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Naruto: The Sasuke Retrieval Squad is a five-man band mined from four groups of 3-person five-man-bands. Some hats get swapped in the process.

The HeroShikamaru (formerly The Smart Guy)
The LancerNaruto (formerly The Hero)
The ChickChouji (formerly The Big Guy)
The Smart GuyNeji (formerly The Rival)
The Big GuyKiba (formerly The Lancer)
Sixth RangerRock Lee (formerly The Determinator. Heck, still is.)
Team PetAkamaru
And in the Imortals Arc:
The Hero and The Smart GuyShikamaru
The LancerKakashi
The Big GuyChouji
The ChickIno

Also, virtually every Genin squad with a Jounin sensei can be broken down this way:

Squad 7
The HeroNaruto
The LancerSasuke
The Big GuyKakashi (doubles as The Smart Guy)
The ChickSakura
Squad 8
The HeroKurenai
The Smart GuyShino
The Big GuyKiba (doubles as The Lancer)
The ChickHinata
Squad 10
The HeroAsuma
The Smart GuyShikamaru
The Big GuyChoji
The ChickIno
Team Guy
The HeroRock Lee
The Lancer / The Smart GuyNeji Hyuga
The ChickTenten
The Big GuyMight Guy
Ninin ga Shinobuden
The HeroShinobu
The LancerSasuke
The Big GuyOnsokumaru
The Smart GuyMiyabi
The ChickKaede
Neon Genesis Evangelion never actually had all five Children serving together, but the they do fit a Five-Man Band. According to Asuka on their Radio Drama (included on the album Neon Genesis Evangelion Addition), "Shin Sentai Evangelion" would go like this:
The HeroAsuka (what with her wearing red)
The LancerKaworu (because of his black plugsuit)
The Big GuyToji (references his Kansai accent)
The Smart GuyShinji (called antisocial)
The ChickRei (says that her suit color is as blank as her brain)
Sixth RangerMari

In Asuka's little Mind perhaps...

The children might be forming an actual Five Man Band in Rebuild,tough, expecially since the Trailer for Q/3.0 announced a "meeting of the children whose fates have been predetermined" Based on their personalities, I'd rather tend towards the following group layout, tough:

The HeroShinji (He's the protagonist after all - and keep in mind that this is [[Took a Level In Badass Rebuild Shinji
The LancerAsuka (Think of more emotionally healthy but still snarky Eyepatch!Asuka who has given up on her romantic feelings for him but more openly accepts him as a friend
The Big GuyMari (Because she is just that Badass)
The Smart Guy/The Sixth Ranger/Sixth Ranger Traitor Kaworu. (He's well informed/likes philosophy, is the last one to join the group and then there's his... origin)
The ChickRei (Again, think of her Rebuild incarnation.)
The Mentor Misato
Alternatively, the bridge crew at NERV:
The HeroGendo (in his own mind)
The LancerFuyutsuki (Gendo's foil, subtle rival)
The Big GuyAoba (a bit of a jock)
The Smart GuyHyuga (glasses? check. Otaku? check)
The ChickIbuki (a girl, the more stable one)
The HeartMisato
The MedicRitsuko
The Sixth RangerKaji

One Piece: Was one for a while but the crew now has 8 members so it's a bit messy.

The HeroLuffy
The LancerZoro, sometimes Robin
The Big GuySanji (Also occasional Smart Guy), Franky and Chopper when he's in his chunky form
The Smart GuyUsopp, Robin, and Chopper (when he's being a doctor), sometimes Nami
The ChickNami (Team Mom version), sometimes Usopp
Tagalong Kid & Team PetChopper
Sixth RangerRobin (initially)

Brook is more of a general sort of comedy relief so far. Though considering he is a LOT older than everyone else he may become a Mentor. Probably Trickster Mentor,

And now we have the Jailbreak Gang, with some elements from a Five-Bad Band as well:
The HeroLuffy
The LancerMr. 2 Bon Kurei
The Big GuyJinbei
The Smart GuyIvankov
The ChickBuggy & Mr. 3
Token Evil TeammateCrocodile
The DragonMr. 1
Sixth RangerInazuma, who is Ivankov's Lancer.
Ojamajo Doremi
The HeroDoremi
The LancerOnpu
The Smart GuyHazuki
The Big GuyAiko
The ChickMomoko
Sixth RangerHana-Chan
Tagalong KidPop
Ouran High School Host Club
The HeroTamaki
The LancerKyouya (also The Smart Guy)
The Big GuyMori and Hani
The Smart GuyHikaru and Karou (who are also a bit of a The Lancer)
The ChickHaruhi (also the Sixth Ranger)
Tagalong KidHoney
Outlaw Star
The HeroGene Starwind
The LancerJim Hawkings (also a The Smart Guy)
The Big GuyAisha ClanClan
The Smart GuyGilliam (also the Team Pet)
The ChickMelfina
Sixth RangerTwilight Suzuka (even though she actually joined the crew before Aisha did)
The HeroGene Starwind
The LancerAisha ClanClan
The Big GuyTwilight Suzuka
The Smart GuyJim Hawkings
The ChickMelfina
Paradise Kiss
The HeroineYukari "Caroline" Hayasaka
The LancerJouji "George" Koizumi
The Big GuyArashi Nagase
The Smart Guy Daisuke Isabella Yamamoto
The ChickMiwako Sakurada
Sixth RangerHiroyuki Tokumori
Petite Princess Yucie
The HeroYucie
The LancerGreta
The Big GuyElmina
The Smart GuyCocoloo
The ChickBeth
Sixth Ranger The judge who represents the Magic World

Powerpuff Girls Z

The Hero / The Smart GuyMomoko/Blossom/Hyper-Blossom
The Lancer / The Big GuyKaoru/Buttercup/Powered Buttercup
The ChickMiyako/Bubbles/Rolling Bubbles
The (other) Smart Guy/Tagalong KidKen
Mentor ArchetypeProfessor Utonium
Team PetPoochi/Peach
Sixth RangerShirogane Z (Mojo Jojo mistakenly believes that is one)

Prétear - Leafe Knights

The HeroHayate
The LancerSasame
The Big GuyGo
The Smart GuyKei
Tagalong KidsMannen, Hajime, and Shin
The Chick / Eighth RangerHimeno (she's been chosen by the Leafe Knights)
Team PetTippi
The Prince of Tennis - Seigaku version (again, more charas than in the usual Five Man Band, but they take turns at one or another role. This counts for all teams.)
The HeroTwo: Ryoma Echizen and Kunimitsu Tezuka
The LancerTakeshi Momoshiro (Echizen's Lancer), Shuusuke Fuji (Tezuka's)
The Big Guy(s)Eiji Kikumaru (also The Hero), Kaoru Kaidoh, Takashi Kawamura
The Smart GuySadaharu Inui
The ChickSyuichirou Oishi (also The Lancer to Eiji when they play)
Team Pet(s) and Tagalong Kid(s)Sakuno, Tomoka, the first years
The MentorRyuzaki-sensei, sometimes Nanjirou and Yamato
The Prince of Tennis - Hyoutei version
The HeroKeigo Atobe
The Lancer(s)Ryo Shishido and Yuushi Oshitari
The Big GuyMunehiro Kabaji
The Smart GuyYuushi Oshitari
The Chick(s)Gakuto Mukahi, Choutarou Ohtori (as the "nice one" or "mediator")
Sixth RangerHiyoshi Wakashi
Sacrificial LambHaginosuke Taki (actually "executed" by Shishido, to get back on the team)
The MentorTarou Sakaki
The Prince of Tennis - Fudomine version
The Hero and The MentorKippei Tachibana
The LancerAkira Kamio
The Big GuyTetsu Ishida
The Smart GuyShinji Ibu
The Chick(s)Masaya Sakurai, Kyousuke Uchimura, Tatsunori Mouri (mostly by default, but they have potential to fill other roles)
Team PetAn Tachibana
The Prince of Tennis - Rikkaidai version
The HeroSeiichi Yukimura
The LancerGenichirou Sanada
The Big GuyAkaya Kirihara (inversion via Unstoppable Rage since he's not as tall as the rest of the team members)
The Smart GuyMasaharu Niou, Hiroshi Yagyuu, Bunta Marui (self-proclaimed genius) and Renji Yanagi (The Genius Bruiser Yanagi is the most standard version, but Yagyuu and Niou are two dangerous Masters Of Disguise, and Niou is a Master of Illusion)
The ChickJackal Kuwahara (Team Mom version)
Tagalong KidShiita Urayama
The Prince of Tennis - Shitenhouji version
The HeroKuranosuke Shiraishi
The LancerKenya Oshitari (Lightning Bruiser)
The Big Guy(s)Gin Ishida (Genius Bruiser) and Kintarou Tooyama (not big, but he's ridiculously strong and a Genius Ditz Wild Child)
The Smart Guy(s)Koharu Konjiki and Hikaru Zaizen
The ChickYuuji Hitouji (by default)
Sixth RangerSenri Chitose
The MentorOsamu Watanabe
The Prince of Tennis - Yamabuki version
The Anti-HeroJin Akutsu
The LancerKiyosumi Sengoku
The Big Guy(s)Masami Higashikata, Kentarou Minami
The Smart Guy(s)Nitobe and Kita
The Chick and Team PetTaichi Dan
Sixth RangerTouji Muromachi
Trickster MentorMikiya Banda (aka Banji)

The Prince of Tennis - Seigaku's Tagalong Kids can be seen as a Five-Man Band, themselves

The Hero and The ChickSakuno Ryuzaki
The LancerTomoka Osakada
The Big GuySatoshi Horio
The Smart GuyKatsuo Mizuno
The (other) ChickKachirou Kato
Psycho Busters - The young phychics
The HeroKakeru
The LancerJoi
The Big GuyKaito
The Smart GuyXiao Long
The ChickAyano
Psyren - The main group of Drifters
The HeroAgeha
The LancerOboro
The Big GuyHiryuu (of the Genius Bruiser variety)
The Smart GuyKabuto
The ChickSakurako (but rather of the Lady of War kind)
The MentorMatsuri
Psyren - The Elmore kids
The HeroFredrica (sometimes The Lancer to Marie)
The LancerShao (also The Smart Guy)
The Big GuyKyle
The ChickMarie (sometimes The Hero)
The MedicVan
The Sixth RangerAgeha
The MentorTenjuin Elmore
Real Bout High School - The Shinsengumi
The HeroRyoko Mitsurugi (The main character of the series)
The LancerAoi Asahina (Devout Catholic and Yamato Nadeshiko of sorts who knows G is in there somewhere)
The Big Guy(s)Megumi Momoi and Xiaoxing Huang (Tough grappler who puts herself though Training From Hell (with a pitching machine) and a tiny Anime Chinese Girl with Instant Knots)
The Smart GuyMidori Misato (The Cracker as a good guy)
The ChickAsuka Kuronari (Wannabe ninja; Extremely emotional)
The Tagalong KidHitomi Yuuki (Ryoko's best friend)
The Record of a Fallen Vampire - Bridget's original group
The HeroBridget (has elements of The Smart Guy as well)
The LancerRenka
The Big GuyFuuhaku (he's the physically biggest character in the series, though we never see what he looks like underneath)
The ChickEthel (he's several centuries younger than all the members except Yuki)
The Sixth RangerYuki
Record of Lodoss War - Parn's Party
The HeroParn (Hot-blooded upstart swordsman. Originally wants to clear his father's name; later moves up to saving the world in general.)
The LancerEtoh (Cleric; heals wounds, specializes in fighting ethereal demons. Shades of the Tagalong Kid.)
The Big GuyGhim (Standard axe-wielding dwarf warrior. Makes up in strength what he lacks in height. Failure Knight.)
The Smart GuySlayn (Wise wizard, old friend of Ghim. Occasionally pulls double duty as The Mentor.)
The ChickDeedlit (High elf fencer/elementalist. Parn's girlfriend.)
Sixth RangerWoodchuck (Morally ambiguous thief, joins up last. Knife Nut.)
Revolutionary Girl Utena - The Student Council functions like a warped version of a Five Man Band:
The HeroTouga (he's definitly not the Hero, but he's good at looking like one)
The LancerSaionji
The Big GuyJuri
The Smart GuyMiki
The ChickNanami
Robotech: Second Generation (Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross)
The HeroDana Stirling (Jeanne Francaix))
The LancerSean Phillips (Charles de Etouard)
The Big GuyAngelo Dante (Andrejz Slawski)
The Smart GuyLouie Nichols (Louis Ducasse)
The ChickBowie Grant (Bowie Emerson)
Robotech: Third Generation (Genesis Climber Mospeada)
The HeroScott (Stick) Bernard
The LancerRand (Ray)
The Big GuyLunk (Jim Austen)
The Smart GuyLancer (Ironically)
The ChickRook
Tagalong KidAnnie (Mint)
Romeo X Juliet - The Capulet Resistence
The HeroineJuliet Fiamatta Asto Capulet
The Lancer and The Big GuyCurio
The Smart GuyFrancisco
The ChickCordelia (Team Mom)
Tagalong KidAntonio (though he's more action-oriented than most) and later, Regan
The Mentor(s)Conrad (Team Dad), Lady Ariel, Ariel's son, Willy
Sixth Ranger(s)Tybalt, Romeo
Sacrificial Lamb Dr. Lancelot (who had traces of The Smart Guy)
Sixth Ranger Traitor Camilo
Ronin Warriors
The HeroRyo
The LancerAlternatively Sage/Seiji and Cye/Shin, though the former better fits the mold
The Big GuyKento/Shuu
The Smart GuyRowen/Touma (ostensibly)
The ChickMia/Nasuchi (Team Mom, also a bit of The Smart Guy and The Strategist thanks to her booksmarts. At times, Cye/Shin could also qualify.)
Team PetWhite Blaze/Byakuen
The Sixth Ranger Anubis/Shuten, followed by Kayura
The MentorThe Ancient One/Kaosu
Tagalong KidYuli/Jun
Rurouni Kenshin
The HeroKenshin
The LancerSanosuke
The Big GuyYahiko (a Bratty Half-Pint who can take one heck of a beating)
The Smart Guy (Genius Bruiser)Saito
The Chick(s)Kaoru, Misao
The Sixth RangerAoshi
The MentorHiko
The MedicMegumi

Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs

The HeroSaber Rider
The LancerFireball
The Big GuyColt (also Ramrod, of course)
The Smart Guy and The ChickApril Eagle
Sailor Moon
The HeroUsagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon (sometimes The Chick)
The Smart GuyAmi Mizuno/Sailor Mercury (who fits The Chick as well)
The LancerRei/Mars
The Big GuyMakoto Kino/Sailor Jupiter
The ChickMinako Aino/Sailor Venus (who's The Lancer in the manga; sometimes The Hero)
Sixth Ranger(s)Mamoru Chiba/Tuxedo Kamen, The Outer Senshi and later Sailor Starlights
Tagalong Kid(s)Chibiusa/Sailor Chibi Moon, ChibiChibi (arguably)
Team PetLuna, Artemis and Diana
  • Note: Usagi is actually chickier than Minako.
A few other Five Man Bands pop up in the franchise. The Outer Senshi:
The Hero / The Big GuyHaruka Tenoh/Sailor Uranus
The LancerMichiru Kaioh/Sailor Neptune (with elements of The Chick)
The Smart GuySetsuna Meioh/Sailor Pluto
The ChickHotaru Tomoe/Sailor Saturn
Mamoru and his guardians, before they turned evil in the manga:
The HeroMamoru/Tuxedo Kamen/Endymion (the only one with the same role as his Sailor counterpart)
The LancerKunzite
The Big GuyJadeite
The Smart GuyNephrite
The ChickZoicite
Even Sailor Moon's family (though this one later disappears):
The HeroUsagi Tsukino
The LancerChibiusa, originally Shingo Tsukino
The Big GuyKenji Tsukino (The Tall Overprotective Dad)
The Smart GuyShingo Tsukino
The ChickIkuko Tsukino
Team Pet(s)Luna and Diana
Saint Beast
The HeroJudas
The LancerLuca
The Big GuyGou
The Smart GuyShin
The ChickRei
Kid Appeal CharacterGai (more or less)
Saint Seiya
The HeroPegasus Seiya
The LancerDragon Shiryu
The Smart GuyCygnus Hyoga
The ChickAndromeda Shun
The Sixth RangerPhoenix Ikki (fits this more than The Big Guy, as he's not espeially large, joins later, and is noticeably separate from the main group.)
The MentorSaori (aka Athena), Sagittarius Aiolos (from beyond the grave)
The HeroGenjo Sanzo
The LancerSha Gojyo
The Big GuySon Goku
The Smart GuyTeam Pet Hakuryu
The ChickCho Hakkai (who is also The Heart)
Samurai Champloo
The Hero / The ChickFuu
The LancerMugen
The Smart GuyJin
Team PetMomo

Samurai Deeper Kyo

The Old Team
The HeroOnime no Kyo
The LancerAkira
The Smart GuyAkari
The Big GuyBontenmaru
The ChickHotaru
The New Team
The HeroOnime no Kyo
The LancerSanada Yukimura
The Smart Guy (subverted)Benitora
The Big Guy (subverted)Sasuke
The ChickShiina Yuya

Samurai 7 - also a Magnificent Seven

The Hero(es)Kambei Shimada and Katsushiro Okamoto
The LancerKyuzo and Shichiroji (share this role perfectly, and the role is previously held by/shared with Gorobei Katayama)
The Big GuyKikuchiyo
The Smart GuyHayashida Heihachi
The ChickKirara
The Tagalong KidKomachi
The MentorKambei Shimada

Science Ninja Team Gatchaman; while hardly the first occurrence of this trope (arguably, the Ramayana might be), Gatchaman's deliberate choice of these five personality types for a five-person team of heroes has been copied and recopied (with variations) ever since.

The HeroKen "The Eagle" Washio
The LancerJoe "The Condor" Asakura
The Big GuyRyu "The Horned Owl" Nakanishi
The Smart GuyJinpei "The Swallow" (sometimes The Chick)
The ChickJun "The Swan" (sometimes The Smart Guy)
Sixth RangerCaptain Red Impulse
The MentorDr. Kozaburo Nambu

Sei Juushi Bismarck (The complete opposite of its Americanized version, Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs)

The Hero Hikari Shinji
The LancerBill (as Second In Command), Richard (as The Smart Guy)
The Chick / Tagalong KidMarianne Louvre
The Big GuyCaptain Holliday
The MentorCharles Louvre
Minato's group in Sekirei
The HeroMusubi
The LancerTsukiumi
The Big GuyKazehana
The Smart GuyMatsu
The ChickKu-Chan
The Sixth RangerHomura
Slam Dunk
Big GoodCoach Anzai
The HeroHanamichi Sakuragi
The LancerKaede Rukawa
The Big Guy (Genius Bruiser version)Takenori Akagi
The Smart GuyRyouta Miyagi, sometimes Ayako
The ChickHisashi Mitsui (not in attitude or skills, but because of his lack of stamina which has proved to be a critical flaw) and/or Kiminobu Kogure (who acts more like a male Team Mom than anything)
Team Pet(s)Haruko Akagi and Sakuragi's gang
Or, it you look at it from the team standings...
Big GoodCoach Anzai
The HeroTakenori Akagi
The LancerHanamichi Sakuragi
The Big Guy (Lightning Bruiser version)Kaede Rukawa
The Smart GuyRyouta Miyagi
The HeartKiminobu Kogure
Sixth RangerHisashi Mitsui
Team Pet(s)Haruko Akagi and Sakuragi's gang

The Slayers

The HeroLina
The LancerZelgadis
The Big GuyGourry
The Smart Guy(s)Sylphiel and Xellos (who's not weak, just too apathetic to help, interchangeably. Sylphiel is more of The Chick, powers and personality wise, but she's also got great knowledge about magic and myths)
The ChickAmelia
The Sixth Ranger/The MedicFilia (she's also The Chick)
Token Evil TeammateMartina
Tagalong KidPokota
The RivalNaga
Smile Pretty Cure!
The ChickMiyuki Hohshizora/The HeroCure Happy
The Big GuyAkane Hino/The LancerCure Sunny
The HeroYayoi Kise/The ChickCure Peace
The Smart GuyNao Midorikawa/The Big GuyCure March
The LancerReika Aoki/The Smart GuyCure Beauty
Sorcerer Hunters
The HeroTira
The LancerChocolat
The Big GuyGateau
The Smart GuyMarron
The ChickCarrot
Sixth RangerMille Fuille
Soul Eater
The HeroMaka Albarn
The LancerSoul Eater (Evans)
The Big GuyBlack☆Star
The Smart GuyDeath the Kid
The Chick(s)Tsubaki Nakatsukasa, Patti and Liz Thompson
Sixth RangerCrona (When s/he's with the good guys)
Team PetBlair

Speed Racer

The HeroSpeed
The Lancer/The ChickTrixie
The Big Guy/Team DadPops
The Smart GuySparky
The Heart / Team MomMom
The Tagalong KidSpritle
Team PetChim-Chim
Sixth RangerRacer X
Spiral: Suiri no Kizuna, the Blade Children.
The HeroEyes Rutherford
The LancerKanone Hilbert
The Big GuyKousuke Asazuki
The Smart GuyRio Takeuchi
The (other) Big GuyRyoko Takamachi
Star Driver: Midnight Flight Drama Club
The HeroTakuto Tsunashi (Though he's not the head of the club, he's obviously the main character)
The LancerSugata Shindo
The Smart GuySarina Endo (The actual head of the club and the most level-headed character in the entire cast)
The Big Guy(s)Tiger and Jaguar (Due to their insane combat prowess)
The Chick(s)Wako Agemaki, Mizuno You
Team PetVice President
Super Dimension Fortress Macross/Robotech first Generation: "The Macross Saga"
The HeroHikaru Ichijyo/Rick Hunter
The Lancer / The Smart GuyMaximilian Jenius/Max Sterling
The ChickMilia Fallyna Jenius/Myria Parina Sterling, Lynn Minmay/Linn Minmei
Sacrificial LambRoy Focker/Fokker (The Lancer) and Hayao Kakizaki/Ben Dixon (The Big Guy)
The SDF Crew
The HeroMisa Hayase/Lisa Hayes
The LancerClaudia LaSalle/Claudia Grant
The Big GuyKim Kabirov/Kim Young
The Smart GuyVanessa Laird/Vanessa Leeds
The ChickShammy Milliome/Sammy Porter
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