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|[[The Big Guy]]||Micky Flanagan
|[[The Big Guy]]||Micky Flanagan
== Spelling and Grammar ==
== Spelling and Grammar ==

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The Five-Man Band is a group of characters whose members fall into archetypes which all complement one another. They are a very specific team with skills that contribute to the group in a unique way. Here are some places where the trope occurs in new media, wrestling, and other media.

Note: ADD REAL LIFE EXAMPLES AT YOUR OWN RISK. Avoid using political and religious examples (because calling real life leaders villains is a bad idea) and don't start an Edit War.


McDonald's characters

The Hero Ronald McDonald
The Lancer Sundae
The Big Guy Grimace
The Smart Guy Hamburglar
The Chick Birdie the Early Bird

The Blockbuster Kids

The HeroFire
The Lancer / The ChickSummer
The Smart GuySlo-Mo
The Big GuyRewind
Team PetPause

The Burger King Kids Club

The HeroKid Vid
The LancerBoomer
The Big GuyJaws
The Smart GuysLingo and I.Q.
The ChickSnaps
Team PetJ.D.
Seventh RangerWheels, and later Jazz

Fast Food Mascots

The HeroRonald McDonald
The LancerThe Burger King
The Big GuyColonel Sanders
The Smart GuyJack
The ChickWendy

Monster Cereals

The HeroCount Chocula
The LancerFranken Berry
The Big GuyFrute Brute
The Smart GuyBoo Berry
The ChickFruity Yummy Mummy

The Kellogg Company

The HeroTony the Tiger
The LancerToucan Sam
The Big GuyDig'em Frog
The Smart GuySnap, Crackle & Pop
The ChickCoco Monkey


The HeroRed
The LancerYellow
The Big GuyOrange
The Smart GuyBlue
The ChickGreen
Sixth RangerMs. Brown

Band Herocommercial

The Hero / The ChickTaylor Swift
The LancerPete Wentz
The Big GuyTravis Barker
The Smart GuyRivers Cuomo

The Phenomenal Four - Mitsubishi Motors (Officially a foursome, but versions of the MIVEC engine common to these automobiles were used in other models.)

The HeroMitsubishi Eclipse
The Lancer (duh)Mitsubishi Lancer
The Big GuyMitsubishi Outlander
The Smart GuyMitsubishi Galant
Team PetMitsubishi i
Tagalong KidMitsubishi Mirage

The Weetabix Gang (In the early '80s, Weetabix cereal showed ads in Great Britain featuring a 5 man band that were Weetabix who behaved and dressed like skinheads.)

The HeroDunk
The LancerBrian
The Big GuyCrunch
The Smart GuyBrains
The ChickBixie

One of a Kind Avengers Dr. Pepper commercial.

The Hero"I'm a Leader"
The Lancer"I'm a Warrior"
The Big Guy"I'm a Powerhouse"
The Smart Guy"I'm a Genius"

Reebok's Franchise 5.

The HeroThe Classic Leather (Reebok's most iconic running shoe)
The LancerThe Newport Classic or NPC (has a bit of a reputation as the footwear of choice for the criminal element)
The Big GuyThe Ex-O-Fit (it's high form is the largest of the five)
The Smart GuyThe Workout (it's lacing system is the most ingenious)
The ChickThe Freestyle (first athletic shoe for women)
Sixth RangerThe Club Champion (associated with the Five despite being designed by a different team)


Metal/Rock Band (Due to the nature of this genre, it swings between this and Five-Bad Band)

Big Good/The LeaderLead Vocals/Songwriter
The Hero/The LancerLead Guitar
The LancerBass Guitar
The Smart GuyKeyboard
The Big GuyDrums
The ChickTambourine


The HeroSteven Tyler
The LancerJoe Perry
The Smart GuyBrad Whitford
The Big GuyTom Hamilton
The ChickJoey Kramer (according to a certain breed of fangirl)

Arch Enemy

The HeroMichael Amott
The LancerChristopher Amott
The Smart GuyDaniel Erlandsson
The Big GuySharlee DiAngelo
The ChickAngela Gossow

Backstreet Boys

The HeroBrian Littrell
The LancerAJ McLean
The Big GuyKevin Richardson
Tagalong KidNick Carter
The ChickHowie Dorough

Barenaked Ladies (1996-2009 line-up)

The HeroSteven Page
The LancerEd Robertson
The Smart GuyKevin Hearn
The Big GuyTyler Stewart
The ChickJim Creeggan

The Beatles

The HeroPaul McCartney
The LancerJohn Lennon
The Smart GuyGeorge Harrison
The Big Guy / The ChickRingo Starr
Fifth BeatleGeorge Martin
The Obi-WanBrian Epstein
The Pete BestTrope Namer Pete Best

Black Eyed Peas (current and most well-known lineup)

The Smart GuyTaboo
The Big Guy / The ChickFergie
The Sixth Ranger(s)Justin Timberlake, Dante Santiago

Black Sabbath

The HeroOzzy Osbourne
The LancerTony Iommi
The Smart GuyGeezer Butler
The Big GuyBill Ward
The Sixth Ranger(s)Ian Gillan and Ronnie James Dio

Chameleon Circuit

The HeroCharlie McDonnell (The one who can play the most instruments)
The LancerAlex Day (Writes most of the rest of the songs)
The Big GuyEd Blann, aka "Eddplant"
The Smart GuyLiam Dryden (Extremely nerdy David Tennant lookalike)
The ChickMichael Aranda
The Pete BestChris "Ginger Chris" Beattie (maybe)

Cobra Starship

The HeroGabe Saporta
The LancerNate Navarro
The Big GuyRyland Blackington
The Smart GuyAlex Suarez
The ChickVictoria Asher

Def Leppard Classic lineup

The HeroJoe Elliot
The LancerSteve Clark
The Big GuyRick Allen
The Smart GuyPhil Collen
The ChickRick Savage

Def Leppard Current lineup

The HeroJoe Elliot
The LancerPhil Collen
The Big GuyRick Allen
The Smart GuyVivian Campbell
The ChickRick Savage

Dschinghis Khan

The HeroLouis Hendrik Potgieter (The main dancer, dressed in white and dark red)
The LancerSteve Karl-Heinz Bauer (Dressed in blue. The most ubiquitous member aside of Potgieter thanks to his Bald of Awesome, Comically Serious attitude and charisma.)
The Big GuyWolfgang Heichler (Dressed in black. The youngest and more cheerful of the male core, plus quite tall too)
The Smart GuyLeslie Mandocki (Dressed in green. Apparently by default, but he also had a quite long career as a percusionist and producer.) (And is also a great chef to boot, according to The Other Wiki.)
The Chick(s)Henriette Strobel and Edina Popp (Tomboy and Girly Girl duet: the first one is the tomboy (red outfit) and the latter is the girly girl (yellow dress). As plus, the Tomboy is married to The Big Guy.)

Duran Duran ("Fab Five" Line-up)

The HeroSimon Le Bon
The LancerJohn Taylor
The Big GuyAndy Taylor
The Smart GuyNick Rhodes
The ChickRoger Taylor

Foo Fighters

The HeroDave Grohl
The LancerTaylor Hawkins
The Smart Guy / The ChickNate Mendel
The Big GuyChris Shiflett/Pat Smear


The Hero2-D (He just barely qualifies by default, being the frontman but having zero actual leadership.)
The LancerMurdoc
The Big GuyRussel, sometimes The Smart Guy
The ChickNoodle, also sometimes The Smart Guy
Team PetThe monkey.

Guns N' Roses ("Old Guns")

The HeroAxl Rose
The LancerSlash
The ChickIzzy Stradlin'
The Big GuyDuff McKagan/Steve Adler
Sixth RangerMatt Sorum/Dizzy Reed (By Use Your Illusion I&II)

Iron Maiden

The HeroSteve Harris
The LancerBruce Dickinson
The Smart GuyAdrian Smith
The Big GuyNicko McBrain
The ChickDave Murray
Sixth RangerJanick Gers
The MascotEddie

The Jackson 5/ The Jacksons

The HeroMichael Jackson
The LancerJermaine Jackson
The Smart GuyJackie Jackson
The Big GuyTito Jackson
The ChickMarlon Jackson
Sixth RangerRandy Jackson

Jefferson Airplane/Jefferson Starship

The HeroMarty Balin (Group's founder)
The LancerDavid Freeburg (Guitarist)
The Big GuyDonny Baldwin (Drummer)
The Smart GuyPaul Kantner (Group's Co-founder)
The ChickGrace Slick (Duh?)

* Note: They've had lots of personnel changes, but this is a representative sample.

Jethro Tull (Original Blues Lineup)

The HeroMick Abrahams
The Lancer / The Smart GuyIan Anderson
The Big GuyClive Bunker
The ChickGlenn Cornick

Jethro Tull (Stand Up-Aqualung)

The HeroIan Anderson
The LancerMartin Barre
The Big GuyClive Bunker
The Smart GuyJohn Evan (joined after Stand Up)
The ChickGlenn Cornick, later Jeffrey Hammond-Hammond
Sixth RangerDavid Palmer (The OTHER Smart Guy)

Jethro Tull (Thick As A Brick-Stormwatch)

The HeroIan Anderson
The LancerMartin Barre
The Big GuyBarriemore Barlow
The Smart GuyJohn Evan
The ChickJeffrey Hammond-Hammond, later John Glascock (if only due to his fragility)
Sixth RangerDavid Palmer

Klymaxx (original lineup)

The HeroLorena "Lungs" Porter
The LancerCheryl "Unruly" Cooley
The Big GuyBernadette Cooper
The Smart GuyLynn "Lynnie Pies" Malsby
The ChickJoyce "Fenderella" Irby
Sixth RangerRobbin "Space Baby" Grider

Klymaxx (new lineup)

The HeroLeah Auditor
The LancerCheryl "Unruly" Cooley
The Big GuyAmy Crittenden
The Smart GuyVicki Abe
The ChickRobin Bramlett
Sixth RangerDanielle Mims

Led Zeppelin

The HeroRobert Plant
The LancerJimmy Page
The Smart GuyJohn Paul Jones
The Big GuyJohn Bonham

Linkin Park

The HeroMike Shinoda
The LancerBrad Delson
The Smart GuyJoe Hahn
The Big GuyRob Bourdon
The ChickDavid Farrell
Sixth RangerChester Bennington

The Bloody Crumpets

The HeroEmilie
The LancerNaughty Veronica
The Smart GuyThe Blessed Contessa
The Big GuyCaptain Maggots
The ChickAprella
Sixth RangerfLee(not an official member, but she is a good friend of EA and frequently tours with her

Marilyn Manson

The Big BadMarilyn Manson
The DragonGidget Gein, Twiggy Ramirez, Tim Skold, then Twiggy again
The Evil GeniusGinger Fish
The BruteMadonna Wayne Gacy
The Dark ChickDaisy Berkowitz, Zim Zum, John 5
Big Brother MentorTrent Reznor
Sixth RangerOlivia Newton Bundy, ZsaZsa Speck, Sara Lee Lucas, Mark Chaussee, Rob Holliday, Wes Borland, Andy Gerold

Megadeth (Classic lineup)

The HeroDave Mustaine
The LancerDave Ellefson
The Smart GuyMarty Friedman
The Big GuyNick Menza


The HeroJames Hetfield
The LancerLars Ulrich
The ChickKirk Hammett
The Big GuyRobert Trujillo
The Obi-WanCliff Burton
Sixth RangerJason Newsted
Sixth Ranger Traitor (maybe)Dave Mustaine

Ministry (classic lineup)

The HeroAl Jourgensen
The LancerPaul Barker
The Big GuyMike Scaccia
The Smart GuyBill Rieflin
The ChickChris Connelly, Louis Svitek

My Chemical Romance

The HeroGerard Way (he wants to save people, for gods'sakes!)
The LancerFrank Iero
The Big GuyBob Bryar
The Smart GuyRay Toro
The ChickMikey Way

New Edition

The HeroRalph Tresvant
The LancerBobby Brown
The Big GuyMichael Bivins
The Smart GuyRicky Bell
The ChickRonnie Devoe
Sixth RangerJohnny Gill

New Kids on the Block

The HeroJordan Knight
The LancerDonnie Wahlberg
The Big GuyDanny Wood
The Smart GuyJoey McIntyre
The ChickJonathan Knight

Nine Inch Nails (1994-1997)

The HeroTrent Reznor
The LancerChris Vrenna
The Big GuyDanny Lohner
The Smart GuyCharlie Clouser
The ChickRobin Finck

One Direction

The HeroLouis Tomlinson.
The LancerHarry Styles.
The Smart GuyLiam Payne.
The ChickZayn Malik.
Tagalong KidNiall Horan.


The HeroScott Hoying
The LancerMitch Grassi
The Big GuyAvi Kaplan (sound, not stature)
The Smart GuyKevin Olusola
The ChickKirstie Maldonado

* Note that they began as just Scott, Kirstie, and Mitch before finding their rhythm section.

Psycho Le Cemu (Taking this to a literal extreme as every new anime inspired cosplay has each guy playing these roles EXACTLY.)

The HeroDaishi
The LancerLida
The Big Guyseek
The Smart GuyYura-sama
The ChickAya


The HeroFreddie Mercury
The Lancer and The Smart GuyBrian May
The Big GuyRoger Taylor
The ChickJohn Deacon
The Sixth RangerSpike Edney or Paul Rodgers

* Brian May, PhD is probably the most deserving rock star ever to be named The Smart Guy, as well as the rockingest astrophysicist on the planet.


The HeroThom Yorke
The LancerJonny Greenwood
The Smart GuyColin Greenwood
The Big GuyPhil Selway
The ChickEd O'Brien
Sixth RangerNigel Godrich/Stanley Donwood

REM (original lineup)

The HeroMichael Stipe
The LancerPeter Buck
The Big GuyMike Mills
The ChickBill Berry

The Rolling Stones (original lineup)

The HeroMick Jagger
The LancerKeith Richards
The Smart GuyCharlie Watts
The Big GuyBill Wyman
The ChickBrian Jones

The Revolting Cocks (c. 1987-1993)

The HeroAl Jourgensen
The LancerLuc van Acker, Paul Barker
The Smart GuyBill Rieflin
The Big GuyPhildo Owen, Jeff Ward
The ChickChris Connelly
Sixth RangerNivek Ogre, Trent Reznor

The Runaways (the most well-known lineup)

The HeroJoan Jett
The LancerCherie Currie
The Big GuyLita Ford
The Smart GuyJackie Fox
The ChickSandy West (with a few elements of The Big Guy as well. She was said to be the nice one that got along with everybody, but she was also an athletic tomboy surfer-girl.)


The HeroTommy Scott (Group's founder)
The LancerJamie Murphy (Co-founded the band with Tommy. Provided lead vocals on a few of the songs, left over musical differences with Tommy and formed his own band)
The Smart GuyDavid 'Yorkie' Palmer (subverted: in that he's the bassist rather than the keyboard player)
The Big GuyFranny Griffiths (subverted: in that he's the keyboard player rather than the drummer)
The ChickAndy Parle
The Sixth RangerLeon Caffrey (Replaced Andy as drummer)

Spandau Ballet

The HeroTony Hadley
The LancerGary Kemp
The Big GuyJohn Keeble
The Smart GuySteve Norman
The ChickMartin Kemp

The Spice Girls (no kidding)

The HeroGeri Halliwell (Ginger Spice)
The LancerMelanie Brown (Scary Spice)
The Big GuyMelanie Chisholm (Sporty Spice) (variant: more slender and sporty than big)
The Smart GuyVictoria Beckham (Posh Spice) (smart as in fashion / society smart, although that is debatable too)
The ChickEmma Bunton (Baby Spice)


The HeroKamijo
The LancerHizaki
The Smart GuyJasmine You
The Big GuyYuki
The ChickTeru
Sixth RangerMasashi

The Who

The HeroRoger Daltrey
The LancerPete Townsend
The Smart GuyJohn Entwistle
The Big GuyKeith Moon

"The Big 4" from the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 until Italy returned in 2011

The HeroDidrik Solli-Tangen(As the contest was held in Norway.)
The LancerDaniel Diges(Other than Germany, Spain also performed twice in the finals after the stage was evaded]].
The Smart GuyJosh Dubovie(Whose song was composed by well known performers, Pete Waterman and Mike Stock.)
The Big GuyJessy Matador(Whose song was an upbeat football anthem for the 2010 World Cup.)
The ChickLena Mayer Landrut(Subverted. She's The Hero because she won for Germany, a country in the Big Four.

The Chipmunks Go Hollywood

The HeroAlvin
The Lancer/The Smart GuySimon
The Big GuyTheodore
The Chick / Fourth RangerCharlene

String Instruments

The HeroFirst violin
The LancerSecond violin
The Big GuyDouble bass
The Smart GuyCello
The ChickViola

The Wave (of new Post-hardcore and Screamo-based bands)

The HeroTouché Amoré
The LancerMake Do and Mend
The Smart GuyPianos Become the Teeth
The Big GuyDefeater
The ChickLa Dispute (as much The Hero and the popular one, but whinier)
Sixth Ranger(s)Native, Balance and Composure

Disney Channel's Friends For Change Original lineup

The HeroMiley Cyrus
The LancerJoe Jonas
The Smart GuyNick Jonas
The Big GuyKevin Jonas
The ChickDemi Lovato
Sixth Ranger(s)Selena Gomez



The HeroIndex finger
The LancerPinky finger
The Big GuyMiddle finger
The Smart GuyThumb
The ChickRing finger

Organ Systems

The HeroCirculatory and respiratory systems
The LancerDigestive and excretive systems
The Smart GuyNervous system
The Big GuySkeletal and muscular systems
The ChickReproductive and endocrine systems
Sixth RangerIntegumentary and lymphatic systems


The HeroSight
The LancerHearing
The Smart GuySmell
The Big GuyTouch
The ChickTaste
Sixth RangersBalance, Temperature, Proprioception and Pain

Cells of the Immune System

The Hero Helper T Lymphocytes
The Lancer Killer T Lymphocytes, Neutrophils
The Smart Guy B Lymphocytes
The Big Guy Macrophages, Eosinophils, Natural Killer Cells
The Chick Basophils, Mast Cells
The Sixth Ranger Dendritic Cells and other antigen presenting cells

Console Wars

Play Station Killer Apps

The Hero/Big GoodCD-ROM (in general)
The LancerGran Turismo
The Smart GuyMetal Gear Solid
The Big GuyCrash Bandicoot
The ChickFinal Fantasy VII

Fan Fiction

72 Hours: In this Battle Royale fanfic, SABRE fit the trope with their command structure, though due to a fluctuating and large membership there's multiple people in each role.

The HeroAnna, and later Doug (after her death.)
The LancerJenny (to both of the above, though Carter (and Doug, reluctantly) seem to share the role.)
The Smart GuyDoug (this being the role he actually wants)
The Big GuyPaul (right from the start with Francisco), Ashley and Gus (joining a bit later.)
The ChickKatherine, Michael and Lexie (are the major ones.)
The Sixth Ranger Bo (after his defection from the wrestlers.)
Guest Star Party MemberJust before their plans are truly put into action, Matt, very reluctantly, joins in this role.

Pokemon Battle

The HeroVaporeon
The Big GuyFlareon
The Smart GuyUmbreon
The LancerJolteon
The ChickEspeon

A Rose And A Thorn 4 - Sonic the Hedgehog (Notable for its FMB being Original Characters and Canon Characters pre-personality disorder)

The HeroProject: Mirage (being female, technically a Heroine)
The Big GuyProject: Midnight (Unusually for a Big Guy, he has the importance of The Lancer, and gets the above heroine)
The Smart GuyAshura (the green glitch from Sonic 1 - even if he is incredibly evil and the resident villain)
The LancerProject: Shadow (Shadow the Hedgehog before the angst-job)
The ChickProject: Sonic Speed (Sonic the Hedgehog before he turned blue)
Team PetThe Gizoid (You know, the one from Sonic Battle)

Brave New World

The HeroAsh
The LancerPikachu
The Smart GuyLeo
Action GirlDawn
Guest Star Party MemberMicheal
The Big GuySasha
Tagalong KidTiny (doubles as the second Big Guy)
Sixth RangerBriney

Futari wa Pretty Cure Blue Moon

The HeroAsa/Cure Sunday
The LancerYoko/Cure Night
The Big GuyHoshi
The Smart GuyYukari (although her interest in shopping and fashion put her in The Chick slot, too. Before Mia left the Alpha Bitch)
The ChickMia (Yukari fits the role, too.)
Team PetStarry
Mentor MascotsSunbi and Moonla

Pretty Cure Perfume Preppy

The Hero(ine)Chloe/Cure Rosa
The LancerAyameko/Cure Jasmine
The Big GuyIkuko/Cure Cardamomo
The Smart GuyHanae/Cure Tangerine
The ChickChiara/Cure Vanilla
Team Pets / Mentor MascotsLavvie and Lotus
Sixth RangerPittan (at least to the mascots)

Code: Total Drama Reality - A crossover of Total Drama Island and Code Lyoko, after Xana captures the rest of the Lyoko team Aelita manages to recruit some of the cast members of Total Drama who are in France for another season. At first it's Gwen, Bridgette, Geoff Leshawna, and DJ as the initial team with Aelita, then Cody joins in chapter 9 and in chapters 28/29 they get a grand total of six new members.

The Mentor/The Smart GirlAelita
The HeroGwen
The LancerGeoff
Hot AmazonLeshawna
The ChickBridgette
The Big GuyDJ/ He's also a Barrier Warrior
The GunslingerCody
Badass PrincessCourtney
Musical AssassinTrent
Blood KnightDuncan
The ArcherIzzy
Intangible ManNoah

Quinn in Wonderland- Alternate Universe Fic and Crossover Fic of Glee and Alice in Wonderland.

The HeroQuinn Fabray (Alice)
The LancerThe Mad Hatter (Puck)
The Smart GuyCheshire Cat (Rachel) and White Rabbit (Artie)
The Big GuyMarch Hare (Finn), Tweedledee (Santana) and Tweedledum (Brittany)
The ChickMouse (Tina), Caterpillar (Kurt), and Duchess (Mercedes)

A:TLAR- Alternate Universe Fic and Remake Fic of Avatar: The Last Airbender

The Hero and Team MomKatara
The LancerSokka
The Smart GuyAang
Genius Bruiser and Big GirlSokka and Toph
Sixth RangerSuki

Super Sentai vs. Super Sentai - A Dream TeamSuper Sentai fic (two teams, at that!).
-Team 1-

The HeroTakeru Shiba/Shinken Red
The Big Guy (the latter two are Sixth and Seventh Rangers)Youhei Hama/Blue Turbo, Remi Hoshikawa/Five Yellow, Dai/Green Flash
The ChickMiki Momozono/Goggle Pink
The LancerGai Yuuki/Black Condor
The Smart GuySayaka Nagisa/Change Mermaid
The HeartMako Shiraishi/Shinken Pink

-Team 2-

The HeroTakeru/Red Mask
The LancerHoji Tomasu/Deka Blue
The ChickMei/Ptera Ranger
The Smart GuyJiraiya/Ninja Black (also occasionally The Lancer)
The HeartChisato Jougasaki/Mega Yellow (Occasionally also The Smart Guy)
The Big Guy / The Sixth RangerMele
The Seventh RangerMikoto Nakadai/Abare Killer (also occasionally The Smart Guy)

Fallout Equestria

The HeroLittle Pip
The LancerCalamity
The Chick / The MedicVelvet Remedy
The Big GuySteelhooves
Team PetPyrlight
The Sixth RangerXenith

Ace Combat: The Equestrian War

The HeroineRainbow Dash
The LeaderFirefly
The Lancer / The Smart PonyLightning Bolt
Kid Appeal CharacterCloud Kicker
The HeartFluttershy
The Sixth RangerDerpy
Tagalong KidMedley

Point of Succession

The (Anti)Hero and Big Brother MentorL Lawliet
The Lancer and The Sixth RangerLight Yagami
The Big Guy and The HeartMatt
Tagalong KidNear
The Obi-WanWatari
The Smart Guythey all fill this role
Big Sister Mentor, The Sixth Ranger, and Ineffectual Loner Naomi Misora

Constant Temptation

The Hero and "Team Mom"L Lawliet
The Lancer and "Team Dad"Light Yagami/Kira
The Big GuyMello
The Smart GuyMatt but they all fill this role
The ChickNear and Rem
The Sixth RangerLight (again) and Jason
The Obi-WanWammy

Calvin and Hobbes The Series

The HeroCalvin
The LancerHobbes
The Big GuySocrates (something of a Boisterous Bruiser)
The Smart GuySherman
The ChickAndy
Sixth RangerMTM (technically he was with Calvin the whole time, but it wasn't until Season Three that he really became a part of the cast)

Ebony Darkness Dementia Raven Way vs. Canon

The HeroOctober Maynard
The LancerBrandon Freeman
The Big GuyCharlie Duncan
The Smart GuyGigi Monroe
The ChickAphrodite Adams
Sixth RangerMissy (Turns out she's working for the Big Bad.

The new Kira taskforce in A Cure for Love falls into this though they have yet to get along or get anything done...:

The HeroL
The LancerAizawa
The Big GuyMello
The Smart GuyNear
The ChickMatsuda

Food and related

McDonald's extra value meals

The HeroBig Mac
The LancerMcChicken Sandwhich
The Big GuyQuarter Pounder
The Smart GuyFish O'Fillet
The ChickChicken McNuggets

Italian Food

The HeroSpaghetti
The LancerLasagne
The Big GuyPizza
The Smart GuyRavioli
The ChickBruschetta

Most famous kitchens in the world

The HeroFrench food
The LancerGerman food
The Smart GuyItalian food
The Big GuyIndian food
The ChickJapanese food
Sixth RangerChinese food

The Food Pyramid

The HeroFruits and Veggies
The LancerSweets
The Big GuyMeat
The Smart GuyDairy
The ChickGrains

The Basic Flavors

The Hero / The Big GuySweet
The LancerSalty
The ChickBitter
The Smart GuySour
Tagalong KidUmami


The Continents:

The LeaderEurope
The LancerNorth America
The Smart GuyAsia
The Big GuyAfrica
The ChickSouth America
Sixth RangerAustralia and CIS
Team PetAntartica

Insurance Companies

The HeroState Farm
The LancerAllstate
The Big GuyGeico
The Smart GuyEsurance
The ChickProgressive
Sixth RangerNationwide Insurance
Token Evil TeammateFarmers Insurance

Major Film Studios

The HeroDisney
The LancerColumbia Pictures
The Big GuyUniversal
The Smart GuyNational Amusements (Paramount & Viacom) and (Twentieth Century Fox)
The ChickWarner Bros

News Media

"CNN" News casters and anchormen

The HeroAnderson Cooper (First on the scene when distaster strikes; looks like the hero; takes positions on injustice)
The LancerPiers Morgan (Similar but not quite like Anderson Cooper; does the things the Hero will not).
The Smart GuySanjay Gupta (The medic of the team qualifies as the Smart Guy, right?)
The Big GuyDon Lemon (Large Anchor.)
The ChickSoledad O'Brien (Lady version of the hero.)

"FOX" News casters and anchormen

The HeroBill O'Reilly (Most neutral character in the lineup; most watched show on cable news)
The LancerSean Hannity (Similar but not quite like the Hero; does the things the Hero will not).
The Smart GuyJuan Williams (Smart guy who foils the rest)
The Big GuyGlenn Beck (Literally)
The ChickGreta Van Susteren

"Fox" News Channel's The Five

The HeroEric Bolling
The LancerAndrea Tantaros
The Smart GuyGreg Gutfeld
The Big GuyBob Beckel
The ChickDana Perino

"The Weather Channel" News casters and anchormen

The HeroJim Cantore
The LancerMike Seidel
The Smart GuyDr. Greg Forbes
The Big GuyStu Ostro
The ChickStephanie Abrams

MSNBC Nightly lineup

The HeroLawrence O'Donnell (well, he does get The Last Word)
The LancerChris Matthews (his views sometimes tend to go in the opposite direction from the others)
The Smart GuyAl Sharpton
The Big GuyEd Schultz
The ChickRachel Maddow



The Races

The LeaderThe Gods
The LancersThe Nymphs, The Satyrs
The Smart GuyHumanity
The Big GuyCentaurs
The ChickThe Sirens
Token Evil TeammatesThe Gigantes, The Monsters

Four Gods

The Hero / The ChickSuzaku, the red phoenix
The LancerSeiryu, the blue dragon
The Big GuyByakko, the white tiger
The Smart GuyGenbu, the black turtle
Sixth Ranger / Mentor ArchetypeKoryu, the golden dragon

Newspaper Comics


The LeaderCharlie Brown
The LancerSnoopy (he fits as a Team Pet)
The Smart Guy(s)Linus, Schroeder and Marcie
The Big Guy(s)Lucy and Peppermint Patty
The ChickSally
Sixth RangerFranklin
Tagalong KidRerun
Team PetWoodstock

Other Games

Rock-Paper-Scissors Lizard Spock

The HeroScissors (as heroes prefer bladed weapons.)
The LancerLizard (while scissors are manmade and inanimate, lizards are natural, animate, and don't use manmade things.)
The Smart GuySpock
The Big GuyRock (No explanation necessary.)
The ChickPaper (Unlike the others, it doesn't physically attack its opponents, preferring a form of passive resistance.)

The Yu-Gi-Oh Card Game Elemental Heroes

The HeroElemental Hero Avian
The LancerElemental Hero Sparkman
The Big GuyElemental Hero Clayman
The Smart GuyElemental Hero Bubbleman
The ChickElemental Hero Burstinatrix


Old Testament - the wandering Israelites

The HeroMoses
The LancerAaron
The Big GuyJoshua
The ChickMiriam

Old Testament - Kingdom of Israel

The HeroDavid
The LancerJoab
The Big GuyAbishai
The ChickAbigail
The MentorSamuel/Nathan

Jesus and disciples

The Leader/Big GoodJesus
The LancerPeter
The Big GuyJames & John, the "Sons of Thunder"
The Smart GuyThomas
The Chickthe other Apostles
Token Evil TeammateJudas Iscariot
Sixth RangerMatthias and Paul
Team MomMary (mother of Jesus)

Christianity-Post Accesnsion

Big GoodJesus
The HeroPeter
The LancerJohn
The Big GuyPaul & Barnabas
The Smart GuyLuke
Sixth RangerJames (Jesus' brother)
Tagalong KidMark

Roman Catholicism:

The HeroFrancesco
The LancerCaterina
The Big GuyAntonio
The Smart GuyTommaso
The ChickChiara

Cardinal Points

Four Directions, Lakota style

The LeaderSouth (represented by red)
The LancerNorth (opposite South, they always fight)
The Big GuyEast (lazy)
The Smart GuyWest (the home of the Wakinyan)
The ChickCenter (with shades of Sixth Ranger)
Sixth Ranger Above, Below


Power Academy

Madman's Students
The HeroTalan
The LancerTala
The Smart GuyAlderon
The Big GuyFogron
The ChickWendy
Token Evil TeammateSwilium
Zeitgeist's Students
The HeroineValerie (can also double as The Chick)
The LancerSimon
The SmartassIsaac
The Big GirlAlice
The ChickLightning
Sixth RangerDahlia
El Terre's Students
The HeroEl Terre, Foremen and Bow
The LancerFury, Ability
The Smart GirlAqua, Li-anne, Skill
The Big GuyDilan, Power (Formerly)
The ChickChristine, Haven

We Are Our Avatars

Team Metal
The Hero/Team MomSteel Rouge
The Lancer/Large HamMetal Sonic
The Big GuyIron Amy
Dumb Muscle (and proud of it)Mecha Knuckles
The Chick/The Smart GuyTails Doll
Sixth Ranger/Team Dad:Metal Robotnik

User:Etheru's Mega Man Characters and one of User:Multitasking Mimi's OC Stand Ins

The HeroProto Man.
The LancerBallade.
The Big GuyPunk.
The ChickRoll.
The Smart Guy/Team MomErik.

User:Icarael's Characters

The Hero/Only Sane ManHakumen
The Lancer/Team MomTsubaki
The Big Guy/Heroic SociopathCaim
The Chick/Magic KnightKonoe
The Smart Guy/Badass NormalRai
Sixth Ranger/The Big GuyWarMECH
Team Pet/The Big GuyAngelus
Team PetJack Frost


States Of Matter

The LeaderSolid
The LancerPlasma
The Big GuySupersolid
The Smart GuyLiquid
The ChickGas
Sixth RangerBose-Einstein condensate[1]

The Solar System

Big GoodThe Sun
The LeaderEarth
The LancerMars, The Red Planet
The Big GuyJupiter
The Smart GuyMercury
The ChickVenus
The Obi-WanSaturn
Sixth RangerUranus, Neptune
Tagalong KidThe Dwarf Planets
Team PetThe moons

Dwarf planets

The LeaderPluto
The LancerEris
The Smart GuyMakemake
The Big GuyHaumea
The ChickCeres
Sixth RangerSedna
Team PetCharon

Sketch Comedy

"The Whitest Kids U'Know" - The Whitest Kids U'Know

The HeroTrevor Moore (founded the troupe, often plays the boss or leader of the other guys)
The LancerZach Cregger
The Big GuySam Brown (could also double as Butt Monkey considering how much the other guys mock him)
The Smart GuyTimmy Williams (not necessarily because he's the smartest (all of them are pretty smart), but he is certainly the geekiest)
The ChickDarren Trumeter (mostly because he's almost always playing the girl in a sketch)

Saturday Night Live: The "Bad Boys of SNL" in the early 90s

The HeroAdam Sandler
The LancerDavid Spade
The Big GuyChris Farley
The Smart GuyChris Rock
The ChickRob Schneider

Reality Television

American Idol

Seasons 1-8

The Hero / The Smart GuySimon Cowell
The LancerRyan Seacrest
The Big Guy Randy Jackson
The Chick / The HeartPaula Abdul
The Sixth RangerKara DioGuardi

Season 9

The Hero / The Smart GuySimon Cowell
The LancerRyan Seacrest
The Big GuyRandy Jackson
The Chick Kara DioGuardi
The Sixth RangerEllen DeGeneres

Seasons 10-onwards

The HeroRyan Seacrest
The Big Guy Randy Jackson
The LancerSteven Tyler
The Smart GuyJimmy Lovine
The Chick / The HeartJennifer Lopez


The HeroKelly Clarkson
The LancerCarrie Underwood
The Smart GuyDavid Cook
The Big GuyRuben Studdard (before he slimmed down)
The Chick(s)Everyone else (since they either show lack of personality or are believed to have gotten by on their looks)

Well known non-winning contestants

The HeroChris Daughtry
The LancerAdam Lambert
The Smart GuyClay Aiken
The Big GuyJennifer Hudson (before she slimmed down. Her husband is also a wrestler)
The Chick(s)Catherine McPhee, Bo Bice, Pia Toscano, etc.

America's Next Top Model

Cycle 1

The HeroTyra Banks
Token Evil TeammateJanice Dickinson
The LancerKimora Lee Simmons
The ChickBeau Quillian
The Big GuyJ. Alexander
The Smart GuyJay Manuel
Sixth RangerThe guest judges

Cycle 2

The HeroTyra Banks
The Lancer and Token Evil TeammateJanice Dickinson
The Big GuyJ. Alexander
The Smart GuyJay Manuel
The HeartNigel Barker
The ChickEric Nicholson
Sixth RangerThe guest judges

Cycle 3-4

The HeroTyra Banks
The Lancer and Token Evil TeammateJanice Dickinson
The Smart GuyJay Manuel
The Big GuyJ. Alexander
The HeartNigel Barker
The ChickNole Marin
Sixth RangerThe guest judges

Cycle 5-9

The HeroTyra Banks
The Lancer and The Smart GuyJay Manuel
The Big GuyJ. Alexander
The HeartNigel Barker
The ChickTwiggy
Sixth RangerThe guest judges

Cycle 10-12

The HeroTyra Banks
The Lancer and The Smart GuyJay Manuel
The Big GuyJ. Alexander
The HeartNigel Barker
Team MomPaulina Porizkova
Sixth RangerThe guest judges

Cycle 13

The HeroTyra Banks
The LancerNigel Barker
The Big GuyJ. Alexander
The Smart GuyJay Manuel
Sixth RangerThe guest judges

Cycle 14-17

The HeroTyra Banks
The LancerNigel Barker
The Big GuyAndre Leon Talley
The Smart GuyJay Manuel
The ChickJ. Alexander
Sixth RangerThe guest judges

Cycle 18

The HeroTyra Banks
The LancerNigel Barker
The Big GuyKelly Cutrone
The Smart GuyJay Manuel
The ChickJ. Alexander
Sixth RangerThe guest judges

Dance 360

The Hero and The Smart GuyKel Mitchell
The Lancer and The Big GuyFredro Starr
The ChickDJ K-Sly
Fourth RangerAlfonso Ribeiro

The Four: Battle for Stardom

The HeroFergie
The LancerDJ Khaled
The Smart GuySean "Diddy" Combs
The Big Guy and The ChickMeghan Trainor
Fifth RangerCharlie Walk (until Season 2)

The Masked Singer

The HeroNick Cannon
The LancerJenny McCarthy
The Big GuyRobin Thicke
The Smart GuyKen Jeong
The ChickNicole Scherzinger
Sixth RangerThe guest panelists

The Price Is Right

The HeroBob Barker (1972-2007), Drew Carey (2007-present)
The Lancer / The Smart GuyJohnny Olsen (1972-1985), Rod Roddy (1986-2003), Rich Fields (2004-2010), George Gray (2011-present)
The ChickBarker's Beauties

Project Runway

The Hero and Team MomHeidi Klum
The Lancer and Team DadTim Gunn
The Big GuyMichael Kors
The ChickNina Garcia
The Smart GuysAll 4 of them
Sixth RangerThe guest judge


The HeroRob Dyrdek
The Smart LancerSterling "Steelo" Brim
The ChickChanel West Coast

Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains - The Heroes tribe

The Hero(es)J.T. Thomas and Tom Westman
The Lancer(s)Amanda Kimmell (to J.T.) and Colby Donaldson (to Tom)
The Big Guy(s)James Clement and Rupert Boneham
The Smart Guy(s)Amanda Kimmell and Cirie Fields
The ChickCandace Woodcock
Tagalong Kid(s)Sugar Kiper and Stephenie LaGrossa
Team Dad(s)Rupert Boneham and Tom Westman

Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains - The Heroes tribe who were eliminated pre-merge

The HeroTom Westman
The LancerStephenie LaGrossa
The Big GuyJames Clement
The Smart GuyCirie Fields
The ChickSugar Kiper

Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains - The Heroes tribe during the merge

The HeroJ.T. Thomas, later Rupert Boneham (The latter replaces the former after he got Voted Off the Island)
The LancerColby Donaldson
The Big Guy and Team DadRupert Boneham
The Smart GuyAmanda Kimmell
The Chick and Sixth Ranger TraitorCandace Woodcock
Sixth RangerSandra Diaz-Twine

Survivor: All-Stars - Original Chapera tribe

The Hero and The Smart GuyBoston Rob
The ChickAmber Brkich
The Lancer and The Big GuyAlicia Calaway
Team DadTom Buchanan
Team MomSue Hawk
Sacrificial LionRob Cesterino
Sixth RangersRupert Boneham and Jenna Lewis

Survivor: All-Stars - Original Mogo-Mogo tribe

The Hero and The Big GuyColby Donaldson
The Lancer and The Smart GuyLex Van Den Berghe
The HeartJenna Morasca
Team DadRichard Hatch
Team MomKathy Vavrick-O'Brien
Tagalong KidShii Ann Huang
Sixth RangersEthan Zohn and Jerri Manthey

Survivor: All-Stars - Saboga tribe

The HeroEthan Zohn
The StarscreamJenna Lewis
The Big GuyRupert Boneham
The Smart GuyJerri Manthey
Team DadRudy Boesch
Team MomTina Wesson

Was It Something I Said

The HeroDavid Mitchell
The Lancer and The Smart GuyRichard Ayoade
The Big GuyMicky Flanagan

Spelling and Grammar

The Vowels.

The LeaderA
The LancerE
The Smart GuyU
The Big GuyO
The ChickI
Sixth RangerY

Punctuation Marks.

The Hero.
The Lancer,
The Smart Guy:
The Big Guy!
The Chick?



The LeaderLive-action
The LancerTraditional animated/Flash animated
The Smart GuyComputer-animated
The Big GuyStop-motion
The ChickAnime


The Wedding Singer

The HeroRobbie
The LancerSammy
The Smart GuyJulia
The Big GuyGeorge
The ChickHolly
Team MomGrandma

Done to Death

The HeroWhitney
The LancerRodney
The Smart GuyMildred
The Big GuyBrad
The ChickJessica (and Jane)
Sixth RangerJane, with special mention to Gregory and Jason

Altar Boyz

The HeroMatthew
The LancerJuan
The Smart GuyAbraham
The Big GuyLuke
The ChickMark

Troper Works

Destructive Harmonics

The HeroValerian (lead singer; the leader)
The LancerLilja (lead guitar; number two in the informal band hierarchy), Yanang (rhythm guitar; aspiring Dark Action Girl, tends to have the most "difficult"/antagonistic attitude)
The Big GuyValerian (lead singer; resident Hot Amazon), Yanang (rhythm guitar; Boisterous Bruiser)
The Smart GuyMusa (drummer; Black and Nerdy Erudite Stoner)
The ChickLilja (lead guitar; contrasts with Valerian in her appearance and personality, rather girly), Violet (bassist; very cute Granola Girl)
Kid Appeal CharacterViolet (bassist; has the youngest fanbase in-universe)
Sixth Ranger/Team MomArtemisia (manager)


The Quest
The HeroKull (Chaotic Neutral wanderer, dark spirit sealed in his body, turning him into a Badass warrior in Battle)
The LancerRosa (Lawful Good, Hot Amazon warrior Nun)
The Smart GuyThe spirit of The Hero (Smart guy owing to strong magic)
The Big GuySuchart (Lawful Neutral boxing guardsman who becomes The Rival for Kull)
The Dark ChickMelissa (Chaotic Evil, Anything That Moves demoness: the Token Evil Teammate)

The Northern Light

The HeroCarter Brenson-Holt/Northern Light
The LancerDebbie Zachiarelli
The Smart GuyShal Collmer
Sixth RangerSarah Reimer/Synergy
The MentorEric Brenson-Holt, and to a certain extent, the Brenson-Holt family.


The Brass Kites

The HeroHichou (pretty stern and charismatic for a kid)
The LancerNanako (A bit less cynical than others)
The Big GuyGinrou (deeply realistic and self-centered)
The Smart GuyDylan (knows almost everything)
The ChickKurumi (knows anything hinky when she sees it)
Sixth Ranger/Aloof AllyEmiri (Lawful Good, but a doubter)

The Sleepy Hollow

The HeroYuuichi Minagawa
The LancerAmaki Kuranashi
The Big GuyMika Kenzawa
The Smart GuyTsukiyo Minagawa
The ChickFujiko Motonomiya
Kid Appeal CharacterTsugumu Minagawa

The Tin Herons

The HeroShouhei (very liberal with ideas of others)
The LancerRukao (a bit more paranoid, and conscious)
The Big GuyKinji (the stubborn, straight idealist)
The Smart GuyMila (a knack for learning anything)
The ChickAria (moral, emotional but not useless)
The Sixth Ranger/Aloof AllyJuuri (former tester of Hubspace)

Demonhead - QC/Friends meets university

The HeroRob (unofficial group leader)
The LancerNiamh (Rob's bandmate/love interest
The Big GuyStephen (owns coffee shop with Claire)
The Smart GuyJames (Stephen's younger brother)
The ChickViolet (Rob's girlfriend, also The Woobie as she had an abusive childhood)
Sixth RangerClaire (an out lesbian, and Niamh's best friend)
The MedicScarlett (James' girlfriend, and also Team Mom)

All The Tropes

An Adventurer Is You Archetypes

The LeaderThe Jack
The LancerThe DPSer
The Big GuyThe Tank
The Smart GuyThe Nuker
The ChickThe Healer

Beauty, Brains, and Brawn Archetypes

The Leader/The Smart GuyBrains
The Lancer/The Big GuyBrawn
The ChickBeauty

Character Alignment Archetypes

The LeaderLawful Good
The LancerChaotic Good
The Big GuyTrue Neutral
The Smart GuyLawful Neutral
The ChickNeutral Good
Sixth RangerChaotic Neutral
Token Evil TeammateLawful Evil, Neutral Evil, and Chaotic Evil

Command Roster Archetypes

Co-LeadersThe Captain and Ace Pilot
The LancerNumber Two
The Big GuysSecurity Officer and The Marine
The Smart GuysThe Scientist, Mr. Fixit, The Medic and Cunning Linguist
The ChickFemale Soldier
The MentorReasonable Authority Figure

Five Races Archetypes

The HeroMundane
The LancerHigh Men
The Big GuyStout
The Smart GuyFairy
The ChickCute

Four Philosophy Ensemble Archetypes

The LeaderThe Optimist
The LancerThe Cynic
The Smart GuyThe Realist
The Big GuyThe Apathetic
The ChickThe Conflicted

or alternatively....

The LeaderThe Realist
The LancerThe Optimist
The Smart GuyThe Cynic
The Big GuyThe Apathetic
The ChickThe Conflicted

Mary Sue Archetypes

The HeroPurity Sue
The LancerAnti-Sue
The Smart GuyMary Tzu
The Big GuyGod Mode Sue
The ChickSympathetic Sue
Tagalong KidParody Sue

Six-Student Clique Archetypes

The LeaderThe Head
The LancerThe Quirk
The Big GuyThe Muscle
The Smart GuyThe Smart One
The ChickThe Pretty One
The Sixth RangerThe Wild One

The Squad Roles

The LeaderColonel Badass
The LancersSergeant Rock and Friendly Sniper
The Big GuysAmazon Brigade and The Squadette
The Smart GuysThe Engineer, The Medic and Cunning Linguist
The ChickAction Girl

Four-Temperament Ensemble

The HeroPhlegmatic II
The LancerCholeric
The Smart GuyMelancholic
The Big GuyPhlegmatic
The ChickSanguine
Sixth RangerSupine

Video Game Characters Archetypes

The HeroJack of All Stats
The LancerGlass Cannon/Fragile Speedster
The Big GuyStone Wall/Mighty Glacier
The Smart GuySquishy Wizard
The ChickThe Medic/White Magician Girl

Visual Attributes


The LeaderRed
The LancerBlue
The Big GuyYellow
The Smart GuyGreen
The ChickPurple and Pink
Sixth RangersOrange, Gray and Brown
Mentor ArchetypeWhite
Token Evil Teammate (or not)Black


The LeaderSquare
The LancerRectangle, Rhombus, to a lesser extent Kite and Trapezoid (Those ones aren't a square)
The Big GuyHexagon, Octagon
The Smart GuyTriangle
The ChickCircle, Oval


United States Military

Big Good/The LeaderPresident of the United States
The HeroU.S. Army
The LancerU.S. Marine Corps
The Big GuyU.S. Navy
The Smart GuyU.S. Air Force
The ChickU.S. Coast Guard

Web Animation

Animated Croft

The HeroLara
The LancerKurtis
The Big GuyZip
The Smart GuyWinston
The ChickAlister

Battle for Dream Island

Squishy Cherries

The HeroPin
The LancersPen and Eraser
The Smart GuysBlocky and Firey
The Big GuySpongy
The ChicksMatch, Pencil, Bubble
Team PetWoody

Squashy Grapes

The HeroLeafy
The LancerCoiny
The Smart GuysTennis Ball, Golf Ball
The Big Guy and GalSnowball and Flower
The ChicksTeardrop, Ice Cube, Needle
Team PetRocky

Doraleous and Associates

The HeroDoraleous
The Lancer(s)Neebs, Walken (sometimes The Smart Guy)
The Big GuyBroof
The Smart GuyMirdon
The ChickDrak
Tag Along KidHarry Pooter

Doreen And Maureen

The HeroMaureen
The LancerDoreen
The Big Guy

/Team Pet

Crazy Drippy Face Man Lady
The ChickIrene
Tagalong KidNoreen

Happy Tree Friends

The HeroCuddles
The LancerToothy, Flippy, and Flaky
The Smart GuySniffles and Handy
The Big GuyLumpy, Nutty, Disco Bear, and The Mole
The ChickGiggles and Petunia
Team DadPop
Tagalong KidCub
Token Evil TeammateFliqpy, Lifty, Shifty, and (possibly) Lammy

Appeal Character

Sixth RangerSplendid and Russell
Companion CubeMr.Pickles and Cro-Marmot(Literally!)

Super Mario Bros Z

The Hero(es)Mario, Sonic
The LancerShadow
The Big GuyYoshi
The Smart GuyProfessor E. Gadd
The ChickLuigi (though not in terms of ability or power.)

The Time Squad series by Michael Swain

The HeroThe Cop
The LancerThe Time Cop
The Big GuyThe Cyborg, later replaced by The Champion
The Smart Guy and The ChickThe Curator
Tagalong Kid/Seemingly-Profound FoolBlockhead (the Big Bad considers his Worthy Opponent and The Messiah. The team considers him something of The Heart.)

Teen Girl Squad

The HeroCheerleader
The Lancer / The Smart GuySo and So
The Big GuyWhat's Her Face
The ChickThe Ugly One

Watchmen, as portrayed in Saturday Morning Watchmen (warning, if you're a fan of the comics, this video will destroy your sanity).

The HeroNite Owl
The LancerRorschach
The Big GuyThe Comedian
The Smart GuyOzymandias
The ChickSilk Specter
Team PetBubastis
Sixth RangerJon/Dr. Manhattan

Oxhorn Short Shorts

The HeroOxhorn
The LancerMortuus
The Big Guy(s)Staghorn, Thunk, Warlord Gorechuck
The Smart Guy(s)Associate Professor Evil, Master of Euphemisms
The Chick(s)Lacy, Hippy Elf
Team Pet(s)Hat, Barnaby, Busco

Red vs. Blue

Blue Team:

The HeroLeonard L. Church
The LancerLavernius Tucker (sometimes The Smart Guy)
The Big GuyMichael J. Caboose
The Smart GuyAllison/Agent "Tex" Texas (sometimes The Lancer)
The Chick(s)Kaikaina "Sister" Grif and Frank "Doc" Dufresne
Team PetShiela and Tucker Jr.
The MentorButch Flowers (if he wasn't busy being dead)

Red Team:

The HeroSarge
The LancerDexter Grif
The Big GuyLopez the Heavy
The Smart GuyRichard Simmons
The ChickFranklin Donut (Aha-ha-ha!)
Team PetThe Warthog

The Surviving team members at the end of Revelation:

The HeroSarge
The LancerTucker
The Big GuyCaboose
The Smart GuySimmons
The ChickGrif
The Sixth RangerWash

For the majority of the series:

Supporting Leader / The HeroChurch (the central protagonist and the de facto leader of both teams when faced with a common enemy, who eventually grows enough to succeed in pulling dozens of genuinely heroic stunts towards the conclusion)
The HeroSarge (becomes the default example by the end of the series)
The Lancer(s)Tucker (by default, especially to Church; by far the most Badass non-Freelancer within this show, on top of being one of the most competent ones amongst both teams) and Grif (to Sarge; competent as he can prove himself to be, he's either too lazy to act and/or too busy getting his ass handed to him to help, hence why he gets regulated to The Chick by the end of it)
The Big Guy(s)Caboose (dumbass recruit that follows any order given to him and a particularly badass fighter when pissed), Lopez (a robot that's good with weapons) and Sarge (until Character Development kicks in)
The Smart Guy(s)Lopez (a snarky robot that's good with electronics) and Simmons (the most rational of the Reds, who possesses astute knowledge of computer technology and physics, but is arrogant about it)
The Chick(s)Doc (the pacifist medic that helps anyone who asks for it), Donut (the highly flamboyant dude in pink armor) and Sister (the Anything That Moves type). Grif gets regulated to this by the end of Revelation, by virtue of being the lazy Butt Monkey
Sixth Ranger(s)Tex (a secondary Lancer to Church, even considering her frequent betrayals and their more confrontational 'disagreements') and Wash (is arguably The Hero to Church's Supporting Leader; inversely, he's a Supporting Leader to Church's The Hero)


Ivy League Universities

The HeroHarvard
The LancerYale
The Big GuyPenn
The Smart GuyColumbia
The ChickBrown


A Five Token Band of Animals

The HeroHuman (because Humans Are Special)
The LancerDog (Man's best friend)
The Big GuyHorse
The Smart GuyBird
The ChickCat

...or alternatively...

The Hero Dog
The LancerCat
The Big GuyHorse
The Smart GuyFerret
The ChickRabbit
Kid Appeal CharacterHamster
The Sixth RangerFish / Bird


The HeroMammals
The LancerReptiles
The Big GuySea Creatures
The Smart GuyBirds
The ChickAmphibians
Team PetPets

Elemental Powers


The HeroQuintessence/Aether
The LancerFire
The Big GuyEarth
The Smart GuyWind/Air
The ChickWater
The HeroFire
The LancerMetal
The Big GuyEarth
The Smart GuyWater
The ChickWood

RPG/Video Games

The HeroElectricity/Lightning or Fire
The LancerElectricity/Lightning (if The Hero uses Fire), Fire (if The Hero uses Lightning)
The Big GuyEarth
The Smart GuyAir/Wind
The ChickWater

Chemical (from the perspective of biological systems)

The HeroCarbon
The LancerHydrogen
The Big GuyNitrogen
The Smart GuyOxygen
The ChickPhosphorus
Sixth RangerTrace elements
Token Evil TeammateRadioactive tracers

Main Biological Chemicals

The HeroRNA
The LancerProtein
The Big GuyLipid
The Smart GuyDNA
The ChickCarbohydrate
The MentorWater


1996 Chicago Bulls

The HeroMichael Jordan
The LancerScottie Pippen (led the Bulls when MJ retired for two years).
The Big GuyLuc Longley
The Smart GuyDennis Rodman
The ChickRon Harper
Sixth RangerTony Kucoc

Philadelphia Eagles

The HeroDonovan McNabb
The LancerMichael Vick
The Big GuyBrent Celek
The Smart GuyBrian Westbrook
The ChickDeSean Jackson, Reggie Brown, Kevin Curtis (injuries)

UFC Weight Divisions

The HeroLight Heavyweight (Most of the major fighters are there)
The LancerMiddleweight
The Big GuyHeavyweight (Obviously)
The Smart GuyWelterweight (The most technical fighters are in this division)
The ChickLightweight
Sixth RangersBantamweight and Featherweight

Sports in America

The HeroBaseball
The LancerFootball
The Big GuyIce Hockey
The Smart GuyBasketball
The ChickSoccer
Sixth RangerNASCAR


United States of America- Founding Brothers

The HeroGeorge Washington
The LancerJohn Adams
The Big GuyJohn Hancock
The Smart GuyThomas Jefferson
The ChickPatrick Henry
Sixth RangerThomas Paine
Team DadBenjamin Franklin

Living Presidents of the United States, 1989 to 1994

The HeroRonald Reagan
The LancerGeorge HW Bush
The Big GuyGerald Ford
The Smart GuyRichard Nixon
The ChickJimmy Carter
Sixth RangerBill Clinton

Living Presidents of the United States, 2009-Present

The HeroGeorge HW Bush
The LancerGeorge W. Bush
The Big GuyBill Clinton
The Smart Guy / Token MinorityBarack Obama (Subverted in that he's currently in office)
The ChickJimmy Carter


The Holidays

The HeroChristmas
The LancerThanksgiving
The Big GuyHalloween
The Smart GuyEaster
The ChickValentine's Day

Physical Displays of Affection

The HeroKissing
The LancerHugging
The Big GuySex
The Smart GuyDancing
The ChickHolding Hands
Token Evil TeammateBiting


The HeroCar
The LancerPlane
The Smart GuyTrain
The Big GuyBus
The ChickBicycle
Sixth RangerRocket
Team Dad and Team MomShip
Mentor ArchetypeHorse



  1. It wasn't produced until 1995, although it was theorized to exist before then.
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