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The Five-Man Band is a group of characters whose members fall into archetypes which all complement one another. They are a very specific team with skills that contribute to the group in a unique way. Here are some places where the trope occurs in animation:


The boys

The Hero / The Heart Jude
The Lancer / The Big Guy Jonesy
The Smart Guy Wyatt

The girls

The Hero / The Smart Guy Jen
The Lancer / The Big Guy Nikki
The Chick Caitlin


The Hero Jen
The Lancer Jonesy
The Smart Guy Wyatt
The Big Guy Nikki
The Chick Caitlin
The Heart Jude

A Kind of Magic (A fairy tale family)

The Hero Tom
The Lancer Cindy
The Smart Guy Ferocia (subverted: She's a Token Evil Aunt)
The Big Guy Gregore
The Chick Willow
Team Pet His Highness

The Adventures Of Blinky Bill

The Hero Blinky Bill
The Lancer Flap
The Smart Guy Shifty Dingo (also The Sixth Ranger)
The Big Guy Splodge
The Chick Nutsy
Kid Appeal Character Marcia
The Mentor Wombo

Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers

The Hero Zachary Foxx
The Lancer Shane Gooseman
The Smart Guy Walter "Doc" Hartford
The Big Guy Buzzwang the Robot
Action Girl Niko
Sixth Ranger Waldo
Team Pet Zozo
Tagalong Kid(s) Jessie Fox and Zach Jr.

Adventures of the Gummi Bears

The Hero Gruffi
The Lancer / Team Mom Grammi
The Smart Guy Zummi
The Big Guy Tummi
The Chick Sunni
Tagalong Kid Cubbi
Sixth Ranger Gusto
Team Pet Artie Deco

The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron

The Hero / The Smart Guy Jimmy Neutron
The Lancer / The (second) Smart Guy Cindy Vortex
The Big Guys Carl Wheezer and Sheen Estevez
The Chick Libby Folfax
Team Pet Goddard

The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin

The Hero Teddy Ruxpin
The Lancer Grubby
The Smart Guys Newton Gimmick and Leota
The Big Guys The Wooly What's-it and Prince Arin
The Chick Princess Aruzia
Team Pet Fuzz
Sixth Ranger Burl Ruxpin

Adventure Time

The Hero Finn
The Lancer Jake
The Smart Girl Princess Bubblegum
The Big Guy Lady Rainicorn
The Chick Lumpy Space Princess
Sixth Ranger / The Big Guy Marceline
Token Evil Teammate / Seventh Ranger Flame Princess
Team Pet BMO

Aladdin: The Series

The Hero Aladdin
The Lancer Genie
The Smart Guy Abu
The Big Guy Rajah
The Chick Jasmine
Sixth Ranger Iago

* Note: Abu and Iago are the Team Pets, plus Carpet when as a vehicle.

All Grown Up

The Hero Tommy
The Lancer Phil
The Big Guy Chuckie
The Smart Guy Lil
The Chick Kimi, Susie, Angelica
Tagalong Kid Dil

Alpha Teens On Machines

The Hero Axel
The Lancer Hawk
The Smart Guy Shark (more or less)
The Big Guy King
Action Girl Lioness

The Amazing Chan and The Chan Clan

The main cast

The Hero Henry
The Lancer / The Big Guy Stanley
The Smart Guys Alan and Tom
The Chick Suzie
Sixth Ranger Anne
Tagalong Kids Flip, Scooter, Nancy, Mimi
Team Dad Mr. Chan
Team Pet Chu Chu

The Chan kids

The Hero / The Smart Guy Flip
The Lancer Scooter
The Big Guy Nancy
The Chick Mimi

American Dad

The Hero Stan
The Lancer Francine
The Smart Guy Steve
The Big Guy Roger
The Chick Hayley
Team Pet Klaus
Sixth Ranger Jeff

Steve's Friends

The Hero Steve
The Lancer Snot
The Smart Guy Toshi
The Big Guy Barry
The Chick Akiko

Angelina Ballerina

The original

The Hero Angelina
The Lancer Alice
The Smart Guy William
The Big Guy Sammy
The Chick Anya
The Mentor Ms. Lilly
Tagalong Kid Henry


The Hero Angelina
The Lancer Alice
The Smart Guy Marco
The Big Guy AJ
The Chick Gracie
Sixth Ranger Vici
The Mentor Ms. Mimi
Tagalong Kid Polly

The Angry Beavers

The Hero Norbert
The Lancer Daggett
The Smart Guy Wolffe D Wolf
The Big Guy Barry Bear
The Chick Treeflower
Companion Cube Stump
Kid Appeal Character Bing


The Hero Alex
The Lancer Iggy D'Iguana
The Smart Guy Livingston T Lion
The Big Guy G'Bubu
The Chick Zoey

Anne of Green Gables: The Animated Series

The Hero Anne Shirley
The Lancer Diana Barry
The Big Guy Felix King
The Smart Guy Gilbert Blythe
The Chick Felicity King

Aqua Teen Hunger Force

The Hero Master Shake
The Lancer / The Smart Guy Frylock
The Big Guy / The Chick Meatwad


The Hero Archer
The Lancer Lana
The Smart Guy Cyril & Dr. Krieger
The Big Guy Pam
The Chick Cheryl & Ray (Lana counts too)
Team Mom Mallory


The Hero Arthur
The Lancer Buster
The Smart Guy Alan (codename: The Brain)
The Big Guy Binky
The Chick Muffy, Francine, Sue Ellen, Prunella, Fern,
Sixth Ranger George
Tagalong Kid D. W.
The Mentor Mr. Ratburn

Avatar: The Last Airbender

The main cast of Season Three

The Hero Aang
The Lancer Katara, who is also The Chick
The Smart Guy Sokka (even called "The Idea Guy") Also typically The Leader
The Big Guy Toph (a Cute Bruiser - a Big Girl, not in size, but definitely in attitude and muscle)
The Chick Katara (being at once a back-up hero and a Team Mom with Healing Hands and is the hero's love interest.)
Sixth Ranger Zuko and Suki
Team Pets Appa and Momo (flying bison and flying lemur respectively)


The Hero Babar
The Lancer Celeste
The Big Guy Pom
The Smart Guy Alexander
The Chick Flora
Sixth Ranger Zephir

Babar And The Adventures Of Badou

The Hero Badou
The Lancer Zawadi (sometimes Munroe)
The Smart Guy Jake
The Big Guy Munroe
The Chick Chiku

Barnyard (overall franchise)

The Hero Otis
The Lancer Pip
The Big Guy Bessie
The Smart Guy Peck
The Chick Daisy (in the movie) & Abby (in the series)

Back at the Barnyard

The Hero Otis
The Lancer Duke
The Big Guy Pig
The Smart Guy Bessie
The Chick / Eighth Ranger Abby
Kid Appeal Character Pip
Those Two Guys Peck and Freddy

* Note: Peck is The Chick (No Pun) and Freddy is an Anti-Hero.

The Backyardigans (most of the time)

The Hero(ine) Uniqua
The Lancer Pablo
The Smart Guy Austin
The Big Guy Tyrone
The Chick Tasha

Batman: the Animated Series

The Hero Batman
The Lancer Robin
The Smart Guy Alfred
The Big Guy Nightwing
The Chick Batgirl

Beethoven the Animated Series

The Hero Beethoven
The Lancer Sparky
The Smart Guy Mr. Huggs
The Big Guy Ceasar
The Chick Ginger

Ben 10 Alien Force The main cast

The Hero Ben
The Lancer / The Big Guy Kevin
The Smart Guy Gwen
The Chick Julie
Team Pet Ship

The Junior Plumbers

The Hero Pierce
The Lancer Helen Wheels
The Smart Guy Cooper Daniels
The Big Guy Manny Armstrong
The Chick Alan Albright
The Mentor Max Tennyson

Beverly Hills Teens

The Hero Larke, Troy
The Lancer / Token Evil Teammate Bianca, Pierce
The Smart Guy Chester
The Big Guy Radley
The Chick Blaze, Nikki, and Tara
The Heart Shanelle
Yes-Man Wilshire (to Bianca)
Team Pet Tiara, C.A.D., Empress
Those Two Guys Gig and Jett
Mentor Archetype Switchboard

Bob's Burgers

The Hero Bob
The Lancer / The Chick Linda
The Smart Guy Louise
The Big Guy Gene
The Heart Tina
Sixth Ranger Teddy
Seventh Ranger Mort
Eighth Ranger Gayle

The Boondocks

The Hero / The Smart Guy Huey
The Lancer / The Big Guy Riley
The Chick Jazmine, Cindy McPhearson (in Season 2 and 3)
The Mentor Grandad, Tom
Token White Sarah
Token Evil Teammate Uncle Ruckus (no relation)

The BOTS Master

The Hero Ziv Zulander
The Lancer The Street Boyzz: Jammerzz and Toolzz
The Smart Guy The Science Boyzz: Genesix, D'Nerd, and Watson
The Big Guy The Sports Boyzz: All Ball, Batzz, Bogey, and Ace
Action Girl Blitzy (also indirectly The Lancer)
Sixth Ranger Ninjzz
Team Pets Swing & Birdon

* Note: Ziv Zulander clearly defined the niches when designing the Boyzz Bots, but usually they have at least one companion in their own niche.


Sharon's family

The Hero / The Chick Sharon
The Lancer Richard
The Smart Guy Helen
The Big Guy Adam
Tagalong Kid Josh
Sixth Ranger David
Team Pets Pigger, Lawrence, Samson, Moishe, and Roxie

Sharon's friends

The Hero Sharon
The Lancer / The Big Guy Maria
The Smart Guy Connor
Fourth Ranger / The Chick Alyson
The Mentor Dion (a.k.a. Mark Jones)

Sharon's pets

The Hero Pigger
The Lancer Lawrence
The Smart Guy Moishe
The Big Guy Samson
The Chick Roxie

The Brak Show

The Hero Brak
The Lancer Zorak
The Smart Guy / The Big Guy Thundercleese
The Chick Clarence

Brandy and Mr. Whiskers

The Hero Brandy
The Lancer Mr.Whiskers
The Smart Guy Ed Otter
The Big Guy Wolfie (if he weren't a one-shot character)
The Chick Lola Boa
Those Two Girls Cheryl and Meryl
Sixth Ranger Lorenzo Jaguar
Token Evil Teammate Margo and Gaspar
The Heart Lola Boa and Ed Otter (again)

Bucky O Hare and The Toad Wars

The Hero Bucky O'Hare
The Lancer Deadeye Duck
The Smart Guy Willy DuWitt
The Big Guy Bruiser
The Chick Jenny
Team Pet Blinky (Sort of... he's a robot)

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kids (An Actual Band)

The Hero Butch (Lead Guitar)
The Lancer Steffy (Bass Guitar)
The Smart Guy / The Chick Merilee (Tamborine)
The Big Guy Wally (Drummer)
Team Pet Elvis
The Mentor Mr. Socrates

Buzz Lightyear of Star Command

The Hero Buzz
The Lancer / The Chick Mira (not only blue blood, but blue skin too)
The Smart Guy / Tagalong Kid XR
The Big Guy Booster
Big Good Commander Nebula

C Bear and Jamal

The Hero Jamal
The Lancer C Bear (Subversion, he's a star)
The Smart Guy Kwame
The Big Guy Big Chill
The Chick Maya
Sixth Ranger Chipster
The Heart Kim
Tagalong Kid Javier
Team Pet Sooner

Captain N: The Game Master

The Hero Kevin Keene
The Lancer Simon Belmont, also Link (in later episodes)
The Smart Guy Game Boy (also a Sixth Ranger)
The Big Guy Game/Megaman (Cute Bruiser)
The Chick Princess Lana
Tagalong Kid Kid Icarus
Team Pet Duke

Captain Planet and the Planeteers

The Hero Kwame
The Lancer / The Big Guy Wheeler
The Chick Linka
The Smart Guy Gi
The Heart Ma-Ti
The Mentor Gaia
Team Pet Suchi
The Ace Captain Planet

* Note: Actually, Linka and Wheeler form a Lancer/Big Guy duo.

Captain Simian and The Space Monkeys

The Hero Charlie Simian
The Lancer Spydor (sometimes The Chick)
The Smart Guy Dr. Splitz/Splitzy
The Big Guy Gor
Action Girl Shao Lin (sometimes The Lancer)

Care Bears - The Original Care Bears

The Hero Tenderheart Bear
The Lancer Friend Bear
The Smart Guy Grumpy Bear, Bedtime Bear
The Big Guy Birthday Bear, Funshine Bear
The Chick Cheer Bear, Wish Bear
The Heart Love-A-Lot Bear, Good Luck Bear
Sixth Ranger Champ Bear, Oopsy Bear
The Mentor Grams Bear
Tagalong Kids Baby Hugs Bear (Hugs and Tugs)

Care Bears - The Care Bear Cousins

The Hero Brave Heart Lion
The Lancer Swift Heart Rabbit
The Smart Guy Bright Heart Elephant
The Big Guy Lotsa Heart Elephant
The Chick Cozy Heart Penguin

Casper Scare School

The Hero Casper
The Lancer Ra
The Smart Guy Mantha
The Big Guy Wolfie
The Chick Jimmy (Team Fleshie)


The Hero Blik
The Lancer Gordon
The Big Guy Waffle
The Smart Guy Hovis
The Chick Human Kimberly (although she's not one of the team)
Sixth Ranger Katilda
Team Pet(s) Gomez and the other newts (Blik, Gordon, and Waffle (cats) qualify)


The Hero/The Smart Guy Max Ray
The Lancer Ace McCloud
The Chick Crystal Kane
The Big Guy Jake Rockwell
Team Pets Amy and Shadow
Sixth Rangers Rex Charger and John Thunder


The Hero Tom
The Lancer / The Chick Sarah (sometimes The Smart Guy)
The Smart Guy Kaz (sometimes The Lancer)
The Big Guy Peyton
Team Pet H'earring

Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers

The Hero Chip
The Lancer Dale
The Smart Guy / The Chick Gadget
The Big Guy Monterey Jack
Team Pet Zipper

Chop Socky Chooks

The Hero/ The Chick Chick P
The Lancer / The Big Guy K.O. Joe
The Smart Guy Chuckie Chan

Chuck Norris Karate Kommandos

The Hero Chuck Norris
The Lancer Reed
The Smart Guy Kimo
The Big Guy Tabe
The Chick Pepper
Tagalong Kid Tumachi (pronounced "Too Much")

Class of 3000

The Hero Lil' D
The Lancer Eddie
The Smart Guy Philly Phil
The Big Guy Tamika
The Chick Madison
Those Two Guys Kam (he can be The Smart Guy) and Kim (she can be The Chick)
The Mentor Sunny

The Cleveland Show

The Hero Cleveland
The Lancer Donna
The Smart Guy Rallo
The Big Guy Junior
The Chick Roberta
Sixth Ranger Tim the Bear (occasionally)

Clifford the Big Red Dog

The Hero Clifford
The Lancer Cleo
The Smart Guy Mac
The Big Guy T-Bone
The Chick Mimi
Sixth Ranger KC

Clue Club

The Hero Larry
The Lancer / The Chick Pepper
The Smart Guy Dotty
The Big Guy Deedee
Team Pet(s) Woofer & Whimper

Code Lyoko

The Hero Ulrich Stern
The Lancer Yumi Ishiyama
The Smart Guy Jérémie Belpois
The Big Guy Odd Della Robia
The Chick Aelita Stones Hopper Schaeffer
Sixth Ranger --> Sixth Ranger Traitor William Dunbar (Possessed after one episode.)
The Mentor Franz Hopper
Team Pet Kiwi

* Note: Jérémie's also the team leader.

Codename: Kids Next Door

Sector V

The Hero Nigel Uno/Numbuh One ("The Leader")
The Big Guy Hoagie Gilligan/Numbuh Two ("The Inventor")
The Chick Kuki Sanban/Numbuh Three ("The Flirt")
The Lancer Wallaby Beetles/Numbuh Four ("The Tough Kid")
The Smart Guy Abby Lincoln/Numbuh Five ("The Cool Kid")
Tagalong Kid Tommy Gilligan/Numbuh T (also a Sixth Ranger)
Team Pet Bradley/Numbuh Six (in few episodes)

KND Global Command

Big Good/Team Mom/The Leader Rachel Mckenzie/Numbuh 362
The Lancer (Also The Chick to a certain extent) Fanny Fulbright/Numbuh 86
The Big Guy Patton Drilovsky/Numbuh 60
The Smart Guy Herbie/Numbuh 65.3

Cosmic Quantum Ray

The Hero Robbie Shipton
The Lancer / The Big Guy Quantum Ray
The Smart Guy Bucketworth
The Chick(s) Atee & Geecey


The Hero / The Big Guy Matt
The Lancer / The Smart Guy Inez
The Chick Jackie
Fourth Ranger Slider
The Mentor Motherboard
Team Pet Digit

Da Jammies

The Hero Dolla
The Lancer Novelist
The Smart Guy Lala
The Big Guy Seven
The Chick MoMo
Sixth Ranger Einny
Those Two Guys The Battlebrats

Danger Rangers

The Hero Sully
The Lancer Kitty
The Smart Guy Burt
The Big Guy Burb
The Chick GB
Kid Appeal Character Squeaky
Robot Buddy Fallbot

Danny Phantom - Team Phantom

The Hero Danny Phantom/Fenton
The Lancer / The Big Guy Sam Manson
The Smart Guy Tucker Foley
Fourth Ranger / The Chick / The (minor) Smart Guy Jazz Fenton

Darkwing Duck

Normal Team

The Hero Darkwing Duck
The Lancer Gosalyn
The Smart Guy Honker
The Big Guy Launchpad
The Chick Morgana

Justice Ducks

The Hero Darkwing Duck
The Lancer Gizmo Duck
The Smart Guy Neptunia
The Big Guy Stegmutt
The Chick Morgana Macawber

Darkwing's normal troop

The Hero Darkwing
The Lancer Gosalyn
The Smart Guy Honker
The Big Guy Launchpad
The Chick Morgana

Dave the Barbarian

The Hero / The Big Guy / The Heart Dave
The Lancer Fang
The Smart Guy Oswidge
The Chick Candy
Team Pet(s) Lula and Faffy

Dennis the Menace US

The Hero Dennis
The Lancer Tommy
The Smart Guy P.B.
The Big Guy Jay
The Chick Margaret
The Heart Gina
Kid Appeal Character Joey
Team Pet Ruff


The Hero(es) Shareena and Emmitt
The Lancer Gug
The Smart Guys Lemonjella and Orangejella
The Big Guy Jim
The Quiet One Duncan
The Chick Shelley
Team Pet Pig

Di-Gata Defenders

The Hero Seth
The Lancer / Sixth Ranger Adam
The Smart Guy / The Big Guy Erik
The Chick Mel
Kid Appeal Character Kara
Token Evil Teammate Rion

Dino Riders

The Hero Questar
The Lancer Yungstar
The Big Guy Gunner
The Smart Guy Turret
The Chick Serena
The Mentor Mind-Zei
Tagalong Kid Llahd


The main cast

The Hero Allo
The Lancer Bronto Thunder
The Smart Guy Dimetro, Tricero
The Big Guy Stego, Ichy
The Chick Teryx
Tagalong Kid Bonehead

The Secret Scouts

The Hero / The Smart Guy Ryan
The Lancer Paul
The Big Guy David
The Chick Sara

Disney's Sensational Six

The Hero Mickey Mouse (His band is made for you and me, after all)
The Lancer Donald Duck
The Smart Guy Daisy Duck
The Big Guy Goofy
The Chick Minnie Mouse
The Sixth Ranger / Team Pet Pluto
Tagalong Kids Huey, Dewey and Louie


The Hero Alex
The Lancer Jen
The Big Guy Goat, Matt
The Smart Guy Fruity
The Chick Chaka, Serena and Mecca

Dragon Tales

The Hero Emmy
The Lancer Max
The Big Guy Ord
The Smart Guy / The Chick Cassie
Those Two Guys Zak and Wheezie
The Mentor Quetzal
Seventh Ranger Lorca, later Enrique

Drawn Together

The Hero Captain Hero
The Lancer Xandir P. Wifflebottom
The Big Guy Toot Braunstein
The Smart Guy Spanky Ham
The Chicks Princess Clara and Foxxy Love
Kid Appeal Character Wooldoor Sockbat
Team Pet Ling-Ling


The Hero Eric Duckman
The Lancer / The Chick Aunt Bernice
The Smart Guys Charles and Mambo
The Big Guy Ajax
The Load Grandma-ma
The One Guy Cornfed


The Hero Scrooge McDuck
The Lancer Huey, Duey & Louie
The Smart Guy Gyro Gearloose
The Big Guy Launchpad McQuack
The Chick Webby Vanderquack

Dungeons and Dragons

The Hero Hank
The Lancer Eric
The Smart Guy Presto
The Big Guy Bobby (Subverted: He's actually a kid, he just has big weapon)
The Chick Sheila, and occasionally Diana (though she was more a Token Minority Action Girl)
Team Pet Uni the Unicorn (Bobby's pet)
The Mentor Dungeon Master

The Fairly Odd Parents - Timmy and friends' superhero forms from "The Big Superhero Wish":

The Hero Cleft (Timmy)
The Lancer The Sonic Youth (Sanjay)
The Smart Guy Professor A.J. (A.J.)
The Big Guy Matter Muncher Lad (Chester)
The Chick Hawk Gal (Veronica)
Action Girl Wonder Gal (Trixie)
Kid Appeal Character The Bouncing Boil (Elmer) (who treats him like The Chick)
Team Pets Ace and Clefto (Cosmo and Wanda)

Family Guy

The Griffin family

The Hero Peter
The Lancer Lois
The Smart Guy Stewie and Brian
The Big Guy Chris
The Chick Meg

Peter's group of friends

The Hero Peter
The Lancer Quagmire
The Smart Guy Cleveland
The Big Guy Joe, despite being a paraplegic
The Chick Mort

Fanboy and Chum Chum

The Hero Fanboy
The Lancer Chum Chum
The Smart Guy Kyle
The Big Guy / The Mentor Oz
The Chick Yo

Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

The Hero Mac
The Lancer Bloo
The Smart Guy Frankie
The Big Guy(s) Wilt and Eduardo
The Chick Coco
Sixth Ranger Goo


The Hero Fry
The Lancer Leela
The Smart Guy Zoidberg
The Big Guy Bender
The Chick Amy
The Sixth Ranger Hermes
The Mentor Farnsworth
Team Pet Nibbler


The Hero Goliath
The Lancer Brooklyn (originally Hudson)
The Smart Guy Lexington
The Big Guy Broadway
The Chick Elisa and later Angela
Team Pet Bronx
The Mentor Hudson
Sixth Ranger Angela

Generator Rex

The Hero Rex
The Lancer Agent Six
The Smart Guy Doc Holiday
The Big Guy / Team Pet Bobo (Genius Bruiser)
The Chick / Fifth Ranger Noah

George of the Jungle (2008 series)

The Hero George
The Lancer / The Smart Guy / The Big Guy Ape
The Heart Ursula (also she can qualifies as The Smart Guy)
The Chick Magnolia
Team Pets Shep and Tookie Tookie Bird
Team Dad(s) Witch Doctor and Dr. Towel Scott

Geronimo StiltonTV series

The Hero Geronimo (though may not look fit for the role, being a clumsy homebody, he organizes everything and has the convictions of a hero down pat)
The Lancer Thea (the Foil to Geronimo, being an athletic and fearlessly adventurous Action Girl)
The Big Guy Trap (has the appetite, the raw strength and the disposition. Whether he can hold himself in a fight or not, unfortunately, depends on the episode writer.)
The Smart Guy Benjamin (in the Adorably Precocious Child and Child Prodigy direction, complete with shades of Little Mister Snarker to boot)
The Chick / Tagalong Kid Pandora (Bugsy Wugsy in the book series; complete with the ignoble role of ALWAYS being the Damsel in Distress)

The Get Along Gang

The Hero Montgomery "Good News" Moose
The Lancer Zipper Cat
The Big Guy Bingo "Bet-It-All" Beaver
The Smart Guy Woolma Lamb
The Chick Dotty Dog
The Heart Portia Porcupine

Get Ed

The Hero Ed ("The Engineer". Although as a slight subversion the Hero in this case is not the Leader of the group, just the hero of the show and given all the standard Shonen Upgrade items. Only Burn is The Leader.)
The Lancer Lugie ("The Joker")
The Smart Guy Fizz ("The Builder")
The Big Guy Burn ("The Warrior". The technical leader of the group.)
The Chick Deets ("The Dreamer". Also following to the letter of giving an extra edge or power, she's the only one with the ability to fly.)
Team Pet Dr. Pinch (subversion, he's a puppet)
The Mentor Ol' Skool ("The Teacher")

* Note: The series notes the Five Man Band set-up as the other four characters and The Mentor are given titles to go along with The Hero later on.

G.I. Joe: Sigma 6

The Hero Duke
The Lancer Tunnel Rat
The Big Guy Heavy Duty, Snake-Eyes
The Smart Guy Hi-Tech
The Chick Scarlett
Sixth Ranger Spirit Iron-Knife, Lt. Stone, Long Range
Those Two Guys Jinx and Kamakura

Gloria, Wilma, and Me

The Hero Melody
The Lancer / The Smart Guy Gloria
The Big Guy / The Chick Wilma

Growing Up Creepie - Creepie's family

The Hero Creepie
The Lancer Gnat
The Smart Guy Vincent
The Big Guy Pauly
The Chick Caroleena
Sixth Ranger Jerry, Aunt Rose, Larves, Wendy and Wanda

Handy Manny - Tools

The Hero Felipe
The Lancer Turner
The Smart Guy Dusty
The Big Guy Pat
The Chick Squeeze
The Heart Rusty
Tagalong Kid Stretch
Eighth Ranger / Kid Appeal Character Flicker
Team Dad Handy (subversion, he's the main character)

Heathcliff and The Catillac Cats - The Catillac Cats

The Hero Riff Raff
The Lancer Hector
The Smart Guy Wordsworth (more or less)
The Big Guy Mungo
The Chick Cleo (although she's an Action Girl in a few episodes)

The Herculoids

The Hero Zok
The Lancer Tundro
The Smart Guy Gloop
The Big Guy Igu
The Chick Gleep

The Freedom League

The Hero Franklin D. Roosevelt
The Lancer(s) Harry S. Truman and Winston Churchill
The Big Guy Joseph Stalin (also a Token Evil Teammate)
Action Girl Eleanor Roosevelt
Team Pet Fala

The Legion of Superwriters

The Hero Ernest Hemingway
The Lancer Molliere
The Smart Guy(s) Mark Twain and William Shakespeare
Action Girl Emily Dickinson
Tagalong Kid Loud Kiddington

Hey Arnold!

The Hero Arnold
The Lancer Gerald, Sid
The Big Guy Eugene, Harold, Stinky
The Smart Guy Phoebe, Peapod Kid, Brainy, Curly,
The Chick Helga, Rhonda, Lila, Nadine, Sheena, Ruth



The Hero Scarlet
The Lancer Button
The Smart Guy Jimber
The Big Guys Chili and Pepper
The Chick Calypso
Seventh Ranger Aztec


The Hero Sarah
The Lancer Molly
The Smart Guy Alma
The Big Guy Will
The Chicks Chloe and Zoey
Seventh Ranger Bailey
Team Pets Scarlet, Button, Chili, Pepper, Jimber, Calypso, Aztec

Shep and his friends

The Hero / The Smart Guy Shep
The Lancer Angora
The Big Guy / The Chick Teeny
The Obi-Wan Mosey

The Houndcats

The Hero Stutz
The Lancer Ding Dog
The Smart Guy Rhubarb
The Big Guy Musclemutt
Master of Disguise Puttypuss
Team Pet Sparkplug (the team's semi-sentient car)

I Am Weasel

The Hero IM Weasel
The Lancer IR Baboon
The Smart Guy IM Weasel (again)
The Big Guy The Red Guy (if he were a good guy)
The Chick Lulabelle

Jackie Chan Adventures: The J Team

The Hero Jackie
The Lancer Jade (sometimes Tagalong Kid)
The Smart Guy / Mentor Archetype Uncle
The Big Guy El Toro Fuerte
The Chick Viper
Sixth Ranger Tohru (who also fits in with The Big Guy and (after learning Chi Magic from uncle) The Smart Guy as well.)
Tagalong Kid Paco
Reasonable Authority Figure Captain Black (sometimes The Lancer)
Team Pet(s) Scruffy, Super Moose

James Bond Jr

The Hero James Jr.
The Lancer I.Q.
The Smart Guy Phoebe
The Big Guy Gordo
The Chick Tracey

Jane and the Dragon

The Hero Jane
The Lancer Gunther
The Smart Guy Jester
The Big Guy Smithy
The Chick (standard version) Pepper
The Chick (Non-Action Guy version) Rake
Team Pet Dragon
The Mentor Sir Theodore (Jane's mentor), Sir Ivon (Gunther's mentor)

Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors

The Hero Jayce
The Lancer/The Big Guy Herc Stormsailor
The Smart Guy/The Mentor Gillian
The Chick Flora
Team Pet(s) Oon, Brock and the Zoggies (all qualify)

The Jellies!

The Family

The Hero / The Smart Guy Cornell Jelly
The Lancer / The Big Guy Barry Jelly
The Chick KY Jelly & Debbie Jelly

Cornell's friends

The Hero / The Smart Guy Cornell Jelly
The Lancer Ray
The Big Guy Reggie
The Chick Malik
Sixth Ranger Dirt Bike Kid

Jelly Jamm

The Hero Bello
The Lancer Ongo
The Smart Guy Mina
The Big Guy / The Heart Goomo
The Chick Rita


The Hero Jem/Jerrica Benton
The Lancer Aja Leith
The Smart Guy Shana Elmsford (she is the thinker of the group)
Kid Appeal Character Kimber Benton
The Fifth Ranger Carmen "Raya" Alonso
The Big Guy Shana, later Raya (power-oriented, being the drummers)
The Chick All of the Holograms
The Mentor Synergy
The Heart Rio Pacheco
Tagalong Kids The Starlight Girls (usually BaNee)

Johnny Test

The Hero Johnny
The Lancer / Team Pet Dukey
The Smart Guys / The Chicks Mary and Susan
The Big Guys / Fifth/Sixth Rangers Mr. Black and Mr. White

Johnny Test - Johnny's family

The Hero Johnny
The Lancer / Team Pet Dukey
The Smart Guys Mary and Susan
The Big Guy Hugh
The Chick Lila

Josie and the Pussy Cats

The Hero Josie James
The Lancer(s) The Cabot Twins (Alexandra and Alexander)
The Smart Guy Valerie Smith
The Big Guy Alan M. Mayberry
The Smart Guy Valerie Smith
The Chick Melody Jones
Team Pet Sebastian (Alexandra's pet)

Kappa Mikey

The Hero Mikey (A bold, charismatic, puts less thought into things than your average piece of tin foil does.)
The Lancer Lily (An odd example of a female lancer who can't stand The Hero.)
The Smart Guy Guano (He writes, directs, acts, panics; or he could be a Team Pet.)
The Big Guy Gonard (Textbook definition of a "Lug", towers over everyone, cheerful and stupid.)
The Chick Mitsuki (She's head over heels for Mikey, and cares a lot about everyone else as friends. Ironically, she's the least ditzy, and yet in her own way, the most naive.)
The Mentor Ozu (He produces as well.)
Yes-Man Yes Man (dur!; an assitant to Ozu)

Kick Buttowski - Kick's family

The Hero Kick
The Lancer Brad
The Smart Guy Denise
The Big Guy Harold
The Chick Brianna

Kick Buttowski - Kick's friends

The Hero Kick
The Lancer / The Big Guy Gunther
The Smart Guy Kendall (Ronaldo also qualifies)
The Big Guy / Tagalong Kid Jackie
The Chick Wade
Token Evil Teammate Ronaldo, Mouth (arguably, Kendall also qualifies)

Kidd Video

The Hero Kidd
The Lancer / The Chick Carla
The Smart Guy Whiz
The Big Guy Ash
Fairy Companion Glitter

The Kids From Room 402

The Hero Nancy
The Lancer Jessie
The Smart Guy Polly
The Big Guy Vinnie
The Chick Penny
Kid Appeal Character Freddie
Sixth Ranger Melanie

Kim Possible

The Hero Kim Possible
The Lancer / The Big Guy / The Chick Ron Stoppable
The Smart Guy Wade Load
Tagalong Kids Jim & Tim Possible ("The Tweebs")
Sixth Ranger / The Chick Monique
Team Pet Rufus the naked mole rat

King of the Hill

The family

The Hero Hank
The Lancer Peggy
The Big Guy Bobby
The Smart Guy/The Chick Luanne

Hank's Friends

The Hero Hank
The Lancer Boomhauer
The Big Guy Bill
The Smart Guy Dale

Kuu Kuu Harajuku

The Hero G
The Smart Guy Love
The Chick Angel
The Lancer Music
The Big Guy Baby

The Lebrons

The titular family

The Hero Kid
The Lancer Business
The Smart Guy Wise
The Big Guy Athlete
The Chick Gloria

Kid's friends

The Hero Kid
The Lancer(s) / The Smart Guy(s) Condor, Erik
The Chick / The Heart Li

The Legend of Tarzan

The Hero Tarzan
The Lancer Terk
The Smart Guy Professor Archimedes Q. Porter
The Big Guy Tantor
The Chick Jane Porter
Team Mom Kala

The Legend of Korra

The Hero Korra
The Lancer Mako
The Big Guy / The Heart Bolin
The Smart Guy / The Chick Asami
Team Pet Naga & Pabu

Liberty's Kids

The Hero James
The Lancer Henri
The Smart Guy / The Mentor Benjamin Franklin
The Big Guy Moses
The Chick Sarah

Lilo and Stitch: The Series

Hero Wannabe Lilo
Lancer-in-Chief Stitch
The Smart Guy David
The Big Guy Cobra Bubbles
The Chick Nani
The Mentor Grand Councilwoman

Little Einsteins

The Hero / The Smart Guy Leo
The Lancer Quincy
The Chick Annie and June
The Big Team Vehicle Rocket

Little Princess School

The Hero Cindy
The Smart Guy Bianca
The Big Guy Hime
The Chick Iriá
The Lancer Zade

The Little Rascals (Hanna-Barbera's version)

The Hero Spanky
The Lancer Porky
The Smart Guy Buckwheat
The Chick Darla
The Big Guy Alfalfa
Team Pet Pete

Littlest Pet Shop (2012)

The Hero Blythe and Zoe
The Lancer Vinnie
The Smart Guy Russell
The Big Guy Sunil
The Chick Minka, Penny Ling, Pepper

Lloyd in Space

The Hero Lloyd
The Lancer Eddie
The Smart Guy Douglas
The Big Guy Kurt

The Looney Tunes Show

The Hero Bugs Bunny
The Lancer Daffy Duck
The Big Guy Porky Pig
The Smart Guy Tina Russo
The Chick Lola Bunny
The Sixth Ranger Foghorn Leghorn
Tagalong Kid Tweety
Team Pet Speedy Gonzales
The Mentor Granny
Team Dad Frank Russo

Loonatics Unleashed

The Hero Ace Bunny
The Lancer Danger Duck
The Smart Guy Tech E. Coyote
The Big Guy Slam Tasmanian
The Chick/Action Girl Lexi Bunny
Kid Appeal Character Rev Runner (who could also share The Smart Guy role with Tech)
The Mentor Zadavia

The Loud House

The Hero Lincoln Loud
The Lancer Lori Marie Loud
The Big Chick Lynn L. Loud Jr.
The Smart Guy Lisa Loud
The Chicks Leni L. Loud, Lola Loud, Luan L. Loud, Luna Loud, Lana L. Loud and Lucy L. Loud
Tagalong Kid Lily Loud

Madballs Escape From Orb!

The Hero Screamin' Meemie
The Lancer Skull Face
The Smart Guy Dustbrain
The Big Guy Hornhead
The Chick Freakella
Tagalong Kid / Brother Chuck Occulus Orbus
Those Two Guys Slobulus and Aargh

The Magic School Bus

The Hero Arnold
The Lancers Wanda, Carlos, Keesha
The Smart Guy Dorothy Ann (D.A.)
The Big Guy Ralphie
The Chick Phoebe (also The Heart)
The Mentor Ms. Frizzle
Team Pet Liz
Magic Bus The Bus
Sixth Ranger Traitor Janet

Martha Speaks

The Hero Martha
The Lancer Helen
The Smart Guy Truman
The Big Guy TD
The Chick Alice
Team Pet Skits
Sixth Ranger Carolina

Martin Mystery

The Hero Martin Mystery
The Lancer / The Smart Guy / The Chick Diana Lombard
The Big Guy Java the Caveman
The Mentor M.O.M.
Team Pet Billy

Maya and Miguel

The Hero Maya
The Lancer Miguel
The Smart Guy Theo
The Big Guy Andy
The Chicks Maggie and Chrissy
Team Pet Paco
Tagalong Kid Tito


The Hero Nathan Explosion (Subverted in how little leading he does beyond songwriting.)
The Lancer Skwisgaar Skwigelf (Subverted in lacking knowledge unrelated to guitars and being fine with his place on the team.)
The Smart Guy Pickles (Subverted in that he's really just the smartest of the group. Not too hard to pull off.)
The Big Guy William Murderface (Subverted; Murderface is extremely sensitive and insecure, with cripplingly poor self-esteem and image problems)
The Chick Toki Wartooth (Gives Murderface a run for his money in the "emotional" department. Extremely childish.)
The Sixth Ranger Charlse Foster Ofdenson (Straight Man, Only Sane Man, Battle Butler and Badass Bookworm all rolled into one.)
Tagalong Kid Fatty
Kid Appeal Character Dr. Rockzo the Rock n' Roll Clown (Though he is hyperactive and brightly colored, the rest is violently subverted: He is amoral, dangerous, not kid friendly and the only reason he's so cheerful is that he does cocaine. A lot of cocaine.)

* Note: Despite the central characters being a band with five people, the show loves to subvert this.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

The Hero Mickey Mouse
The Lancer Donald Duck
The Smart Guy Daisy Duck
The Big Guy Goofy
The Chick Minnie Mouse
Team Pet Pluto
Sixth Ranger Toodles

The Mighty B

From The Higgenbottoms Family's POV with Penny and Finger (they are friends of Bessie):

The Hero Bessie (with elements of The Smart Guy)
The Lancer / Team Pet Happy
The Smart Guy / The Quiet One Finger
The Big Guy Penny
The Chick / Tagalong Kid Ben

From The Honeybees' POV:

The Hero Bessie
The Lancer / The Chick Portia
The Smart Guy Gwen
The Big Guy Penny (who also Third In Command to Portia)
The Mentor Mary Francis (Portia's mother)
The Fifth Rangers The Honeybee Troops

* Note: Portia, Gwen and Penny are Token Evil Teammates, but Penny is a friend of Bessie.

The Mighty Ducks

The Hero Wildwing Flashblade
The Lancer Duke L'Orange
The Smart Guy Tanya Vanderflock
The Big Guy Grin Hardwing
The Chick / Action Girl Mallory McMallard
Kid Appeal Character Nosedive Flashblade

The Mighty Heroes

The Hero Diaper Man
The Lancer Tornado Man
The Smart Guy Rope Man
The Big Guy Strong Man
The Chick Cuckoo Man

Mighty Orbots

The Hero/ The Smart Guy Rob "Orbots Commander" Simmons
The Lancer Bort
The Big Guy Tor
The Chick Ohno
Lovely Angels Bo and Boo
Sixth Ranger Crunch

Mike Tyson Mysteries

The Hero Mike Tyson
The Lancer Pigeon (also Team Pet)
The Big Guy Marquess of Queensberry
The Smart Guy / The Chick Yung Hee Tyson

Millionaire Dogs

The Hero JD
The Lancer Bella
The Smart Guy Chuffie
The Big Guy Sherman
The Chick Velvet
Team Pet Emmo
The Obi-Wan Miss Lilly

Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends

The Hero Squirt
The Lancer Shimmer
The Smart Guy Spinner
The Big Guys Dragon and Wiggle
The Chicks Patsy and Snowdrop
Tagalong Kid Bounce
Team Mom Miss Spider
Team Dad Holley
Sixth Ranger Betty Beegle (Miss Spider's mom)

Mister T (animation)

The Hero Mr. T
The Lancer Robin O'Neill
The Smart Guy Woody Daniels
The Big Guy Jeff Harris
The Chick Kim Nakamura
Tagalong Kid Spike O'Neill
Sixth Ranger/Team Mom Priscilla Bisby
Team Pet Dozer

Monster Buster Club

The Hero / The Chick Cathy
The Lancer Sam
The Smart Guy Chris
The Big Guy Danny
The Mentor Mr. Smith

Monster High: Adventures of the Ghoul Squad

The Hero Draculaura
The Lancer Clawdeen Wolf
The Big Guy Cleo de Nile
The Smart Guy Frankie Stein
The Chick Lagoona Blue

Moral Orel

The Hero Orel
The Lancer / The Smart Guy Clay
The Big Guy Shapey
The Chick Bloberta


The Hero Laylen/Screemplay (also The Chick)
The Lancer / The Big Guy Cooder/Thrash
The Smart Guy Benny/Reverb
The (other) Chick Kayce Culp/Kickblast

Mummies Alive

The Hero Ja-Kal
The Lancer / The Smart Guy Rath
The Big Guy Armon
The Chick Nefer-Tina
Tagalong Kid Presley Carnovan
Team Pet Kahti

Muppet Babies

The Hero Kermit
The Lancer Gonzo
The Smart Guy Rowlf
The Big Guys Fozzie and Scooter
The Chick Piggy
Action Girl Skeeter
Tagalong Kid / Team Pet Animal
Sixth Rangers) Bunsen and Beaker
Team Mom Nanny

* Note: On The Muppet Show, their roles aren't cut and dry. In adult form, Fozzie isn't so dumb, and Gonzo and Scooter are both somewhere between The Smart Guy and The Lancer. Besides, The Muppet Show has Loads and Loads of Characters.

My Gym Partners a Monkey

The Hero Adam Lyon
The Lancer Jake Spidermonkey
The Smart Guy Windsor Gorilla
The Big Guy Ingrid Giraffe (the tallest female student)
The Chick Lupe Toucan
The Heart Slips Python

My Life as a Teenage Robot

The Hero / The Chick XJ-9/Jenny Wakeman
The Lancer Brad
The Smart Guy Sheldon
The Big Guy The Silver Shell (Sheldon's robotic alter-ego)
Kid Appeal Character Tuck
Mentor Archetype Nora Wakeman

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Mane Six

The Hero/The Smart Guy Twilight Sparkle
The Lancer Rainbow Dash
The Big Guy Applejack
The Chick Rarity and Pinkie Pie
Sixth Ranger Spike
The Heart Fluttershy
The Mentor Princess Celestia
Tagalong Kids Cutie Mark Crusaders

My Little Pony: Pony Life

The Hero Pinkie Pie
The Lancer Rainbow Dash and Applejack
The Big Guy Fluttershy
The Smart Guy Twilight Sparkle
The Chick Rarity
Team Pet Spike

The Mysteries of Alfred Hedgehog

The Hero Alfred Hedgehog (Also The Smart Guy)
The Lancer Camille Wallaby
The Big Guy Milo Skunk
The Chick Cynthia Payne
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