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The Five-Man Band is a group of characters whose members fall into archetypes which all complement one another. They are a very specific team with skills that contribute to the group in a unique way. Here are some places where the trope occurs in film:


The Hero9
The Lancer7, sometimes 5
The Big Guy8 (formerly The Lancer to 1, later The Dragon), later 7 (after 8 is dead)
The Smart Guys3 & 4 (also the Tagalong Kids)
The Chick5 (combined with The Medic)
The Mentor2 (sometimes The Smart Guy; Complete with Mentor Occupational Hazard)
Wasteland Elder / Token Evil Teammate1 (formerly The Hero until 9 shows up)
Kid Appeal Character / The Sixth Ranger6

A Bugs Life

The HeroFlik
The LancerFrancis
The Big GuysHeimlich and Slim
The Smart GuyManny
The ChicksGypsy and Rosie
Kid Appeal CharacterDim
Those Two GuysTuck and Roll

A Knight's Tale

The HeroWilliam
The LancerWat
The Smart GuyChaucer
The Big GuyRoland
The ChickKate (and Jocelyn)

A Walk to Remember: Landon, his friends and the girl who changed his life.

The HeroLandon
The LancerEric
The Smart GuyJamie
The Big GuyDean
The ChickBelinda

The a Team

The HeroHannibal
The LancerFace
The Smart GuyHowlin' Mad (sort of...)
The Big GuyB.A.
The ChickSosa

Air Buddies series

The HeroB-Dawg
The LancerMudbud
The Smart GuyBuddha
The Big GuyBudderball
The ChickRosebud
Sixth RangerShasta, Spunick, Gravity, Puppy Paws, Tiny, Eddy and Pip


The HeroChazz
The Lancer / The Big GuyRex
The Smart GuyPip
The ChicksKayla and Suzzi
Sixth Ranger / The MentorIan
Reasonable Authority FigureSgt. O'Malley


The HeroAladdin
The Lancer / The Big GuyGenie
The Smart GuyCarpet
The ChickJasmine
Team PetAbu
Sixth RangerIago

Alice in Wonderland

The HeroAlice Kingsleigh
The LancerThe Mad Hatter
The Smart GuyThe Cheshire Cat and The Caterpillar
The Big GuyThe Bandersnatch, Tweedle Dee, and Tweedle Dum
The ChickThe White Rabbit, The March Hare, and The Dormouse
Team PetBayard the Bloodhound
Big GoodThe White Queen

Alien (the first film)

The HeroDallas
The LancerRipley
The Big GuyParker
The Smart GuysKane, Ash who is an android that betrays the crew
Those Two GuysParker and Brett
The ChickLambert
Team PetJones the cat


The HeroRipley
The LancerHicks, Burke until he betrays the group
The Smart GuyBishop
The Big GuyVasquez
The ChickHudson
Tagalong KidNewt

Alien: Resurrection: the crew of the Betty

The HeroElgyn
The LancerChristie
The Big GuyJohner
The Smart GuyVriess
The ChicksSabra and Call

Aliens in the Attic

The Hero / The Smart GuyTom
The Lancer / The Big GuyJake
Those Two GuysArt and Lee
The ChickHannah (combined with Tagalong Kid)
Team PetSparks (named him Snuggle Lump)
Sixth RangerBethany

The omegas from Alpha and Omega

The HeroHumphrey
The LancerShakey
The Smart GuySalty
The Big GuyMooch
The Chick'sReba and Janice

The alphas from Alpha and Omega

The HeroWinston
The LancerHutch
The Smart GuyKate
The Big Guy and Team MomEve

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

The HeroRon Burgundy
The LancerBrian Fantana
The Big GuyChamp Kind
The ChickBrick Tamland
The Smart Guy / Sixth RangerVeronica Corningstone
Team PetBaxter


The Hero & The Smart GuyZ
The LancerPrincess Bala
The Big GuyWeaver
The ChickAzteca
Sixth RangerColonel Cutter
Big GoodThe Queen

Are We There Yet?

The HeroNick Persons
The LancerSatchel Paige Bobblehead
The Big GuyKevin Kingston
The Smart GuySuzanne Kingston
The ChickLindsey Kingston
Token Evil TeammateBig Al (after his Heel Face Turn)

The Aristocats

The HeroThomas O'Malley
The LancerScat Cat
The Smart GuyEnglish and Italian Cats
The Big GuyRussian Cat
The ChickDuchess and Chinese Cat
Sixth RangerRoquefort the mouse
Tagalong KidMarie, Toulouse, and Berlioz


The HeroRashad
The LancerTeddy
The Smart GuyEsquire
The Big GuyBrooklyn
The ChickErin (aka "New New)
Tagalong KidAnt
Team DadUncle George

Atlantis the Lost Empire

(Before they betray Rourke and Helga)

The HeroRourke
The LancerHelga
The Big GuyJoshua
The Smart GuyMole and Vinny
The ChickAudrey (with elements of The Big Guy and The Smart Guy)
Sixth RangerMilo
Team MomPackard
Mentor Archetype / Big GoodWhitmore
The Heart / Team PetCookie

(After they betray Rourke and Helga)

The HeroMilo
The LancerVinny
The Big GuyJoshua
The Smart GuyMole
The ChickAudrey (with elements of The Big Guy and The Smart Guy)
Sixth RangerKida
Team MomMrs. Packard
The Heart / Team PetCookie
The MentorKashekim
Big GoodWhitmore
Sixth Ranger TraitorRourke and Helga

The Avengers (2012)

The HeroCaptain America
The LancerIron Man
The Smart GuyBruce Banner
The Big Guy Thor (and Banner when he's Hulk)
The ChickBlack Widow
Sixth RangerHawkeye

Bad Boys for Life

The HeroMike Lowrey
The LancerMarcus Burnett
The Smart GuyDorn, Rafe & Maya
The ChickRita Secada
Reasonable Authority FigureCaptain Howard

Balto III: Wings Of Change

The HeroBalto
The LancerKodi
The Big GuyRalph
The Smart GuyKirby (the smarter of the two Big Guys)
The ChickDusty

Beauty and the Beast

The HeroBeast
The LancerLumiere
The Smart GuyCogsworth
The Big GuyWardrobe
The ChickBelle
Team MomMrs. Potts
Tagalong KidChip
Team PetSultan

Bebe's Kids

The HeroPee-Wee
The Lancer / The Smart GuyKahlil
The Big GuyLeon
The ChickLaShawn

Bedtime Stories

The HeroSkeeter Bronson
The LancerMickey
The ChicksWendy Bronson and Jill
Tagalong KidsPatrick and Bobbi
Team PetBugsy

Big Hero 6

The HeroHiro Hamada
The LancerGoGo Tomago
The Smart GuyWasabi
The Big GuyFred
The ChickHoney Lemon
Sixth RangerBaymax

Big Trouble in Little China

The HeroWang Chi
The LancerJack Burton
The Big GuyEddie Lee
The Smart Guy / The MentorEgg Shen
The ChicksMiao Yin, Gracie Law, Margo

* Note: Jack Burton thinks he's the hero and Wang Chi is his lancer

The Black Cauldron

The HeroTaran
The LancerGurgi
The Smart GuyFflewddur Fflam(in a matter of speak...)
The ChickPrincess Eilonwy
Team PetHen Wen

The Brave Little Toaster

The HeroToaster
The LancerLampy (Kirby occasionally fills this role as well)
The Smart GuyRadio
The Big GuyKirby
The ChickBlankie

* Note: Lampy is The Chick in German version.

Parts Shop Appliances

The HeroThe Hanging Lamp
The LancerThe Desk Fan, the Shadeless Lamp, and the Popcorn Popper
The Smart GuyThe Record Player, the Cassette Player, and the Coffee Pot
The Big GuyThe Stove, the Refrigerator, and the Pencil Sharpener
The ChickThe Tape Recorder and the Mish-mash
Sacrificial LambThe Blender


The HeroWilliam Wallace
The LancerHamish Campbell
The Big GuyStephen the Irishman (also a Sixth Ranger)
Team DadCampbell the Elder
Reasonable Authority FigureRobert the Bruce
The ChickPrincess Isabella (also a Sixth Ranger)

The Breakfast Club

The HeroBender (Yes, really.)
The LancerClaire
The Smart GuyBrian
The Big GuyAndy
The ChickAllison


The HeroLightning McQueen
The LancerMater
The Smart GuyFillmore, Sarge, Ramone, Luigi, and Guido
The Big GuyRed, Sheriff, and Mack
The ChickSally, Flo, and Lizzie
Sixth RangerFinn McMissile and Holly Shiftwell
Mentor ArchetypeDoc Hudson

Cars 2

The HeroMater
The LancerFinn McMissile
The Smart GuyTomber
The Big GuySiddely and Stephenson
The ChickHolly Shiftwell
Sacrificial Lamb Rod "Torque" Redline and Leland Turbo

World Grand Prix race cars

The HeroFrancesco Bernoulli
The LancerJeff Gorvette and Lewis Hamilton
The Smart GuyMax Schnell, Nigel Gearsley, and Shu Todoroki
The Big GuyRaoul Caroule and Miguel Camino
The ChickCarla Veloso and Rip Clutchgoneski
Sixth RangerLightning McQueen

In the overall franchise

Hero Wannabe Lightning McQueen
Lancer-in-Chief Mater
The Smart Guy Luigi
The Big Guy Mack
The Chick Sally Carrera
The Sixth Ranger Holley Shiftwell

Castle in the Sky

The HeroSheeta
The LancerPazu
The Big Guy / Team MomDola
The Smart GuyUncle Pom
The ChickDola's Sons
Team DadMotro

Chicken Run

The HeroGinger
The Lancer & Sixth RangerRocky
The Smart GuyMac
The Big GuyBunty
The ChickBabs
Team DadFowler

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (2009 film)

The HeroFlint
The Lancer and The Big GuyBrent
The Smart GuyManny
The ChickSam
Team PetSteve

Conan the Destroyer

The HeroConan
The LancerMalak
The Big GuyZula
The Smart GuyAkiro
The ChickPrincess Jehnna
Sixth RangerBombatta

Cool Runnings

The HeroDerice Bannock
The LancerSanka Coffie
The Big GuyYul Brenner
The Smart Guy / The ChickJunior Bevil
The MentorIrv Blitzer

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

The HeroLi Mu Bai
The LancerYu Shu Lien
The Big GuyBo
The ChickJen Yu
Reasonable Authority FigureSir Te
Sixth RangerLo

Dawn of the Dead 2004 (the ones who make it to the boat anyway)

The HeroAna
The LancerMichael
The Smart GuyTerry
The Big GuyKenneth
The ChickNicole

Death at a Funeral (2010 film)

The HeroAaron
The LancerRyan
The Big GuyNorman
The ChickElaine
Sixth RangerDerek

Despicable Me

Hero Wannabe Gru
Lancer-in-Chief Minions
The Smart Guy Edith & Dr. Nefario
The Big Guy Agnes
The Chick Margo
The Sixth Ranger Lucy Wilde & Dru Gru
Team Mom Marlena


The HeroAladar
The LancerEema (also The Mentor during the journey)
The Smart GuyZini
The Big GuyBaylene
The ChickSuri
The HeartPlio
Team PetUrl
The MentorYar (only on the island)
Sixth RangerBruton


The HeroAladar
The Lancer / The ChickNeera
The Smart GuyEema
The Big GuyBaylene
Kid Appeal CharacterThe Lemurs
Team PetUrl

Dumbo - The Crows

The HeroJim
The LancerPreacher
The Smart GuyGoggles
The Big GuyFatty
The ChickStraw Hat
Sixth RangerDumbo and Timothy Mouse


The HeroDumbo
The LancerTimothy Q. Mouse
The Smart GuyThe Crows
The Big Guy / Team MomMrs. Jumbo

Dungeons and Dragons (the film nobody liked)

The HeroRidley
The LancerSnails
The Big GuyElwood
The Smart GuyMarina
The ChickNorda

Dungeons and Dragons: Wrath of The Dragon God (the sequel barely anybody liked)

The HeroBerek
The LancerNim
The Big GuyLux
The Smart GuyDorian
The ChickOrmaline

The Emperor's New Groove

The Hero Kuzco
The Lancer Pacha
The Smart Guy Chaca
The Big Guy Tipo
The Chick Malina
Team Pet Bucky
The Mentor Rudy
The Heart Chicha


The HeroScotty
The LancerCooper
The Smart GuyJamie
The ChickJenny
The Big GuyThe English Hooligan leader

The Fall

The HeroThe Black Bandit
The LancerThe Italian
The Smart GuyCharles Darwin
The Big GuyThe Indian and Otto Benga
The ChickSister Evelyn
The Sixth RangerThe Mystic
Team PetWallace the monkey
Tagalong KidAlexandria

Fantastic Four (2005 film)

The Hero / The Smart GuyMr. Fantastic
The Lancer / The Big GuyThe Thing
The ChickInvisible Woman
Tagalong KidHuman Torch
Sixth Ranger TraitorVictor Von Doom

Fantastic Voyage

The HeroCharles Grant
The LancerDr. Michaels
The Big GuyCapt. Bill Owens
The Smart GuyDr. Peter Duval
The ChickCora Peterson

The Fast and the Furious

The first film

The HeroDom
The LancerLetty
The Smart GuyJesse
The Big GuyVince
The ChickLeon
Sixth RangerBrian

Overall franchise

The HeroDom
The LancerBrian
The Smart GuyTej
The Big GuyLuke Hobbs
The ChickLetty
The ScrappyRoman
Sixth RangerHan

The Fifth Element

The HeroDallas Korben
The Lancer / The Big GuyLeeloo
The Smart GuyVito Cornelius
The ChickDavid
Sixth RangerRuby Rhod

Finding Nemo - The Tank Gang

The HeroNemo
The LancerGurgle
The Big GuyBloat
The Smart GuyJacques
The ChickDeb
Kid Appeal CharacterBubbles
Team PetPeach
The MentorGill
Sixth RangerNigel

Fish Story

The HeroShigeki
The LancerRyoji
The Smart GuyOkazaki
The Big GuyTetsuya
The ChickGoro

Flash Gordon

The HeroFlash Gordon
The LancerPrince Barin
The Big GuyPrince Vultan
The Smart GuyDr. Hans Zarkov
The ChickDale Arden
Sixth RangerPrincess Aura

Disney's Frozen

The Hero / The ChickAnna
The Lancer / The Smart GuyElsa
The Big GuyKristoff
Team PetSven
Kid Appeal CharacterOlaf

The Fugitive: The U.S. Marshals

The HeroSamuel Gerard
The LancerCosmo Renfro
The Big GuyRobert Biggs
The Smart GuyNoah Newman
The ChickErin Poole
Sixth RangerDr. Richard Kimble

Galaxy Quest: A special case, in which a Five-Man Band of actors play a Five-Man Band of characters in a Space Opera series, most of them occupying a different slot on the show than they do offscreen.

The HeroJason Nesmith (who plays The Hero, Commander Peter Quincy Taggart)
The LancerGwen De Marco (who plays The Chick, Lt. Tawny Madison)
The Big GuyFred Kwan (who plays The Smart Guy, Tech Sgt. Chen)
The Smart GuyAlexander Dane (who plays The Lancer, Dr. Lazarus)
The ChickTommy Webber (who plays the Tagalong Kid, Ensign Laredo)
The Sixth RangerGuy Fleegman (who initially played a Red Shirt but returns to the remade series as a main character: Security Chief "Roc" Ingersol. Based on the character's name and job title, he is probably The Big Guy.)


The HeroPeter Venkman (Hardly heroic but he is the de facto leader)
The LancerRay Stanz (interacts the most with Peter)
The Big Guy / Sixth RangerWinston Zeddemore
The Smart GuyEgon Spengler
The ChickJanine Melnitz
Team PetSlimer

* Note: Louis Tully was the Sixth Ranger in Ghostbusters II.

Ghostbusters (2016)

The HeroAbby Yates
The LancerErin Gilbert
The Smart GuyJillian Holtzmann
The Big GuyPatty Tolan
The ChickKevin Beckman

Girls Trip

The HeroRyan (the narrator of the story)
The LancerSasha (she gives Ryan advice)
The Smart GuyLisa (she seems to be the most sensible one)
The Big GuyDina (the aggressive one)
The ChickLiz (she's Pretty Fly for a White Guy)


The HeroMaximus
The LancerJuba
The Big GuyHagen
The ChickLucilla
The MentorProximo

The Golden Child

The HeroChandler Jarrell
The Lancer / The ChickKee Nang
The Smart GuyDr. Hong
The MentorThe Old Man

The Goonies

The HeroMikey Walsh
The LancerMouth Devereaux
The Big Guy (standard version)Chunk Cohen and Brand Walsh (who doubles as the Sixth Ranger)
The Big Guy (Gentle Giant version) / Team PetSloth Fratelli
The Smart GuyData Wang
The ChicksAndy Carmichael and Stef Steinbrenner (they are the Sixth Rangers)


The T-Birds

The HeroDanny Zuko
The LancerKenickie
The Smart GuyDoodie
The Big GuySonny
The ChickPutzie

The Pink Ladies in the first film

The HeroBetty Rizzo
The LancerMarty Maraschino
The Big GuyJan
The ChickFrenchie
Sixth RangerSandy Olsen (also The Heart)

The Pink Ladies in Grease 2 (They are The Chicks)

The HeroStephanie
The LancerPaulette
The Smart GuySharon
The Big GuyRhonda
Tagalong KidDolores

The Great Mouse Detective

The Hero / The Smart GuyBasil
The LancerDawson
The Big Guy / Team PetToby
The ChickMiss Kitty Mouse (she's not part of the group, but she fits)
Tagalong KidOlivia
Big GoodQueen Mousetoria


The HeroLenny
The LancerRob
The Smart GuyKurt
The Big GuyEric
The ChickMarcus

*Rob was written out of the sequel, so Kurt pulls double-duty as The Lancer and The Smart Guy.

The Hangover - The Wolf Pack

The HeroPhil
The Lancer / The Smart GuyStu
The Big GuyAlan
The ChickDoug

Happily Ever After - The Dwarfelles

The HeroMuddy
The Lancer / The Big GuySunburn
The Smart GuyCritterina
The ChicksBlossom, Marina, Moonbeam
Tagalong KidThunderella
Team MomSnow White (subversion, she's a main character)
The MentorMother Nature
Sixth RangerThe Shadow Man (a.k.a. The Prince)

Harry Potter

The Hero Harry
The Lancer Ron
The Smart Guy Hermione
The Big Guy Neville
The Chick Ginny

Disney's Hercules

The Hero / The Big GuyHercules
The Lancer / The Smart GuyPhil
The ChickMegara
Team PetPegasus

Hobbs & Shaw

The Hero / The Big GuyLuke Hobbs
The LancerDeckard Shaw
The Smart GuyJonah
The ChickHattie

Hocus Pocus

The HeroMax
The LancerAllison
The Smart GuyBinx
The Big GuyBilly (also Sixth Ranger)
The ChickDani (also Tagalong Kid)


The Hero / The Smart GuyTip
The LancerOh
The Chick / Team MomLucy
Team PetPig

Home on the Range

The HeroMaggie
The LancerMrs. Calloway
The Smart GuyLucky Jack
The Big GuyBuck
The ChickGrace
Tagalong KidThe Piggies


The HeroRed
The LancerWolf
The Smart GuyGranny Puckett
The Big GuyKirk the Woodsman
Kid Appeal CharacterTwitchy
The MentorNicky Flippers

Horton Hears a Who

The HeroHorton (doubles as The Big Guy)
The LancerMorton
The Smart GuyDr. Mary Lou, JoJo
The HeartSally O'Malley
Big GoodMayor Ned (also Team Dad)

Hotel Transylvania

The HeroDracula
The LancerFrank
The Smart GuyWayne
The Big GuyMurray
The ChickGriffin
Sixth RangerJonathan
Tagalong KidDennis

How to Train Your Dragon

The Hero Hiccup
The LancerAstrid
The Big GuySnotlout
The Smart GuyFishlegs
Those Two GuysTuffnut and Ruffnut
Team PetToothless

The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Disney film)

The HeroQuasimodo
The LancerLaverne
The Smart GuyVictor
The Big GuyHugo
The ChickEsmeralda
Sixth RangerPhoebus
Team PetDjali

Ice Age The Meltdown

The HeroManny (doubles as The Big Guy)
The LancerDiego
The Smart GuySid (subverted: He's a Genius Ditz)
The ChickEllie
Those Two GuysCrash and Eddie


The HeroIgor
The Lancer / The Big GuyScamper
The Smart GuyBrain
The ChickEva
The MentorDr. Glickenstein


The HeroDom Cobb ("The Extractor")
The LancerArthur ("Point Man")
The Big GuyEames ("The Forger")
The Smart GuyYusuf ("The Chemist"), sometimes Ariadne
The ChickAriadne ("The Architect")

* Note: N.B. Saito's the sixth man in this group, and is referred to as "The Tourist." At least, Ariadne is more positive aspects of this trope.

The Incredibles

The Hero / Team DadMr. Incredible aka Bob Parr
The Lancer / Team MomElastigirl aka Helen Parr
Tagalong KidsViolet and Dash Parr
The ChickViolet
The Big GuyDash
Sixth RangerFrozone, Jack-Jack Parr
The Smart Guy / The MentorEdna Mode


The Hero / Team DadMr. Incredible
The Lancer / Team MomElastigirl
The Smart GuyViolet
The Big GuyJack-Jack
The ChickDash
Sixth RangerFrozone
The MentorEdna Mode

Independence Day

The Hero / The Smart GuyDavid Levinson
The LancerJulius Levinson (with elements of The Mentor), Capt. Steven Hillard
Reasonable Authority FigurePresident James Whitmore, General William Grey
The ChickConstance Spano


The HeroPresident James Whitmore
The LancerGeneral William Grey
The Smart GuyDavid Levinson
The Big Guy / Sixth RangerCapt. Steven Hillard
The ChickConstance Spano
Tagalong KidPatricia Whitmore
The HeartJulius Levinson

The Indiana Jones films:

Raiders of the Lost Ark
The Hero Indiana Jones
The Lancer Sallah
The Smart Guy Jock
The Big Guy Marcus Brody
The Chick Marion Ravenwood

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

The HeroIndiana Jones
The LancerMutt Williams aka Henry Jones III
The Big GuyGeorge "Mac" McHale
The Smart GuyProfessor Harold "Ox" Oxley
The ChickMarion Ravenwood

* Please note: That Indy and Mutt both feature elements of both The Hero and The Lancer, and can arguably be traded back and forth between roles as the movie progresses.

Inside Out

The HeroJoy
The LancerSadness (also a Token Evil Teammate)
The Smart GuyFear
The Big GuyAnger
The ChickDisgust
Sixth RangerBing-Bong (until he disappeared forever)

Inspector Gadget (1999 film)

The Hero Gadget
The Lancer Gadgetmobile
The Smart Guy Penny
The Big Guy Brain
The Chick Brenda
The Mentor Chief Quimby

It (2017)

The HeroBill
The LancerRichie
The Smart GuyBen
The Big GuyMike
The ChickBeverly
Sixth RangerStan & Eddie

The Italian Job

The HeroCharlie (stealthy thief)
The LancerLeft Ear (explosives)
The Big GuyHandsome Rob (wheel man)
The Smart GuyLyle (computer genius)
The ChickStella (safe cracker)


The HeroSwoff
The LancerTroy
The Big GuyCortez or Sykes
The ChickFergus
The MentorSykes
Tagalong KidFergus

John Tucker Must Die

The HeroKate
The LancerHeather
The Big GuyJohn (he's not part of a band, but he fits)
The Smart GirlCarrie
The ChickBeth

The Jungle Book - The Vultures

The HeroBuzzy
The LancerDizzy
The Smart GuyZiggy
The Big GuyFlaps
The ChickLucky
Sixth RangerMowgli

Just Go With It

The HeroDanny Maccabee
The LancerKatherine Murphy
The Smart GuyEddie
The ChickPalmer Dodge
Tagalong KidsMaggie and Michael

Justice League (2017 film)

The HeroBatman
The LancerWonder Woman
The Smart GuyCyborg
The Big GuyAquaman
The HeartFlash
Sixth RangerSuperman

Klaus (2019)

The HeroJesper
The Lancer / The Big GuyKlaus (after dying and becoming Santa Claus, he graduates to Big Good)
The Smart Guy / The ChickAlva

Kung Fu Panda - The Furious Five

The HeroMaster Tigress
The LancerMaster Crane
The Big GuyMaster Mantis (he's not big in size, but he's the strongest)
The Smart GuyMaster Monkey
The ChickMaster Viper
Sixth RangerPo
The MentorMaster Shifu
Big GoodMaster Oogway
Sixth Ranger TraitorTai Lung

Kung Fu Panda 2

The HeroMaster Po, the Dragon Warrior
The LancerMaster Tigress
The Big GuyMaster Mantis
The Smart GuyMaster Crane
The ChickMaster Viper
Kid Appeal CharacterMaster Monkey
The MentorMaster Shifu


The Hero / The ChickSarah
The LancerSir Didymus
The Smart GuyHoggle
The Big GuyLudo
Team PetAmbrosius

The Land Before Time

The HeroLittlefoot
The LancerCera
The Big GuySpike
The Smart GuyPetrie
The ChickDucky
Sixth RangerChomper

Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole

The HeroSoren ("The Leader")
The LancerGylfie ("The Navigator")
The Smart GuyDigger ("The Tracker")
The Big GuyTwilight ("The Warrior")
The ChickMrs. Plithiver ("The Heart")

Lemonade Mouth

The HeroStella
The LancerOlivia
The Big GuyWen
The Smart GuyMo
The ChickCharlie
Sixth RangerScott

The Lion King series

The HeroSimba
The LancerTimon
The Big GuyPumbaa
The Smart Guy / The MentorRafiki
The ChickNala
Sixth RangerKiara, Kovu

The Lion King II

The HeroKiara
The LancerKovu
The Big GuyPumbaa and Timon
The Smart GuySimba
The ChickNala
The MentorRafiki
Sixth RangerVitani

The Little Mermaid

The HeroAriel
The LancerFlounder
The Smart GuySebastian
The Big GuyScuttle
Team DadKing Triton
Sixth RangerPrince Eric

The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea

The HeroMelody
The Lancer / Team MomAriel
The Smart GuySebastian
The Big GuyTip & Dash
Team DadEric
Big GoodKing Triton

The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning - The Catfish Club Band

The HeroSebastian
The LancerRay-Ray
The Big GuyCheeks
The Smart GuyShelbow
The ChickInk Spot
Sixth RangersAriel and Flounder

Looney Tunes: Back in Action

The Hero / The Leader / The Big GuyDJ
The LancerDaffy Duck
The Smart GuyBugs Bunny
The ChickKate
Sixth RangerMother, Dusty Tails, Damien


The HeroAlex
The LancerMarty
The Big Guy / The ChickGloria
The HeartMelman
The Smart GuysSkipper, Kowalski, Rico, and Private
The Sixth RangerKing Julien, Maurice & Mort
Those Two GuysThe chimps

The cheerleaders in Man Of The House

The HeroAnne
The LancerTeresa
The Smart GuyEvie
The Big GuyHeather
The ChickBarb
Team DadSharp (actual main character)

The Marx Brothers

The HeroGroucho
The LancerChico
The Big GuyHarpo
The Smart GuyZeppo (or equivalent)
The ChickMargaret Dumont (or equivalent)

The Matrix

The HeroNeo
The LancerMorpheus
The ChickTrinity
The Big GuyIn the Matrix, Apoc and Switch; in the real world, Dozer
The Smart GuyTank
Tagalong KidMouse
Sixth Ranger TraitorCypher
The MentorThe Oracle


The Hero / The Smart GuyMegamind
The Lancer / The Big GuyMinion
The ChickRoxanne Ritchi
Sixth Ranger TraitorHal Stewart aka Titan
Big GoodMetro Man

Minutemen (Disney film)

The HeroVirgil Fox
The Lancer / The Big GuyZeke Thompson
The Smart GuyCharlie Tuttle
The ChickJeanette Pachelewski
Team PetAlbert Felineinstein

Mission Impossible

The HeroEthan Hunt
The Lancer / The Smart GuyLuther Stickell
The Big Guy / Token Evil TeammateFranz Krieger
The ChickClaire Phillips


The HeroMoana
The Lancer / The Big GuyMaui
The Smart GuyGramma Tala
Team PetHei Hei & Pua

Mobile Suit Gundam 00: A Wakening Of The Trailblazer - The Meisters

Big Good / The HeroSetsuna F. Seiei
The Lancer / Token Evil TeammateH/Allelujah Haptism
The Big GuyLockon Stratos II
The Smart GuyTieria Erde
The Chick / Action GirlMarie Parfacy/Soma Peries
Sixth RangerGraham Aker

Mobile Suit Gundam 00: A Wakening Of The Trailblazer - The Ptolemios crew

Big Good / The Hero and Team MomSumeragi Lee Noriega (Can also function as The Smart Guy)
The Lancer and The HeartFeldt Grace
The Smart GuyIan Vashti (The entire Vashti family can count. He's just the primary one being The Patriarch)
The Big GuyLasse Aeon
The ChickLinda Vashti (Doubles as The Smart Guy)
Tag Along GirlMileina Vashti (Doubles as The Smart Guy being a Teen Genius)
Team Pet(s)Haro(s)

Mobile Suit Gundam 00: A Wakening Of The Trailblazer - The Earth Sphere Federation army

Big Good / Team MomKati Mannequin (Can also function as The Smart Guy)
The HeroGraham Aker
The LancerPatrick Colasour and Andrei Smirnov
The Big GuyDescartes Shaman
The Smart GuyBilly Katagiri (standard version) and Meena Carmine (also The Chick)
The ChickPatrick Colasour, Meena Carmine

Monsters vs. Aliens

The Hero/The Chick Susan / Ginormica
The LancerThe Missing Link
The Big Guy/Team PetInsectosaurus
The Smart GuyDr. Cockroach
The MentorGeneral Monger
Kid Appeal CharacterB.O.B
Sacrificial LambThe Invisible Man

Monty Python and The Holy Grail

The HeroArthur - King of the Britons
The Lancer and The Big GuySir Lancelot the Brave
The Smart GuySir Bedivere the Wise
The ChickSir Galahad the Chaste/Pure, Sir Robin the Not-Quite-As-Brave-As-Sir-Lancelot[1]
Sixth RangerThe Aptly Named Sir Not-Appearing-In-This-Film
Team Pet(s)Patsy and the other squires/faithful servants/horses

Mortal Kombat (1995)

The HeroLiu Kang
The LancerKitana
The Big GuyJohnny Cage
The ChickLt. Sonya Blade
The MentorLord Raiden

Mortal Kombat Annihilation (1997)

The HeroLiu Kang
The LancerKitana
The Big GuyMajor Jackson "Jax" Briggs
The ChickLt. Sonya Blade
The MentorLord Raiden
Sixth Ranger TraitorJade

Mr. Peabody & Sherman

Hero WannabeMr. Peabody
The Smart GuyPeabody & Sherman
The Big GuyAgamemnon
The ChickPenny Peterson
Sixth RangerPaul & Patty


The HeroMulan
The LancerMushu
The Big GuyChien-Po
The Smart GuyLing
The ChickShang
Sixth RangerYao
Team Pet Cri-Kee
Tagalong Kid The three princesses (Mei, Ting-Ting, and Su)

Mystery Men

The HeroThe Shoveler
The LancerMr. Furious
The Smart GuyThe Blue Raja, Dr. A. Heller
The Big GuyThe Spleen
The ChickThe Invisible Boy
Sixth RangerThe Bowler
Big Brother MentorThe Sphinx

Night at the Museum Trilogy

The HeroLarry Daley
The LancerTheodore Roosevelt
The Smart GuyAhkmenrah
The Big GuyAttila the Hun
The ChickSacagawea
Sixth Rangers / Those Two GuysJedediah & Octavius
Team PetDexter
Tagalong KidNicky

The Nightmare Before Christmas

The HeroJack Skellington (doubles as The Big Guy)
The Lancer / The ChickSally
The Smart GuyDr. Finklestein
Reasonable Authority FigureThe Mayor (he's more of a figurehead)
Team PetZero
Big GoodSanta Claus

Once Upon a Forest

The HeroAbigail
The Big LancerRussell
The Smart GuyEdgar
The ChickMichelle
The MentorCornelius (sometimes The Smart Guy)
Sixth RangerWilly

Oliver and Company:

The HeroOliver
The LancerDodger and Tito
The Big GuyFagin and Georgette
The Smart GuyFrancis and Einstein
The ChickJenny and Rita


The HeroIan
The LancerBarley
The Smart GuyWilden
The Big GuyCorey the Manticore
The HeartLaurel
Reasonable Authority FigureColt Bronco
Team PetBlazey

Osmosis Jones

The HeroOsmosis Jones
The Lancer / The Smart Guy / The Big GuyDrix
The ChickLeah Estrogen
Reasonable Authority FigureThe Chief

Over the Hedge

The HeroRJ
The LancerVerne
The Smart Guys / Tagalong KidsBucky, Spike & Quillo
The ChickHeather
Kid Appeal CharacterHammy
Team DadLou and Ozzie
Team MomPenny & Stella


The HeroNorman
The LancerNeil
The Smart GuySalma
The Big GuyMitch
The ChickCourtney


The HeroPinocchio
The Lancer / The MentorJiminy Cricket
The Smart Guy / Team DadGeppetto
The Big GuyTeam PetFigaro
The ChickCleo & Blue Fairy

Pirates of the Caribbean

The HeroJack Sparrow
The LancerWill Turner
The Big GuyPintel and Ragetti
The Smart GuyJoshamee Gibbs 
The ChickAnamaria (subversion: she is not very chicky, but other members fit perfectly and she is the only female) (later Elizabeth Swann)
Sixth RangerCotton


The HeroSam Brenner
The Lancer / The ChickViolet Van Patten
The Smart GuyLudlow Lamonsoff
The Big GuyPresident Will Cooper
Sixth RangerEddie Plant
Tagalong KidMatty
Kid Appeal CharacterQ'Bert

Planet 51

The HeroLem
The LancerSkiff
The Smart GuyEckle
The Big GuyChuck
The ChickNeera
Team PetRover

Planet of the Apes (2001 remake)

The HeroCapt. Leo Davidson
The LancerAri
The ChickDaena
The Big GuysKrull and Gunnar
Tagalong KidBirn
Sixth RangerLimbo

Planet of the Dinosaurs: Plus four others, but by the end of the film they are narrowed down to five.

The HeroCaptain Lee Norsythe
The LancerJim
The Smart Guy (The Medic)Charlotte
The Big GuyChuck
The ChickNyla
Ms. FanserviceDerna Lee and Cindy (to a lesser extent.)
Butt MonkeyMike
The ScrappyHarvey Baylor

The Prince of Egypt

The HeroMoses
The LancerAaron
The ChickTzipporah
The HeartMiriam

The Princess and the Frog

The HeroTiana
The LancerNaveen
The Big GuyLouis
The Smart GuyRay
The ChickCharlotte
The MentorMama Odie
Team PetJuju

In-universe example: Fox Force Five in Pulp Fiction

The HeroSomerset O'Neill: The Leader
The LancerRaven McCoy: Knife expert and jokester
The Big GuyThe Japanese Fox, whose specialty is kung-fu
The Smart GuyThe Black Fox, whose specialty is demolitions
The ChickThe French Fox, whose specialty is sex

Quest for Camelot

The HeroKayley
The LancerGarrett
The Smart GuyDevon
The Big GuyCornwall
Team PetAyden


The Hero Rango
The Lancer Beans
The Smart Guy Waffles
The Big Guy Buford
The Chick Priscilla

Rebuild of Evangelion seems to be building up to this, although a lack of interaction between pilots makes it difficult to determine the exacts yet, and it is possible an additional pilot will be introduced to further mix things up.

The HeroAsuka at first, later Shinji
The Lancer(s) / The Smart Guy(s)Mari, Rei
The Big GuyToji
The ChickShinji at first, later Asuka
The Sixth RangerKaworu

Ralph Breaks the Internet

The HeroCinderella
The LancerAurora, Rapunzel
The Smart GuyBelle, Pocahontas, Tiana
The Big GuyMulan, Merida, Moana
The ChickSnow White, Ariel, Jasmine
Sixth RangerVanellope

Ready Player One

The Hero / The Smart GuyWade Watts/Parzival
The Lancer / The ChickSamantha Cook/Art3mis
The Big GuyHelen Harris/Aech
Sixth RangerToshiro Yoshiaki/Daito
Tagalong KidAkihide Karatsu/Shoto
Big GoodOgden Morrow
Greater-Scope ParagonJames Halliday/Anorak

Reservoir Dogs

The HeroWhite
The LancerOrange
The Big GuyBlonde
The Smart GuyPink
Non-Action GuyBrown
Sacrificial LambBlue

Return of the Living Dead Part 2

The HeroJesse Wilson
The LancerLucy Wilson
The Smart GuyDr. Mandel
The Big GuyTom Essex
The ChickBrenda
Those Two GuysEd and Joey

Return to Oz

The HeroDorothy
The LancerBillina
The Smart GuyTik-Tok
The Big GuyGump
The ChickJack Pumpkinhead

Revenge of the Nerds

The HeroLewis Skolnick
The LancerGilbert Lowe
The Smart GuyLewis and Gilbert share this role with Arnold Poindexter and Takashi Toshiro
The ChickLamar Latrell
Tagalong KidHarold Wormser
Sixth RangerBooger

The Ridiculous 6

The HeroTommy
The LancerRamon
The Smart GuyHerm
The Big GuyDanny
The ChickLil' Pete
The Sixth RangerChico


The HeroJewel, in the beginning but then Blu becomes this
The LancerRafael
The Big GuyThe Red-Crested Cardinal, Pedro
The Smart GuyNico
The ChickBlu, in the beginning then he becomes The Hero, and makes Jewel, The Chick
Team PetLuiz the bulldog

Rio 2

The HeroBlu
The LancerJewel
The Smart GuyCarla
The Big GuyTiago
The ChickBia
Sixth RangerRoberto
Team DadEduardo

Rio Bravo:

The HeroSheriff John T. Chance
The LancerDude
The Big GuyStumpy
The Smart GuyColorado Ryan
The ChickFeathers

Road House

The HeroDalton
The Lancer / The MentorWade Garrett
The ChicksElizabeth "Doc" Clay (also The Smart Guy) and Carrie
Reasonable Authority FigureFrank Tilghman
Sixth RangerCody

Rise of the Guardians

The LeaderNorth
The LancerBunnymund
The Smart GuyJack Frost
The Big GuySandy
The ChickTooth

The Road to El Dorado

The Hero / The Smart GuyTulio
The LancerMiguel
The ChickChel
The Big Guy / Sixth RangerAltivo
Team PetBibo

Robin Hood

The HeroRobin Hood, a fox
The LancerLittle John, a bear
The Big GuyFriar Tuck, a badger
The Smart GuyAlan-a-Dale, a rooster
The ChickMaid Marian, a vixen
Tagalong KidSkippy, a rabbit

Robin Hood Men in Tights

The HeroRobin Hood
The LancerAt'Chu
The Big GuyLittle John
The Smart GuyWill Scarlet
The ChickBlinkin'

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

The HeroRobin Hood
The LancerAzeem
The Big GuyLittle John
The Smart GuyFriar Tuck
The ChickMaid Marian (also the Sixth Ranger)
Sixth RangerWill Scarlet


The HeroRodney Copperbottom
The LancerFender, Piper
The Smart GuyCrank Casey
The Big GuyLug
The Chick / Sixth RangerCappy
Team MomAunt Fanny
Team PetWonderbot
Big GoodBigweld


The Hero Chanticleer
The Lancer Edmond
The Big Guy Patou
The Smart Guy Snipes
The Chick Goldie

The Rocker

The HeroCurtis Powell
The LancerRob "Fish" Fishman
The Big GuyAmelia
The ChickMatt Gadman

The Rocketeer

The HeroCliff Secord
The Lancer / The Smart GuyPeevey (also possesses elements of The Mentor)
The ChickJenny Blake
Big GoodHoward Hughes

The Sandlot

The Hero Scotty Smalls
Lancer-in-Chief Benny Rodriguez
The Smart Guy Squints Palledorous
The Big Guy Ham Porter
The Chick Yeah-Yeah McClennan
The Sixth Rangers Bertram, Kenny, Timmy & Tommy

The Sandlot 2

The Hero Johnnie Smalls
Lancer-in-Chief David Durango
The Smart Guy Tarquell, Fingers, & Saul
The Big Guy Mac
The Chick Hayley Goodfairer
The Sixth Rangers Penny & Jenny


The HerosScooby-Doo and Shaggy Rogers
The Lancer / The Big GuyFred Jones
The Smart GuyVelma Dinkley
The ChickDaphne Blake

Sausage Party

The HeroFrank
The LancerBrenda
The Smart GuyLavash
The Big GuySammy
The ChickTeresa Taco
The HeartBarry

The Secret Life of Pets

The HeroMax
The Lancer & The Big GuyDuke
The Smart GuyPops
The ChickGidget & Chloe
Sixth RangerSnowball

Shrek film series

The Hero / The Big GuyShrek
The LancerDonkey
The Smart GuyPuss-in-Boots
The ChickPrincess Fiona
Team PetDragon
Sixth RangerGingy, Pinocchio, Three Little Pigs, Big Bad Wolf
Kid Appeal CharacterThe Dronkeys, The Triplets
Team MomQueen Lillian

The Seven Dwarfs

The HeroDoc
The LancerGrumpy
The Smart GuySleepy
The Big GuyHappy
The ChickBashful
Kid Appeal CharacterSneezy
Butt Monkey / Tagalong KidDopey
Team MomSnow White
Team PetVarious forest animals

Shaun of the Dead

The HeroShaun
The LancerEd (sometimes The Big Guy) and Liz (sometimes The Chick)
The Smart GuyDavid
The ChickDiane
The Sixth RangerBarbara

The Smurfs

The HeroClumsy Smurf
The LancerGrouchy Smurf
The Big GuyGutsy Smurf
The Smart GuyBrainy Smurf
The ChickSmurfette
Team DadPapa Smurf


The HeroBishop
The LancerCrease
The Big GuyMother Roskow
The Smart GuyWhistler Emory, but also Carl Arbogast
The ChickLiz

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

The Hero / The Smart GuyDave Stutler
The Lancer / The MentorBalthazar Blake
The ChickBecky Barnes

Space Jam

The HeroMichael Jordan
The LancerBugs Bunny
The Smart GuyDaffy Duck
The Big GuyTaz
The ChickLola Bunny
Sixth RangerStan Podolak
Eleventh-Hour RangerBill Murray

The Spy Next Door

The HeroBob
The LancerColton
The Big GuyFarren
The Smart GuyIan
The ChickNora
Sixth RangerGillian

Star Trek

The HeroKirk
The LancerMcCoy and Spock
The Smart GuySpock and Scotty (are traded off in this role.)
The Big GuySulu
The ChickUhura
Tagalong KidChekov
The Sixth RangerScotty

Star Wars (original trilogy)

The HeroLuke Skywalker
The LancerHan Solo
The Big GuyChewbacca
The Smart GuyR2-D2
Kid Appeal CharacterC-3PO
The ChickPrincess Leia
The Obi-WanObi-Wan Kenobi (obviously)
Eccentric MentorYoda
Sixth RangerLando Calrissian

A straight example from A New Hope:

The HeroLuke Skywalker
The LancerHan Solo
The Big GuyChewbacca
The Smart GuyObi-Wan Kenobi
The ChickPrincess Leia

A new one emerges during The Empire Strikes Back with the Falcon Crew:

The HeroHan Solo
The LancerPrincess Leia
The Big GuyChewbacca
The Smart GuyC-3PO

During The Phantom Menace:

The HeroObi-Wan Kenobi (he is the main protagonist of the film after all and leads the final battle.)
The LancerAnakin Skywalker (he is made Obi-Wan's apprentice at the end of the movie)
The Smart GuyQui-Gon Jinn and R2-D2 (they are the smartest member of the group)
The Big GuyJar Jar Binks (he is the biggest member of Obi-Wan's team)
The ChickPadme/Queen Amidala (she is the most cutest member of the team)
Sixth RangerCaptain Panaka (his only standout scene is joining the final battle)

And during episodes II and III:

Big GoodYoda
The HeroAnakin Skywalker
The LancerObi-Wan Kenobi
The Big GuyMace Windu
The Smart GuyR2-D2
The ChickPadme Amidala

Still Waiting...

The HeroDennis
The LancerNaomi
The Big Guy(s)Hank and Chuck
The Smart GuyAmber
The ChickKristy
Tagalong KidMason
The Scrappy / Suspiciously Similar Substitute(s)Agnew (for Monty) and Joshua (for both Dean AND Mitch)
Those Two GuysNick and T-Dog (subverted in that they split before the film began)
Pointy-Haired BossDan
The RivalCalvin

Street Fighter (1994)

The HeroColonel Guile
The LancersLt. Cammy White and Sgt. T. Hawk
The Smart GuyCaptain Sawada
The Big GuysBalrog and Edmond Honda
The ChickChun-Li Zang
Those Two Guys / The Sixth RangersKen Masters and Ryu Hoshi
The MentorDr. Dhalsim

Streets of Fire

The HeroTom Cody
The Lancer and The Smart GuyBilly Fish
The Big GuyMcCoy
The ChickEllen Aim


The HeroJohn Winger
The LancerRussell Ziskey
The Big GuyDewey "Ox" Oxburger
The ChicksStella and Louise
The MentorSgt. Hulka

Stuart Little

The Hero Stuart
The Lancer Snowbell
The Smart Guy George
The Big Guy Reeko
The Chick Margalo

Sucker Punch

The HeroBaby Doll
The Lancer/The Big Guy on the groundSweet Pea
The Smart Guy/The Big Guy in the airAmber
The ChickRocket
The Chick/Sixth Ranger Traitor

Super Troopers

The HeroRamathorn
The LancerFoster and Mac (Who also has elements of both The Big Guy and Wacky Guy)
The Big GuyFarva
The Smart GuyUrsula (Also The Sixth Ranger)
The ChickRabbit
The MentorO'Hagen

The Swan Princess

The HeroOdette
The LancerJean-Bob
The Smart GuyPuffin
The Big GuyPrince Derek
The Chick / Team MomQueen Uberta
Sixth RangerSpeed


The HeroTarzan
The LancerTerk
The Smart GuyProfessor Archimedes Q. Porter
The Big GuyTantor
The ChickJane

This is the End

The HeroJames Franco
The LancerSeth Rogen
The Smart GuyJay Baruchel
The Big GuyCraig Robinson
The ChickJonah Hill
Token Evil TeammateDanny McBride

Top Gun

The HeroMaverick
The LancerGoose, Iceman
The Big GuySlider
The MentorViper
The ChickCharlie

Total Recall

The HeroQuaid
The Lancer / Sixth Ranger TraitorBenny
The Smart Guy / Big GoodKuato
The Big GuyTony
The ChickMelina

Toy Story series - Andy's Toys who eventually merge with Bonnie's Toys

The Hero EnsembleWoody, Buzz Lightyear & Jessie
The LancerRex
The Big GuyHamm
The Smart GuyMr.

 Potato Head

The Chick Slinky Dog
The Chick (standard version)Mrs. Potato Head (and Bo Peep in the original, and Barbie in 3 (with elements of The Smart Guy))
Sixth RangerBullseye
Team PetRC, Robot and Snake in the original
Tagalong KidsSqueeze Toy Aliens (a.k.a. The Little Green Men)

* Note: Barbie is Molly's doll who eventually merge with Sunnyside Daycare Toys that Ken stops her from the garbage truck.

Toy Story 3 - Bonnie's Toys

The HeroButtercup
The LancerMr.


The Big GuyTrixie
The Smart Guy / The ChickChuckles the Clown
The Quiet OneTotoro
Sixth RangerDolly
Tagalong KidsPeas-in-a-Pod

Trading Places

The HeroLouis Winthorpe III
The LancerBilly Ray Valentine
The Smart GuyLouis, who has technical knowledge of commodities trading
The ChickOphelia
Sixth RangerColeman

* Note: Louis and Billy Ray both possess traits of The Hero and The Lancer interchangeably.


The HeroOptimus Prime
The LancerJazz
The Big GuyIronhide
The Smart GuyRatchet
The ChickBumblebee (less The Chick than most Kid Appeal Characters)

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

The HeroOptimus Prime
The LancerIronhide
The Smart GuyRatchet
The Big GuySideswipe (most combat oriented)
The ChicksArcee, Chromia, & Elita-1
Kid Appeal CharacterBumblebee (of course)
Tagalong KidMudflap, Skids, also Weelie
Cool Old GuyJetfire
Sixth RangerJolt

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

The HeroOptimus Prime
The LancerIronhide
The Smart GuysRatchet and Wheeljack
The Big GuySideswipe and Dino/Mirage
Kid Appeal CharacterBumblebee
Those Three GuysRoadbuster, Leadfoot and Topspin
Tagalong KidsWheelie and Brains
Sixth Ranger TraitorSentinel Prime

Transformers: Age of Extinction

The Hero DuumvirateCade Yeager & Optimus Prime
The LancerShane Dyson
The Smart GuyCrosshairs & Drift
The Big GuyHound
The ChickTessa
Sixth RangerJoshua Joyce & Wheelie
Eleventh Hour RangerThe Dinobots

Treasure Planet

The Hero Jim Hawkins
The Lancer B.E.N.
The Smart Guy Dr. Doppler
The Big Guy Morph
The Chick Captain Amelia

Tropic Thunder

The HeroTugg Speedman (Or so he thinks)
The LancerKirk Lazarus
The ChickJeff Portnoy (more of a Plucky Comic Relief, but considering he's the least helpful...)
The Big GuyAlpa Chino
The Smart GuyKevin Sandusky

True Lies

The HeroHarry Tasker
The LancerAlbert Gibson
The ChickHelen Tasker
The Smart GuyFaisal
Tagalong KidDana Tasker

The Untouchables

The HeroElliot Ness
The Lancer / The MentorJimmy Malone
The Big GuyGeorge Stone
The Smart GuyOscar Wallace

Unaccompanied Minors

The HeroSpencer
The LancerDonna
The Big GuyBeef
The Smart GuyCharlie
The ChickGrace
Tagalong KidKatherine

The Usual Suspects

The HeroKeaton
The LancerMcManus
The Big GuyHockney
The Smart GuyVerbal
The ChickFenster

The Wizard of Oz

The Hero Dorothy Gale
The Lancer Scarecrow
The Big Guy Cowardly Lion
The Smart Guy Tin Man

The Chick



The Hero(es)Dean and Monty
The LancerSerena (Monty is The Lancer to Dean)
The Big GuyFloyd
The Smart GuyRaddimus
The Chick(s)Calvin and Amy
Sixth Ranger / Ensemble DarkhorseNaomi
Tagalong KidMitch
Pointy-Haired BossDan
Those Two GuysNick and T-Dog
The MentorBishop

War Games

The HeroDavid Lightman
The Lancer / The ChickJennifer Mack
The Smart GuyMcKittrick
Reasonable Authority FigureGeneral Berringer
Sixth RangerProfessor Stephen Falken (also The Mentor)

Warriors of Virtue

The HeroYun, Virtue of Benevolence, Warrior of Water
The LancerLai, Virtue of Order, Warrior of Wood
The ChickTsun, Virtue of Loyalty, Warrior of Earth
The Smart GuyChi, Virtue of Wisdom, Warrior of Fire
The Big GuyYee, Virtue of Righteousness, Warrior of Metal

We're the Millers

The HeroDavid
The LancerRose
The Smart GuyCasey
The Big GuyDon
The ChickKenny

Wet Hot American Summer

The HeroCoop
The LancerAndy
The Big GuyVictor
The Smart GuyNeil
The ChickKatie
Sixth RangerMostly McKinley, but could also be Ben or Susie.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

The HeroEddie Valiant
The LancerRoger Rabbit
The Smart GuyDolores (in a common sense sort of way)
The ChickJessica Rabbit
Kid Appeal CharacterBenny the Cab

Wreck-It Ralph

The Hero / The Big GuyWreck-It Ralph
The Lancer / The Smart GuyFix-It Felix Jr.
The Chick / Action GirlSergeant Calhoun
Tagalong KidVanellope von Schweetz

X-Men: The Last Stand

The HeroWolverine
The LancerStorm
The Smart GuyBeast
The Big GuyColossus
The ChickShadowcat
Kid Appeal CharacterIceman


The Hero / The Big GuyZed
The LancerFriend
The Smart ChicksMay and Consuella
The ChickAvalow

r |- |[[The Chi

The HeroWalter
The LancerDanny
The Smart GuyDanny (again)
The Big GuyFuture Walter
The ChickLisa


The HeroColumbus
The Big GuyTallahassee
The LancerWichita
The Smart GuyLittle Rock


The Hero / The Big Guy / The ChickJudy Hopps
The Lancer / The Smart GuyNick Wilde
Reasonable Authority FigureChief Bogo


  1. ...who had nearly fought the fierce dragon of Angnor, almost stood to the vicious chicken of Bristol, and personally wet himself at the Battle for Badon Hill.
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