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Atop the Fourth Wall
The HeroLinkara
The LancerIron Liz
The Smart GuyPollo
The Big GuyHarvey Finevoice
Tagalong Kid90s Kid
A Very Potter Musical
The HeroHarry (He is the Chosen One but if that wasn't enough he is also an attractive, guitar playing, all around cool guy.)
The LancerDraco (Harry's rival, he hates Harry mainly because he is cooler then him and is constantly trying to be cool and failing.)
The Smart GuyHermione (The Only Sane Man in the show and is the geekiest.)
The Big GuyRon (Has elements of The Lancer too, especially in his Jerkass tendencies in Act 1, but he is very much the muscle of the group.)
The ChickGinny (Harry's Love Interest, she does genuinely cares for everyone (even Draco, whom the others can't stand) and inspires Harry when no one else can.)
The HeroDecade
The LancerBlade
The Smart GuyGarren
The Big GuyChalice
The ChickLeangle
DC Nation Titans South
The Hero(es)Scarab and Static
The Lancer(s)Zachary Zatara, and Speedy when Scarab takes the hero role
The Big GuyKid Devil
The Smart GuyGear
The Chick(s)Miss Martian, and Kid Devil to an extent
The MentorRaven
The Sixth Ranger(s)Aquagirl and Captain Marvel Junior
The Freelance Astronauts
The HeroMaxwell Adams
The LancerFerr
The Smart GuyEvek
The Big Guypipes!
Game Grumps
The HeroArin
The LancerBarry
The Big GuyRoss
The Smart GuyDanny
The ChickSuzy
It's A Mall World
The HeroDean
The LancerEvan
The Big GuyTracii
The Smart GuyTaylor
The ChickHarper
Red vs. Blue At the end of Revelation.
The HeroSarge
The LancerTucker
The Big GuyGrif. For proof, watch him wrestle the Meta's brute shot away in episode 20. If Halo: Reach had the brute shot in it, he likely would keep it into season 9, further solidifying this position.
The Smart GuySimmons
The ChickCaboose and possibly Epsilon. Tex definitely does not belong here...
Sixth Ranger Washington
The League of Extremely Ordinary Gentlemen
The HeroCyrus
The LancerLeon
The Smart Guy(s)Beau, Randy, and Kristin
The Big Guy(s)Jason and Harris
The Chick(s)Grant and Cat
Team MomAllison
Tagalong KidJason F
Sixth RangerEveryone, after Jason
Loading Ready Run In the ninth episode of commodoreHUSTLE, Kate deliberately sets this up with the West Coast Motherlovin' Gs.
The HeroKate
The LancerJames or "The Fixer."
The Big GuyBill
The Smart GuyJeremy
The ChickMatt (Who protests his role as "The Girl.")
The HeroKorey
The LancerLeon
The Big GuyCyrus
The Smart GuyCarlyle
The ChickEdie
Team PetCo-Host 3000
Super Stories (The Ultimate Justice Squad)
The HeroThe Captain
The LancerHelaron (Unusually, Helaron is not the squad's official second-in-command, but she's been there the longest and has a lot of respect within the group
The Smart GuySeer
The Big GuyLongtooth
The ChickMirror (the Captain's official second-in-command)

Survival of the Fittest

The Intrepid Six
The HeroAdam Dodd
The Lancer / The Smart GuyHawley Faust
The (other) Lancer / The Big GuyDavid Jackson (while not the largest or strongest, he's the group's primary combat muscle. Mostly because Marcus doesn't do any fighting.)
The (other) Big GuyMarcus Roddy
The Chick(s)Madelaine Shirohara and Amanda Jones
S.A.D.D Generation 1
The HeroNeil Sinclair
The LancerEvan Angler
The Big GuyNigel Gillespie
The Smart GuyRic Chee
The ChickBraden Marsh
S.A.D.D Generation 2
The HeroNeil Sinclair
The Big GuyCorbin Arlen
The Lancer/The ChickMatt Wittany
The Smart GuyKhrysta Lawrence
The (other) ChickMary McKay
S.A.D.D Generation 3
The HeroNeil Sinclair
The Big GuyCorbin Arlen
The Lancer / The ChickMatt Wittany
The (other) ChickMary McKay
The Smart Guy / Sixth RangerDominica Sharpiro

(S.A.D.D Generation 4 was a Magnificent Seven)

Tales of MU
The HeroMack
The LancerStef
The Big GuyIan
The Smart GuyDee
The ChickAmaranth
Tagalong KidTwo
The HeartHanami (Could be considered The Chick.)
The HeroZero (notable in that he's clearly The Hero but not the main character)
The LancerFaun
The Big Guy / The Smart GuyAshpaw
Fifth RangerDrake
Whateley Universe
The HeroChaka, any of the Kimbettes
The LancerLancer and Bladedancer
The Big GuyTennyo and Shroud
The Smart GuyPhase
The ChickFey
Heroic Sociopath of Hello Kitty FuryGenerator (also The Chick, despite being not quite physically female)

* Averted in The Saga of Tuck: The Five-Man Band plays actual music and doesn't solve mysteries or fight crime or alien robots. The characters who do (well, no robots) have shifting relationships and more complex types.

The HeroPablo Duffman
The LancerAndrey Wyzan
The Big GuyRev. Johnny Midnite (a mix between Gentle Giant and Boisterous Bruiser)
The Smart GuyJulian Bravo
The HeartSean Gonzalez
The ChickAmanda Cesario
Sixth RangerAndrew Julian
The MedicTina Lasorsa
Team PetLoki
Greek Ninja
The HeroSasha
The LancerDaichi
The Smart GuyDawson
The Big GuyMenelaos
The ChickEleonora
Cheat Commandos Adventures
The HeroGunhaver
The LancerFightgar
The Smart GuySilent Rip
The Big GuyCrackotage
The ChickFoxface
Sixth RangerRipberger, Reinforcements, and the Topplegangers
Team PetFirebert
Big GoodFlashfight
Sixth Ranger TraitorReynold/Scrawnjob