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24: Season 7
The Hero and The Big GuyJack Bauer
The LancerRenee Walker
The Smart GuyChloe O'Brien
Sixth RangerTony Almeida
The MentorBill Buchanan
Token Evil Teammate Tony Almeida
The HeroSydney Bristow
The LancerMichael Vaughn
The Big GuyMarcus Dixon (sometimes The Lancer)
The Smart GuyMarshall Flinkman, Rachel Gibson
The ChickWill Tippin
The MentorJack Bristow, Arvin Sloane
'Allo, 'Allo (The Resistance)
The HeroRene
The LancerEdith
The Big GuyOfficer Crabtree
The Smart Guy(s)LeClerc (subverted in that he's terrible at it) and Michelle
The Chick(s)Yvette and Maria, later Mimi
Tagalong Kid(s)Fairfax and Carstairs
The LoadFanny
Team DadMonsieur Alphonse
'Allo, 'Allo (The Germans, who would be a Five-Bad Band if they didn't SUCK at it!)
The Hero / The Big GuyColonel Von Strohm
The LancerCaptain Geering, later Captain Bertorelli
The Smart Guy / Token Evil TeammateHerr Flick (Yes, he's the bad guy in a Five Man Axis Band!)
The Chick(s)Lieutenant Gruber (Camp Gay) and Helga (Ms.Fanservice)
Team DadGeneral Von Klinckerhoffen
The HeroDylan Hunt
The LancerBeka Valentine
The Big GuyTyr Anasazi, later Telemachus Rhade
The Smart GuySeamus Harper
The ChickTrance Gemini
The MentorRev Bem
Action GirlRommie
Angel (Seasons 1-4)
The HeroAngel
The LancerDoyle (first 10 episodes), Wesley Wyndam-Pryce
The Big GuyCharles Gunn
The Smart GuyWesley for Magic/Demon related research and Fred Burkle for science and technology
The ChickCordelia Chase
Tagalong KidConnor (also a Sixth Ranger after a plot-relevant age-up)
Angel (Season 5)
The HeroAngel
The LancerSpike (also the Sixth Ranger due to his past history with Angel)
The Smart GuyWesley Wyndam-Pryce for Magic/Demon research, Fred Burkle for science and technology and Charles Gunn for his legal skills
The ChickLorne
Sixth Ranger/Token Evil TeammateIllyria
The Aquabats! Super Show!
The HeroMC Bat Commander
The LancerEaglebones Falconhawk, although Crash is second in command, Eaglebones fits the trope more closely, and Crash fits the big guy trope
The Big GuyCrash Mc Larson
The Smart GuyJimmy the Robot
The ChickRicky Fitness, with his Adorkable OCD
Are You Being Served?
The HeroCaptain Peacock (in his own mind, of course; Mr. Lucas would also qualify as this in earlier episodes)
The Lancer(s)Mr. Humphries (Ensemble Darkhorse) and Mr. Lucas, later Mr. Spooner
The Big GuyMrs. Slocombe
The Smart GuyMr. Rumbold (again, in his own mind) and Mr. Mash, later Mr. Harman
The ChickMiss Brahms
Sixth Ranger(s)Mr. Grainger, Mr. Tebbs, Mr. Goldberg (any of the senior salesmen, really)
Team DadYoung Mr. Grace, later Old Mr. Grace
Ashes to Ashes
The HeroGene Hunt
The LancerAlex Drake (Rarity in that Alex is the viewpoint character)
The Big GuyRay Carling
The ChickSharon 'Shaz' Granger
The KidChris Skelton
The A-Team
The HeroHannibal
The LancerFace
The Big GuyB. A. Baracus
The Smart GuyMurdock (if anything for his skills in infiltration and being an aircraft pilot)
The ChickAmy (first two seasons)
Sixth RangerFrankie Santana (season five)
Babylon 5 - Command Staff
The HeroSheridan
The LancerIvanova
The Big GuyGaribaldi
The Smart GuyFranklin
The ChickDelenn
Band of Brothers - Roles vary depending on episode
The HeroMaj. Winters
The Lancer1st Sgt Lipton/Lt. Compton
The Big GuyCapt. Speirs
Intelligence OfficerCpt. Nixon
The Chick (The Medic)Cpl. Roebuck
Barney Miller
The HeroBarney
The LancerYemana, later Harris
The Big GuyWojo
The Smart GuyHarris, later Dietrich
The ChickLiz (Barney's wife), later (while both Yemana and Dietrich were on the squad) Harris
Tagalong KidLevitt
The MentorLuger (subverted in that he's terrible at it)

Bates Motel - Season 5

The HeroNorman Bates
The Lancer / The Smart GuyCharles "Chick" Hogan
The Big GuyDylan
The Chick / Token Evil TeammateMother

Battlestar Galactica (among the pilots specifically)

The HeroApollo (leads the pilots)
The Lancer / The Smart GuyHelo (most intelligent, strongest morality)
The Big GuyStarbuck (most aggressive)
The ChickBoomer, later Athena (most emotional)
Sixth RangerThe new pilots, notably Hot Dog and Racetrack

And the Final Five Cylons:

The HeroSaul Tigh
The LancerEllen Tigh
The Big GuySamuel Anders
The Smart GuyGalen Tyrol
The ChickTory Foster

Bernie Mac Show

The Hero Bernie McCullough
The Lancer Vanessa Tompkins
The Chick Wanda McCullough
The Smart Guy Jordan Tompkins
The Big Guy Bryana Tompkins(although she's the youngest, she's often beating up her brother)

Better Off Ted:

The HeroTed
The LancerVeronica
The Smart Guy(s)Lem and Phil
The ChickLinda
Tagalong KidRose

The Big Bang Theory (They are the Smart Guys)

The HeroLeonard Hofstadter(he's usually serves as the voice of the reason)
The LancerSheldon Cooper
The Big GuyHoward Wolowitz(he's fancies himself as a ladies man)
The Kid Appeal CharacterRaj Koothrappali(he usually serves as the comic relief, as in the first 6 seasons he can't took to woman outside of his family unless he had alcohol)
The Chick Penny
Sixth Ranger(s) Amy and Bernadette

Blackadder Most obvious in Blackadder goes Forth, but if you think about it, the five principle actors fall into these roles as well.

The HeroRowen Atkinson as Blackadder
The LancerTony Robinson as Baldrick
The Big GuyStephen Fry as Melchet
The Smart GuyTim McInnerny as Darling
The ChickHugh Laurie as George, and obviously Miranda Richardson as Nurse Mary
Sixth RangerRik Mayall as Flashhart

Black Hole High

The HeroJosie
The LancerLucas
The Big GuyVaughn
The Smart GuyMarshall
The ChickCorrine
The MentorProfessor Z

Blakes Seven

The HeroBlake
The LancerAvon
The Big GuyGan, until his death
The Smart GuyVila
The ChickJenna series 1, Cally series 2
The Sixth RangerCally series 1
The MentorZen
Team PetOrac

In series 3 and 4,

The HeroAvon
The LancerTarrant
The Big GuyDayna
The Smart GuyVila
The ChickCally in series 3, Soolin in series 4
The MentorZen series 3
Team PetOrac

Boston Legal

The HeroDenny Crane (in his own mind, at least. Rotates in this role with Alan.)
The LancerAlan Shore (rotates in The Hero role with Denny), Claire Simms (was The Lancer to everyone else)
The Big GuyBrad Chase, later Whitney Rome (Coho tried to usurp Brad's role as this.)
The Smart GuyPaul Lewiston, later Carl Sack and Jerry Espenson
The Chick(s)Clarence Bell (only male example), Tara Wilson, Sally Heep, Lori Colson, Denise Bauer, Katie Lloyd
Tagalong Kid(s)Garrett and Sara (the junior associates from the second season)
Sixth ColumnJeffrey Coho
Team Mom / Only Sane ManShirley Schmidt

Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future

The HeroCaptain Jonathan Power
The LancerMajor Matthew 'Hawk' Masterson
The Big GuyLieutenant Michael 'Tank' Ellis
The Smart GuySergeant Robert 'Scout' Baker
The ChickCorporal Jennifer 'Pilot' Chase

Carrusel - La Patrulla Salvadora

The HeroDaniel
The LancerPablo
The Big GuyJaime
The Smart GuyDavid
The ChickCirilo, Mario
The Sixth RangerAdrian, Kokimoto
Sixth Ranger TraitorJorge

Carrusel - The Girls

The HeroValeria
The LancerMaria Joaquina
The Big GuyLaura
The Smart GuyCarmen
The ChickMargarita, Marcelina
The Sixth RangerAlicia, Bibi


The HeroPiper Halliwell
The LancerPhoebe Halliwell
The Smart Guy / Big Sister MentorPrue Halliwell (seasons 1-3)
The ChickPaige Matthews (seasons 4-8)
Sixth RangerLeo Wyatt
The Obi-Wan(s)Patti and Penny Halliwell

El Chavo Del Ocho - The Kids

The HeroChavo
The LancerQuico
The Big GuyNono
The Smart GuyChilindrina
The ChickPopis
The Sixth RangerGodinez

El Chavo Del Ocho - The Adults

The HeroDon Ramon...though he's more of an Anti-Hero
The LancerDona Florinda
The Big GuySenor Barriga
The Smart GuyProfesor Jirafales
The ChickDona Clotilde
The Sixth RangerJaimito


The HeroGareth (No, really!)
The LancerEverton
The Big GuyGustave
The Smart GuyLucinda, later Alphonse
The ChickJanice (Subverted in that she's an extremely capable businesswoman)

Chuck - In later seasons.

The Hero/The Smart GuyChuck
The LancerSarah
The Big GuyCasey
The ChickMorgan

The Closer

The HeroDeputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson
The LancerSgt. Gabriel
The Big Guy(s)Lts. Provenza and Flynn, Det. Sanchez
The Smart Guy(s)Lt. Tao, Det. Sanchez
The ChickDet. Daniels
The MentorChief Pope
Sixth RangerFBI Agent Fritz Howard
  • Varies A Lot: Detective Sanchez knows the streets and and the ins and outs of gang activity; he switches between The Big Guy and The Smart Guy depending on the case.
    • Provenza and Flynn are not dumb; however, they do have a habit of getting themselves into trouble.

Clueless (the series)

The HeroCher
The LancerDionne
The Big GuyMurray
The Smart GuySean
The ChickAmber


The HeroHayden
The LancerLuther
The Big GuyDauber
The Smart GuyHoward (By process of elimination)
The ChickChristine (The only female character that lasted the whole run of the show)


The HeroJeff
The LancerBritta/Pierce
The Smart GuyAbed
The Big GuyTroy
The ChickAnnie/Britta
Team MomShirley
Token Evil TeammatePierce

Criminal Minds

The HeroAaron Hotchner
The LancerJason Gideon, followed by David Rossi
The Big GuyDerek Morgan
The Smart GuySpencer Reid and Penelope Garcia
The ChickJennifer "JJ" Jareau
The Sixth RangerElle Greenaway, followed by Emily Prentiss
  • Varies A Lot: The Big Guy, Smart Guy, and Chick roles on this show get traded around more often than you'd expect, and there's generally a whole lotta subvertin' goin' on, but the pattern does hold more often than not.
    • A further subversion is that Hotch and Gideon (and later Rossi) trade The Hero and The Lancer roles back and forth. Hotch is, after all, the Unit Chief.
    • Actually, Hotch is The Hero pretty straight since he is the unit cheif. Even when Morgan is chief he's more of a figure head. Gideon and Rossi are the scruffy more laid back contrast to Hotch's uptight straightforward leading which is right inline with The Lancer. Reid is far too useful to be The Chick.


The HeroNick Stokes
The LancerSara Sidle
The Big GuyWarrick Brown
The Smart GuyGreg Sanders
The ChickCatherine Willows
The MentorGil Grissom

CSI: After Season 8, had cast members leaving or dying, which lead to quite a shuffle.

The HeroCatherine Willows
The LancerRiley Adams, now Morgan Brody
The Big GuyNick Stokes
The Smart GuyRay Langston or Sara Sidle,sometimes DB Russell
The ChickGreg Sanders
The MentorDB Russell
  • This will likely keep changing, since more cast shake ups are happening.


The HeroMac Taylor
The LancerDanny Messer, sometimes also either Don Flack,Jo Danville or Stella Bonasera
The Big GuyDon Flack or Danny Messer
The Smart Guy Stella Bonasera and Lindsay Messer used to trade off between this and The Chick, now it's Jo Danville and Lindsay Messer. Sometimes also Hawkes
The Chick See above, also Aiden Burn sometimes in first season
The Sixth Ranger Sheldon Hawkes

A Polish tv series: Czterej Pancerin i Pies (in english, it would sound Four tank-men and a dog)

The HeroJanek
The LancerGregoriy
The Big GuyGustlik
The Smart GuyOlgierd
The ChickMarusia
Sixth RangerTomus

Dads Army: Walmington-on-Sea Home Guard

The HeroMainwaring
The LancerWilson
The Big GuyJones and Fraser
The Smart GuyWalker
The ChickPike and Godfrey

Danger 5

The HeroTucker
The LancerJackson
The Big GuyIlsa
The Smart GuyClaire
The ChickPierre

Degrassi: The Squatch

The HeroCraig
The LancerJimmy
The Big GuySpinner
The Smart Guy / The ChickMarco
Sixth RangerAshley

Degrassi: Season 13

The HeroDrew
The Lancer / The Big GuyDallas
The Smart GuyConnor
The ChickClare, Alli, Jenna

Doctor Who Season 1

The Hero/The Smart GuyThe Doctor
The LancerIan Chesterton
The Big GuyBarbara Wright
The ChickSusan Foreman

Doctor Who: The 12-episode mammoth The Dalek's Master Plan (the only episode to actually get there - The Chase got rid of Barbara and Ian before adding Steven, so it doesn't really count)

The HeroThe Doctor
The LancerBret Vyon
The Smart GuySteven
The ChickKatarina
The Big GuySara Kingdom

The Electirc Company (2009 series) (They are The Smart Guys)

The HeroHector
The LancerKeith
The Big GuyJessica
The ChickLisa

Eureka: At least in Season 4, in which these five characters become separated from the group for a big reason.

The HeroJack Carter
The LancerAllison Blake
The Big GuyJo Lupo
The Smart GuyHenry Deacon
The ChickDouglas Fargo
Sixth RangerTrevor Grant (after he gets brought back from 1947)

Everybody Hates Chris

The Hero Chris Rock
The Lancer Rochelle Rock
The Heart Julius Rock
The Big Guy Drew Rock(although he is younger than Chris, he's taller than him for the first 3 seasons and popular with his peers
The Kid Appeal Character Tonya Rock

Fantastic Journey Fantastic Journey

The HeroVarian (also aspects of The Smart Guy and The Medic)
The LancerWillaway (also aspects of The Smart Guy)
The Big GuyFred (also aspects of The Smart Guy and The Medic)
The Smart GuyLianna (also aspects of The Chick)
The ChickScott (also Tagalong Kid)
Team PetSil-El

Firefly - before the series began:

The HeroMal
The LancerZoe
The Big GuyJayne
The Smart GuyWash and Kaylee
The ChickInara
Sixth RangerRiver, Simon, Shepherd Book

The Flash (2014 series)

The HeroBarry Allen
The LancerCisco Ramon
The MedicCaitlin Snow
The Smart Guy/The Mentor"Harrison Wells" (Eobard Thawne)
Harry Wells (Earth-2)
Team DadJoe West

Fraggle Rock

The HeroGobo
The LancerMokey
The Big GuyBoober (Neat Freak and Non-Action Guy)
The Smart Guy Wembley
The ChickRed (sometimes The Lancer)


The HeroFrasier
The LancerRoz
The Smart GuyNiles
The ChickDaphne
The MentorMartin
Team PetEddie

(Turntable and Beat Box) |-

The HeroKiki (also The Chick) (Guitarist and Violinist)
The LancerMarina (Drummer)
The Smart GuyShout (Keyboardist)
The Big GuyTwist (Turntable and Beat Box)
The MentorTheir teacher


The HeroOlivia Dunham
The LancerPeter Bishop
The Big GuyCharlie Francis (before his death in Season 2.)
The Smart GuyWalter Bishop
The ChickAstrid Farnsworth
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