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The Five-Man Band is a group of characters whose members fall into archetypes which all complement one another. They are a very specific team with skills that contribute to the group in a unique way. Here are some places where the trope occurs in film:


The Hero 9
The Lancer 7, sometimes 5
The Big Guy 8 (formerly The Lancer to 1, later The Dragon), later 7 (after 8 is dead)
The Smart Guys 3 & 4 (also the Tagalong Kids)
The Chick 5 (combined with The Medic)
The Mentor 2 (sometimes The Smart Guy; Complete with Mentor Occupational Hazard)
Wasteland Elder / Token Evil Teammate 1 (formerly The Hero until 9 shows up)
Kid Appeal Character / The Sixth Ranger 6

A Bug's Life

The Hero Flik
The Lancer Francis
The Big Guys Heimlich and Slim
The Smart Guy Manny
The Chicks Gypsy and Rosie
Kid Appeal Character Dim
Those Two Guys Tuck and Roll

A Knight's Tale

The Hero William
The Lancer Wat
The Smart Guy Chaucer
The Big Guy Roland
The Chick Kate (and Jocelyn)

A Walk to Remember: Landon, his friends and the girl who changed his life.

The Hero Landon
The Lancer Eric
The Smart Guy Jamie
The Big Guy Dean
The Chick Belinda

The a Team

The Hero Hannibal
The Lancer Face
The Smart Guy Howlin' Mad (sort of...)
The Big Guy B.A.
The Chick Sosa

Air Buddies series

The Hero B-Dawg
The Lancer Mudbud
The Smart Guy Buddha
The Big Guy Budderball
The Chick Rosebud
Sixth Ranger Shasta, Spunick, Gravity, Puppy Paws, Tiny, Eddy and Pip


The Hero Chazz
The Lancer / The Big Guy Rex
The Smart Guy Pip
The Chicks Kayla and Suzzi
Sixth Ranger / The Mentor Ian
Reasonable Authority Figure Sgt. O'Malley


The Hero Aladdin
The Lancer / The Big Guy Genie
The Smart Guy Carpet
The Chick Jasmine
Team Pet Abu
Sixth Ranger Iago

Alice in Wonderland

The Hero Alice Kingsleigh
The Lancer The Mad Hatter
The Smart Guy The Cheshire Cat and The Caterpillar
The Big Guy The Bandersnatch, Tweedle Dee, and Tweedle Dum
The Chick The White Rabbit, The March Hare, and The Dormouse
Team Pet Bayard the Bloodhound
Big Good The White Queen

Alien (the first film)

The Hero Dallas
The Lancer Ripley
The Big Guy Parker
The Smart Guys Kane, Ash who is an android that betrays the crew
Those Two Guys Parker and Brett
The Chick Lambert
Team Pet Jones the cat


The Hero Ripley
The Lancer Hicks, Burke until he betrays the group
The Smart Guy Bishop
The Big Guy Vasquez
The Chick Hudson
Tagalong Kid Newt

Alien: Resurrection: the crew of the Betty

The Hero Elgyn
The Lancer Christie
The Big Guy Johner
The Smart Guy Vriess
The Chicks Sabra and Call

Aliens in the Attic

The Hero / The Smart Guy Tom
The Lancer / The Big Guy Jake
Those Two Guys Art and Lee
The Chick Hannah (combined with Tagalong Kid)
Team Pet Sparks (named him Snuggle Lump)
Sixth Ranger Bethany

The omegas from Alpha and Omega

The Hero Humphrey
The Lancer Shakey
The Smart Guy Salty
The Big Guy Mooch
The Chick's Reba and Janice

The alphas from Alpha and Omega

The Hero Winston
The Lancer Hutch
The Smart Guy Kate
The Big Guy and Team Mom Eve

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

The Hero Ron Burgundy
The Lancer Brian Fantana
The Big Guy Champ Kind
The Chick Brick Tamland
The Smart Guy / Sixth Ranger Veronica Corningstone
Team Pet Baxter


The Hero & The Smart Guy Z
The Lancer Princess Bala
The Big Guy Weaver
The Chick Azteca
Eleventh-Hour Ranger Colonel Cutter
Big Good The Queen

Are We There Yet?

The Hero Nick Persons
The Lancer Satchel Paige Bobblehead
The Big Guy Kevin Kingston
The Smart Guy Suzanne Kingston
The Chick Lindsey Kingston
Token Evil Teammate Big Al (after his Heel Face Turn)

The Aristocats

The Hero Thomas O'Malley
The Lancer Scat Cat
The Smart Guy English and Italian Cats
The Big Guy Russian Cat
The Chick Duchess and Chinese Cat
Sixth Ranger Roquefort the mouse
Tagalong Kid Marie, Toulouse, and Berlioz


The Hero Rashad
The Lancer Teddy
The Smart Guy Esquire
The Big Guy Brooklyn
The Chick Erin (aka "New New)
Tagalong Kid Ant
Team Dad Uncle George

Atlantis the Lost Empire

(Before they betray Rourke and Helga)

The Hero Rourke
The Lancer Helga
The Big Guy Joshua
The Smart Guy Mole and Vinny
The Chick Audrey (with elements of The Big Guy and The Smart Guy)
Sixth Ranger Milo
Team Mom Packard
Mentor Archetype / Big Good Whitmore
The Heart / Team Pet Cookie

(After they betray Rourke and Helga)

The Hero Milo
The Lancer Vinny
The Big Guy Joshua
The Smart Guy Mole
The Chick Audrey (with elements of The Big Guy and The Smart Guy)
Sixth Ranger Kida
Team Mom Mrs. Packard
The Heart / Team Pet Cookie
The Mentor Kashekim
Big Good Whitmore
Sixth Ranger Traitor Rourke and Helga

The Avengers (2012)

The Hero Captain America
The Lancer Iron Man
The Smart Guy Bruce Banner
The Big Guy Thor (and Banner when he's Hulk)
The Chick Black Widow
Sixth Ranger Hawkeye

Bad Boys for Life

The Hero Mike Lowrey
The Lancer Marcus Burnett
The Smart Guy Dorn, Rafe & Maya
The Chick Rita Secada
Reasonable Authority Figure Captain Howard

Balto III: Wings Of Change

The Hero Balto
The Lancer Kodi
The Big Guy Ralph
The Smart Guy Kirby (the smarter of the two Big Guys)
The Chick Dusty

Beauty and the Beast

The Hero Beast
The Lancer Lumiere
The Smart Guy Cogsworth
The Big Guy Wardrobe
The Chick Belle
Team Mom Mrs. Potts
Tagalong Kid Chip
Team Pet Sultan

Bebe's Kids

The Hero Pee-Wee
The Lancer / The Smart Guy Kahlil
The Big Guy Leon
The Chick LaShawn

Bedtime Stories

The Hero Skeeter Bronson
The Lancer Mickey
The Chicks Wendy Bronson and Jill
Tagalong Kids Patrick and Bobbi
Team Pet Bugsy

Big Hero 6

The Hero Hiro Hamada
The Lancer GoGo Tomago
The Smart Guy Wasabi
The Big Guy Fred
The Chick Honey Lemon
The Medic Baymax

Big Trouble in Little China

The Hero Wang Chi
The Lancer Jack Burton
The Big Guy Eddie Lee
The Smart Guy / The Mentor Egg Shen
The Chicks Miao Yin, Gracie Law, Margo

* Note: Jack Burton thinks he's the hero and Wang Chi is his lancer

The Black Cauldron

The Hero Taran
The Lancer Gurgi
The Smart Guy Fflewddur Fflam (in a matter of speaking)
The Chick Princess Eilonwy
Team Pet Hen Wen

The Brave Little Toaster

The Hero Toaster
The Lancer Lampy (Kirby occasionally fills this role as well)
The Smart Guy Radio
The Big Guy Kirby
The Chick Blankie

* Note: Lampy is The Chick in German version.

Parts Shop Appliances

The Hero The Hanging Lamp
The Lancer The Desk Fan, the Shadeless Lamp, and the Popcorn Popper
The Smart Guy The Record Player, the Cassette Player, and the Coffee Pot
The Big Guy The Stove, the Refrigerator, and the Pencil Sharpener
The Chick The Tape Recorder and the Mish-mash
Sacrificial Lamb The Blender


The Hero William Wallace
The Lancer Hamish Campbell
The Big Guy Stephen the Irishman (also a Sixth Ranger)
Team Dad Campbell the Elder
Reasonable Authority Figure Robert the Bruce
The Chick Princess Isabella (also a Sixth Ranger)

The Breakfast Club

The Hero Bender (Yes, really.)
The Lancer Claire
The Smart Guy Brian
The Big Guy Andy
The Chick Allison


The Hero Lightning McQueen
The Lancer Mater
The Smart Guy Fillmore, Sarge, Ramone, Luigi, and Guido
The Big Guy Red, Sheriff, and Mack
The Chick Sally, Flo, and Lizzie
Sixth Ranger Finn McMissile and Holly Shiftwell
Mentor Archetype Doc Hudson

Cars 2

The Hero Mater
The Lancer Finn McMissile
The Smart Guy Tomber
The Big Guy Siddely and Stephenson
The Chick Holly Shiftwell
Sacrificial Lamb Rod "Torque" Redline and Leland Turbo

World Grand Prix race cars

The Hero Francesco Bernoulli
The Lancer Jeff Gorvette and Lewis Hamilton
The Smart Guy Max Schnell, Nigel Gearsley, and Shu Todoroki
The Big Guy Raoul Caroule and Miguel Camino
The Chick Carla Veloso and Rip Clutchgoneski
Sixth Ranger Lightning McQueen

Cars 3

The Hero Cruz Ramirez
The Lancer Lightning McQueen
The Smart Guy Natalie Certain
The Big Guy Miss Fritter
Token Evil Teammate Sterling
The Mentor Smokey

In the overall franchise

Hero Wannabe Lightning McQueen
Lancer-in-Chief Mater
The Smart Guy Luigi
The Big Guy Mack
The Chick Sally Carrera
The Sixth Ranger Holley Shiftwell

Castle in the Sky

The Hero Sheeta
The Lancer Pazu
The Big Guy / Team Mom Dola
The Smart Guy Uncle Pom
The Chick Dola's Sons
Team Dad Motro

Chicken Run

The Hero Ginger
The Lancer & Sixth Ranger Rocky
The Smart Guy Mac
The Big Guy Bunty
The Chick Babs
Team Dad Fowler


The Hero / The Big Guy Gabe Walker
The Lancer Hal Tucker
The Smart Guy Frank Newell
The Chick Jessie Deighan

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (2009 film)

The Hero Flint
The Lancer and The Big Guy Brent
The Smart Guy Manny
The Chick Sam
Team Pet Steve


The Hero Miguel
The Lancer Hector
The Smart Guy Imelda
The Big Guy Pepita
The Chick Rosita & Victoria
Team Pet Dante

Conan the Destroyer

The Hero Conan
The Lancer Malak
The Big Guy Zula
The Smart Guy Akiro
The Chick Princess Jehnna
Sixth Ranger Bombatta

Cool Runnings

The Hero Derice Bannock
The Lancer Sanka Coffie
The Big Guy Yul Brenner
The Smart Guy / The Chick Junior Bevil
The Mentor Irv Blitzer

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

The Hero Li Mu Bai
The Lancer Yu Shu Lien
The Big Guy Bo
The Chick Jen Yu
Reasonable Authority Figure Sir Te
Sixth Ranger Lo

Dawn of the Dead 2004 (the ones who make it to the boat anyway)

The Hero Ana
The Lancer Michael
The Smart Guy Terry
The Big Guy Kenneth
The Chick Nicole

Death at a Funeral (2010 film)

The Hero Aaron
The Lancer Ryan
The Big Guy Norman
The Chick Elaine
Sixth Ranger Derek

Despicable Me

Hero Wannabe Gru
Lancer-in-Chief Minions
The Smart Guy Edith & Dr. Nefario
The Big Guy Agnes
The Chick Margo
The Sixth Ranger Lucy Wilde & Dru Gru
Team Mom Marlena


The Hero Aladar
The Lancer Eema (also The Mentor during the journey)
The Smart Guy Zini
The Big Guy Baylene
The Chick Suri
The Heart Plio
Team Pet Url
The Mentor Yar (only on the island)
Sixth Ranger Bruton


The Hero Aladar
The Lancer / The Chick Neera
The Smart Guy Eema
The Big Guy Baylene
Kid Appeal Character The Lemurs
Team Pet Url

Dumbo - The Crows

The Hero Jim
The Lancer Preacher
The Smart Guy Goggles
The Big Guy Fatty
The Chick Straw Hat
Sixth Ranger Dumbo and Timothy Mouse


The Hero Dumbo
The Lancer Timothy Q. Mouse
The Smart Guy The Crows
The Big Guy / Team Mom Mrs. Jumbo

Dungeons and Dragons (the film nobody liked)

The Hero Ridley
The Lancer Snails
The Big Guy Elwood
The Smart Guy Marina
The Chick Norda

Dungeons and Dragons: Wrath of The Dragon God (the sequel barely anybody liked)

The Hero Berek
The Lancer Nim
The Big Guy Lux
The Smart Guy Dorian
The Chick Ormaline

The Emoji Movie

The Hero Gene
The Lancer / The Smart Guy / The Chick Jailbreak
The Big Guy Hi-5

The Emperor's New Groove

The Hero Kuzco
The Lancer Pacha
The Smart Guy Chaca
The Big Guy Tipo
The Chick Malina
Team Pet Bucky
The Mentor Rudy
The Heart Chicha


The Hero Scotty
The Lancer Cooper
The Smart Guy Jamie
The Chick Jenny
The Big Guy The English Hooligan leader

The Fall

The Hero The Black Bandit
The Lancer The Italian
The Smart Guy Charles Darwin
The Big Guy The Indian and Otto Benga
The Chick Sister Evelyn
The Sixth Ranger The Mystic
Team Pet Wallace the monkey
Tagalong Kid Alexandria

Fantastic Four (2005 film)

The Hero / The Smart Guy Mr. Fantastic
The Lancer / The Big Guy The Thing
The Chick Invisible Woman
Tagalong Kid Human Torch
Sixth Ranger Traitor Victor Von Doom

Fantastic Voyage

The Hero Charles Grant
The Lancer Dr. Michaels
The Big Guy Capt. Bill Owens
The Smart Guy Dr. Peter Duval
The Chick Cora Peterson

The Fast and the Furious

The first film

The Hero Dom
The Lancer Letty
The Smart Guy Jesse
The Big Guy Vince
The Chick Leon
Sixth Ranger Brian

Overall franchise

The Hero Dom
The Lancer Brian
The Smart Guy Tej
The Big Guy Luke Hobbs
The Chick Letty
The Scrappy Roman
Sixth Ranger Han

The Fifth Element

The Hero Dallas Korben
The Lancer / The Big Guy Leeloo
The Smart Guy Vito Cornelius
The Chick David
Sixth Ranger Ruby Rhod

Finding Nemo - The Tank Gang

The Hero Nemo
The Lancer Gurgle
The Big Guy Bloat
The Smart Guy Jacques
The Chick Deb
Kid Appeal Character Bubbles
Team Pet Peach
The Mentor Gill
Sixth Ranger Nigel

Fish Story

The Hero Shigeki
The Lancer Ryoji
The Smart Guy Okazaki
The Big Guy Tetsuya
The Chick Goro

Flash Gordon

The Hero Flash Gordon
The Lancer Prince Barin
The Big Guy Prince Vultan
The Smart Guy Dr. Hans Zarkov
The Chick Dale Arden
Sixth Ranger Princess Aura


The Hero / The Chick Anna
The Lancer / The Big Guy Kristoff
The Smart Guy Elsa
Team Pet Sven
Kid Appeal Character Olaf

The Fugitive: The U.S. Marshals

The Hero Samuel Gerard
The Lancer Cosmo Renfro
The Big Guy Robert Biggs
The Smart Guy Noah Newman
The Chick Erin Poole
Sixth Ranger Dr. Richard Kimble

Galaxy Quest: A special case, in which a Five-Man Band of actors play a Five-Man Band of characters in a Space Opera series, most of them occupying a different slot on the show than they do offscreen.

The Hero Jason Nesmith (who plays The Hero, Commander Peter Quincy Taggart)
The Lancer Gwen De Marco (who plays The Chick, Lt. Tawny Madison)
The Big Guy Fred Kwan (who plays The Smart Guy, Tech Sgt. Chen)
The Smart Guy Alexander Dane (who plays The Lancer, Dr. Lazarus)
The Chick Tommy Webber (who plays the Tagalong Kid, Ensign Laredo)
The Sixth Ranger Guy Fleegman (who initially played a Red Shirt but returns to the remade series as a main character: Security Chief "Roc" Ingersol. Based on the character's name and job title, he is probably The Big Guy.)


The Hero Peter Venkman (Hardly heroic but he is the de facto leader)
The Lancer Ray Stanz (interacts the most with Peter)
The Big Guy / Sixth Ranger Winston Zeddemore
The Smart Guy Egon Spengler
The Chick Janine Melnitz
Team Pet Slimer

* Note: Louis Tully was the Sixth Ranger in Ghostbusters II.

Ghostbusters (2016)

The Hero Abby Yates
The Lancer Erin Gilbert
The Smart Guy Jillian Holtzmann
The Big Guy Patty Tolan
The Chick Kevin Beckman

Girls Trip

The Hero Ryan (the narrator of the story)
The Lancer Sasha (she gives Ryan advice)
The Smart Guy Lisa (she seems to be the most sensible one)
The Big Guy Dina (the aggressive one)
The Chick Liz (she's Pretty Fly for a White Guy)


The Hero Maximus
The Lancer Juba
The Big Guy Hagen
The Chick Lucilla
The Mentor Proximo

The Golden Child

The Hero Chandler Jarrell
The Lancer / The Chick Kee Nang
The Smart Guy Dr. Hong
The Mentor The Old Man

The Goonies

The Hero Mikey Walsh
The Lancer Mouth Devereaux
The Big Guy (standard version) Chunk Cohen and Brand Walsh (who doubles as the Sixth Ranger)
The Big Guy (Gentle Giant version) / Team Pet Sloth Fratelli
The Smart Guy Data Wang
The Chicks Andy Carmichael and Stef Steinbrenner (they are the Sixth Rangers)


The T-Birds

The Hero Danny Zuko
The Lancer Kenickie
The Smart Guy Doodie
The Big Guy Sonny
The Chick Putzie

The Pink Ladies in the first film

The Hero Betty Rizzo
The Lancer Marty Maraschino
The Big Guy Jan
The Chick Frenchie
Sixth Ranger Sandy Olsen (also The Heart)

The Pink Ladies in Grease 2 (They are The Chicks)

The Hero Stephanie
The Lancer Paulette
The Smart Guy Sharon
The Big Guy Rhonda
Tagalong Kid Dolores

The Great Mouse Detective

The Hero / The Smart Guy Basil
The Lancer Dawson
The Big Guy / Team Pet Toby
The Chick Miss Kitty Mouse (she's not part of the group, but she fits)
Tagalong Kid Olivia
Big Good Queen Mousetoria


The Hero Lenny
The Lancer Rob
The Smart Guy Kurt
The Big Guy Eric
The Chick Marcus

*Rob was written out of the sequel, so Kurt pulls double-duty as The Lancer and The Smart Guy.

The Hangover - The Wolf Pack

The Hero Phil
The Lancer / The Smart Guy Stu
The Big Guy Alan
The Chick Doug

Happily Ever After - The Dwarfelles

The Hero Muddy
The Lancer / The Big Guy Sunburn
The Smart Guy Critterina
The Chicks Blossom, Marina, Moonbeam
Tagalong Kid Thunderella
Team Mom Snow White (subversion, she's a main character)
The Mentor Mother Nature
Sixth Ranger The Shadow Man (a.k.a. The Prince)

Harry Potter

The Hero Harry
The Lancer Ron
The Smart Guy Hermione
The Big Guy Neville
The Chick Ginny


The Hero / The Big Guy Hercules
The Lancer / The Smart Guy Phil
The Chick Megara
Team Pet Pegasus

Hobbs & Shaw

The Hero / The Big Guy Luke Hobbs
The Lancer Deckard Shaw
The Smart Guy Jonah
The Chick Hattie

Hocus Pocus

The Hero Max
The Lancer Allison
The Smart Guy Binx
The Big Guy Billy (also Sixth Ranger)
The Chick Dani (also Tagalong Kid)

Home (2015 film)

The Hero / The Smart Guy Tip
The Lancer Oh
The Chick / Team Mom Lucy
Team Pet Pig

Home on the Range

The Hero Maggie
The Lancer Mrs. Calloway
The Smart Guy Lucky Jack
The Big Guy Buck
The Chick Grace
Tagalong Kid The Piggies


The Hero Red
The Lancer Wolf
The Smart Guy Granny Puckett
The Big Guy Kirk the Woodsman
Kid Appeal Character Twitchy
The Mentor Nicky Flippers

Horton Hears a Who

The Hero / The Big Guy Horton
The Lancer Morton
The Smart Guy Dr. Mary Lou & JoJo
The Heart Sally O'Malley
Big Good Mayor Ned

Hotel Transylvania

The Hero Dracula
The Lancer Frank
The Smart Guy Wayne
The Big Guy Murray
The Chick Griffin
Sixth Ranger Jonathan
Tagalong Kid Dennis

How to Train Your Dragon

The Hero Hiccup
The Lancer Astrid
The Big Guy Snotlout
The Smart Guy Fishlegs
Those Two Guys Tuffnut and Ruffnut
Team Pet Toothless

The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Disney film)

The Hero Quasimodo
The Lancer Laverne
The Smart Guy Victor
The Big Guy Hugo
The Chick Esmeralda
Sixth Ranger Phoebus
Team Pet Djali

Ice Age The Meltdown

The Hero Manny (doubles as The Big Guy)
The Lancer Diego
The Smart Guy Sid (subverted: He's a Genius Ditz)
The Chick Ellie
Those Two Guys Crash and Eddie


The Hero Igor
The Lancer / The Big Guy Scamper
The Smart Guy Brain
The Chick Eva
The Mentor Dr. Glickenstein


The Hero Dom Cobb ("The Extractor")
The Lancer Arthur ("Point Man")
The Big Guy Eames ("The Forger")
The Smart Guy Yusuf ("The Chemist"), sometimes Ariadne
The Chick Ariadne ("The Architect")

* Note: N.B. Saito's the sixth man in this group, and is referred to as "The Tourist." At least, Ariadne is more positive aspects of this trope.

The Incredibles

The Hero / Team Dad Mr. Incredible aka Bob Parr
The Lancer / Team Mom Elastigirl aka Helen Parr
Tagalong Kids Violet and Dash Parr
The Chick Violet
The Big Guy Dash
Sixth Ranger Frozone, Jack-Jack Parr
The Smart Guy / The Mentor Edna Mode


The Hero / Team Dad Mr. Incredible
The Lancer / Team Mom Elastigirl
The Smart Guy Violet
The Big Guy Jack-Jack
The Chick Dash
Sixth Ranger Frozone
The Mentor Edna Mode

Independence Day

The Hero / The Smart Guy David Levinson
The Lancer Julius Levinson (with elements of The Mentor), Capt. Steven Hillard
Reasonable Authority Figure President James Whitmore, General William Grey
The Chick Constance Spano


The Hero President James Whitmore
The Lancer General William Grey
The Smart Guy David Levinson
The Big Guy / Sixth Ranger Capt. Steven Hillard
The Chick Constance Spano
Tagalong Kid Patricia Whitmore
The Heart Julius Levinson

The Indiana Jones films:

Raiders of the Lost Ark
The Hero Indiana Jones
The Lancer Sallah
The Smart Guy Jock
The Big Guy Marcus Brody
The Chick Marion Ravenwood

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

The Hero Indiana Jones
The Lancer Mutt Williams aka Henry Jones III
The Big Guy George "Mac" McHale
The Smart Guy Professor Harold "Ox" Oxley
The Chick Marion Ravenwood

* Please note: That Indy and Mutt both feature elements of both The Hero and The Lancer, and can arguably be traded back and forth between roles as the movie progresses.

Inside Out

The Hero Joy
The Lancer Sadness (also a Token Evil Teammate)
The Smart Guy Fear
The Big Guy Anger
The Chick Disgust
Sixth Ranger Bing-Bong (until he disappeared forever)

Inspector Gadget (1999 film)

The Hero Gadget
The Lancer Gadgetmobile
The Smart Guy Penny
The Big Guy Brain
The Chick Brenda
The Mentor Chief Quimby

It (2017)

The Hero Bill
The Lancer Richie
The Smart Guy Ben
The Big Guy Mike
The Chick Beverly
Sixth Ranger Stan & Eddie

The Italian Job

The Hero Charlie (stealthy thief)
The Lancer Left Ear (explosives)
The Big Guy Handsome Rob (wheel man)
The Smart Guy Lyle (computer genius)
The Chick Stella (safe cracker)


The Hero Swoff
The Lancer Troy
The Big Guy Cortez or Sykes
The Chick Fergus
The Mentor Sykes
Tagalong Kid Fergus

John Tucker Must Die

The Hero Kate
The Lancer Heather
The Big Guy John (he's not part of the band, but he fits)
The Smart Girl Carrie
The Chick Beth

The Jungle Book - The Vultures

The Hero Buzzy
The Lancer Dizzy
The Smart Guy Ziggy
The Big Guy Flaps
The Chick Lucky
Sixth Ranger Mowgli


The Hero Mowgli
The Lancer Bagheera
The Smart Guy The Vultures
The Big Guy Baloo
The Chick King Louie

Just Go With It

The Hero Danny Maccabee
The Lancer Katherine Murphy
The Smart Guy Eddie
The Chick Palmer Dodge
Tagalong Kids Maggie and Michael

Justice League (2017 film)

The Hero Batman
The Lancer Wonder Woman
The Smart Guy Cyborg
The Big Guy Aquaman
The Heart Flash
Sixth Ranger Superman

Klaus (2019)

The Hero Jesper
The Lancer / The Big Guy Klaus
The Smart Guy / The Chick Alva

Kung Fu Panda - The Furious Five

The Hero Master Tigress
The Lancer Master Crane
The Big Guy Master Mantis (he's not big in size, but he's the strongest)
The Smart Guy Master Monkey
The Chick Master Viper
Sixth Ranger Po
The Mentor Master Shifu
Big Good Master Oogway
Sixth Ranger Traitor Tai Lung

Kung Fu Panda 2

The Hero Master Po, the Dragon Warrior
The Lancer Master Tigress
The Big Guy Master Mantis
The Smart Guy Master Crane
The Chick Master Viper
Kid Appeal Character Master Monkey
The Mentor Master Shifu


The Hero / The Chick Sarah
The Lancer Sir Didymus
The Smart Guy Hoggle
The Big Guy Ludo
Team Pet Ambrosius

The Land Before Time

The Hero Littlefoot
The Lancer Cera
The Big Guy Spike
The Smart Guy Petrie
The Chick Ducky
Sixth Ranger Chomper

Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole

The Hero Soren ("The Leader")
The Lancer Gylfie ("The Navigator")
The Smart Guy Digger ("The Tracker")
The Big Guy Twilight ("The Warrior")
The Chick Mrs. Plithiver ("The Heart")

Lemonade Mouth

The Hero Stella
The Lancer Olivia
The Big Guy Wen
The Smart Guy Mo
The Chick Charlie
Sixth Ranger Scott

The Lion King series

The Hero Simba
The Lancer Timon
The Big Guy Pumbaa
The Smart Guy / The Mentor Rafiki
The Chick Nala
Sixth Ranger Kiara, Kovu

The Lion King II

The Hero Kiara
The Lancer Kovu
The Big Guy Pumbaa and Timon
The Smart Guy Simba
The Chick Nala
The Mentor Rafiki
Sixth Ranger Vitani

The Little Mermaid

The Hero Ariel
The Lancer Flounder
The Smart Guy Sebastian
The Big Guy Scuttle
Team Dad King Triton
Sixth Ranger Prince Eric

The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea

The Hero Melody
The Lancer / Team Mom Ariel
The Smart Guy Sebastian
The Big Guy Tip & Dash
Team Dad Eric
Big Good King Triton

The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning - The Catfish Club Band

The Hero Sebastian
The Lancer Ray-Ray
The Big Guy Cheeks
The Smart Guy Shelbow
The Chick Ink Spot
Sixth Rangers Ariel and Flounder

Little Nemo Adventures in Slumberland

The Hero Nemo
The Lancer Icarus
The Smart Guy Professor Genius
The Big Guy King Morpheus
The Chick Princess Camille
Wild Card Flip

Looney Tunes: Back in Action

The Hero / The Leader / The Big Guy DJ
The Lancer Daffy Duck
The Smart Guy Bugs Bunny
The Chick Kate
Sixth Ranger Mother, Dusty Tails, Damien


The Hero Alex
The Lancer Marty
The Big Guy / The Chick Gloria
The Heart Melman
The Smart Guys Skipper, Kowalski, Rico, and Private
The Sixth Ranger King Julien, Maurice & Mort
Those Two Guys The chimps

The cheerleaders in Man Of The House

The Hero Anne
The Lancer Teresa
The Smart Guy Evie
The Big Guy Heather
The Chick Barb
Team Dad Sharp (actual main character)

The Marx Brothers

The Hero Groucho
The Lancer Chico
The Big Guy Harpo
The Smart Guy Zeppo (or equivalent)
The Chick Margaret Dumont (or equivalent)

The Matrix

The Hero Neo
The Lancer Morpheus
The Chick Trinity
The Big Guy In the Matrix, Apoc and Switch; in the real world, Dozer
The Smart Guy Tank
Tagalong Kid Mouse
Sixth Ranger Traitor Cypher
The Mentor The Oracle

Meet the Parents (overall trilogy)

The Hero Greg
The Lancer Pam
The Smart Guy Jack
The Big Guy Bernie
The Chick Dina & Roz
Sixth Ranger Kevin
Tagalong Kid Sam & Henry


The Hero / The Smart Guy Megamind
The Lancer / The Big Guy Minion
The Chick Roxanne Ritchi
Sixth Ranger Traitor Hal Stewart (aka Titan)
Big Good Metro Man

Minutemen (Disney film)

The Hero Virgil Fox
The Lancer / The Big Guy Zeke Thompson
The Smart Guy Charlie Tuttle
The Chick Jeanette Pachelewski
Team Pet Albert Felineinstein

Mission Impossible

The Hero Ethan Hunt
The Lancer / The Smart Guy Luther Stickell
The Big Guy / Token Evil Teammate Franz Krieger
The Chick Claire Phillips


The Hero Moana
The Lancer / The Big Guy Maui
The Smart Guy Gramma Tala
Team Pet Hei Hei & Pua

Mobile Suit Gundam 00: A Wakening Of The Trailblazer - The Meisters

Big Good / The Hero Setsuna F. Seiei
The Lancer / Token Evil Teammate H/Allelujah Haptism
The Big Guy Lockon Stratos II
The Smart Guy Tieria Erde
The Chick / Action Girl Marie Parfacy/Soma Peries
Sixth Ranger Graham Aker

Mobile Suit Gundam 00: A Wakening Of The Trailblazer - The Ptolemios crew

Big Good / The Hero and Team Mom Sumeragi Lee Noriega (Can also function as The Smart Guy)
The Lancer and The Heart Feldt Grace
The Smart Guy Ian Vashti (The entire Vashti family can count. He's just the primary one being The Patriarch)
The Big Guy Lasse Aeon
The Chick Linda Vashti (Doubles as The Smart Guy)
Tag Along Girl Mileina Vashti (Doubles as The Smart Guy being a Teen Genius)
Team Pet(s) Haro(s)

Mobile Suit Gundam 00: A Wakening Of The Trailblazer - The Earth Sphere Federation army

Big Good / Team Mom Kati Mannequin (Can also function as The Smart Guy)
The Hero Graham Aker
The Lancer Patrick Colasour and Andrei Smirnov
The Big Guy Descartes Shaman
The Smart Guy Billy Katagiri (standard version) and Meena Carmine (also The Chick)
The Chick Patrick Colasour, Meena Carmine

Monsters vs. Aliens

The Hero/The Chick Susan / Ginormica
The Lancer The Missing Link
The Big Guy/Team Pet Insectosaurus
The Smart Guy Dr. Cockroach
The Mentor General Monger
Kid Appeal Character B.O.B
Sacrificial Lamb The Invisible Man

Monty Python and The Holy Grail

The Hero Arthur - King of the Britons
The Lancer and The Big Guy Sir Lancelot the Brave
The Smart Guy Sir Bedivere the Wise
The Chick Sir Galahad the Chaste/Pure, Sir Robin the Not-Quite-As-Brave-As-Sir-Lancelot[1]
Sixth Ranger The Aptly Named Sir Not-Appearing-In-This-Film
Team Pet(s) Patsy and the other squires/faithful servants/horses

Mortal Kombat (1995)

The Hero Liu Kang
The Lancer Kitana
The Big Guy Johnny Cage
The Chick Lt. Sonya Blade
The Mentor Lord Raiden

Mortal Kombat Annihilation (1997)

The Hero Liu Kang
The Lancer Kitana
The Big Guy Major Jackson "Jax" Briggs
The Chick Lt. Sonya Blade
The Mentor Lord Raiden
Sixth Ranger Traitor Jade

Mr. Peabody & Sherman

Hero Wannabe Mr. Peabody
Lancer-in-Chief Sherman
The Smart Guy Peabody & Sherman
The Big Guy Agamemnon
The Chick Penny Peterson
Sixth Ranger Paul & Patty


The Hero Mulan
The Lancer Mushu
The Big Guy Chien-Po
The Smart Guy Ling
The Chick Shang
Sixth Ranger Yao
Team Pet Cri-Kee
Tagalong Kid The three princesses (Mei, Ting-Ting, and Su)

Mystery Men

The Hero The Shoveler
The Lancer Mr. Furious
The Smart Guy The Blue Raja, Dr. A. Heller
The Big Guy The Spleen
The Chick The Invisible Boy
Sixth Ranger The Bowler
Big Brother Mentor The Sphinx

Night at the Museum Trilogy

The Hero Larry Daley
The Lancer Theodore Roosevelt
The Smart Guy Ahkmenrah
The Big Guy Attila the Hun
The Chick Sacagawea
Those Two Guys Jedediah & Octavius
Team Pet Dexter
Tagalong Kid Nicky

The Nightmare Before Christmas

The Hero / The Big Guy Jack Skellington
The Lancer / The Chick Sally
The Smart Guy Dr. Finklestein
Reasonable Authority Figure The Mayor (he's more of a figurehead)
Team Pet Zero
Big Good Santa Claus

Once Upon a Forest

The Hero Abigail
The Big Lancer Russell
The Smart Guy Edgar
The Chick Michelle
The Mentor Cornelius (sometimes The Smart Guy)
Sixth Ranger Willy

Oliver and Company:

The Hero Oliver
The Lancer Dodger and Tito
The Big Guy Fagin and Georgette
The Smart Guy Francis and Einstein
The Chick Jenny and Rita


The Hero Ian
The Lancer Barley
The Smart Guy Wilden
The Big Guy Corey
Team Mom]] Laurel
Team Dad]] Colt Bronco
Team Pet Blazey

Osmosis Jones

The Hero Osmosis Jones
The Lancer / The Smart Guy / The Big Guy Drix
The Chick Leah Estrogen
Reasonable Authority Figure The Chief

Over the Hedge

The Hero RJ
The Lancer Verne
The Smart Guys / Tagalong Kids Bucky, Spike & Quillo
The Chick Heather
Kid Appeal Character Hammy
Team Dad Lou and Ozzie
Team Mom Penny & Stella


The Hero Norman
The Lancer Neil
The Smart Guy Salma
The Big Guy Mitch
The Chick Courtney


The Hero Pinocchio
The Lancer / The Mentor Jiminy Cricket
The Smart Guy / Team Dad Geppetto
The Big GuyTeam Pet Figaro
The Chick Cleo & Blue Fairy

Pirates of the Caribbean

The Hero Jack Sparrow
The Lancer Will Turner
The Big Guy Pintel and Ragetti
The Smart Guy Joshamee Gibbs 
The Chick Anamaria (subversion: she is not very chicky, but other members fit perfectly and she is the only female) (later Elizabeth Swann)
Sixth Ranger Cotton


The Hero Sam Brenner
The Lancer / The Chick Violet Van Patten
The Smart Guy Ludlow Lamonsoff
The Big Guy President Will Cooper
Sixth Ranger Eddie Plant
Tagalong Kid Matty
Kid Appeal Character Q'Bert

Planet 51

The Hero Lem
The Lancer Skiff
The Smart Guy Eckle
The Big Guy Chuck
The Chick Neera
Team Pet Rover

Planet of the Apes (2001 remake)

The Hero Capt. Leo Davidson
The Lancer Ari
The Chick Daena
The Big Guys Krull and Gunnar
Tagalong Kid Birn
Sixth Ranger Limbo

Planet of the Dinosaurs: Plus four others, but by the end of the film they are narrowed down to five.

The Hero Captain Lee Norsythe
The Lancer Jim
The Smart Guy (The Medic) Charlotte
The Big Guy Chuck
The Chick Nyla
Ms. Fanservice Derna Lee and Cindy (to a lesser extent.)
Butt Monkey Mike
The Scrappy Harvey Baylor

The Prince of Egypt

The Hero Moses
The Lancer Aaron
The Chick Tzipporah
The Heart Miriam
Big Good God

The Princess and the Frog

The Hero Tiana
The Lancer Naveen
The Big Guy Louis
The Smart Guy Ray
The Chick Charlotte
The Mentor Mama Odie
Team Pet Juju

In-universe example: Fox Force Five in Pulp Fiction

The Hero Somerset O'Neill: The Leader
The Lancer Raven McCoy: Knife expert and jokester
The Big Guy The Japanese Fox, whose specialty is kung-fu
The Smart Guy The Black Fox, whose specialty is demolitions
The Chick The French Fox, whose specialty is sex

Quest for Camelot

The Hero Kayley
The Lancer Garrett
The Smart Guy Devon
The Big Guy Cornwall
Team Pet Ayden


The Hero Rango
The Lancer Beans
The Smart Guy Waffles
The Big Guy Buford
The Chick Priscilla

Rebuild of Evangelion seems to be building up to this, although a lack of interaction between pilots makes it difficult to determine the exacts yet, and it is possible an additional pilot will be introduced to further mix things up.

The Hero Asuka at first, later Shinji
The Lancer(s) / The Smart Guy(s) Mari, Rei
The Big Guy Toji
The Chick Shinji at first, later Asuka
The Sixth Ranger Kaworu

Ralph Breaks the Internet

The Hero / The Big Guy Wreck-It Ralph
The Lancer / The Smart Guy Fix-It Felix Jr.
The Chick / Action Girl Sergeant Calhoun
Tagalong Kid Vanellope von Schweetz
Sixth Ranger Shank
Eleventh-Hour Ranger Disney Princesses

Ready Player One

The Hero / The Smart Guy Wade Watts/Parzival
The Lancer / The Chick Samantha Cook/Art3mis
The Big Guy Helen Harris/Aech
Fourth Ranger Toshiro Yoshiaki/Daito
Tagalong Kid Akihide Karatsu/Shoto
Big Good Ogden Morrow
Greater-Scope Paragon James Halliday/Anorak

Reservoir Dogs

The Hero White
The Lancer Orange
The Big Guy Blonde
The Smart Guy Pink
Non-Action Guy Brown
Sacrificial Lamb Blue

Return of the Living Dead Part 2

The Hero Jesse Wilson
The Lancer Lucy Wilson
The Smart Guy Dr. Mandel
The Big Guy Tom Essex
The Chick Brenda
Those Two Guys Ed and Joey

Return to Oz

The Hero Dorothy
The Lancer Billina
The Smart Guy Tik-Tok
The Big Guy Gump
The Chick Jack Pumpkinhead

Revenge of the Nerds

The Hero Lewis Skolnick
The Lancer Gilbert Lowe
The Smart Guy Lewis and Gilbert share this role with Arnold Poindexter and Takashi Toshiro
The Chick Lamar Latrell
Tagalong Kid Harold Wormser
Sixth Ranger Booger

The Ridiculous 6

The Hero Tommy
The Lancer Ramon
The Smart Guy Herm
The Big Guy Danny
The Chick Lil' Pete
The Sixth Ranger Chico


The Hero Jewel, in the beginning but then Blu becomes this
The Lancer Rafael
The Big Guy The Red-Crested Cardinal, Pedro
The Smart Guy Nico
The Chick Blu, in the beginning then he becomes The Hero, and makes Jewel, The Chick
Team Pet Luiz the bulldog

Rio 2

The Hero Blu
The Lancer Jewel
The Smart Guy Carla
The Big Guy Tiago
The Chick Bia
Sixth Ranger Roberto
Team Dad Eduardo

Rio Bravo:

The Hero Sheriff John T. Chance
The Lancer Dude
The Big Guy Stumpy
The Smart Guy Colorado Ryan
The Chick Feathers

Road House

The Hero Dalton
The Lancer / The Mentor Wade Garrett
The Chicks Elizabeth "Doc" Clay (also The Smart Guy) and Carrie
Reasonable Authority Figure Frank Tilghman
Sixth Ranger Cody

Rise of the Guardians

The Leader North
The Lancer Bunnymund
The Smart Guy Jack Frost
The Big Guy Sandy
The Chick Tooth

The Road to El Dorado

The Hero / The Smart Guy Tulio
The Lancer Miguel
The Chick Chel
The Big Guy / Sixth Ranger Altivo
Team Pet Bibo

Robin Hood

The Hero Robin Hood, a fox
The Lancer Little John, a bear
The Big Guy Friar Tuck, a badger
The Smart Guy Alan-a-Dale, a rooster
The Chick Maid Marian, a vixen
Tagalong Kid Skippy, a rabbit

Robin Hood Men in Tights

The Hero Robin Hood
The Lancer At'Chu
The Big Guy Little John
The Smart Guy Will Scarlet
The Chick Blinkin'

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

The Hero Robin Hood
The Lancer Azeem
The Big Guy Little John
The Smart Guy Friar Tuck
The Chick Maid Marian (also the Sixth Ranger)
Sixth Ranger Will Scarlet


The Hero Rodney
The Lancer Fender & Piper
The Smart Guy Crank Casey
The Big Guy Lug
The Chick / Sixth Ranger Cappy
Team Mom Aunt Fanny
Team Pet Wonderbot
Big Good Bigweld


The Hero Chanticleer
The Lancer Edmond
The Big Guy Patou
The Smart Guy Snipes
The Chick Goldie

The Rocker

The Hero Curtis Powell
The Lancer Rob "Fish" Fishman
The Big Guy Amelia
The Chick Matt Gadman

The Rocketeer

The Hero Cliff Secord
The Lancer / The Smart Guy Peevey (also possesses elements of The Mentor)
The Chick Jenny Blake
Big Good Howard Hughes

The Sandlot

The Hero Scotty Smalls
Lancer-in-Chief Benny Rodriguez
The Smart Guy Squints Palledorous
The Big Guy Ham Porter
The Chick Yeah-Yeah McClennan
The Sixth Rangers Bertram, Kenny, Timmy & Tommy

The Sandlot 2

The Hero Johnnie Smalls
Lancer-in-Chief David Durango
The Smart Guy Tarquell, Fingers, & Saul
The Big Guy Mac
The Chick Hayley Goodfairer
The Sixth Rangers Penny & Jenny


The Hero Scooby-Doo and Shaggy Rogers
The Lancer / The Big Guy Fred Jones
The Smart Guy Velma Dinkley
The Chick Daphne Blake

Sausage Party

The Hero Frank
The Lancer Brenda
The Smart Guy Lavash
The Big Guy Sammy
The Chick Teresa Taco
The Heart Barry

The Secret Life of Pets

The Hero Max
The Lancer & The Big Guy Duke
The Smart Guy Pops
The Chick Gidget & Chloe
Sixth Ranger Snowball

Shrek film series

The Hero / The Big Guy Shrek
The Lancer Donkey
The Smart Guy Puss-in-Boots
The Chick Princess Fiona
Team Pet Dragon
Sixth Ranger Gingy, Pinocchio, Three Little Pigs, Big Bad Wolf
Kid Appeal Character The Dronkeys, The Triplets
Team Mom Queen Lillian

The Seven Dwarfs

The Hero Doc
The Lancer Grumpy
The Smart Guy Sleepy
The Big Guy Happy
The Chick Bashful
Kid Appeal Character Sneezy
Butt Monkey / Tagalong Kid Dopey
Team Mom Snow White
Team Pet Various forest animals

Shaun of the Dead

The Hero Shaun
The Lancer Ed (sometimes The Big Guy) and Liz (sometimes The Chick)
The Smart Guy David
The Chick Diane
The Sixth Ranger Barbara

Shazam (2019)

The Hero Billy Batson
The Lancer Freddy Freeman
The Smart Guy Eugene Choi
The Big Guy Pedro Pena
The Chick Mary Bromfield
Tagalong Kid Darla Dudley

The Smurfs

The Hero Clumsy Smurf
The Lancer Grouchy Smurf
The Big Guy Gutsy Smurf
The Smart Guy Brainy Smurf
The Chick Smurfette
Team Dad Papa Smurf


The Hero Bishop
The Lancer Crease
The Big Guy Mother Roskow
The Smart Guy Whistler Emory, but also Carl Arbogast
The Chick Liz

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

The Hero / The Smart Guy Dave Stutler
The Lancer / The Mentor Balthazar Blake
The Chick Becky Barnes

Space Jam

The Hero Michael Jordan
The Lancer Bugs Bunny
The Smart Guy Daffy Duck
The Big Guy Taz
The Chick Lola Bunny
Sixth Ranger Stan Podolak
Eleventh-Hour Ranger Bill Murray

The Spy Next Door

The Hero Bob
The Lancer Colton
The Big Guy Farren
The Smart Guy Ian
The Chick Nora
Sixth Ranger Gillian

Star Trek

The Hero Kirk
The Lancer McCoy and Spock
The Smart Guy Spock and Scotty (are traded off in this role.)
The Big Guy Sulu
The Chick Uhura
Tagalong Kid Chekov
The Sixth Ranger Scotty

Star Wars (original trilogy)

The Hero Luke Skywalker
The Lancer Han Solo
The Big Guy Chewbacca
The Smart Guy R2-D2
Kid Appeal Character C-3PO
The Chick Princess Leia
The Obi-Wan Obi-Wan Kenobi (obviously)
Eccentric Mentor Yoda
Sixth Ranger Lando Calrissian

A straight example from A New Hope:

The Hero Luke Skywalker
The Lancer Han Solo
The Big Guy Chewbacca
The Smart Guy Obi-Wan Kenobi
The Chick Princess Leia

A new one emerges during The Empire Strikes Back with the Falcon Crew:

The Hero Han Solo
The Lancer Princess Leia
The Big Guy Chewbacca
The Smart Guy C-3PO

During The Phantom Menace:

The Hero Obi-Wan Kenobi (he is the main protagonist of the film after all and leads the final battle.)
The Lancer Anakin Skywalker (he is made Obi-Wan's apprentice at the end of the movie)
The Smart Guy Qui-Gon Jinn and R2-D2 (they are the smartest member of the group)
The Big Guy Jar Jar Binks (he is the biggest member of Obi-Wan's team)
The Chick Padme/Queen Amidala (she is the most cutest member of the team)
Sixth Ranger Captain Panaka (his only standout scene is joining the final battle)

And during episodes II and III:

Big Good Yoda
The Hero Anakin Skywalker
The Lancer Obi-Wan Kenobi
The Big Guy Mace Windu
The Smart Guy R2-D2
The Chick Padme Amidala

Still Waiting...

The Hero Dennis
The Lancer Naomi
The Big Guy(s) Hank and Chuck
The Smart Guy Amber
The Chick Kristy
Tagalong Kid Mason
The Scrappy / Suspiciously Similar Substitute(s) Agnew (for Monty) and Joshua (for both Dean AND Mitch)
Those Two Guys Nick and T-Dog (subverted in that they split before the film began)
Pointy-Haired Boss Dan
The Rival Calvin

Street Fighter (1994)

The Hero Colonel Guile
The Lancers Lt. Cammy White and Sgt. T. Hawk
The Smart Guy Captain Sawada
The Big Guys Balrog and Edmond Honda
The Chick Chun-Li Zang
Those Two Guys / The Sixth Rangers Ken Masters and Ryu Hoshi
The Mentor Dr. Dhalsim

Streets of Fire

The Hero Tom Cody
The Lancer and The Smart Guy Billy Fish
The Big Guy McCoy
The Chick Ellen Aim


The Hero John Winger
The Lancer Russell Ziskey
The Big Guy Dewey "Ox" Oxburger
The Chicks Stella and Louise
The Mentor Sgt. Hulka

Stuart Little

The Hero Stuart
The Lancer Snowbell
The Smart Guy George
The Big Guy Reeko
The Chick Margalo

Sucker Punch

The Hero Baby Doll
The Lancer/The Big Guy on the ground Sweet Pea
The Smart Guy/The Big Guy in the air Amber
The Chick Rocket
The Chick/Sixth Ranger Traitor

Super Troopers

The Hero Ramathorn
The Lancer Foster and Mac (Who also has elements of both The Big Guy and Wacky Guy)
The Big Guy Farva
The Smart Guy Ursula (Also The Sixth Ranger)
The Chick Rabbit
The Mentor O'Hagen

The Swan Princess

The Hero Odette
The Lancer Jean-Bob
The Smart Guy Puffin
The Big Guy Prince Derek
The Chick / Team Mom Queen Uberta
Sixth Ranger Speed


The Hero / The Chick Rapunzel
The Lancer / The Smart Guy Flynn Rider
The Big Guy Maximus
Team Pet Pascal


The Hero Tarzan
The Lancer Terk
The Smart Guy Professor Archimedes Q. Porter
The Big Guy Tantor
The Chick Jane

This is the End

The Hero James Franco
The Lancer Seth Rogen
The Smart Guy Jay Baruchel
The Big Guy Craig Robinson
The Chick Jonah Hill
Token Evil Teammate Danny McBride

Top Gun

The Hero Maverick
The Lancer Goose, Iceman
The Big Guy Slider
The Mentor Viper
The Chick Charlie

Total Recall

The Hero Quaid
The Lancer / Sixth Ranger Traitor Benny
The Smart Guy / Big Good Kuato
The Big Guy Tony
The Chick Melina

Toy Story series - Andy's Toys who eventually merge with Bonnie's Toys

The Hero Ensemble Woody, Buzz Lightyear & Jessie
The Lancer Rex
The Big Guy Hamm
The Smart Guy Mr.

 Potato Head

The Chick Slinky Dog
The Chick (standard version) Mrs. Potato Head (and Bo Peep in the original, and Barbie in 3 (with elements of The Smart Guy))
Sixth Ranger Bullseye
Team Pet RC, Robot and Snake in the original
Tagalong Kids Squeeze Toy Aliens (a.k.a. The Little Green Men)

* Note: Barbie is Molly's doll who eventually merge with Sunnyside Daycare Toys that Ken stops her from the garbage truck.

Toy Story 3 - Bonnie's Toys

The Hero Buttercup
The Lancer Mr.


The Big Guy Trixie
The Smart Guy / The Chick Chuckles the Clown
The Quiet One Totoro
Sixth Ranger Dolly
Tagalong Kids Peas-in-a-Pod

Trading Places

The Hero Louis Winthorpe III
The Lancer Billy Ray Valentine
The Smart Guy Louis, who has technical knowledge of commodities trading
The Chick Ophelia
Sixth Ranger Coleman

* Note: Louis and Billy Ray both possess traits of The Hero and The Lancer interchangeably.


The Hero Optimus Prime
The Lancer Jazz
The Big Guy Ironhide
The Smart Guy Ratchet
The Chick Bumblebee (less The Chick than most Kid Appeal Characters)

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

The Hero Optimus Prime
The Lancer Ironhide
The Smart Guy Ratchet
The Big Guy Sideswipe (most combat oriented)
The Chicks Arcee, Chromia, & Elita-1
Kid Appeal Character Bumblebee (of course)
Tagalong Kid Mudflap, Skids, also Weelie
Cool Old Guy Jetfire
Sixth Ranger Jolt

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

The Hero Optimus Prime
The Lancer Ironhide
The Smart Guys Ratchet and Wheeljack
The Big Guy Sideswipe and Dino/Mirage
Kid Appeal Character Bumblebee
Those Three Guys Roadbuster, Leadfoot and Topspin
Tagalong Kids Wheelie and Brains
Sixth Ranger Traitor Sentinel Prime

Transformers: Age of Extinction

The Hero Duumvirate Cade Yeager & Optimus Prime
The Lancer Shane Dyson
The Smart Guy Crosshairs & Drift
The Big Guy Hound
The Chick Tessa
Sixth Ranger Joshua Joyce & Wheelie
Eleventh Hour Ranger The Dinobots

Treasure Planet

The Hero Jim Hawkins
The Lancer B.E.N.
The Smart Guy Dr. Doppler
The Big Guy Morph
The Chick Captain Amelia

Tropic Thunder

The Hero Tugg Speedman (Or so he thinks)
The Lancer Kirk Lazarus
The Chick Jeff Portnoy (more of a Plucky Comic Relief, but considering he's the least helpful...)
The Big Guy Alpa Chino
The Smart Guy Kevin Sandusky

True Lies

The Hero Harry Tasker
The Lancer Albert Gibson
The Chick Helen Tasker
The Smart Guy Faisal
Tagalong Kid Dana Tasker

The Untouchables

The Hero Elliot Ness
The Lancer / The Mentor Jimmy Malone
The Big Guy George Stone
The Smart Guy Oscar Wallace

Unaccompanied Minors

The Hero Spencer
The Lancer Donna
The Big Guy Beef
The Smart Guy Charlie
The Chick Grace
Tagalong Kid Katherine

The Usual Suspects

The Hero Keaton
The Lancer McManus
The Big Guy Hockney
The Smart Guy Verbal
The Chick Fenster

The Wizard of Oz

The Hero Dorothy Gale
The Lancer Scarecrow
The Big Guy Cowardly Lion
The Smart Guy Tin Man

The Chick



The Hero(es) Dean and Monty
The Lancer Serena (Monty is The Lancer to Dean)
The Big Guy Floyd
The Smart Guy Raddimus
The Chick(s) Calvin and Amy
Sixth Ranger / Ensemble Darkhorse Naomi
Tagalong Kid Mitch
Pointy-Haired Boss Dan
Those Two Guys Nick and T-Dog
The Mentor Bishop

War Games

The Hero David Lightman
The Lancer / The Chick Jennifer Mack
The Smart Guy McKittrick
Reasonable Authority Figure General Berringer
Sixth Ranger Professor Stephen Falken (also The Mentor)

Warriors of Virtue

The Hero Yun, Virtue of Benevolence, Warrior of Water
The Lancer Lai, Virtue of Order, Warrior of Wood
The Chick Tsun, Virtue of Loyalty, Warrior of Earth
The Smart Guy Chi, Virtue of Wisdom, Warrior of Fire
The Big Guy Yee, Virtue of Righteousness, Warrior of Metal

We're the Millers

The Hero David
The Lancer Rose
The Smart Guy Casey
The Big Guy Don
The Chick Kenny

Wet Hot American Summer

The Hero Coop
The Lancer Andy
The Big Guy Victor
The Smart Guy Neil
The Chick Katie
Sixth Ranger Mostly McKinley, but could also be Ben or Susie.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

The Hero Eddie Valiant
The Lancer Roger Rabbit
The Smart Guy Dolores (in a common sense sort of way)
The Chick Jessica Rabbit
Kid Appeal Character Benny the Cab

Wreck-It Ralph

The Hero / The Big Guy Wreck-It Ralph
The Lancer / The Smart Guy Fix-It Felix Jr.
The Chick / Action Girl Sergeant Calhoun
Tagalong Kid Vanellope von Schweetz

X-Men: The Last Stand

The Hero Wolverine
The Lancer Storm
The Smart Guy Beast
The Big Guy Colossus
The Chick Shadowcat
Kid Appeal Character Iceman


The Hero / The Big Guy Zed
The Lancer Friend
The Smart Chicks May and Consuella
The Chick Avalow


The Hero Walter
The Lancer Danny
The Smart Guy Danny (again)
The Big Guy Future Walter
The Chick Lisa


The Hero Columbus
The Big Guy Tallahassee
The Lancer Wichita
The Smart Guy Little Rock


The Hero / The Big Guy / The Chick Judy Hopps
The Lancer / The Smart Guy Nick Wilde
Reasonable Authority Figure Chief Bogo
  1. ...who had nearly fought the fierce dragon of Angnor, almost stood to the vicious chicken of Bristol, and personally wet himself at the Battle for Badon Hill.
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