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The Five-Man Band is a group of characters whose members fall into archetypes which all complement one another. They are a very specific team with skills that contribute to the group in a unique way. Here are some places where the trope occurs in literature:

Abandon Series

The HeroJohn
The LancerFrank
The Big GuyMr. Liu
The Smart GuyMr. Graves
The ChickPierce
Tagalong KidHenry
Team PetHope, Typhon
Sixth RangerPierce, Alex, and Kayla

A Song of Ice and Fire - Bran's gang:

The HeroBran Stark
The Lancer=/=The ChickMeera Reed
The Big GuyHodor
The Smart GuyJojen Reed
Team PetSummer
Sixth RangerColdhands

A Song of Ice and Fire - Jon Snow's gang.

The HeroJon Snow
The LancerSamwell Tarly
The Big GuyGrenn
The Smart GuyPypar, Samwell
The ChickDareon
Team PetGhost

A Song of Ice and Fire - The Stark children, although they get separated very quickly.

The HeroRobb Stark
The LancerJon Snow
The Big GuyArya--a subversion, since she's actually quite small, but she's the brawler of the group.
The Smart GuyBrandon Stark
The ChickSansa Stark
Tagalong KidRickon Stark

A Song of Ice and Fire - The rebel Houses during Robert's rebellion.

The HeroBaratheon
The LancerStark
The Big GuyArryn
The Smart GuyLannister
The ChickTully
Sixth RangerFrey

A Song of Ice and Fire - The King's small council.

The HeroThe Hand of the King
The LancerMaster of Laws
The Big GuyMaster of Ships
The Smart GuyMaster of Coin
The ChickMaster of Whispers

A Song of Ice and Fire - how the Iron Throne and it's allies shows itself as of book 3. See Five-Bad Band/Literature for the truth.

The HeroBaratheon of Kings Landing
The LancerLannister
The Big GuyBolton
The Smart GuyFrey
The ChickTyrrell

Against a Dark Background (by Iain M. Banks)

The HeroSharrow
The LancerCernuij
The Big GuyDloan
The Smart GuyMiz
The ChickZefla

The Age of Misrule (has two):

The HeroJack Churchill
The LancerLaura DuSantiago
The Big GuyRyan Veitch
The Smart GuyShavi
The ChickRuth Gallagher

And in the second trilogy:

The HeroMallory
The LancerCaitlin Shepherd
The Big GuyHunter
The Smart GuyHal
The ChickSophie Tallent

All-Of-A-Kind Family (is a subversion with it's five-girl band):

The HeroElla
The LancerHenny suits this to a T
The Big GuyCharlotte (specifically her imagination)
The Smart GuySarah
The ChickGertie

All the King's Men - Willie Talos' campaign team:

The HeroThe Boss
The LancerSadie Burke
The Big GuyTiny Duffy
The Smart GuyJack Burden and/or Sadie
The ChickLucy Talos

Fred Vargas' Adamsberg series

The HeroJean-Baptiste Adamsberg
The LancerAdrien Danglard (also The Smart Guy)
The Big GuyViolette Retancourt (also a Team Mom of sorts)
The Smart GuyLouis Veyrenc (he started as a Sixth Ranger and The Rival to Adamsberg in This Night's Foul Work but became this as of An Uncertain Place)
Team PetLa Boule

The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents

The Hero / The Big GuyHamnpork (or Darktan, sometimes)
The LancerDarktan
The Smart GuyDangerous Beans
The ChickPeaches
The Sixth Ranger / Token Evil TeammateMaurice
Team Pet'The Stupid-Looking Kid'


The HeroJake
The Lancer(s)Marco ("go-to" guy, Jake's best friend who cares about staying safe and sane), Tobias ("Air Force", "eye in the sky"), strike:Rachel (challenger, dirty work, died for the cause)
The Big GuyRachel (a rare case where this role is occupied by a female and the team isn't an Amazon Brigade)
The Smart Guy(s)Tobias ("behind the scenes scout"), Marco (strategy), Cassie (animals), Ax (aliens & tech)
The Chick(s)Cassie (moral center), Marco (comedian & tension breaker), Tobias (Wangst)
Sixth RangerAx
Sixth Ranger TraitorDavid

Babysitters Club

The HeroKristy Thomas (founder and president of the BSC)
The LancerClaudia Kishi (vice-president of the BSC, her room is club headquarters)
The Big GuyDawn Schafer (due to her outgoing and passionate nature)
The Smart GuyStacey McGill (ultra-sophisticated math whiz)
The ChickMary Anne Spier (most emotional and sensitive member)

Bad News Ballet

The HeroMcGee
The LancerGwen
The Big GuyRocky
The Smart GuyZan
The ChickMary Bubnik

Battle Royale

The HeroShuya Nanahara
The LancerShogo Kawada
The Big GuyHiroki Sugimura
The Smart GuyShinji Mimura
The ChickNoriko Nakagawa
Sacrificial LambYoshitoki Kuninobu
Sixth RangerYutaka Seto

The Belgariad - the core crew

The Hero(Bel)Garion
The LancerDurnik
The Big GuySee The Big Guy Band below
The Smart GuySilk
The ChickCe'Nedra
The Mentor(s)Belgarath and Polgara

The Belgariad - The Big Guy band

The HeroBarak
The LancerHettar
The Big GuyMandorallen
The Smart GuyRelg
The ChickLelldorin

The Malloreon - the core crew

The HeroBelgarion
The LancerDurnik
The Big GuyToth
The Smart GuySilk/Liselle/Sadi
The ChickCe'Nedra and Eriond
The Mentor(s)Belgarath and Polgara
The Sixth Ranger'Zakath

Black Dogs (before Sinai and Jacyl take off):

The HeroLyra
The LancerSadrao
The Big GuySinai
The Smart GuyTrent
The ChickJacyl

Black Dogs (When Lyra and Sadrao are joined by Spite and Gunnar):

The HeroLyra
The LancerSadrao
The Big GuyGunnar
The Smart GuyTrent
The ChickSpite

* Note: Gunnar is probably as qualified, if not moreso to be The Chick as Spite, despite him being male and physically the largest member of the band. He the extremely placid voice of reason throughout the second half of the series, and although spite is tiny and female, she's the most violent and aggressive character in the entire book. She single-handedly takes out a creature large enough to swallow whole elephants. These two are a complete inversion of whole Five-Man Band whereas Sinai and Jacyl play it completely straight.

Blade of the Flame

The HeroDiran
The LancerGhaji (sometimes The Big Guy), Asenka (when she shows up)
The Big GuySolus (after he shows up)
The Smart GuyTresslar
The ChickYvka, Makala (when she shows up), Asenka (when she shows up)
Damsel in DistressMakala (again)
Tagalong KidWhatever the halfling's name was

Chronicles of Narnia

Big Good/The Big GuyAslan
The HeroPeter Pevensie
The Lancer (and the Anti-Hero)Edmund Pevensie
The Smart GuySusan Pevensie
The ChickLucy Pevensie


The HeroLucy Pevensie
The Lancer (and the Anti-Hero)Edmund Pevensie
The Smart GuySusan Pevensie
The Big GuyPeter Pevensie
The HeartAslan / Lucy Pevensie

Chronicles of Thomas Covenant - Book One: Lord Foul's Bane

The HeroAtiaran, but later Prothall
The LancerThomas Covenant (despite being the main character)
The Big GuySaltheart Foamfollower, with Bannor (coming in a close second)
The Smart GuyLord Mhoram
The ChickLena (at first), but later Llaura and then finally Lithe (who is also the Sixth Ranger)
Tagalong KidPietten

Chronicles of Thomas Covenant - Book Two: The Illearth War

The HeroTroy, and later Elena
The LancerThomas Covenant, and later Mhoram
The Big GuyBannor, and briefly Trell
The Smart GuyMhoram, and later Amok
The ChickElena

Codex Alera

The HeroTavi
The LancerKitai (although in earlier appearances sways more towards The Big Guy)
The Big GuyMaximus (with some elements of The Lancer -- generally switches out with Kitai, depending on who's in the scene)
The Smart GuyEhren or Magnus
The ChickCrassus (what with being the Only Sane Man)
The Sixth RangerValiar Marcus

Cryptonomicon (The present storyline)

The HeroRandall Lawrence Waterhouse
The LancerAmerica "Amy" Shaftoe (Randy's Action Girl Love Interest and foil)
The Big GuyDouglas MacAurthur Shaftoe (Amy's Father, an ex-Navy seal that Randy hires to salvage an old submarine, and later to provide security for the Crypt)
The Smart Guy / The ChickAvi (Technically the leader, but the focus is more on Randy. Acts both as mastermind to the data haven project, and as the group's moral center)
The MentorEnoch Root (Cool Old Guy whom Randy has compared to Gandalf at least once)

Dark Heresy

The HeroMordechai
The LancerKeira and Drake
The Smart GuyVex
The Big GuyVos
The ChickElyra
The MentorCarolus

The ka-tet of The Dark Tower series

The Hero / The Big GuyRoland Deschain
The LancerEddie Dean
The Smart GuyJake Chambers
The ChickSusannah Dean
Sixth RangerFather Callahan
Team PetOy

The Dilbert Principle - In the chapter about meetings, the author identifies meetings as a performance art with these character types:

The HeroMaster Of The Obvious
The LancerWell-intentioned Sadist
The Smart GuyRambling Man
The Big GuyWhining Martyr
The ChickSleeper

Discworld - Ankh-Morpork Watch:

The HeroCarrot
The LancerVimes, Angua
The Big GuyDetritus, Dorfl
The Smart Guy(s)Cheri, Igor
The Chick(s)Colon
Team PetNobby

* Varies A Lot: Despite the later novels being considerably more Vimes-centered than Carrot-centered, Vimes remains a classic Lancer in terms of character archetype.

Discworld - Unseen University:

The HeroArchchancellor Ridcully
The Lancer(s)The Dean, in later books Ponder Stibbons
The Big GuyThe Librarian
The Smart GuyPonder Stibbons
The ChickThe Bursar


The HeroJonathan Harker
The LancerArthur Holmwood/Lord Godalming
The Big GuyQuincey Morris
The Smart GuyJohn Seward
The ChickMina Murray/Harker
The MentorAbraham Van Helsing

Dragaera - The Khaavren trilogy

The HeroKhaavren
The LancerAerich
The Big GuyTazendra
The Smart GuyPel
The ChickMicah (?)

Dragonlance - The Chronicles trilogy

The HeroTanis Half-Elven
The LancerSturm Brightblade
The Big GuyCaramon Majere
The Smart GuyRaistlin Majere
The ChickGoldmoon, later Laurana
Sixth RangerRiverwind
Team DadFlint Fireforge
Tagalong KidTasslehoff Burrfoot

Dragonlance - War of the Twins

The HeroCaramon Majere
The LancerTasslehoff Burrfoot
The Smart GuyRaistlin Majere
The ChickCrysania of Tarinius


The HeroSinge
The LancerGeth
The Big GuyAshi, Geth
The Smart GuySinge, Dandra
The ChickDandra

The Dreaming Dark

The HeroDaine
The LancerLei
The Big GuyPierce
The Smart GuyThe Halfling (before he dies)
The ChickXu'sasar

The Dresden Files

The HeroHarry Dresden
The LancerLieutenant Murphy
The Big GuyMichael Carpenter (Originally), Sanya (in the more recent books)
The Smart GuyBob, Butters
The ChickMolly Carpenter
Sixth RangerThomas Raith
Team PetMouse (though he can also sub for a Big Guy in a pinch), Mister

The Druid of Shannara

The HeroWalker Boh
The LancerMorgan Leah (although he thinks he's the hero)
The Big GuyPe Ell (although he thinks he's the lancer)
The Smart GuyHorner Dees
The ChickQuickening

Ender's Game - Ender's jeesh

The HeroEnder
The LancerAlai
The Big GuyDink (especially in ego)
The Smart GuyBean
The ChickPetra


The HeroDavid Levin
Plucky Comic ReliefChristopher Hitchcock
The Big GuyThorolf
The Smart GuyJalil Sherman
The ChickApril O'Brien
Sixth Ranger TraitorSenna Wales

Extraordinary* - Jen and her friends:

The HeroJen
The Lancer / The Smart GuyMutual
The Big GuyJason
The ChickAmber
Sixth RangerCathy, by the end

The Famous Five - Enid Blyton

The HeroJulian (As the Eldest, he doubles up as Team Dad)
The Smart GuyDick (also The Heart)
The LancerGeorge
The ChickAnne (Team Mom, Silk Hiding Steel, and occasionally Beware the Nice Ones)
The Big GuyTimmy the Dog

The Farseer Trilogy (specifically the second half of Assassin's Quest)

The HeroFitz Chivalry Farseer
The LancerThe Fool or Kettricken
The Big GuyAgain, the Fool or Kettricken
The Smart GuyKettle
The ChickStarling
Team PetNighteyes

The Fearless Five

The HeroJoshua/Blaze
The LancerNathan/Bender
The Big GuyDaia/Tank
The Smart GuyHannah/Phenom
The ChickChai/Element

The Forgotten Realms - The Companions of Mithral Hall

The HeroDrizzt Do'Urden
The LancerBruenor Battlehammer
The Big GuyWulfgar
The Smart GuyRegis
The ChickCatti-Brie

The Forgotten Realms - Azure Bonds

The HeroAlias (Alias has the personality of The Lancer, but plays the role of The Hero in the plot.)
The LancerDragonbait (Dragonbait, by contrast, has the personality of The Hero, but plays the part of The Lancer.)
The Big GuyMistinarperadnacles Hai Draco (Very big, since she's a great wyrm red dragon.)
The Smart GuyAkabar bel Akash
The Dark ChickOlive Ruskettle (She does a Heel Face Turn by the end.)

Garfield's Pet Force

The HeroGarzooka
The LancerArbnermal
The Big GuyOdious
The Smart GuyCompooky
Action GirlStarlena

Good Omens - The Them

The HeroAdam Young
The LancerPepper (Not The Chick.)
The Big GuyBrian
The Smart GuyWensleydale
Team PetDog

* Note: If anyone is to be shoehorned into being The Chick, it's either Anathema or possibly Pepper's younger sister. Both are enough of a stretch that it's probably best just to consider the role to be left vacant.

Guild Wars 2 Edge of Destiny - Destiny's Edge

The HeroLogan Thackeray/Eir Stegalkin
The LancerRytlock Brimstone (to Logan)/Logan (to Eir)
The Big GuyEir/Rytlock
The Smart GuyBoth Zojja and Snaff
The ChickCaithe
Team PetsGarm, the Golems (Big Snaff, Big Zojja, Sandy)

Harry Potter - The Marauders

The HeroJames Potter
The LancerSirius Black
The Big GuyPeter Pettigrew (He's the chubby one)
The Smart GuyRemus Lupin
The ChickLily Evans (later she befriends the Marauders, after she dates James Potter)

Harry Potter (specifically on the rescue mission at the Ministry of Magic)

The HeroHarry Potter
The LancerRon Weasley
The Smart GuyHermione Granger
The Big GuyNeville Longbottom
The ChickGinny Weasley
Sixth RangerLuna Lovegood

Haruhi Suzumiya - The SOS Brigade

The HeroHaruhi Suzumiya
The LancerKyon
The Big GuyYuki Nagato (sometimes The Smart Guy)
The Smart GuyItsuki Koizumi
The ChickMikuru Asahina
Sixth RangerTsuruya
Team PetShamisen

Heirs of Ash

The HeroSometimes Seren, sometimes Tristam
The LancerZed Arthen
The Big GuyOnyx
The Smart GuyDalan
The ChickErania
The CaptainThat one gnome who runs the airship
Tagalong KidThe psycho halfling whose name starts with a 'g'
Cool ShipMourning Dawn

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

The HeroArthur
The LancerFord
The Big GuyZaphod
The Smart GuyMarvin
The ChickTrillian

Things were changed a bit in Life, the Universe, and Everything:

The HeroSlartibartfast
The LancerFord
The Big GuyZaphod
The Smart GuyTrillian
The ChickArthur
Team PetMarvin

The Homeward Bounders

The HeroKonstam
The LancerJamie (though he's the narrator
The Big GuyJoris
The Smart GuyAdam (who'#s also Genre Savvy)
The ChickVanessa

Plus Helen, who as Jamie notes, resists categorisation.

How To Get Suspended and Influence People

The HeroLeon
The LancerAnna
The Big GuyDustin
The Smart GuyBrian
The ChickEdie
The Sixth RangerJenny

The Hunger Games (during the latter half of the second book)

The HeroKatniss
The LancerFinnick
The Big GuyJohanna
The Smart GuyBeetee
The ChickPeeta


The HeroThe Consul
The LancerBrawne Lamia (The Detective)
The Big GuyFedmahn Kassad (The Soldier)
The Smart GuySol Weintraub (The Scholar)
The ChickLenar Hoyt (The Priest)
Sixth Ranger(s)Martin Silenus (The Poet), Het Masteen (The Templar)
Team PetRachel Weintraub

Illuminatus! -- The Legion of Dynamic Discord

The HeroHagbard Celine
The Lancer(s)Mavis, Stella
The Big GuyHoward
The Smart GuyFUCKUP
The ChickMiss Portinari
Sixth RangerJoe Malik
Tagalong KidGeorge Dorn

Illuminatus! -- Joe Malik & Co.

The HeroJoseph Malik
The LancerSimon Moon
The Big GuyJohn Dillanger
The Smart GuyHagbard Celine
The ChickMiss Mao
Tagalong KidGeorge Dorn
The MentorMalaclypse the Elder

In Death -- Eve Dalla's True Companions.

The HeroEve Dallas
The LancerRoarke
The Big GuyDavid Baxter
The Smart GuyIan McNab, though Roarke and Feeney are no slouches themselves in that area
The ChickDelia Peabody
Team MomDoctor Charlotte Mira
Team DadRyan Feeney
The MentorRyan Feeney
Tagalong KidJamie Lingstrom
Team PetGalahad, Eve's cat

IT -- The Losers Club.

The HeroBill Denbrough
The LancerRichie Tozier
The Big GuyBen Hanscom
The Smart Guy(s)Stan Uris AND Ben Hanscom
The ChickBeverly Marsh
The Sixth RangerMike Hanlon
Tagalong KidEddie Kaspbrak

John Dies at the End -- The Las Vegas Arc

The HeroDave Wong
The LancerJohn "Cheese"
The Big GuyBig Jim Sullivan
The Smart GuyFred Chan
The ChickJennifer Lopez

Journey to the West

The HeroSun Wukong
The LancerZhu Bajie
The ChickXuanzang
The Smart GuyYulong
The Big GuySha Wujing

* Note: It could be argued that Journey to the West effectively created this trope (literally; written in 1590, this is one of the earliest and best examples of a Five-Man Band), though this depends on the publication date of Le Morte Darthur (possibly 1485). However, none of the characters are any one archetype, either (except the horse, which subsequent authors have all but forgotten); in a strange twist of the trope, for example, the monk Xuangzang, while still being The Hero by default, also falls under the trope of The Chick, because he's, well, the downright perfect example of it - down to his propensity to be captured or put into danger more often than Lois Lane and Mary-Jane Watson combined (seriously; what self-respecting hero needs to be saved from certain death by The Lancer in over 60 chapters of a 100 chapter epic!?)

Jurassic Park

The HeroAlan Grant
The LancerDonald Gennaro (In the novel only; the film completely changes his characterization)
The Big GuyRobert Muldoon
The Smart GuyIan Malcolm
The ChickEllie Sattler
Sixth RangerGerry Harding
Tagalong KidsTim and Alexis Murphy

Tales of Kolmar

The HeroLanen Kaelar, sometimes Varien
The LancerJamie
The Big GuyVarien Kantriakhor
The Smart GuyRella
The ChickShared by Lanen and Varien

Dennis Lehane's Kenzie and Gennaro Series

The HeroPatrick Kenzie
The Lancer/The ChickAngie Gennaro
The Big GuyBubba Rugowski
The Smart GuysCheswick Hartman, Richie Colgan
Those Two GuysOfficers Devin Amronklin and Oscar Lee

The Arthurian legends (Le Morte Darthur) have two:

The main group:

The HeroArthur
The LancerLancelot
The Smart GuyMerlin
The Big GuyGawain (and very occasionally Kay)
The ChickGuinevere

The Orkney brothers are a five-man band unto themselves, and their roles tend to switch:

The HeroGawain
The LancerMordred
The Smart GuyGaheris (in some versions)
The Big GuyAgrivain
The ChickGareth (even when he's playing The Hero)

The Kingdom Keepers

The HeroFinn
The LancerMaybeck
The Smart GuyPhilby
The ChickWilla
The Big GuyCharlene (said to be very athletic, so...)
The Sixth RangerAmanda

The Last Days

The HeroMoz (Lead Singer Minerva)
The LancerZahler (Lead guitar Moz)
The Big GuyAlana Ray Jones (Also the Drummer)
The Smart GuyPearl (Also the Keyboarder)
The ChickMinerva

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

The HeroPeter Pevensie
The LancerEdmund Pevensie
The Smart GuyLucy Pevensie
The Big GuyAslan (when he's not busy playing Crystal Dragon Jesus)
The ChickSusan Pevensie (in the films, she becomes an Action Girl as well)

Liveship Traders

The HeroAlthea
The LancerBrashen
The Smart GuyAmber, Malta (post-Character Development)
The Big GuyJek
The ChickMalta, Ophelia
The Sixth RangerReyn
Cool ShipParagon, Vivacia, and the rest of the liveships

Looking for Alaska

The HeroAlaska Young
The LancerMiles "Pudge" Halter (subversion, since he's the main character)
The Big GuyChip "The Colonel" Martin
The Smart GuyTakumi Hikohito
The ChickLara Buterskaya

The Lost World

The HeroChallenger
The LancerRoxton
The Big GuyZambo
The Smart GuySummerlee
The ChickMalone

The Lost World (Jurassic Park)

The Hero / The Smart GuyIan Malcolm
The LancerRichard Levine
The Big GuyDoc Thorne (but doubles as smart.)
The ChickSarah Harding
Sixth RangerEddie Carr
Tagalong KidsKelly and Arby

Magic: The Gathering: Weatherlight story arc

The HeroGerrard
The LancerSisay
The Big GuyTahngarth
The Smart GuyHanna
The ChickOrim
Sixth RangerErtai

Magic Kingdom of Landover, Ben's Court

The HeroBen Holiday
The LancerQuestor Thews
The Big GuyBunion
The Smart GuyAbernathy
The ChickWillow

Maximum Ride

The HeroMax
The LancerFang (also The Big Guy)
The Smart Guy(s)Iggy, Gazzy
The Chick(s)Nudge, Angel
Team PetTotal

Midnight World

The HeroAndrey ("Aeneas") Viter
The LancerIgor ("Tsume") Iskrennikov
The Big GuyKonstantin ("Ken") Neverov
The Smart GuyAnton ("Raccoon") Kuzmitchov
The ChickMay Day


The HeroRex Greene
The Lancer(s)Melissa the Mindcaster, Johnathan Martinez (sometimes The Big Guy)
The Smart GuyDesdemona ("Dess") the Polymoth
The ChickJessica Day the Flame Bringer

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

The HeroJake
The LancerEmma
The Smart GuyMillard
The Big GuyBronwyn
The ChickFiona & Hugh
Token Evil TeammateEnoch
Tagalong KidsClaire & Olive

The Moomins

The HeroMoomintroll
The LancerSniff (usually), Snufkin (sometimes), Little My (in the cartoons)
The Smart Guy(s)The Hemulens, Snork
The Big GuyMoominpappa
The Chick(s)Moominmamma, Snork Maiden
Tagalong KidLittle My (in the books)

The Mysterious Island

The HeroCyrus Smith
The LancerPencroff
The Big GuyNeb
The Smart GuyGideon Spilett
The ChickHerbert Brown (really an embryonic Smart Guy)
Sixth RangerAyrton
Team PetTop

N.E.R.D.S - First Book

The Hero / Token Evil TeammateJackson Jones / Braceface
The LancerHeathcliff Hodgins / Chompers Turns out to have masterminded the entire plot at the end
The Big GuyJulio Escala / Flinch
The Smart GuyDuncan Dewey / Gluestick
The ChickRuby Peet / Pufferfish
Sixth RangerMatilda Choi / Wheezer

N.E.R.D.S - Second Book

The HeroDuncan Dewey / Gluestick
The LancerJulio Escala / Flinch
The Big GuyJackson Jones / Braceface
The Smart GuyRuby Peet / Pufferfish
The ChickMatilda Choi / Wheezer

N.E.R.D.S - Third Book

The HeroMatilda Choi / Wheezer
The LancerJackson Jones / Braceface
The Big GuyJulio Escala / Flinch
The Smart GuyDuncan Dewey / Gluestick
The ChickRuby Peet / Pufferfish


The HeroDoor
The Lancer / The Smart GuyThe Marquise de Carabas
The Big GuyHunter
The ChickRichard Mayhew (though he's the viewpoint character)

The New Heroes (Quantum Prophecy to some)

The HeroColin
The LancerDanny
The Smart GuyRazor (pretends to be The Big Guy)
The Big GuyRenata
The Chick(s)Mina, Butler

The Outsiders

The HeroDarry
The Lancer(s)Dallas and Soda (sometimes The Chick)
The Big GuyTwo-Bit
The Smart GuySteve
The ChickJohnny
Tagalong KidPonyboy

The Princess Bride

The HeroWestley
The LancerInigo
The Big GuyFezzik
The ChickButtercup

* Note: Vizzini would have been The Smart Guy if he had made the Heel Face Turn along with Fezzik and Inigo. He lost any possibility of being The Smart Guy when he said, "I accept." Brains are not worth dying over.

The Railway Series (Thomas the Tank Engine)

Thomas's Branch Line (Unfortunatley, this line up was never used in the TV series.)

The HeroThomas
The LancerPercy
The Smart GuyToby
The Big GuyMavis (Diesel Shunter can move heavier loads.)
The ChickDaisy

Percy Jackson and The Olympians – Book 2

The HeroPercy Jackson
The Big GuyTyson
The Smart GuyAnnabeth Chase
The ChickGrover Underwood
The Sixth RangerClarisse La Rue

Percy Jackson and The Olympians – Book 3 (Very difficult to classify)

The HeroPercy Jackson
The LancerThalia Grace
The Big GuyZo ë Nightshade
The Smart GuyGrover Underwood
The Chick(s)Annabeth Chase, Bianca di Angelo
Team PetBessie (a.k.a Ophiotaurus)

Percy Jackson and The Olympians – Book 4

The HeroPercy Jackson
The LancerAnnabeth Chase (also The Smart Guy)
The Big GuyTyson
The (other) Smart GuyRachel Elizabeth Dare
The ChickGrover Underwood
The Sixth Ranger(s)Nico di Angelo, Rachel Elizabeth Dare

For the entire Percy Jackson and The Olympians Series, it goes like this

The HeroPercy Jackson
The LancerThalia Grace
The Big GuyTyson
The Smart GuyAnnabeth Chase
The ChickGrover Underwood
Sixth RangerNico di Angelo
Tagalong KidRachel Elizabeth Dare
The MentorChiron
Team PetMrs. O'Leary

Perry Rhodan

The HeroPerry Rhodan
The LancerAtlan (Mascaren "Arkonide" da Gonozal)
The Big GuyReginald Bull
The Smart GuyHomer G. Adams
The HeartPucky (Cute Alien, also Superpower Lottery)
The Sixth RangersDao-Lin H'ay, Icho Tolot (Aliens)
The MentorIT (Sufficiently Advanced Alien, Trickster Mentor)
Tagalong KidJulien Tifflor

Remote Man

The HeroNed Spinner/Remote Man
The LancerRocky
The Big GuyKate Spokes/Kuza
The Smart GuyCleverton Lee/Ja
The ChickYvette Claverloux/Salamandre

Robin Hood

The HeroRobin Hood
The LancerLittle John
The Big GuyFriar Tuck
The Smart GuyAlan a Dale
The ChickMaid Marian

Rod Allbright Alien Adventures - The crew of the Ferkel:

The HeroGrakker
The LancerMadame Pong or Snout, depending on the situation
The Big GuyTar Gibbons
The Smart GuyPhil
The ChickUsually Pong or Snout; occasionally Rod.
Sixth Ranger Rod evolves into a rather effective one via Character Development
Tagalong KidWas Rod, became Elspeth
Team PetSeymour and Edgar (call Seymour that at your own risk)

Safehold initially has the Charisian upper leadership. Starting from the second book, as characters learn the truth behind Safehold's history, an "inner circle" begins to form.

The HeroKing Haarahld, later Cayleb
The LancerEarl Grey Harbor, later Sharleyan
The Smart GuyBaron Wave Thunder, later Nahrmahn
The Big GuyEarl Lock Island, later Merlin
The ChickMaikel Staynair
The Sixth RangerMerlin Athrawes, later Ohlyvya Baytz

Sailor Nothing

The HeroHimei
The LancerAki
The Smart GuyShin
The Big GuySeiki
Non-Action Guy instead of The ChickKotashi
Team PetDusty

The Seventh Tower (Tal and Milla's group when storming the Violet tower in the last book.)

The HeroTal
The LancerMilla
The Big GuyJarek, later Crow
The Smart GuyEbbitt
The ChickMalen

Sisterhood series by Fern Michaels: The Big Five or The Five Musketeers (as called in the book Deja Vu)

The HeroJack Emery
The LancerHarry Wong and Bert Navarro
The Big GuyHarry Wong
The Smart GuyTed Robinson
The ChickJoe Espinosa

Someone Elses War: The core group of children trying to rescue their fellow Child Soldiers from the LRA.

The HeroMatteo
The LancerAsher
The Big GuyJeremiah
The Smart GuyRuth
The ChickOtto
Sacrificial LambAuley
Sixth RangerEliza

Spot by Eric Hill

The Hero Spot
The Lancer Susie
The Smart Guy Steve
The Big Guy Tom
The Chick Helen

The Swiss Family Robinson

The HeroThe father
The LancerJack
The Big GuyFritz
The Smart GuyErnest
The ChickElizabeth
Tagalong KidFranz
Sixth RangerJenny
Team PetKnips

The Sword of Truth

The HeroRichard
The LancerKahlan
The Big GuyCara or Chase
Black Magician GirlNicci
The MentorZedd
The Smart GuyNicci and Zedd (both step into this role whenever needed)

Fred Vargas' Three Evangelist series

The HeroMarc Vandoosler
The LancerArmand Vandoosler
The Big GuyMathias Delamarre (he's by no means dumb, but he often does physical work and is kind of a Gentle Giant)
The Smart GuyLucien Devernois
Sixth RangerLouis Kehlweiler
Team PetBufo

The Three Musketeers (an early appearance of the team)

The Herod'Artagnan (a.k.a D'Artagnan)
The LancerAthos (Oliver d'Athos de la Fére)
The Big GuyPorthos (Baron du Vallon de Bracieux de Pierrefonds)
The Smart GuyAramis de Vannes (born: René d'Herblay)
The ChickConstance Bonacieux (especially in the film)
The Sixth RangerLord de Winter

The Truth About Forever-The Wish Catering Crew

The HeroMacy
The LancerWes
The Big GuyMonica
The Smart GuyBert
The ChickKristy
Team MomDelia

Twilight: The Cullen Family

The HeroEdward
The LancerAlice (cheerful, friendly Genki Girl to Edward's Wangst and standoffish attitude) or Rosalie (dislikes Bella)
The Big GuyEmmett
The Smart GuyJasper (strategy) or Carlisle (everything else)
The ChickEsme
Team PetBella Swan

A different interpretation:

The HeroEdward
The LancerRosalie (dislikes Bella)
The Big GuyEmmett
The Smart GuyJasper (the most knowledgeable next to Carlisle)
The ChickAlice
Sixth RangerBella (becomes a vampire and officially joins the family midway through the final book)
The MentorCarlisle
Team MomEsme


The HeroTally
The LancerShay
The Smart GuyZane
The Big GuyDavid
The Chick / Fifth RangerAya

Unreal Estate

The HeroMeiko (Not the protagonist, but leads the group)
The LancerKisei
The Smart GuyEiko
The Big GuyLorelei
Non-Action Guy instead of The ChickMallory (The protagonist)

The Vorkosigan Saga: Dendarii Mercenaries

The HeroMiles Naismith
The LancerElli Quinn, Bel Thorne
The Big GuySereant Taura
The Smart GuyBaz Jesek
The Chick Elena? Pretty badass for a Chick, though.
The Mentor Ky Tung

The Legends of Laconia series: Waking Echoes

The Hero / The Smart GuyTy
The LancerJoy
The Big GuyArt
The ChickRiq, despite being the only male, is definitely this.

The War of the Flowers

The HeroTheo
The LancerApplecore
The Smart GuyCumber
The ChickPoppy

Warhammer 40000: Ciaphas Cain - 597th Valhallan Regiment

The HeroCiaphas Cain
The LancerRegina Kasteen
The Big GuyAnton Broklaw
The Smart GuyFerik Juergen (smart in terms of useful skills)
The Chick and The (alternate) LancerAmberly Vail

Warhammer 40000: Eisenhorn - Inquisitor Eisenhorn and company

The HeroGregor Eisenhorn
The LancerMidas Betancore, later Lize Bequin (Also Mission Control)
The Big GuyGodwyn Fischig
The Smart GuyAutosavant Uber Aemos
The ChickWarhammer 40000 (is really, really not big on Chicks, but Bequin might just qualify at her introduction. Medea Betancore in the later books.)

Warhammer 40000: Gaunts Ghosts - The Ghosts

The HeroIbram Gaunt
The Lancer(s)Rawne, Colm Corbec, Mkoll, later Gol Kolea
The Big Guy(s)"Try Again" Bragg, Colm Corbec, Brostin, Gol Kolea (until promoted to Lancer)
The Lancer(s)Agun Soric, Mkoll
The ChickPossibly Docs Dorden and Curth (in general role, but both can and do hold their own in combat.)
The Sixth RangerCommissar Viktor Hark

Warhammer 40000'Ravenor - Inquisitor Ravenor and company

The HeroHarlon Nayl
The LancerPatience Kys
The Big GuyZeph Mathuin ( until he dies, when the place is filled by Thonius)
The Smart GuyCarl Thonius (The things he knows) ( until Mathuin's death, when Zael seems to be taking over)
The ChickKara Swole
The MentorGideon Ravenor himself (though he can 'ware' any other member of the team.)
Tagalong KidZael, and later Isobob
The MedicBelknap
Kid Appeal CharacterSholto Unwerth (to some degree)
Sixth RangerMaud Plyton, Belknap (can also count), and later in the series, Angharad and Interrogator Ballack. The latter of which turns out to be the Token Evil Teammate.
The StoicNot having earned a particular role in the lineup, Wystan Frauka spends his time at the hideout chain-smoking, reading bad porn, and generally being a blank.

Warrior Cats-Fireheart's True Companions in The Original Series

The HeroFireheart
The LancerGraystripe
The Big GuySandstorm
The Smart Guy/The MedicCinderpelt
The ChickCloudtail
The Sixth RangerRavenpaw
Tagalong KidBramblepaw

Warrior Cats - The Chosen Ones from the beginning of The New Prophecy Series

The HeroBrambleclaw
The LancerStormfur
The Big GuyCrowpaw (Not the strongest but most willing to fight)
The Smart GuyTawnypelt
The ChickFeathertail
Tagalong KidSquirrelpaw

Warrior Cats - Omen of the Stars Heroes

The HeroDovewing
The LancerIvypool
The Big GuyLionblaze
The Smart GuyJayfeather
The ChickCinderheart
Team DadFirestar
The Sixth RangerHollyleaf

Watership Down

The HeroHazel
The LancerBigwig (also The Big Guy)
The Smart GuyBlackberry
The ChickPipkin (or possibly Fiver)
The (other) Big GuySilver

The Witcher saga (the posse from third book onwards)

The HeroGeralt
The LancerCahir
The Smart GuyRegis
The ChickDandilion

Ironically, this leaves us token female teammate as The Big Guy (unless we swap her with Cahir):

The Big GuyMilva
Sixth RangerZoltan Chivay (in the third book), Angouleme (in the fifth book)

However, sometimes The Chick can be an Action Girl. Milva can be both The Chick and The Big Guy, while Dandillion would be Kid Appeal Character.

The Wheel of Time: Book I

The HeroRand
The LancerMat
The Big GuyPerrin
The Smart GuyLoial (appears later, but fits better) or Nynaeve
The ChickEgwene al'Vere
The Sixth RangerNynaeve or Loial (see above note)
The Mentor(s)Moiraine, Lan, and Thom

The Wheel of Time: Egwene's Conspiracy

The HeroEgwene
The LancerSiuan
The Big GuyNynaeve (in terms of raw Power)
The Smart GuySiuan, later Verin
The ChickLeane, Elayne

The Wheel of Time: Band of the Red Hand

The HeroMat
The LancerTalmanes
The Big GuyNalesean
The Smart Guy Vanin
Tagalong KidOlver
Wind in the Willows
The Hero J. Thaddeus Toad
The Lancer Cyril Proudbottom
The Smart Guy Ratty
The Big Guy Angus MacBadger
The Chick Mole

World of Warcraft: Beyond the Dark Portal

The HeroTuralyon
The LancerDanath Trollbane
The Big GuyKurdran Wildhammer
The Smart GuyKhadgar
The ChickAlleria Windrunner

Xanth - The Source of Magic

The HeroBink
The LancerCrombie
The Big GuyChester Centaur
The Smart GuyHumphery
The ChickGrundy Golem

Xanth - the Dor books

The HeroDor
The LancerIrene
The Big GuySmash Ogre
The Smart GuyChet Centaur
The ChickGrundy

Young Jedi Knights

The HeroJacen
The LancerJaina
The Big GuyTenel Ka
The Smart GuyLowbacca
The ChickM-TD
Sith RangerZekk
The MentorLuke

Spiran och staven (The Sceptre and the Quarterstaff)

The HeroRäven (Fox)
The LancerEldfågel (Firebird)
The Big GuyLeontas
The Smart GuyUmbra
The ChickStormfödd (Storm-born) -- well, he is no more mister Nice-Guy when Umbra gets threatened.
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