswidge
The ChickCandy
Team Pet(s)Lula and Faffy

Dennis the Menace US

The HeroDennis
The LancerTommy
The Smart GuyP.B.
The Big GuyJay
The ChickMargaret
The HeartGina
Kid Appeal CharacterJoey
Team PetRuff


The Hero(es)Shareena and Emmitt
The LancerGug
The Smart GuysLemonjella and Orangejella
The Big GuyJim
The Quiet OneDuncan
The ChickShelley
Team PetPig

Di-Gata Defenders

The HeroSeth
The Lancer / Sixth RangerAdam
The Smart Guy / The Big GuyErik
The ChickMel
Kid Appeal CharacterKara
Token Evil TeammateRion

Dino Riders

The HeroQuestar
The LancerYungstar
The Big GuyGunner
The Smart GuyTurret
The ChickSerena
The MentorMind-Zei
Tagalong KidLlahd


The main cast

The HeroAllo
The LancerBronto Thunder
The Smart GuyDimetro, Tricero
The Big GuyStego, Ichy
The ChickTeryx
Tagalong KidBonehead

The Secret Scouts

The Hero / The Smart GuyRyan
The LancerPaul
The Big GuyDavid
The ChickSara

Disney's Sensational Six

The HeroMickey Mouse (His band is made for you and me, after all)
The LancerDonald Duck
The Smart GuyDaisy Duck
The Big GuyGoofy
The ChickMinnie Mouse
The Sixth Ranger / Team PetPluto
Tagalong KidsHuey, Dewey and Louie

Dragon Tales

The HeroEmmy
The LancerMax
The Big GuyOrd
The Smart Guy / The ChickCassie
Those Two GuysZak and Wheezie
The MentorQuetzal
Seventh RangerLorca, later Enrique

Drawn Together

The HeroCaptain Hero
The LancerXandir P. Wifflebottom
The Big GuyToot Braunstein
The Smart GuySpanky Ham
The ChicksPrincess Clara and Foxxy Love
Kid Appeal CharacterWooldoor Sockbat
Team PetLing-Ling


The HeroEric Duckman
The Lancer / The ChickAunt Bernice
The Smart GuysCharles and Mambo
The Big GuyAjax
The LoadGrandma-ma
The One GuyCornfed


The HeroScrooge McDuck
The LancerHuey, Duey & Louie
The Smart GuyGyro Gearloose
The Big GuyLaunchpad McQuack
The ChickWebby Vanderquack

Dungeons and Dragons

The HeroHank
The LancerEric
The Smart GuyPresto
The Big GuyBobby (Subverted: He's actually a kid, he just has big weapon)
The ChickSheila, and occasionally Diana (though she was more a Token Minority Action Girl)
Team PetUni the Unicorn (Bobby's pet)
The MentorDungeon Master

The Fairly Odd Parents - Timmy and friends' superhero forms from "The Big Superhero Wish":

The HeroCleft (Timmy)
The LancerThe Sonic Youth (Sanjay)
The Smart GuyProfessor A.J. (A.J.)
The Big GuyMatter Muncher Lad (Chester)
The ChickHawk Gal (Veronica)
Action GirlWonder Gal (Trixie)
Kid Appeal CharacterThe Bouncing Boil (Elmer) (who treats him like The Chick)
Team PetsAce and Clefto (Cosmo and Wanda)

Family Guy

The Griffin family

The HeroPeter
The LancerLois
The Smart GuyStewie and Brian
The Big GuyChris
The ChickMeg

Peter's group of friends

The HeroPeter
The LancerQuagmire
The Smart GuyCleveland
The Big GuyJoe, despite being a paraplegic
The ChickMort

Fanboy and Chum Chum

The HeroFanboy
The LancerChum Chum
The Smart GuyKyle
The Big Guy / The MentorOz
The ChickYo

Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

The HeroMac
The LancerBloo
The Smart GuyFrankie
The Big Guy(s)Wilt and Eduardo
The ChickCoco
Sixth RangerGoo


The HeroFry
The LancerLeela
The Smart GuyZoidberg
The Big GuyBender
The ChickAmy
The Sixth RangerHermes
The MentorFarnsworth
Team PetNibbler


The HeroGoliath
The LancerBrooklyn (originally Hudson)
The Smart GuyLexington
The Big GuyBroadway
The ChickElisa and later Angela
Team PetBronx
The MentorHudson
Sixth RangerAngela

Generator Rex

The HeroRex
The LancerAgent Six
The Smart GuyDoc Holiday
The Big Guy / Team PetBobo (Genius Bruiser)
The Chick / Fifth RangerNoah

George of the Jungle (2008 series)

The HeroGeorge
The Lancer / The Smart Guy / The Big GuyApe
The HeartUrsula (also she can qualifies as The Smart Guy)
The ChickMagnolia
Team PetsShep and Tookie Tookie Bird
Team Dad(s)Witch Doctor and Dr. Towel Scott

Geronimo StiltonTV series

The HeroGeronimo (though may not look fit for the role, being a clumsy homebody, he organizes everything and has the convictions of a hero down pat)
The LancerThea (the Foil to Geronimo, being an athletic and fearlessly adventurous Action Girl)
The Big GuyTrap (has the appetite, the raw strength and the disposition. Whether he can hold himself in a fight or not, unfortunately, depends on the episode writer.)
The Smart GuyBenjamin (in the Adorably Precocious Child and Child Prodigy direction, complete with shades of Little Mister Snarker to boot)
The Chick / Tagalong KidPandora (Bugsy Wugsy in the book series; complete with the ignoble role of ALWAYS being the Damsel in Distress)

The Get Along Gang

The HeroMontgomery "Good News" Moose
The LancerZipper Cat
The Big GuyBingo "Bet-It-All" Beaver
The Smart GuyWoolma Lamb
The ChickDotty Dog
The HeartPortia Porcupine

Get Ed

The HeroEd ("The Engineer". Although as a slight subversion the Hero in this case is not the Leader of the group, just the hero of the show and given all the standard Shonen Upgrade items. Only Burn is The Leader.)
The LancerLugie ("The Joker")
The Smart GuyFizz ("The Builder")
The Big GuyBurn ("The Warrior". The technical leader of the group.)
The ChickDeets ("The Dreamer". Also following to the letter of giving an extra edge or power, she's the only one with the ability to fly.)
Team PetDr. Pinch (subversion, he's a puppet)
The MentorOl' Skool ("The Teacher")

* Note: The series notes the Five Man Band set-up as the other four characters and The Mentor are given titles to go along with The Hero later on.

G.I. Joe: Sigma 6

The HeroDuke
The LancerTunnel Rat
The Big GuyHeavy Duty, Snake-Eyes
The Smart GuyHi-Tech
The ChickScarlett
Sixth RangerSpirit Iron-Knife, Lt. Stone, Long Range
Those Two GuysJinx and Kamakura

Gloria, Wilma, and Me

The HeroMelody
The Lancer / The Smart GuyGloria
The Big Guy / The ChickWilma

Growing Up Creepie - Creepie's family

The HeroCreepie
The LancerGnat
The Smart GuyVincent
The Big GuyPauly
The ChickCaroleena
Sixth RangerJerry, Aunt Rose, Larves, Wendy and Wanda

Handy Manny - Tools

The HeroFelipe
The LancerTurner
The Smart GuyDusty
The Big GuyPat
The ChickSqueeze
The HeartRusty
Tagalong KidStretch
Eighth Ranger / Kid Appeal CharacterFlicker
Team DadHandy (subversion, he's the main character)

Heathcliff and The Catillac Cats - The Catillac Cats

The HeroRiff Raff
The LancerHector
The Smart GuyWordsworth (more or less)
The Big GuyMungo
The ChickCleo (although she's an Action Girl in a few episodes)

The Herculoids

The HeroZok
The LancerTundro
The Smart GuyGloop
The Big GuyIgu
The ChickGleep

The Freedom League

The HeroFranklin D. Roosevelt
The Lancer(s)Harry S. Truman and Winston Churchill
The Big GuyJoseph Stalin (also a Token Evil Teammate)
Action GirlEleanor Roosevelt
Team PetFala

The Legion of Superwriters

The HeroErnest Hemingway
The LancerMolliere
The Smart Guy(s)Mark Twain and William Shakespeare
Action GirlEmily Dickinson
Tagalong KidLoud Kiddington

Hey Arnold!

The HeroArnold
The LancerGerald, Sid
The Big GuyEugene, Harold, Stinky
The Smart GuyPhoebe, Peapod Kid, Brainy, Curly,
The ChickHelga, Rhonda, Lila, Nadine, Sheena, Ruth



The HeroScarlet
The LancerButton
The Smart GuyJimber
The Big GuysChili and Pepper
The ChickCalypso
Seventh RangerAztec


The HeroSarah
The LancerMolly
The Smart GuyAlma
The Big GuyWill
The ChicksChloe and Zoey
Seventh RangerBailey
Team PetsScarlet, Button, Chili, Pepper, Jimber, Calypso, Aztec

Shep and his friends

The Hero / The Smart GuyShep
The LancerAngora
The Big Guy / The ChickTeeny
The Obi-WanMosey

The Houndcats

The HeroStutz
The LancerDing Dog
The Smart GuyRhubarb
The Big GuyMusclemutt
Master of DisguisePuttypuss
Team PetSparkplug (the team's semi-sentient car)

I Am Weasel

The HeroIM Weasel
The LancerIR Baboon
The Smart GuyIM Weasel (again)
The Big GuyThe Red Guy (if he were a good guy)
The ChickLulabelle

Jackie Chan Adventures: The J Team

The HeroJackie
The LancerJade (sometimes Tagalong Kid)
The Smart Guy / Mentor ArchetypeUncle
The Big GuyEl Toro Fuerte
The ChickViper
Sixth RangerTohru (who also fits in with The Big Guy and (after learning Chi Magic from uncle) The Smart Guy as well.)
Tagalong KidPaco
Reasonable Authority FigureCaptain Black (sometimes The Lancer)
Team Pet(s)Scruffy, Super Moose

James Bond Jr

The HeroJames Jr.
The LancerI.Q.
The Smart GuyPhoebe
The Big GuyGordo
The ChickTracey

Jane and the Dragon

The HeroJane
The LancerGunther
The Smart GuyJester
The Big GuySmithy
The Chick (standard version)Pepper
The Chick (Non-Action Guy version)Rake
Team PetDragon
The MentorSir Theodore (Jane's mentor), Sir Ivon (Gunther's mentor)

Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors

The HeroJayce
The Lancer/The Big GuyHerc Stormsailor
The Smart Guy/The MentorGillian
The ChickFlora
Team Pet(s)Oon, Brock and the Zoggies (all qualify)

The Jellies!

The Family

The Hero / The Smart GuyCornell Jelly
The Lancer / The Big GuyBarry Jelly
The ChickKY Jelly & Debbie Jelly

Cornell's friends

The Hero / The Smart GuyCornell Jelly
The LancerRay
The Big GuyReggie
The ChickMalik
Sixth RangerDirt Bike Kid

Jelly Jamm

The HeroBello
The LancerOngo
The Smart GuyMina
The Big Guy / The HeartGoomo
The ChickRita


The HeroJem/Jerrica Benton
The LancerAja Leith
The Smart GuyShana Elmsford (she is the thinker of the group)
Kid Appeal CharacterKimber Benton
The Fifth RangerCarmen "Raya" Alonso
The Big Guy Shana, later Raya (power-oriented, being the drummers)
The ChickAll of the Holograms
The MentorSynergy
The HeartRio Pacheco
Tagalong KidsThe Starlight Girls (usually BaNee)

Johnny Test

The HeroJohnny
The Lancer / Team PetDukey
The Smart Guys / The ChicksMary and Susan
The Big Guys / Fifth/Sixth RangersMr. Black and Mr. White

Johnny Test - Johnny's family

The HeroJohnny
The Lancer / Team PetDukey
The Smart GuysMary and Susan
The Big GuyHugh
The ChickLila

Josie and the Pussy Cats

The HeroJosie James
The Lancer(s)The Cabot Twins (Alexandra and Alexander)
The Smart GuyValerie Smith
The Big GuyAlan M. Mayberry
The Smart GuyValerie Smith
The ChickMelody Jones
Team PetSebastian (Alexandra's pet)

Kappa Mikey

The HeroMikey (A bold, charismatic, puts less thought into things than your average piece of tin foil does.)
The LancerLily (An odd example of a female lancer who can't stand The Hero.)
The Smart GuyGuano (He writes, directs, acts, panics; or he could be a Team Pet.)
The Big GuyGonard (Textbook definition of a "Lug", towers over everyone, cheerful and stupid.)
The ChickMitsuki (She's head over heels for Mikey, and cares a lot about everyone else as friends. Ironically, she's the least ditzy, and yet in her own way, the most naive.)
The MentorOzu (He produces as well.)
Yes-ManYes Man (dur!; an assitant to Ozu)

Kick Buttowski - Kick's family

The HeroKick
The LancerBrad
The Smart GuyDenise
The Big GuyHarold
The ChickBrianna

Kick Buttowski - Kick's friends

The HeroKick
The Lancer / The Big GuyGunther
The Smart GuyKendall (Ronaldo also qualifies)
The Big Guy / Tagalong KidJackie
The ChickWade
Token Evil TeammateRonaldo, Mouth (arguably, Kendall also qualifies)

Kidd Video

The HeroKidd
The Lancer / The ChickCarla
The Smart GuyWhiz
The Big GuyAsh
Fairy CompanionGlitter

The Kids From Room 402

The HeroNancy
The LancerJessie
The Smart GuyPolly
The Big GuyVinnie
The ChickPenny
Kid Appeal CharacterFreddie
Sixth RangerMelanie

Kim Possible

The HeroKim Possible
The Lancer / The Big Guy / The ChickRon Stoppable
The Smart GuyWade Load
Tagalong KidsJim & Tim Possible ("The Tweebs")
Sixth Ranger / The ChickMonique
Team PetRufus the naked mole rat

King of the Hill

The family

The HeroHank
The LancerPeggy
The Big Guy Bobby
The Smart Guy/The ChickLuanne

Hank's Friends

The HeroHank
The LancerBoomhauer
The Big GuyBill
The Smart GuyDale

Kuu Kuu Harajuku

The HeroG
The Smart GuyLove
The ChickAngel
The LancerMusic
The Big GuyBaby

The Lebrons

The titular family

The Hero Kid
The LancerBusiness
The Smart GuyWise
The Big GuyAthlete
The ChickGloria

Kid's friends

The HeroKid
The Lancer(s) / The Smart Guy(s)Condor, Erik
The Chick / The HeartLi

The Legend of Tarzan

The HeroTarzan
The LancerTerk
The Smart GuyProfessor Archimedes Q. Porter
The Big GuyTantor
The ChickJane Porter
Team MomKala

Liberty's Kids

The HeroJames
The LancerHenri
The Smart Guy / The MentorBenjamin Franklin
The Big GuyMoses
The ChickSarah

Lilo and Stitch: The Series

Hero WannabeLilo
The Smart GuyDavid
The Big GuyCobra Bubbles
The ChickNani
The Mentor Grand Councilwoman

Little Einsteins

The Hero / The Smart GuyLeo
The LancerQuincy
The ChickAnnie and June
The Big Team VehicleRocket

Little Princess School

The HeroCindy
The Smart GuyBianca
The Big GuyHime
The ChickIriá
The LancerZade

The Little Rascals (Hanna-Barbera's version)

The HeroSpanky
The LancerPorky
The Smart GuyBuckwheat
The ChickDarla
The Big GuyAlfalfa
Team PetPete

Littlest Pet Shop (2012)

The Hero Blythe and Zoe
The LancerVinnie
The Smart GuyRussell
The Big GuySunil
The ChickMinka, Penny Ling, Pepper

Lloyd in Space

The HeroLloyd
The LancerEddie
The Smart GuyDouglas
The Big GuyKurt

The Looney Tunes Show

The HeroBugs Bunny
The LancerDaffy Duck
The Big GuyPorky Pig
The Smart GuyTina Russo
The ChickLola Bunny
The Sixth RangerFoghorn Leghorn
Tagalong KidTweety
Team PetSpeedy Gonzales
The MentorGranny
Team DadFrank Russo

Loonatics Unleashed

The HeroAce Bunny
The LancerDanger Duck
The Smart GuyTech E. Coyote
The Big GuySlam Tasmanian
The Chick/Action GirlLexi Bunny
Kid Appeal CharacterRev Runner (who could also share The Smart Guy role with Tech)
The MentorZadavia

The Loud House

The HeroLincoln Loud
The LancerLori Marie Loud
The Big ChickLynn L. Loud Jr.
The Smart GuyLisa Loud
The ChicksLeni L. Loud, Lola Loud, Luan L. Loud, Luna Loud, Lana L. Loud and Lucy L. Loud
Tagalong KidLily Loud

Madballs Escape From Orb!

The HeroScreamin' Meemie
The LancerSkull Face
The Smart GuyDustbrain
The Big GuyHornhead
The ChickFreakella
Tagalong Kid / Brother ChuckOcculus Orbus
Those Two GuysSlobulus and Aargh

The Magic School Bus

The HeroArnold
The LancersWanda, Carlos, Keesha
The Smart GuyDorothy Ann (D.A.)
The Big GuyRalphie
The ChickPhoebe (also The Heart)
The MentorMs. Frizzle
Team PetLiz
Magic BusThe Bus
Sixth Ranger TraitorJanet

Martha Speaks

The HeroMartha
The LancerHelen
The Smart GuyTruman
The Big GuyTD
The ChickAlice
Team PetSkits
Sixth RangerCarolina

Martin Mystery

The HeroMartin Mystery
The Lancer / The Smart Guy / The ChickDiana Lombard
The Big GuyJava the Caveman
The MentorM.O.M.
Team PetBilly

Maya and Miguel

The HeroMaya
The LancerMiguel
The Smart GuyTheo
The Big GuyAndy
The ChicksMaggie and Chrissy
Team PetPaco
Tagalong KidTito


The HeroNathan Explosion (Subverted in how little leading he does beyond songwriting.)
The LancerSkwisgaar Skwigelf (Subverted in lacking knowledge unrelated to guitars and being fine with his place on the team.)
The Smart GuyPickles (Subverted in that he's really just the smartest of the group. Not too hard to pull off.)
The Big GuyWilliam Murderface (Subverted; Murderface is extremely sensitive and insecure, with cripplingly poor self-esteem and image problems)
The ChickToki Wartooth (Gives Murderface a run for his money in the "emotional" department. Extremely childish.)
The Sixth RangerCharlse Foster Ofdenson (Straight Man, Only Sane Man, Battle Butler and Badass Bookworm all rolled into one.)
Tagalong KidFatty
Kid Appeal CharacterDr. Rockzo the Rock n' Roll Clown (Though he is hyperactive and brightly colored, the rest is violently subverted: He is amoral, dangerous, not kid friendly and the only reason he's so cheerful is that he does cocaine. A lot of cocaine.)

* Note: Despite the central characters being a band with five people, the show loves to subvert this.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

The HeroMickey Mouse
The LancerDonald Duck
The Smart GuyDaisy Duck
The Big GuyGoofy
The ChickMinnie Mouse
Team PetPluto
Sixth RangerToodles

The Mighty B

From The Higgenbottoms Family's POV with Penny and Finger (they are friends of Bessie):

The HeroBessie (with elements of The Smart Guy)
The Lancer / Team PetHappy
The Smart Guy / The Quiet OneFinger
The Big GuyPenny
The Chick / Tagalong KidBen

From The Honeybees' POV:

The HeroBessie
The Lancer / The ChickPortia
The Smart GuyGwen
The Big GuyPenny (who also Third In Command to Portia)
The MentorMary Francis (Portia's mother)
The Fifth RangersThe Honeybee Troops

* Note: Portia, Gwen and Penny are Token Evil Teammates, but Penny is a friend of Bessie.

The Mighty Ducks

The HeroWildwing Flashblade
The LancerDuke L'Orange
The Smart GuyTanya Vanderflock
The Big GuyGrin Hardwing
The Chick / Action GirlMallory McMallard
Kid Appeal CharacterNosedive Flashblade

The Mighty Heroes

The HeroDiaper Man
The LancerTornado Man
The Smart GuyRope Man
The Big GuyStrong Man
The ChickCuckoo Man

Mighty Orbots

The Hero/ The Smart GuyRob "Orbots Commander" Simmons
The LancerBort
The Big GuyTor
The ChickOhno
Lovely AngelsBo and Boo
Sixth RangerCrunch

Mike Tyson Mysteries

The HeroMike Tyson
The LancerPigeon (also Team Pet)
The Big GuyMarquess of Queensberry
The Smart Guy / The ChickYung Hee Tyson

Millionaire Dogs

The HeroJD
The LancerBella
The Smart GuyChuffie
The Big GuySherman
The ChickVelvet
Team PetEmmo
The Obi-WanMiss Lilly

Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends

The HeroSquirt
The LancerShimmer
The Smart GuySpinner
The Big GuysDragon and Wiggle
The ChicksPatsy and Snowdrop
Tagalong KidBounce
Team MomMiss Spider
Team DadHolley
Sixth RangerBetty Beegle (Miss Spider's mom)

Mister T (animation)

The HeroMr. T
The LancerRobin O'Neill
The Smart GuyWoody Daniels
The Big GuyJeff Harris
The ChickKim Nakamura
Tagalong KidSpike O'Neill
Sixth Ranger/Team MomPriscilla Bisby
Team PetDozer

Monster Buster Club

The Hero / The ChickCathy
The LancerSam
The Smart GuyChris
The Big GuyDanny
The MentorMr. Smith

Monster High: Adventures of the Ghoul Squad

The HeroDraculaura
The LancerClawdeen Wolf
The Big GuyCleo de Nile
The Smart GuyFrankie Stein
The ChickLagoona Blue

Moral Orel

The HeroOrel
The Lancer / The Smart GuyClay
The Big GuyShapey
The ChickBloberta


The HeroLaylen/Screemplay (also The Chick)
The Lancer / The Big GuyCooder/Thrash
The Smart GuyBenny/Reverb
The (other) ChickKayce Culp/Kickblast

Mummies Alive

The HeroJa-Kal
The Lancer / The Smart GuyRath
The Big GuyArmon
The ChickNefer-Tina
Tagalong KidPresley Carnovan
Team PetKahti

Muppet Babies

The HeroKermit
The LancerGonzo
The Smart GuyRowlf
The Big GuysFozzie and Scooter
The ChickPiggy
Action GirlSkeeter
Tagalong Kid / Team PetAnimal
Sixth Rangers)Bunsen and Beaker
Team MomNanny

* Note: On The Muppet Show, their roles aren't cut and dry. In adult form, Fozzie isn't so dumb, and Gonzo and Scooter are both somewhere between The Smart Guy and The Lancer. Besides, The Muppet Show has Loads and Loads of Characters.

My Gym Partners a Monkey

The HeroAdam Lyon
The LancerJake Spidermonkey
The Smart GuyWindsor Gorilla
The Big GuyIngrid Giraffe (the tallest female student)
The ChickLupe Toucan
The HeartSlips Python

My Life as a Teenage Robot

The Hero / The ChickXJ-9/Jenny Wakeman
The LancerBrad
The Smart GuySheldon
The Big GuyThe Silver Shell (Sheldon's robotic alter-ego)
Kid Appeal CharacterTuck
Mentor ArchetypeNora Wakeman

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Mane Six

The Hero/The Smart GuyTwilight Sparkle
The LancerRainbow Dash
The Big GuyApplejack
The ChickRarity and Pinkie Pie
Sixth RangerSpike
The HeartFluttershy
The MentorPrincess Celestia
Tagalong KidsCutie Mark Crusaders

The Mysteries of Alfred Hedgehog

The HeroAlfred Hedgehog (Also The Smart Guy)
The LancerCamille Wallaby
The Big GuyMilo Skunk
The ChickCynthia Payne
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